Grayson Perry [4]

A quick and succinct cunting for Grayson Perry.

This exhibitionist, mincing, pointless cunt is in the paper today talking about a TV series and how it made him cry. Well, you dragged up twat, watching anything you are in would make me cry.

What the fuck has happened to us when creatures like this and that other mincing drag queen Izzard get serious attention rather than the ridicule they so richly deserve.
The cunts.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

34 thoughts on “Grayson Perry [4]

  1. I would say that this cunt spends so much of its time announcing to the world that it is a cunt in every possible way that it is (a) having an enormous laugh and (b) in need of no further cunting. I believe it makes hideous pots for a living, selling them to people with far more money than taste, and that’s nice work if you can get it, hype it, and preferably get others to do the hard graft. Grayson Perry, self-nominating and confirmed cunt, I salute you. A TV series would not only be a lucrative career move but also extremely appropriate, come to think of it.

  2. The scruffy cunt was on the One Show last week (itself deserving of a lengthy cunting when I get around to it).
    Not expecting a suit and tie but even the tramps that hang around the Lidl’s off licence here with their bottles of cider/brown paper bags make more effort to look presentable.

    • What I can’t stand about The Wank Show is the way the silly bleeders (the studio staff) applaud every Z lister who appears as though they are pretending that they have a studio audience. Even for free what sad tosser fuckwit would go out to Elstree to see some washed out poofy actor or artist make an arsehole of him or herself.

  3. I quite like some of his stuff but there’s no doubt if he hadn’t started acting the cunt back in the day nobody would ever have heard of him. He’s not even a poof for fucks sake!
    Unfortunately he has been overtaken by libtard events and his tranny act looks old hat these days. He’s just a wanker really.

  4. Can’t we introduce something along the lines of ‘The Glorious Twelfth’ to deal with cunts like Perry….

  5. Off topic a bit but urgency dictates.
    My spirits low at the departure of Alastair Cook. We knew it was coming but this guy epitomises decency and class and will be much missed. I’d bet he’s never been in ISAC and rightly so. Christ knows he won’t be easily replaced judging by the crap top order batting these last few years.

    But hey no sooner had I read this than I perked up when hearing the news that the Ginger Whinger cunt is leaving Radio 2. Wild horses wouldn’t make me tune in anyhow but, hooray, his profile is steadily on a downwards trajectory now and I predict the day will soon arrive when he’s reduced to making ads for Injury Claims lawyer parasites for a living.

    You’ve only got to see the guest list of Jonathan Ross’s risible Z-who?-list chat show (noticed only in passing) to see the career-slide coming the leek-munching cunt’s way now.

    • Devastated that some Ginger cunt is leaving R2. Wish I’d listened to him to know what I am missing.
      However, rejoice indeed. The Treasury is asking Carney to stay on. I am ecstatic with disgust at this news.

    • Chris Evans resigns. A nation mourns! 🙂

      In other good news Auntie Izzard has been thrown off the NEC. Nobody loves a fairy when he’s 40.

      Two cunts gone in one day.

  6. The best medicine for a cunt like this who screams “look at me look at me” is to completely ignore the cunt! Thus starving them of the very oxygen ( attention) that they so desperately crave!
    There’s a fucking twat like this down the road from where I live, i take immense pleasure from treating the prick with complete indifference………

    • About eight or nine years ago whilst driving in the town I saw two transvestites in the same day. Not together, both walking alone in different areas. Both were relatively tall, clearly men by their physique (quite stocky) and their manly gait and skirts was the giveaway. Both had 12 o’clock shadow and both wearing wigs, high heels and too much make up. A real fucking mess.

      Remember seriously asking myself what the fuck is the world coming to.

      Little did I know at the time how bad things would get.

      • I feel the same. Never ever in my wiidest imaginings did I think the the world would become so horrible. I see Strickly are to have same sex dancers the next series. I thought it would’t be long. Two blokes dancing. What our forefathers fought for. Fuck it all.

      • Yonks ago was in a CIU club in Stockton idly looking through the rule book. Rule 11 whatever, no man may dance with another man. Mildly amusing at the time, little did we know.

      • I knew that would happen eventually, was just a matter of time. What fucking awful cunts.

        I won’t be able to sit and have a legitimate Saturday evening perv in front of the wife now .

        Shocking news

  7. Celebricunt potter who makes irritating ‘documentaries’ for Channel 4 that even bore my missus to distraction. His insightful observations on the human condition always conclude by stating the bleedin’ PC obvious.

    However, compared to Eddie Izzard the cunt is relatively harmless.

    • Yep second that. Tracey Emin’s wankstained bed. Piles of bricks. A fucking light going on and off. Mind you when that woman filled a house full of concrete I thought that was kind of funny.

  8. I am ashamed to say that the soppy great whoopsycunt harks from my neck of the woods. Not sure if he still lives around there but if he does he should make himself a fuck-off great pot, around 8′ high and stay the fuck in there.

  9. All I can say is that the cunt used to live near me. He claims to have been a punk, but the only gig he went to was The Boomtown Rats, sorry I meant The Boomtown Cunts. Bet him and Sir Knob get on well nowadays.

    A few years later he wanted to buy a car off me, I didn’t sell it to him as he was cunt even back then. I’d like to fill one of pots with piss and pour it all over his head.

    • Interesting story Mr Twat, I’m curious, Was it that he tried to make a ‘twat’ of you with the asking price that you fucked him off or was it that you just thought he was such a ‘twat’ that you didn’t want to take his money?

      • He was/is just an obnoxious cunt. As soon as he turned up he snatched the V5 out of my hand and was behaving like a pillock, we never got as far as any negotiation, I think we both knew that this wasn’t going to work out.

      • Really…..

        Now you see I’m genuinely interested in this story.

        Did you know he was Grayson Perry at the time????

        Or was it before his rise into the world of ‘Sleb’ and you kind of know it was him on reflection?

        I’m just curious if cunts like this have always been cunts or it’s the stardom that makes them cunts

  10. How is it that insane fucktards like Perry and Izzard dress normally when visiting countries where this kind of poofery is not allowed? Here is an idea:Drag up in Gaza and see what happens…

    • Someone said the other day he went to Yemen I think for charidee and clean forgot to take his heels, his make up bag and his purple beret. You’d have thought he’d have done a Bonio and had them flown out first class.

  11. Would love to see both him and Izzard fed to hungry Wolf’s, but I fear even their cement mixer gut would not take the putrid taste of this disgusting excuse for the male species.!!

  12. Izzard is a very different kettle of fish, a nasty, spiteful remoaning arrogant cunt of the first order.
    Whoever hired the cunt for that charity advert obviously has never strayed outside the middle class, libtard, do gooder bubble. Possibly an even bigger cunt than Izzard but unlikely.

  13. Yes very. Sign of the times that’s all. Give it another 30 years and the peacefuls are in charge cross dressing potters will be in very short supply.

  14. Perry had been off somewhere as a youngster and his step father told him not to come back. His mother hasn’t spoken to him since 1990. Seems they knew he was a cunt before we all did.

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