Cognitive bias

This nomination is for the notion that artist’s works are their’s and their’s to do with as they please. It is primarily though a cunting for cognitive bias and hypocrisy. This cunting is a response to another cunter who thinks that Star Wars fans have no legitimate say in the creative direction of the franchise. You Sir are wrong, so very wrong. And here is why.

From this comment is seems clear that you have never seen The Last Jedi. Allow Sargon or MauLer to edify you as to the sheer wankitude of the movie. Both vids are informative and funny as fuck and both contain some spicy memes.

MauLer’s vid:

Sargon’s vid:

I truly don’t think you appreciate the sheer ineptitude displayed by Kathleen Kennedy & co during the making of TLJ or their arrogant, indignant response to the ensuing consumer backlash.

I must also wonder – if you think that “artists” should ignore fan criticism of, and suggestions for improvement about their work, should they also ignore it when fans give them unrelenting, sycophantic praise and tell them that their work is perfect as it is? You can’t create your cake and eat it.

I put to you that it takes a sheer level of self-absorbed arrogance on the part of an arteest/entertainer to completely disregard the views and desires of the target audience (those who want to be entertained).

If an arteest wants to do their own thing irrespective of this then sure, play to a small niche audience who will blow smoke up your arse and make little-to-no money in the process, or sit at home entertaining yourself………. I sit at home and entertain myself at least three times a day but never do it on Chaturbate for money because I don’t need validation from anybody, I just need to entertain myself.

The fact is that a lot of arteests/creators/entertainers who go out into the public sphere to make money are often conflicted between the desire to peddle their wares in order to gain material wealth and the innate level of capricious, exhibitionist, self-aggrandisement which seems inherent in those in the entertainment industry. They are not known for their stoic humility or modesty don’t ya know!

The fact is that a lot of narcissistic creative types seem to view the relationship between themselves and the audience as one of host and parasite when it is anything but that. The relationship between entertainer and entertained is a symbiotic one; the host/entertainer cannot survive without guest/audience and the guest/audience cannot be entertained without a suitable host/entertainer.

The fact is that the original Star Wars trilogy was a timeless classic which spans generations – some of the greatest movies of their time. Without them the fandom would never have formed but the fact that an entire generation of young men (and women) coalesced around Star Wars does not mean that the likes of Kathleen Kennedy or Rian Johnson can just denigrate fans when they don’t tow the line or take them for granted as an entitlement like a political party takes demographic voting blocks for granted.

And that leads me to my democracy/free markets analogy.

Before I delve into my analogy I would just like to explain that I am not an EU-loving remainer and that I was a UKIP member who went out leaflet distributing on the campaign trail a few years back with my local UKIP PPC Suzanne Evans, voted UKIP for the local MEP, Council and General elections and voted to leave the EU and still believe that the will of the people should be respected and that the UK should leave the EU. With that out of the way, let me begin.

During my time with UKIP I did a lot of research into the UK’s flimsy, unwritten constitutional system of legal and judicial precedent and was also introduced by other members to the 1972 Foreign and Commonwealth Office document FCO 30/1048 which further explained and clarified the British constitutional arrangement regarding sovereignty both internal and external. (Look it up, it’s an interesting and insightful read)

Sovereignty is derived from power and power is achieved by force of coercion or violence and that is how we got to our current situation of constitutional monarchy we have today. Sovereignty in the UK can be categorised as follows:

External Sovereignty: The ability to initiate, negotiate, conclude and terminate international treaties such as the Treaties of Maastricht and Lisbon (the latter of which article 50 is a component). These sovereign powers are vested in the Crown/Monarch but delegated to, and exercised by, the Prime Minster and Cabinet in the form of informal, executive powers known as the Royal Prerogative – the legitimacy of which, after hundreds of years of constitutional, parliamentary tradition were only ever first contested in the High Court by Gina Miller pertaining to the Prime Minister triggering Article 50 pursuant to the UK terminating it’s participation in the Lisbon Treaty and said power of treaty termination was then subsequently delegated to Parliament as a case of internal sovereignty, but I digress.

In order for international treaties to take affect and for the effects to have legislative legitimacy within the UK, the treaties must be enshrined in domestic UK statute law by way of parliamentary ratification and then via The Lords through Royal Ascent which falls under:

Internal Sovereignty: This sovereignty is the sole remit of both houses of parliament who, although only one of which being elected BY the people as representatives, are not subject TO the people. MPs govern by consent by way of the ballot box but they have the final say on what gets written into UK statue law.

Our current, legitimate constitutional arrangement dictates that, irrespective of what the electorate wants pertaining to the EU referendum and Brexit, the Prime Minister, Cabinet and Parliament are sovereign in such matters and they get the last say and decision. The electorate of the UK are not sovereign. End of.

Now for the analogy.

Analogous Premises (Former):

1: Parliament and the Government as embodied by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet are sovereign over both domestic UK statute law and international treaties such as the Lisbon Treaty .
2: The electorate of the UK, due to the absence of a written, republican constitution and bill of rights outlining citizenship are not citizens, but subjects of, and subject to the Crown.


It is therefore unreasonable for the electorate to make popular demands of the Prime Minister/Cabinet and/or Parliament to affect change pertaining to the UK withdrawal from the EU as this would constitute behaviour which smacks of spoilt, millennial entitlement.

Analogous Premises (Latter):

1: Artistic creators are sovereign over their own creative works.
2: Audiences are supplicants of and subject to the whims of the creator.


It is therefore unreasonable for the audience/fans to make popular demands of the creator/entertainer to affect change as this would constitute behaviour which smacks of spoilt, millennial entitlement.

Anybody who disagrees with the former but agrees with the latter is suffering from some sever cognitive dissonance and is pretty much a fucking hypocrite.

QED Motherfuckers.

Nominated by Two In The Stink

39 thoughts on “Cognitive bias

  1. Brevity is the soul of wit and all that. I didn’t fucking read that, it was too cunting long for my small brain. Reminded me of Joni to Van Gogh, “Paint a starry night again man!” I don’t care if there are severe economic constraints imposed by a no deal Brexit, this is a war and I’m prepared to accept rationing. Minor rant over. Good afternoon all.

    • “Brevity is the soul of wit” is a bit passe these days. The kids on the interwebs usually say “TL;DR”. Because brevity is the soul of laziness and kids these days are nothing if not lazy.

    • one should never cunt a cunter, but I didn’t read beyond the first two lines of this cunting and can’t be cunted to read any other cunters’ comments either. that’s how much of a cunt I am.

  2. This Star fucking Wars (yawn) Brexit analogy is worthy of Pseuds Corner but too long to be included..

    • Not a rebuttal mate. Just passive aggressive snark.

      My ranty nomination may have been verbose, it may have been fuelled by at least 8 cans of Zywiec, it may have been angry and ended with a dig at the original object of my ire with whom I disagreed (admittedly kind of in violation of the forum rules) but at least I put forward a detailed and conscientious case.

      If you had time to read it, you have time to rebut it. Your line.

      • No rebuttal intended. Just long winded and pretentious. And I have no fucking idea who you were digging at.

        • But rebuttal needed. Long winded yes, granted. But pretentious how? Explain.

          Also, it’s not my fault you’re a bit of a fucking window licker pal.

          • Firstly, I am not your pal. You can get plenty of them on Facefuck if that’s your thing.
            Secondly the term ‘pretentious prat’ comes to mind. What sort of a juvenile equates some trivial shit about Star Wars with the constitution of the UK? At tedious length? Still at Uni eh?
            And there is fuck all wrong with licking windows. It’s part of my 5 a day.

          • Yeah mate I know! None of my my pals are thin – skinned snowflakes who are incapable of a civilised conversion.

            Calling me a pretensious twat is neither a rebuttal or an eloquent argument.

            I never equated starwars with brexit, it was an analogy, not a comparison.

            With an analogy, not all conceptual elements have to be equivalent.

  3. I don’t give a fuck about films for kids and spotty nerds.
    As for Brexit don’t ask me “does my bum look big in this” if you have already decided what the answer should be. You may be disappointed.

  4. I think covert applications of subliminal indoctrination manifest everything these days. There! Fucking said it!

    • Don’t have enough time Cuntflap.

      Except to say that true artists of whatever genre should resist at all cost fan /critical pressures to skew the integrity of their vision… especially for short term gain or popularity.

      • Can you imagine…

        Yo Picarsehole,

        Really dig the big muriels and colorful colors… butcha keep gettin’ the noses n’ eyes n’ mushes all wrong.

        Sort dem out and you’ll make it even bigger, ya fuckah!

      • Bit of a false equivalence to comparing the likes of Disney Pictures or that feminist idealogue Kathleen Kennedy and her ilk artists – that’s why I kept using the spelling of “arteest” because I was being sarcastic.

        These cynical hacks are anything but artists. They are merely creators at best, purveyors of cheap, imitation knock-offs at best.

  5. I am writing a novel. Have been for years. If I ever finish it, it won’t be so much out-of-date, as bloody pre-historical.

    No prequel, no sequel, just an “entertainment”, with quite a bit of kinky sex, travel, music and dodgy drinks in it.
    The “heroine” ought to look like Tamzin Outhwaite from her “Redcaps” era, age about 27.

    Despite the presence of some rather hot lesbies in it, I doubt it’ll tick enough boxes.
    Remaindered from day one, I suspect…

  6. Although the starwars movies definitely appeal to kids I’d say the reason the movies are so popular even with adults (almost religiously) is because the original trilogy fit in very nicely with the Rank-Raglan Mythotype.

  7. You often hear-‘it’s a part of our unwritten constitution’. But how can you have a constitution that is not written? Pure, unadulterated English muddle-headedness.

    • Yes unwritten constitution is a bullshit statement and an oxymoron but it’s the colloquialism most commonly used by people so that’s why I used it. I also put right after “tradition of legal and judicial precedent”. That’s the more important part.

  8. Excellent cunting…..
    but have to agree with Cuntflap regarding the brexit piece, after broken promises from blair and brown although a cunt Cameron did honour his pledge to give the people a vote, the establishment thought it a fore gone conclusion? Oops…..
    with regards to narcissistic directors, writers and artists I’m gonna use a crude analogy which my highly sexed 25 yo nephew( half jokingly) once said “ woman are all Cunts just find one your happy with” if “fans” don’t like the way their favourite writer, musician or film franchise is going then should exercise the only real power they have by not buying it, there’s plenty of choice……

  9. No doubt about it, ‘The Last Jedi’ was total wank. Disney’s murdering ‘Star Wars’; I pay for thundering good knockabout entertainment and expect to get it, not to have some fucking diversity agenda pants foisted on me by Kennedy and her bunch of cunts. They need their arses kicked.

    • I only ever watched the original 3 films and ignored the rest. Don’t feel I’ve missed out on anything.

    • A lot of old school fans hated episodes 1, 2 and 3 (which got progressively less shit as that trilogy went on) but I’ve seen a lot of comments on Youtube vids and in review sections on IMDB, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes and others of people saying that after the recent poor Star Wars movies, on reflection……….. episodes 1 to 3 were cinematic masterpieces by comparison.

      That’s how you know Lucas Films and Disney fucked up………. when fans of old now think the Phantom Menace wasn’t too bad after all.

  10. I would agree about the limitations of fan expectations but the problem is they are fans – short for fanatics. These are sad cunts who make the franchise their lives, buy the merchandise, go to the conventions, dress up in costume, shag fit cosplay girls (yes, I’ve known people who pulled fit cosplay girls at conventions because they were in costume too).

    Just because they are sad cunts I don’t think that they should be completely disregarded.

    You are right in a way but if a film studio decides to change the time-proven working formula so drastically so as to alienate the entire demographic that buys all the tickets, the merch, the dvds and then makes recommendations to other people then the studio better be damn sure that they have an alternative target audience equal or greater in size and enthusiasm.

    The problem is that whether it be Marvel Comics, Lucas Films with Starwars, The producers of Star Trek Discovery or games developers; what they have all been doing in recent years to varying extents is demonising their main customer (the white male) in order to push SJW/diversity agendas into their products and pander to minorities. As a result all of those white males act in accordance with free markets and spend there money accordingly……….. elsewhere.

  11. @ Cuntflap. I appreciate what you are saying but you are speaking of an entirely different era when you say “As a consumer of artistic effort I think you are supposed to consume it and then consider it”.

    This is not so much the case now, nor has it been for a long time. We live in an age of pure consumerism and the consumer is the one who is going to put food on the table and make no mistake.

    I’m not saying I like it but that is the reality of the matter.

    These cunts peddling their wares nowadays are not artists, nor even craftsmen or tradesmen. They are peddlers:- pure and simple.

  12. I’m waitung for the Tarantino remake of “The Sound of Music.”

    As the von Crapp family burst onto the horizon, they run into a group of Brownshirts having a jackboot and lederhosen picnic. In order to preserve the honour of The Party, there must be no witnesses; to this end, a number of grenades are aimed at the hapless von Crapps, thus bringing the cinematic masterpiece to a relatively swift and painless conclusion.

    Starring Angela Merkel as Hermann Goering (short, fat, and hairy roll-on part).

    • Haha although Tarantino has a particular style, there are certain things he should defo steer clear of.

      He is directing the next Star Trek movie. I sense trouble ahead.

      • The last Star Wars Movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story” lost about 80 million dollars.

        Some times the producers and money makers are just fucking spastics.

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