Budweiser light advert

Some adverts annoy you as soon as you see them and this is one of them.

Not only are all the actors annoying cunts but the advert itself makes me go to the kitchen and kick the cat.

That cuntish dilly dilly just puts the icing on the cake of this being the most annoying advert of the year.

Nominated by Twatakincuntrubber

37 thoughts on “Budweiser light advert

  1. I think the idea is that when you pick up a bottle of this piss in the pub you shout out the catchphrase to demonstrate your incisive and cutting wit. Well it might work in a student pub but anywhere else you’re going to get your head kicked in for being a stupid annoying cunt. A demonstration that advertising doesn’t always work.
    Even the great dumb British public didn’t fall for this one.

      • Only ever tried this liquid manure once, when visiting my daughter when she lived in Galveston. Texans pride themselves on being tough, and fucking hell you need to be to drink Budweiser. It tastes like how I imagine fermented cat piss would taste after it’s been pumped full of gas.

  2. Not seen the ad but this piss cant be described as beer so it must be aimed at bellends.

  3. Anyone remember “couldn’t give a four x” ? No, that didn’t work either. Colt 45 anyone? Another advertising fuck up.
    Of course it doesn’t help that all these beers are just piss water aimed at spotty little hipsters more concerned with the branding image than the taste, or even getting properly pissed.
    Cunt advertising aimed at cunts to flog a product that only a cunt would buy.
    A bit like a Party Political Broadcast……or the BBC news.

    • I feel like an emu, how about you? Stopped drinking it when the alcohol percentage was lowered as I didn’t buy it for the taste.

  4. Surely only Yanks drink this piss…

    I woke up after a night on the piss and my missus said..”Well you’ve clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”..

    I said “Just shut the fuck up, and get this matress off me.”

  5. Budweiser light??
    Surly that’s a fucking joke in itself? Yank weak as piss excuse of a lager doesn’t need a more feeble brother! I can only guess that it’s coloured tap water?
    And yeh the adverts as annoying as fuck! Any Cunt drinking this in the pub should be shown the door! Pubs are for having a few beers not acting like a Cunt drinking coloured water……..

    • We had some yank exchange students back when I was in the 6th form (1980) and one was a gobby cunt showing off how much they drank ‘back home’. We took a bunch of them down the pub that evening and, after 3 pints of Everards Old Original (5.2%), said cunt fell flat on his face and got us all thrown out for good measure

      • Never been to US. Mate stayed in small town in New England. Goes to pub/bar, black barman. Pint please says Andy. Yeah sure. Nice that he says, another please. And another. Barman says, a third,really? Well yeah says Andy. Then the fourth. You really want a fourth pint says barman, well yeah, nice that, I’ll probably stay for the gallon, which he did. Apparently the barman treated him like a hero. Weird schizophrenics Americans.

  6. We only have ourselves to blame – dilly dilly refers to an obsolete adjective meaning delightful – as in the tune “Lavenders blue Dilly dilly lavenders green, when I am king dilly dilly you shall be queen.
    Dilly fucking dilly – and to advertise a piss poor brew from Anheuser Busch – dilly fucking dilly.

  7. a bought a round the other day. someone wanted a bottle of Bud. small fuckin bottle . probably half a pint £ 3..33 ! fuckin robbery.

  8. fuck ! it seems Mark Carney is going to take British citizenship and get a seat in the House of Lords. gawd.

  9. They must be making a financial loss in the UK and only keeping up the charade in an attempt to still appear relevant, as if they ever were here!

    I mean who the actual fuck drinks that shite? And a lite version? The fuck is that. Take yourself, and Cools beer too, and fuck right off.

  10. cunto above. Oh I haven’t heard that for years cunto. Since I was a child. I thought I had heard those two words together somewhere. Must be some medieval madrigal, nursery rhyme. They are dressed in medieval costume on the advert. So maybe there was some understanding where it came from. Thanks for reminding of it.

    • Welcome Miles.
      Last line if you can’t remember it;
      Call out your men dilly dilly set them to work
      Whilst you and I dilly dilly keep ourselves warm
      You’re welcome 😉

  11. I’m no fan of golf as it’s a sport for pretentious people but I do recall reading that at some big tournament in the US any spectators shouting “dilly dilly” would get thrown out.

    Hopefully twatted senseless as well.

    In other news boxer Billy Joe Saunders is making himself look a cunt again, video footage of him has been released of him goading some crackhead into believing she’s get 150 quid if she twatted some random bloke walking past because Billy said he was a paedo, she punches this innocent bloke and this cunt and his mates drive off laughing.


  12. Superlative cunting.

    I can only add to the cuntings posted above to the effect that the likely bespectacled, ponytailed cunt of an “advertising consultant” who dreamed this shit up after a heavy rohypnol overdose and arsehole reaming session deserves to be flung off Beachy Head for his cunty efforts.

    Dilly dilly.

  13. So the “scallop wars” are over. The French get what they want and the British get “greater fishing rights” in “other areas”.

    Translation…….Mavis shits herself, sucks the EU cock and instructs British fishermen to get out their bamboo poles with a net on the end and catch some fucking Sticklebacks.

    Makes you proud to be British dunnit? 🇬🇧

  14. I once knew a Yank who keeled over in Manchester after a pint of Boddies in 1986… And the cunt had only had the cream off the top…

    ‘Bud’ is urine from the last leper in hell….

  15. Dogbolter was a bloody good pint, IIRC.

    If, indeed, I remeber anything after drinking a few pints of it.

    And a quarter to three in the morning dilly dilly to y’all

    • I think I knew Gina’s dad… Wasn’t he in the charge of the pirate ship crow’s nest in the Asterix books?…

  16. Now this is a cunting I can really get behind. Imagine the freshly graduated wankers in advertising brainstorming this shit, thinking they’d thought up some kind of golden formula, when in actuality its ha just made people want to hunt them down and kill them in their sleep.
    Budweiser tastes like shit and all, to be fair they could run an advertising campaign where Sophie Ellis-Bexter gets her muff licked by Gemma Arterton while she diddles herself and I still wouldn’t buy the stuff.

  17. Budweiser. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    As I like to say, somewhat alcoholic chemically infused fizzy water.

    The Yanks know f all about a lot of things – subtlety, humility, being quiet, football….the list is extensive and includes beer.

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