118 118 [2]

I would like to cunt the 118 118 directory enquiry service.

Apart from the fuckin annoying adverts have you seen what they charge? £4.40 plus £4.40 a minute !!. Wtf ? What sort of idiot is prepared to pay that? Apparently lots, since it keeps going.

Nominated by Richard1

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  1. As the cliché has it, a fucking fool and his dosh are soon parted. And the ads are are cunt.
    Nicely cunted, Richard.

  2. Who needs 118 118 in the age of smartphones anyway, when you can just get a company’s phone number by typing the name into your search bar? Or have I missed something??

  3. According to Wiki

    Calls to 118 118 are charged £8.98 per call plus £4.49 per minute (after 60 seconds) including VAT (tariff code SC087) plus the access charge set by the caller’s landline or mobile phone provider.

    A 10 minute call is likely to cost around £50, one person complained of receiving a bill of over £150 for her call.

    Who in their right mind uses this rip off service? The answer I suspect is in the question.

  4. Proof positive there are some really stupid cunts who don’t understand how to get in touch with someone without spending a fortune using this mercenary cuntsticks!

    Hopefully this company will go the same way as those money-lending cunts, Wonga. They’re both stuck in the stone age, as are its fucking Neanderthal customers.

  5. Is that aspiring financial advisor sat on his bike in the background deciding which one to knife first?

  6. Anybody ringing DIAL A CUNT at 118 118 should be immediately sectioned under the mental health act!
    How on earth these fuckers are Allowed to get away with this is shameful, Like those pay day loan sharks they need to have some serious regulation, it’s one thing providing a service but this is extortion by stupidity……
    some Cunts do need saving from themselves…..

    • Fucking right! That also applies to phone charges in general and the activities of the stinking banks. Fucking thieves the lot of them. Fucking politicians should be doing something about these robbing cunts instead of worrying about fucking foreigners and tranny freaks.
      Bunch of arsehole fucking wankers.

  7. I didn’t know these cunts charged such rip off prices. But then I’ve never used them. I thought any cunt with half a brain just googled a phone number these days ???

  8. Shady looking pair in that photo. Obviously Gays. Looks like they’re forcing Warwick Davies to give them a blowjob. The 118 on their chests probably refers to the amount of times that they’ve appeared in court on indecency charges.

    • Warwick Davies giving a bj…eeuurrgghh, what a disgusting mental picture.
      Have you ever had a go on a dwarf lady, Mr Fiddler?
      I’ve not, but would be interested to discover whether their fannies are just a little bit “wrong”, like their foreheads. Like maybe they’ve got an enormous misshapen clit, but their actual fanny holes are the size of a mouse’s ear or something.
      Midgets though, now you’re talking. They’re most assuredly up for it. At least if the movie “Bridget the Midget” is any sort of yardstick.

      • I tried to upload an interesting video Mr Cunt Engine concerning vertically challenged women but admin wouldn’t let me ☹️

      • Dwarfs and midgets aren’t to be trifled with, Mr. Cunt-Engine. Yes, they’re all up-for-a laugh and great fun when they’re getting paid to compete in the Dwarf Throwing contest at the rugby club,but you try singing “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go” at them,while mimicking their silly bow-legged walk, when you see them out with their wife and children shopping a couple of days later at Tesco.Not so fucking keen then, I can tell you.
        An apoplectic dwarf isn’t a pleasant sight,but then again an unapoplectic dwarf isn’t a pleasant sight either.

      • My reply seems to have disappeared to Moderation. No idea why,it wasn’t even offensive…..perhaps that the problem.

    • I got the guys from GCHQ on it Mr. F.
      It’s a cryptographic puzzle.
      If you rotate the two ones ninety degrees (make them bent) they then line up perfectly with the two holes in the eight. Which is symbolic of a human male.
      Repeating it symbolises the thrusting.
      It’s a secret code. Hiding in plain sight.

  9. Obvious cunts (the company) but fair play to them.
    Making that amount of money (for example to ‘sponsor’ evening movies on ITV4) off of spastics, mongs and clueless old fucks who can’t even google a business number for crying out loud.
    I’d bet that no-one who is ripped off by this company didn’t have it coming, the dullards.

  10. Heard that rug munching bitch Angela Eagle live from the Labour EU Conference earlier on. She came across as a complete and utter plank. She didn’t want to answer any questions just wanted to read from her script praising “Jeremy” ( who she stood against in 2016 when the Blairites were trying to get rid of the cunt ) to the skies and how the fucking EU protects workers rights blah blah.
    I was appalled. Is this the standard of idiot we have in Parliament these days? This fucking moron couldn’t think her way out of a paper bag. She made the Abbotopotamus sound like a fucking genius.
    We are fucked.

    • Cunts like Eagle and Burnbum and all the other vacuous dregs of New Labour have only themselves to blame for the state their past-its-sell-by Cunt party is in.

    • Agree 100% FTF
      I saw her on TV just before the summer recess and she came across as an inarticulate blabber mouth!! Another embarrassment to the Labour Party is rabid shouty Angela rayner!!
      Couple of Cunts!!!

      Saw in the news today that Chief brexit blocker macron has said unless the U.K. gives way (capitulates) on the Irish border he will NOT be attending November’s brexit meeting! Thus guaranteeing a NO DEAL…
      How rattled are these Cunts?
      As brexit approaches the EU,s sabre rattling for all their worth!
      Just wished we had a PM with a backbone ( not hunchback) as we could all sit back and enjoy the show…
      Fuck the bullying EU and all their fucking shill sell out Cunts…..

      • Fuck the Irish border. It is Ireland’s and the EU’s problem, not ours.
        EU tactics are clear. Stoke up project Fear so all the Remoaning cunts will demand to stay in, one way or another.
        These cunts are doing the EU’s work for them, or more accurately the work of France and Germany.

        Meanwhile, the Humber ports and Immingham in particular are investing to benefit from Brexit at the expense of Dover and the rest. Remoaners wont have heard of Immingham because it is north of the Home Counties yet does 4 times the freight traffic of Dover.
        So keep moaning and despairing you cunts, real people will benefit.

  11. I think you might use this service to phone Wonga or suchlike. Or perhaps to find the best on-line bingo provider or the number of the Jeremy Kyle show.
    I know I would.

  12. I see in the news ‘Cabinet behind May’s Brexit plan’

    Yep, like the Indians were behind Custer.

    • Has the idiot got a new plan then? I thought the EU gangsters told her to shove it up her arse on Friday?

      • I’m pretty sure they did but she’s a little slow on the uptake!
        Expect the penny to drop sometime this week…..
        useless cunt…..

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