Trashing our heritage

A cunting for the constant trashing of our heritage.
You know – Kipling defaced, Rhodes must go, and all the other nonsense the lefty cunts get involved in.
I am proud of our empire, as I am sure the Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Mongols, Ottomans etc were proud of their’s. In fact the Life of Brian sketch ‘what did the Romans do for us’ could well be the present day lefty cunts talking about the UK. We exploited, as do all occupiers, but left infrastructure and education. The fact that most turned back to shitholes is not down to us. Although it is interesting to note that former colonies that are predominantly European in culture seem to do ok.
What about slavery then? Definitely bad but it was endemic in Africa and Asia long before Europeans got there. In fact a lot of African rulers did very nicely out of selling fellow Africans to us. We just upped the scale. But it was Europeans who banned it, not Africans and not Islam, which still allows the enslavement of non moslems.
And of course all our heroes were racists. Or people of their time as I see it. Rhodes may have been racist but so was Shaka Zulu before him. And every ruler or hero, white, black or yellow who ever lived. Even good old Ghandi didn’t make much of Africans, the cunt.

‘The past is another country. They do things differently there’

An apt quote for the stupid right-on lefty cunts to mull over.

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    They are not happy in Morocco.
    They are not happy in Turkey.

    They are not happy in Egypt.
    They are not happy in Libya.
    They are not happy in Iran.
    They are not happy in Gaza.
    They are not happy in Iraq.
    They are not happy in Afghanistan.
    They are not happy in Yemen.
    They are not happy in Syria.
    They are not happy in Lebanon.
    They are not happy in Pakistan.

    And where are they happy?
    They are happy in England.
    They are happy in France.
    They are happy in Italy.
    They are happy in Germany.
    They are happy in Sweden.
    They are happy in the United States.
    They are happy in Belgium.
    They are happy in Norway.
    They are happy in the Netherlands.

    They are obviously happy in every country that is a non-Muslim.
    And who gets the blame?
    Not Islam.
    Not their leaders.
    Not themselves.
    No, they blame the population of the countries where they do feel happy.

    And then they want to change THESE COUNTRIES to be the same as the countries where they were not happy.
    Do you understand it?

    • Yeah. They want to live their worthless lives , with all their primitive superstitions and barbaric practices, but want a higher standard of living.
      Oh yeah………and they want some other cunt to pay for it!

  2. My missus, who is of Indian descent, considers the positive side of British occupation of India far outweighed the negative side. Just as we benefited from the Roman occupation. She and her parents are mystified as to why so many cunts in positions of influence and responsibility should want to trash their distinguished heritage.

  3. Appears as if some peaceful has committed an act of peace at the Palace of Westminster….

      • Just a Al’s SnackBar courier unit trying to get the breakfast buffet selection to Diane Fatbot.

    • Looks like another half-arsed attention seeking numpty with a grudge.

      And just as well. Parliament is in recess and there aren’t even that many tourists and commuters around at that time of day to plough into.

    • Don’t PANIC!

      Mavis has everything under control – she’s chairing an emergency COBRA meeting at 2pm this afternoon.

      And Corbyn’s heart has gone out or something.

      We can all sleep safely in our beds again, phew.

  4. Jan Smuts is the latest target for the revisionistas. Pound to a penny that some idiot like Owen Jones will one day denounce Churchill as a war-mongering, mass-murdering facist.
    Nice to see the true deluded imbecility of Thick-as-Shit Catweazle emerging. Except the snowflakes just don’t understand that the cunt could have his finger on the nuclear button…..thank god he has no intention of using it!!

    • Thankfully, in GB, it ISN’T the PM who actually presses the button

      He/she/it/shit authorizes the military to go into nuclear mode, and they make the final call, thank Dog.

      One good thing is that, apparently, one of the signs that “it’s all over, game played out” is when Wimminz’ Hour has not been on the radio for, I think, three days, at which point all our subs (submarines, that is, not submissives…) have the instructions to retreat to Oz.

      It sounds like cutting of my nose &c., but the idea of Jenni Murray being melted down into a few hundred gallons of fat / vapourized is quite appealing.

  5. Off topic but Ian Wright needs to fuck off. Apparently he thinks that the criticism Sterling gets is down to ‘Waycism’.
    Raheem Sterling: Manchester City winger is targeted by racism, says Ian Wright –
    Yeah, let’s just forget that Delph, Alli, Loftus, Rashford, Walker, Young and others are black or mixed race and don’t come in for the same level of criticism. It couldn’t possibly be that Sterling has one of those personalities that people hate and was a massive cunt at Liverpool surely?

    • To be fair, he does a have a job on the BBC to maintain. No doubt he has had a long discussion with that other towering intellectual and political analyst, Saint Gary Taxdodger.

    • Reluctantly forced to agree with you OC as I quite like Ian Wright.

      As a striker Sterling did not score a single goal at the World Cup or has not for some considerable time now for England. November 2015 to be exact.

      The reason he is receiving criticism is not because of his colour, but because he is not scoring goals for his country.

      Presume he wants to score in every game and as far as I can see (must declare an interest in knowing fuck all about the beautiful game) Sterling tries just as hard for his country as he does for his club so the criticism he is receiving is in my opinion unfair.

      Certainly nothing to do with his colour, Ian Wright should keep his mouth shut on this one.

      • My football knowledge is on a par with yours, but if he doesn’t score for his club either, what made the manager pick him for England? I don’t even play football, never mind score, perhaps I’ll get picked next time.

        • He scored pretty heavily last season because he’s in a Man City team which unfortunately is one of the best teams the league has seen in recent years.

  6. Just seen a pic of the Westminster suspect. Black as Newgates knocker.

    Obviously only nicked cause he is a effnik. WWWWAAAAAAYYYYYYYCCCCCCCIIIIIIISSSSSTTTT POLICE.

    • Hold your horses: police have just revealed he was a blacked up Morris dancer.

    • Both BBC and Sky today keep referring to the Houses of Parliament as an “iconic location”.

      Presume because it is usually full of iconic fuckwit cuntish arseholes obviously.

      Oh, and Kate Burley (or whatever her name in) has just arrived on scene. Nasty old trout.

      Everyone says a massive thanks to the quick response time of the police. That’s their job surely?

      • Quick response time? Have these cunts never been to Westminster? The place is crawling with fucking coppers. It’s the safest place in the country by a long way.
        I suspect this fucker fully expected to be shot and he fucking should have been. You don’t arrest cunts like this……how do you know he isn’t wearing a suicide vest and intends to take you with him?
        Cunt should have had his head ventilated before he even opened the door.

      • Like, I REALLY hate “iconic” ?? It’s soooooo, like, you know ?

        Aren’t I a cuuuunt ?

        (NB that was a hypothetical question !)

  7. What the left, particularly the young, vegan sandal wearing wet blankets dont seem to realize is that life itself is conquest.

    All large groups do it and have done it. Ours just happened to bring with it some ideals and systems that can benefit the recipients of our conquest.

    But by all means enjoy dirt tracks and mud huts..

  8. The recent resurgence of the slavery issue needs to be kicked into touch.

    Tragic yes. My fault no, I wasn’t there.
    An untold number of nations and cultures have all been guilty, but this is usually swept under the carpet, and focus on white colonial slave owners.

    I’d wager that back in the dim and distant, my ancestors were pushed about by the Romans, but I don’t hold some bloke in modern day Rome responsible….

    • The Romans took vast numbers of slaves from everywhere, including many from Britain. Julius Caesar boasted of killing or enslaving two thirds of the population of Gaul (France).

      They also made people fight to the death for the amusement of the mob – not just in Rome, but in every city of the Empire. So not all bad.

      The Vikings routinely used to raid Britain and Ireland to capture slaves and sell them wherever they could get the best price. They also had a thriving business in capturing large numbers of Slavic people in Russia and the Ukraine and selling them down the river in the slave markets of the Middle East.

      They got a particularly good price for redheads and blondes in the Arab slave markets. There is a record of a red-haired Irish girl being sold to an Arab sheikh for an extremely high price. Vikings even sold each other as slaves whenever they got the chance. It was a highly competitive business…

      North African Muslims also conducted extensive slave raids all along the Mediterranean coasts and across Christian Europe even as far north as the British Isles. They captured millions of white slaves and sold them in Muslim countries. Barbary pirates captured slaves from Europe and, to an extent, North America, from the 16th to 19th centuries, until the US and British Navies brought it to a stop.

      In all, Arab slave traders captured about 200 million slaves of all races, colors, and religions. Under Islamic laws, slavery was explicitly permitted, and Saudi Arabia, for instance, only abolished slavery in 1962 under pressure from Britain.

      Of course ISIS continues to capture and sell slaves to this day.

      • You can add sub-Saharan slavery to that list. Common practice when Arabs and Europeans got there and probably for 1000s of years before, although without written language there is no African history pre-colonialism. Wars were fought specifically to take slaves according to early Portuguese sources.

        Islam specifically forbids enslaving Muslims. But does not forbid enslaving others.
        At the time of the largescale European slave trade the ordinary men, women and children of Britain were treated as slaves by their landed and later, industrial overlords.
        So fuck guilt and fuck the lefty retards.

        • Let’s also not forget that the Arabs would castrate their black slaves which is why there are no descendants of black slaves in Arabia today.

  9. I veer between untold rage and untold sadness that British heritage and history is so routinely fucking denounced and picked apart by the Grautist-types and the self-loathing scumcunt quislings in our midst. Again, only Sweden comes close in terms of trying to sweep any and all past under the carpet, if but a single African or Arab is mildly offended.

    Well fuck off you pieces of collective shit. I am VERY proud to be British; even if I despair for my homeland increasingly under this liberal mob-rule. I love our history at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution, literature and science; our backbone during several wars and the innovation that saw us come up with solutions to our own resources and social care problems, with the introduction of the National Grid and the NHS respectively.

    While Ashraf’s uncle, great-uncle and great-great-uncle have all hailed from the same maggot-infested sandhole backward shitheap, we have been busy developing technology, science and mathematics and none of that stopped even after the devastation of the war. The last African civilisation to run itself successfully was ancient Egypt. Please someone, explain how Europe is responsible for ‘African oppression’ ever since.

    Every September, London hold an ‘Open House’ weekend where many government and historical buildings are, briefly, open to the public. Every time I drag myself to some of these buildings or listed sites, I am most proud of what we once achieved as a nation. It’s a shame none of these Twitterati fuckers can see past their beloved identity politics and professional offence-taking to appreciate that.

    • Electrolux, a formerly great Swedish brand, was run by a prominent nazi sypathiser called, I think, Axel Grenner.

      I remember my parent’s Electrolux vacuum. Weighed a ton, was built to last, with a no-kink hose that any fire brigade would have welcomed.
      It sucked like a good Swedish blonde.
      And it came with an interesting attachment with a screw-on glass jar…
      Wouldn’t have looked out of place in Dr. Mengele’s consulting rooms.
      Though for fear of alarming some people, I suspect it was a paint-sprayer.
      But I’m sure they got adapted for other uses…

    • I’ve never understood the notion of being proud of good deeds performed by people who are not me during a time period before I or my parents were even conceived.

      If I shouldn’t have to feel guilt for bad deeds performed by people who are not me during a time period before I or my parents were even conceived then it seems daft to take ownership of the inverse.

      • Don’t agree.

        When the indigenous UK population are asked to cowl and bow in shame for any perceived or actual human rights abuses during the empire, that isn’t fair – how can you or I take responsiblity for that. We can agree however that horse-whipping Indians during colonial times was definitely wrong, but can’t take personal responsiblity for it.

        Similarly, I feel one can be proud of a country’s achievements and positive contributions to the world; which isn’t quite the same as me personally trying to take credit for the invention of the electric motor or the jet engine.

        • Or indeed the computer.

          The first computer resembling today’s modern machines was the Analytical Engine, a device conceived and designed by British mathematician Charles Babbage between 1833 and 1871.

          What a sorry pass we’ve now come to.

  10. I regard Nelson Mandela as a murdering terrorist. I demand that his statue is removed immediately from Parliament Square and I’ll scweam and scweam and scweam until I make myself sick unless people give me “likes” for my demand.

    I also don’t much care for football either,so Newcastle United can get rid of that statue of fucking Bobby Robson too. Dead Old Cunt.

    Fuck them.

  11. I heard that Bobby Moore once laughed at a Bernard Manning joke so I want his statue torn down from outside Wembley.

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