Theatre critics who hate Brexit

I have a nomination for two dickheads that most of you will probably have never heard of. Paul Taylor of the Independent, and Tim Bano of The Stage. They are paid to review theatre productions and other luvvie shite, but that hasn’t stopped them from branching out into the Cuntland of anti-Brexit bigotry.

In a review of Othello at the new Globe Theatre, starring uber luvvie cunt, Mark Rylance, Taylor wrote;

“The moustache belongs to the kind of bar-room bigot who will, of course, have voted for Brexit. It’s not Othello’s race but the fact that Andre Holland is foreign – an American who speaks with the accent of the deep South – that eats at Iago.”

And Bano’s review was similarly disapproving of Brexit voters;

“He brings a kind of Brexiteer vibe to the character, a Middle England reactionary who hates Othello because he’s foreign – here, American.”

Bar-room bigots who hate foreigners? As I’ve said before, I have no problem with people disagreeing with Brexit. I do however have a massive problem with ignorant, arrogant pricks like Taylor and Bano, who make sweeping, and incorrect, generalisations about Brexit voters. Taylor and Bano are the type of person I despise on sight. University graduates, who consider themselves to be intellectuals, and therefore superior to us poor plebs, simply because they can put letters after their names. Well, as it happens, I can put letters after MY name, MM and MC. I don’t do it very often, but I have that right.

They’re the kind of patronising shits who claim to stand up for the working classes, but seem completely oblivious to the fact that it was the working who predominantly voted to leave the EU, and it is the working who are they are writing off as nothing more than drunken, small minded, intellectually inferior racists, who voted to leave the EU simply because we hate foreigners. I explained in a previous comment why I don’t hate foreigners, so I won’t repeat it here.

If you want to disagree with Brexit, that’s entirely your business. I’ve had some interesting and good humoured debates on the issue with friends who are against it. What you do not have the right to do though, is slag off 17.4 million people who democratically expressed their wish to leave an organisation that we saw as taking far more from us than they were giving back. And what they did give back was generally a pile of shit. And while it’s true that very small number of Brexiteers do seem to hate foreigners, they are very much in the minority. The vast majority of us are decent, hard working, honest, law abiding, taxpaying patriots, who simply want our country to be governed by people who WE elect, to able make OUR OWN laws, and most definitely to negotiate OUR OWN trade deals.

We do not need, nor to deserve to be sneered at by overeducated, self-righteous, superior minded, self styled ‘intellectuals’. All they do when they sneer and insult us, is show us what ignorant, arrogant democracy hating cunts they are. I’m going to bed with my Nigerian princess now, I hope you all have as good a night as I will. And I hope Taylor and Bano fall straight down from the top of the superior tree.

Taylor are Bano are not superior to any of us.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

52 thoughts on “Theatre critics who hate Brexit

  1. Christ on a fucking bike. These people are so boring. They can’t even write a sentence about a play without bringing this bullshit up. Zzzz. I’m so fucking bored and tired of Brexit now I can’t muster the strength to keep writing. Bring on the apocalypse and make it count ffs.

  2. I find it hilarious how these luvvie dahling arselickers focus on a moustache… Since when was having a tache a crime? Who the fuck is their next target? Freddie Mercury? Albert Einstein? Charlie Chaplin? The Moody Blues? For fuck’s sake… And now a tache proves outright that someone is a pig ignorant and racist buffoon?! How the fuck do they work that out?! Oh, I see…. Hitler… Because anyone who voted for Brexit or dares to disagree with these remoaner libfuck turds is Hitler, aren’t they?….

      • Evening ETC, imagine if you will Mandelscum’s moustache, but twice as big and twice as dense (and twice as bent), and that’s the ‘tache that currently resides on my top lip.
        I look well buff!

        • Evening Thomas. I much enjoyed your recent posts re Mrs Cunt Engine and your moustache shenanigans. Oh fuck, the wife is shouting to be fed. Apologies for the abrupt exit, will get back to you later.

          Meanwhile please pass on my best to your good lady wife. 😂

  3. And Rylance is a colossal weapons grade thermonuclear heatseeking wannabe Lord Oiliver luvvie of a cunt…

    • The other half has just reminded me that Mark Rylance made a film a few years ago about a harrowing (Jesus wept) love story between a man and a woman,though it was regarded by our intellectual superiors as Art and not Porn but it could also have been because both of the cunts looked like blind cobblers thumbs.

      • Everyone arselicking Rylance over that Wolf Hall bollocks? What a load of crap…. Only the behind the godawful ‘The Tudors (Jonathan Rees Cunt)’ and ‘The Other Boleyn Girl (Skanklett Johansscunt)’ as the worst drama based on Tudor history… Complete and utter ‘Carry On Henry’ type shite, the lot of them….

  4. Theatre criticism is not exactly high on my reading list. They are going to be cunts anyway. Cant act, cant write but set themselves up as arbiters of taste and value. I cant say I am surprised at their cuntitude. They will consider tjhemselves ‘elite’ so no surprises.

  5. Who the fuck, these days, uses the phrase “bar room bigots”? What the fuck is a “bar room” anyway?
    Probably the same kind of cunts who refer to snooker as billiards and talk about “The Season.” In other words, ultra posh crusty old Public School wankers.
    I know nothing about this pair of remoaning ponces but I know that to get the job of a theatre critic you have to “know” the right people, by which I mean you have to have been to the right schools. It also helps if you take it up the arse , not exactly unknown amongst Public School boys who end up in the arts.
    Who reads their shit anyway?…… mostly the same kind of cunts as themselves.
    Preaching to the remoaner choir. Cunts.

  6. Funny enough they have a lot in common with the Nazis themselves:
    1. Control and enforce the narrative through use of force, threats and intimidation
    2. Find certain groups to target and persecute (Brexit voters, Trump voters, white men etc) and outright call for the opinions of these groups to not only be disregarded, but in really extreme instances for these groups to be purged
    3. Claim a monopoly on the ‘correct’ opinions and use totalitarian means to crack down on those who challenge these opinions

    • They even have their own Sturmabteilung/Brownshirts ie Antifa, masked violent thugs masquerading as ‘activists’. Momentum do a great impression of Joseph Goebbels Nazi propaganda machine spreading fake news and lionising cuddly Uncle Jezza.

    • Regarding #2.. Remember tv programme GBH in the 80s (Wolfe Smith actor and Michael Palin)?

  7. Excellent Cunting QDM

    The country is full of these cunts mate, and I agree , vast swathes of us being tarnished as ignorant waycists.

    I simply ask remainers why they voted in ? pointing out your facts of net contibutor/laws/movement/regulation/outside trade and most simply shrug and say its all ive ever known.
    another is the sug as fuck ” name 1 law you disagree with that the EU implemented ? “…..well common fisheries and agriculture aside I reply , having 1 fucing law created by a foreign power is 1 fucking law too many thick cunt “….that usually send sthem on their way , you see thats what they dont get.

    A cracker was a farmer on to James O’ Brien. Both were sucking each others dicks over how good the EU is and how were doomed , then at the end , bizzarly , the farmer says ” remember Greece….the EU bank withheld food , medicine and money , can you imagine what theyl do to us! ”
    ?, who wants to be a part of an institution who does that to so called “member states”

    Every cunt must be bored of my rants on this because I am, so i’ll stop there but
    I will never forget/forgive a fucking lot of people when the dust settles

    • Anyone who writes for The Independent (now reduced to the status of an online-only blog site for fuckwits, it having failed to pass muster even as a wrapper for fish and chips) is ipso facto a cunt of near-Guardianista proportions. And that is no way to go through life…

  8. I’d have thought that the fact that they were Theatre Critics would have virtually guaranteed their Cuntishness whether they supported Brexit or they didn’t support Brexit.
    Theatre critics,restaurant critics, literary critics etc..they all seem to be Cunts. Most of them appear to be catty “flamboyant” types. I expect that these particular critics are upset because Brexit may limit the influx of young East European men desperate for money and prepared to put up with some foppish old Nancyboy’s peccadilloes.

    Anyone who displays such an interest in a load of Bumders prancing around in plays is a highly dubious individual. Bad enough the thespians themselves playing dress-up and spouting a load of boring old shite. Worse still are the Cunts,rather like teachers,who aren’t good enough to do such a frivolous job themselves,but get their revenge by panning the wasters who do.

    All theatre types are up-their-own (and each others) arses types who have never grown up. Bunch of pretentious poppinjays who think that their “craft” is relevant. They are wrong. They should pack all that arty-farty theatre shite in,and get proper jobs.

    Fuck them.

    • You see these thespians on some TV shows, describing themselves as actors but when delved a little deeper its all fringe theatres or pop-up productions. School drama class ‘characters’ too ugly and devoid of talent for TV.

    • The perfect post Dick.

      Have recently been putting the final touches to my latest play, ‘The Fiddler Monologues’ by R.T. Creampuff, based on your many legendary ISAC posts.

      However have been a bit stuck on the final scene of the final Act (53). You have just cut through my writer’s block like a marrow up Flabbott’s black hole. You are the kindest amongst us.

      Suggest you invest early to avoid disappointment.

      • Good Evening, RTC. I’d always suspected that there was something of the Oscar Wilde about you. I await news of your sojourn in Reading Gaol with eager anticipation.

        • Evening Dick. Will be sure to keep you posted – we’re allowed iPhones in jail now you know!

  9. I voted Brexit yet my other half is from St Lucia and my son is mixed race Indian. These cunts need new material

  10. Highly unlikely, proper jobs don’t involve cross dressing, botty fondling, olive oil assisted anal fisting and communal willy wanking.
    Good evening.

  11. What a pair of cunts! They just don’t get it, do they? There they were, imagining themselves the arbiters of opinion (Were they not educated? Were they not articulate?) to whom the Common Herd must needs look up to and respect.
    And then came the Referendum, a referendum they never dreamt they could lose. Oh horrors! Too late, they realised they’d mistaken silence for assent, that the Greasy Multitude they so genially despised didn’t care what their ‘moral and intellectual betters’ said, that they, Thomas Sewell’s ‘Anointed’, had one vote only, just like the car mechanic, the office clerk, the bloke who picks up the bins. Even a great and good man like A. C Grayling only has one vote, and thought it unfair. After all, he’s a philosopher; it must have mortified him to learn that the man in the street regarded him as just another Kant. (Wow! See what I did there?)
    They think of themselves as the cream of humanity, but they’re just the colourful parasites that flourish on the surface of a great tree, attractive but useless.
    But no matter, in a democracy eve one as broken as ours, a majority is needed, and they more they patronise and despise their countrymen, the less chance they have of changing minds. Never interrupt an enemy when he’s making a mistake!
    Oh, and did I say they were cunts?

  12. It’s a source of mucho merriment to me, the fact that these superior cunts regard the reality that their vote is only as valid as anyone else’s with abject horror. I imagine them stamping their mincing feet with indignation at being down with the plebs, tee hee.

  13. Just beyond pompous pointless luvvie cunts,theatre is overpriced London shit anyway,all actors and celebs are self absorbed cunt trumpets

  14. The only bigots on this page are those 2 remainer fuckwits in the headline post….. daft Cunts!

  15. Fucking Hell Quick Draw,
    Never mind the cunting – are you a holder of the MM (military medal) AND the MC (military cross)?????
    If so BZ to that man – you have my utmost and total respect.
    Regards Aye

    • I’ll second that, Cunto. Such awards aren’t achieved by simply tipping up in the operational theatre. Cred to QDM who, when viewing the state of the country, must wonder what his career was for. I do likewise.

      • Affirmative Sgt Maj.
        I do despair. As a young man pitching up down the South Atlantic then a couple of tours of Chad and Djibouti I felt the public in general loved (and respected us and our efforts) its military. It turns out we are loved by the usual suspects – our own and our supporters but despised and hated by the left and the ones who came over not prepared to stay and protect their own lands. Reminds me of a quote by JS Mill.

        “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth a war, is much worse. When a people are used as mere human instruments for firing cannon or thrusting bayonets, in the service and for the selfish purposes of a master, such war degrades a people. A war to protect other human beings against tyrannical injustice; a war to give victory to their own ideas of right and good, and which is their own war, carried on for an honest purpose by their free choice, — is often the means of their regeneration. A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. As long as justice and injustice have not terminated their ever-renewing fight for ascendancy in the affairs of mankind, human beings must be willing, when need is, to do battle for the one against the other.”

        A 2 year National service would see how many so called British were around to enrol and how many would flee from whence they came. It wont happen – the leftist Marxist appeasers wouldn’t allow it to. Large swathes of their vote would be lost.

        • Cunto, I totally agree that some sort of conscription would sort the sheep from the goats. Citizenship of the UK must mean that you’re willing to defend this country. And that applies to indigenous nationals as well as applicants for citizenship.

        • Komodo my cunting friend.
          No need to have been in a war – its the principal. Not many of todays youth (or infirm or too old / young) have had the need to be involved unless they were the unlucky cunts who signed up for 12 in peacetime and just got unlucky. Go back to before the Great War, the 2nd World war et al and those who were too old, too young, had one massive thing in common my friend. They knew that if youth / age had been on their side they would have gone as happily and knowingly as any real Englishman would that the quote I gave of JS Mill is still as relevant today as the day he wrote it. My point being blambos would desert this country like fleas on a drowning dog if they thought they would have to give 2 years to the country or be prepared to die for that same country. Dindo’s are famous for legging it. Africa is emptying of its young fighting age men. They wont even stand and fight for their own lands – they certainly wouldn’t fight for this one.

    • Used to work for an Italian insurance company for many years. One of my colleagues had after his name the following letters:

      M.A., F.I.A

      M.A. (Master of Arts)
      F.I.A. (Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries)

      • Never ask a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers whether he is a man or a mouse…

  16. The day and hour I worry about the opinions of a couple of cunts who’ve never held a proper job (and are probably failed cunts at the job they critique – those who can do, those who cannot critique) is the day I decide to become a gender dysphoric “peaceful” who thinks that globalism is great!

    Needless to say, the very hot place hath not yet freezeth over!

    The great thing is that the more these cunts draw attention to their sniping of Brexit, Trump and the popularist parties emerging in the rest of EU Europe, the more ordinary folk – fed up of being portrayed as idiots (and some are, as in all walks of life, but most aren’t) – resent and rally against it.

    It strengthens their ardour.

    So please, please, please my thespian lickspittles, keep the insults coming and bolster the opinion of the masses.

    If your opinion counted for anything outside of your self-aggrandising wine circle I’d be concerned, but as your opinion carries about as much water as a broken colander, please forgive me if I yawn.

    Look, I know it’s not your fault you now live in the 3rd World Shithole of the Kalifate of Londonistan, and you need an anger outlet as your suppressed racism boils over in direct conflict with you neo-liberal brainwashing, but that’s no excuse to take it out on us folk of common sense.

    So break a leg chaps (or a neck)!

    P.S. MACBETH!!!

    Ooh I bet the “Scottish One” mentioned by name really fucking scares you!

    Doss Cunts!

  17. We’re lucky in this country to have such a huge, rich history of theatre. It might be your cup of tea but it’s there in the plays of The Bard, Pinter, Rattigan, Noel Coward, Kit Marlowe, Tom Stoppard. Other countries have their theatrical heroes but this tiny island has these names attached to it and it’s something we can ring genuine bells about. You needn’t visit the Theatre or even care about but it’s there, like a few aspects of British pride.

    Team sports, architecture, democracy, art, language are all gifts that the World has received and Theatre is up there.

    You don’t have to like it, but if you have pride in our achievements, you shouldn’t knock it. Personally I love theatre. Not all of it. I care not for musicals or contemporary stuff. I also don’t give a fig for women’s basketball or art installations painted in pig’s blood, though if they ever achieve the influence and majesty of King Lear or Henry V, I’ll doff my cap.

    Most critics are failures and so it’d seem with these desperate arsewipes. They’re cunts.

    Banish critics; banish these sniping turds the World over, but banish theatre and our heritage, and banish all the world.


    Even non-theater cunts WHO AREN’T FUCKING BRITISH bitching on about the horrors of Brexit suck donkey dicks. If it’s a mistake, it’s Britain’s mistake to make- fuck off and focus on your own country’s problems. I guarantee no nation is without pressing issues. If you have the intellectual luxury of ignoring them and finger wagging at others, YOU are the one with the greater problem, not them. Americans in particular have no room to bitch.

  19. I know some nice foreigners. That’s just me setting my stall out here, to avoid criticism. But, some people in this country hate foreigners’ guts. And who am I (or indeed, are we) to say they’re wrong? This cuntry is supposed to be a democracy. People can vote with hate in their hearts if they wish, and their vote is just as valid as my (relatively) soft hearted cunt of a vote. So to all cunts who say “You’re wacist”, the answer is “Yes; so what? I am. It’s a valid viewpoint. Now fuck off…”

    • It is a mixed bag for me… I know some great Indian people, and some top rastas and black lads… I have no problem whatsoever with anyone who is black and/or Asian and British… But it’s the foreign cunts who don’t (or crack on they don’t) ‘speaky Englsh’, refuse to adapt or integrate, do fuck all work of any kind, and have every whim pandered to by the likes of the council, the social security, housing, and the NHS that I can’t stand… And colour prejudice doesn’t come into it… those lot are like Jelly Babies… All colours, well three actually… They’re usually peacefuls, Africans, or from the ex-Iron Curtain or Soviet Union… They’re all the same to me and I don’t like any of the sponging cunts… And if they get treated better than British people, British voters, British hospital patients, British schoolchildren, British churchgoers (shat on by the Archbishop of Cunterbury himself), and British old age pensioners who have paid in all their lives then I’m going to hate them, they can fuck off… And those Remoaner libfucks can sit on that….

      • Spot on Norman. And why do these fuckers get the vote? Shouldn’t be considered eligible unless ALL your ancestors came here at least a century ago AND each and every one kept their noses squeaky clean once they got here. Just one crime, and the 100 year clock starts again…

  20. Don’t worry about the Independent… It has ceased to function as a newspaper, and its online incarnation will also eventually die… Just like the dreadful NME is now reduced to online buffoonery (and in ten years or less will also cease to exist)… I only hope the Grauniad and the BBC also goes the same way…

  21. You want a Remainer luvvie dahling and total and utter cunt of the garter of the very highest order?

    Benedict Cuntbererdinck, say no more…

    Oh, and Emma Twatson and ‘Hairy’ Carey Mulligan and all… Cunts…

  22. Hats off to the states of Gurnsey government who told a family to fook right off when they asked for government assisted housing after blowing £250,000 of an inheritance in a year. The twats spent £28,000 so mrs lardy could have a gastric band. Ih tgey are on every benefit going and now can’t work due to disability.

    Fuck off you lard eating SPAZMATRONS.

  23. I’m a tad puzzled how white, native Brits not wanting unregulated immigration from other WHITE European countries is racist. White people are a race – British people, French people, Polish people are not. They are all examples of nationalities.

    If the English are a race then I (a white man) am the same race as Idris Elba (a black man).

    Lefties……… not as smart as they think they are.

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