The Burka/Burqua

If somebody asks me directions while wearing a motorcycle helmet, I’d feel a tad awkward. Similarly, if somebody talked to me whilst wearing a Halloween hockey mask or a Tony Blair mask, I wouldn’t like it very much. The Burka has the same effect.

I don’t tell people what to wear. Never have. Yet I am allowed to express my thoughts. If a fat person wants to wear shorts in the Summer, I won’t tell them they can’t but I’m allowed to take the piss. If somebody chooses to dress like a giant baby, it’s allowed but I feel almost obliged to crack jokes.
The Koran doesn’t instruct Muslim women to cover their faces with niquabs so it’s not a religious obligation. It also can’t be a cultural tradition for veiled women, especially those who were born in Britain. Therefore why wear this horrible, self-imprisoning sheet?

Apparently the veil is a form of resistance to the West’s sexualisation and objectification of women. The “assertion” is that Western societies pressurise women into adopting forms of dress (and undress) that are intended to gratify the ‘male gaze’ and turn women into sex objects.

Psh. Not good enough.

The Burka is a symbol of Islam’s intolerance of dissent and desire to contain and repress female sexuality. It’s ridiculously oppressive and the wearers who consent to its existence are either submissive hags living in fear of peremptory reprisal or woefully repulsive crones who fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch. The only time anybody should wear this wretched, sinister fancy dress is to a Halloween party.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

A cunting for the Tory Party with reference to Boris and his burka comments.
What the fuck has happened to the Tories? Common sense and values gone out the window.
We had a fucking snowflake minister – Justine Greening- say children could self-identify gender.

Now we have call for Boris to be ejected/disciplined whatever, for perfectly reasonable remarks. He wasn’t even calling for a ban as liberal Denmark has done. And the demands are coming from Tories for fuck sake.

Where the fuck is the party going? No platforming for all but liberal views and agendas?

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

82 thoughts on “The Burka/Burqua

  1. Those people who call for people to be sacked because they said something offensive are the lowest, most coverdly fuckstains alive. This mob rule bullshit has to be stopped but it doesn’t look like it. Mass communication will be the end of our civilization, it seems inevitable. There are too many gossiping pathetic cunts around for it not to be the case.

    If it wasn’t for the above the berka wouldn’t be an issue, because they would have been told where to get off with their stupid shit a long tkme ago y a lot of people.

    Fucking cowards and their stupid ideas of morality the fucking cunts they just make their own rules up as they go along “oh don’t say that it’s mean”, now that pathetic idea is some new morality? Dont’t be mean? Fucking get a clue, you gossiping fuckwit, we need to take power away from these libtard morons cos they will be the deagh of us all, they are fucking cunts grrr etc

  2. If I put a letter through the opening in a burkah it would probably get to its destination quicker than the Royal Mail

    • If you put a letter through the opening in a burkha,I suspect that the speed of Royal Mail deliveries would be the least of your problems. You’d be explaining your actions in court before the glue on the stamp had set.

      • If you told her that the envelope contained anthrax and the destination was the home of Tommy Robinson, it would be sure to get there first class.

  3. I seem to remember years ago a Monty Python film that ripped the piss out of Chistianity. Everyone laughed. A few bible bashers stood outside cinemas in protest. Everyone took the piss and laughed at the wankers.
    So how come we have to tip toe around these primitive, superstitious savages who make it clear that they despise everything about us with a passion. Oh we can’t upset these fuckers…… they’re more important than us and we need to respect their right to slag us off, rape and murder our children.
    Johnson has got his finger on the pulse with this one. The overwhelming bulk of the population hates these cunts and wants to kick their arses out the door.

    • Far from ripping the piss out of Christianity itself, Life of Brian ripped the piss out of all organised religion, blind unquestioning dogmatic belief, hypocrisy, the class system, trade unions and bigotry – almost anything other than Christianity as represented by the teachings of Jesus, which the Pythons themselves were admitted fans of, taking deliberate care not take the piss out of him.

      • Life of Brian was so good, and therefore so dangerous, that it wouldn’t be able to be made now.

      • I believe they dropped scenes which skated too close to the edge. And the product placement for the Roman Empire was excellent…

    • Because of the two tier social and legal system in the UK.

      Any “peaceful” crime, no matter how heinous = trivial in UK justice eyes.

      Any non-“peaceful” crime, no matter how trivial (especially nasty tweets about “peacefuls”) = bring back hanging in UK justice eyes.

      A “peaceful” papa and mama san, neither worked a jott, armed with a xylophone of 8 kids claiming the neck end of £3,000 a month in benefits and given a free mansion to live in = much deserved in the UK social services eyes.

      An elderly non-“peaceful” whose worked for 40yrs, paid into the system and who has earned everything they own = drain on our resources, you’ll have to sell all your assets for your care, could you not just die please! – in the UK social services eyes.

      Once you understand this it all makes sense.

      And of course the “peacefuls” are totally grateful for this adoration of their backwards beliefs and activities aren’t they? They fully integrate don’t they? I mean I can see why such preferential treatment is warranted…

      Weak fucking Govt cunts!

  4. And where are the libtard wimmin feministas?

    Shouldn’t they be shouting from rooftoops, and demonstrating in the streets about the “oppression” of wimmin’s freedom of choice in this country? Any of them making critical comments in the online papers?

    Of course not! One reason is they’re too shit scared of criticising anything to do with Islam in case they themselves become a target. And as we know they don’t mess around when someone takes a pop at them, and as a consequence the libtards more or less support the idea that a woman should wear these things by making some kind of fucked up statement, rather than having the balls and saying this is the kind of oppression that we fought over 100 years ago to overcome in this country.

    Hypocrites – the lot of ’em

    • Most of these modern, lefty, millennial, third wave feminists are middle class, priveleged women who have grown up in the most free society that has ever existed.

      They are just spoilt, bratty cowards who just want more priveleges than they already have so go for the low hanging fruit of hetero, white men who will bend to their will without resistance. God forbid that feminists might try to tackle ACTUAL inequalities resulting from an ACTUAL patriarchy……..they might actually have to face real word consequences.

      • Agreed!

        None of these modern cunts could hold a candle to the real Suffragette leader – Emmeline Pankhurst!

        She had the balls (figuratively speaking) to risk her life for a good cause – and all respect to her for doing it, especially in the age before social media and having to fight so much prejudice and hatred.

        But today’s North Islingiton “right on” feminists seem to carefully pick and choose what to fight for – usually hiding behind a keyboard; or of they are demonstrating on the streets its against the easy/usual suspects.

        None of them are as determined for their cause as Pankhurst was, (especially not willing to risk life and limb) and therefore they’re not worthy of being taken seriously!

        Fuck them (definitely NOT literally!)

    • Wearing the burka isn’t even a religious requirement!

      It’s a cultural affectation.

      And any feminazi cunt pushing the lie that the burka is not a symbol of female oppression should have her dried up thrush infested chuff kicked in.

  5. Islam,a vile death cult given waaaay to much respect in the UK,nothing will change under the woeful hunchback,political correctness is closing in further and further literally by the day,I’ve never seen this country so unhappy,I really think a populist govt is the only answer now and as the old cliche goes,we need to drain the swamp,we are a country that can’t get a hard on anymore,impotent,just stuck in Limbo under a grey walking dead prime minister letting remainiacs run rampant and an opposition of Marxist lunatics,it’s fucking tragic👿🤔😔

  6. Again, we are victims of our own warped democracy.
    In my mind it is simply hilarious that any individual can hide their identity.
    Especially from the security services.
    Like mustaf jama swanning his way through passport control having killed PC Sharon Beshenivsky.
    What utter nonsense that you can dissapear just by putting clothes on.
    Religious or not, even if it were the clothes of jehovah himself, if the security personnel or police want a look, then so be it.

  7. I feel that along with the rising tide of grass roots, working class populist movements, civic nationalism based on old fashioned values and a resurgence in classical Liberal values, we are starting to see a push back against all the progressive, snowflake bollocks.

    All it takes is for enough people at the bottom, enough media outlets, enough actors who are Conservative and enough mainstream politicians to speak up for common sense and free speech and over time it will become normalised and replace the now normalised umbrage culture.

    I think it could happen as the majority of people are easily-led sheeple…..although I admit that for that to happen, the free flow of information would have to be in our favour and as the mass social media banning of Alex Jones shows, we aren’t there yet but the left are on the back foot now.

    Now all we need is for the US Congress to bring the social media giants of Silicone Valley under the preview of government regulators like the phone companies over there and hopefully the likes of twitter will start behaving themselves.

    Holy shit, massive tangent. Oh well.

  8. If they want to dress and act like extras out of Lawrence of Arabia, they should Fuck Off back to Arabia. This is England, we don’t dress this way,and if they want to take advantage of our hospitality,they should damn well make an effort to fit in. Their religion does not call for the burkha,so the only reason that they wear it must be to teach us that they will do as like in our country,and we’d better get used to it.
    Fuck them.

    P.S. I still think that Johnson only wrote this article to do his usual “How will I advance my own prospects today?” The man is a ruthless self-promoter who cares more for his own prospects than he has ever cared about the people of this country. People shouldn’t swallow all this “Ah, Bumbling Boris, he doesn’t mind telling it like it is”. Everything he writes will have been carefully considered from the perspective of “How will this sit with my personal ambitions?”

      • Agreed,.

        As I’ve said before, the blonde toddler has detracted from the campaign to knife the Maybot, and Liebore’s self-destruction re anteye-semitism.

        If only someone other than Boris had said it…just for a change.

  9. Even if what Johnson (cunt) said was ‘offensive’ (debatable) then there is no reason to apologise. Fair comment, freedom of speech, etc.
    As Ricky Gervais has said “just because you’re offended, doesn’t make you right.”

    To anyone offended by criticism of burkas, I would reply “I find your whole religion offensive.”

    The only way to deal with the offence police is to laugh in their faces…

    • I should point out that while this attitude to criticism of anything Muslim is absolutely fine, rude remarks about your Jewish neighbour’s kippah will attract enraged accusations of antisemitism, and if you are important enough, a sustained media campaign to associate you with the Nazis. Just saying.

      That said, if you want to be British, please be British, dress British, eat British (within reason – pie and mushy peas are not compulsory) and learn English. Otherwise please fuck off.

  10. The good old BBC is stoking the flames this morning. They managed to get a Muslim in America to condemn these vile racist comments.(which was nothing to do with why she was being interviewed) Also some peaceful peer who called for Boris to be expelled has claimed victim status (natch).
    So, as said above, take the piss out of Christians by all means, but the slightest criticism of Islam is racist.
    A belief system so insecure is founded on fear and hatred.

    • Whatever happened to objective and balanced reporting at the BBC?

      It really should be brought to task given that it is now becoming a huge media mouthpiece for the Left, and no one bats and eyelid.

      Liberals love it and won’t have anyone say a bad word about it; and if anyone did criticise the BBC they will be instantly labelled with the usual tags of “racists”, “bigots” and “ignorant right wingers”

      I do wonder how the BBC/Guardian-type media will react should there be another terrorist attack in this country be the “Peacefuls”?

      No doubt they will try to shift the blame on “us” and that the Peacefuls did what they did because of constant right-wing hatred and oppression.

      In other words the BBC headline will be something like “76 people killed in terrorist outrage, perpetrated by an unhinged Peaceful who was mentally disturbed by all the hatred from WASPs and Daily Mail types!”

      • Their first reaction would be to express concern that there might be an anti-peaceful backlash. The victims and their families would hardly merit a moment’s thought.

        And the great British public, conditioned by oppressive laws, mealy-mouthed rhetoric and an educational system that indoctrinates rather than educates, would meekly accept it all.

      • Fair and balanced reporting from the AL-BB-CERA!?!

        Since the dawn of the UK’S second dark age (1997) that’s been as likely as me getting a “reverse cowboy” off Charlize Theron while Emily Blunt sits on my face!

        • ABBC learned their lesson after getting their fingers burned reporting in a fair and balanced way Bliar and Campbellend’s dodgy Iraq dossier.

  11. The unfortunate reality is that we do a LOT of business with the goat botherer’s… We have to keep proving that we don’t to want catapult every last one of them into the North sea and it gets us ‘very good price’. Problem is, trickle down economics is a damn lie and the people reaping the benefits of selling cluster bombs to ‘sheik yer money tree’ get all the rewards and none of the reality. They probably don’t pay a lot of tax either so fuck em, fuck em all.

  12. **** breaking news ****
    Cunters will be pleased to hear that trials of the cure for cunts are going well in staffordshire. The groundbreaking pharmaceutical “monkey dust” is having outstanding results, incapacitating stupid cunts for up to three days at a time. Whilst moderate success is seen with the “leap from high buildings” feature, experts say more refinement is necessary.
    Experts are expressing wholehearted excitement though at the rate at which utter, utter, cum gargling cunts take up the new treatment.
    “there’s no question, if you’re a workshy fucking cunt, you will find yourself on this treatment” an insider source claims.

    • I do believe your on to something CF ……..The government has simply got to act on this monkey dust business , firstly making it legal , then rename it PANACEA and start selling it at low rent cunt filled outlets…… 😎

  13. Why is it that banks are allowed to ban people entering their premises wearing a crash helmet, but it’s OK to go in wearing a burka?

    • Because the motorcyclist is unlikely to cause UK wide outrage if approached by a security guard and is asked politely to remove it.

      All part of the two-tier society we live in, the “peaceful” tier and the non-:peaceful” tier (see my comment above).

  14. The Tory leadership should invite the leaders of the Muslim community to Downing Street to discuss the Boris problem. Of course Mavis will have to sit at the back with all the other wimminz and keep her fucking stupid mouth shut.
    But, hey , we don’t want to upset our peaceful friends do we?

  15. ‘Your wives are a place of cultivation for , so come to your place of cultivation however and whenever you wish’
    Quran 2/223.
    The Quran is a medieval book with no place in the 21st century. Is is full of gibberish, calls to violence and scientific inaccuracies . It contains absolutely nothing that couldn’t have been known at the time or in the area it was written. No mention of any animal not known of at the time, kangaroos for instance. Which is strange as it’s author is purported to be the creatotpr of everything.
    Mohamed was an evil fucker who when he decided he wanted to marry the wive of his son in law, conveniently received a ‘revelation’ from Allah saying this would be absolutely fine. The woman subsequently divorced his son in law and Big Mo married her. I could go on , the Quran and Islam are a farrago of nonsense, when we are told we must ‘repect Islam’ I say why? Islam can fuck off and so can it’s brain washed followers. Most of them Have no idea what’s in the Quran and no idea about the history of Mohammed.

    • Islam is a religion for half wits and morons,it condones slavery and war,just as does its older similarly Semitic sibling Judaism,but at least the Jews dont try and forcibly convert others to their ludicrous cult.Also a cunting for the epicentre of this plague Saudi Arabia,which spends billions building mosques all over Europe whilst banning churches in its own backyard.

  16. I look forward to what happens when the Pikeys and other criminal folk start using burkas for robberies, shoplifting and other scams. What will snowflakes do when it’s purely a legal/security matter.

  17. I have no objection to the likes of Soubry and Abbott wearing a Burka…the fucking ugly cunts….

    • For these münters, and for many more, it should be Mandatory Burka-wearing.

  18. If Boris is to be ejected for a casual, but true, remark then I reserve the right to walk up to some muslim hate preacher (spouting off about killing the infidel, raping our women, which they already do, and taking over the country) and teach him all about tolerance with a length of 2×4.

  19. I asked my Muslim neighbour Mohammed if it got confusing with his wife and five daughters all wearing the burka around the house…

    “Your not wrong on that” he replied, “Last night I nearly fucked the wife”….

    • That’s probably why they don’t make the goats wear them. You don’t want to fuck an ugly one.

  20. This country desperately need a new viable alternative political party which is prepared to honour the result of the EU referendum, to limit the dross coming to these shores, to abolish political correctness and to prioritise the needs of the British people above all else.

    The current mainstream political parties are demonstrating clearly and quite disgracefully that they do not believe in this country nor the interests of its people.

    Get the fuckers out, they are a cancer to the future wellbeing of this country.

      • UKIP or a right of centre (not far right or extremist), ideally with Nigel Farage somewhere in the fold.

        I have never considered myself a racist (I have a Japanese wife) and never have been, although for having common sense and wanting to controlled immigration and for voting Brexit I now find myself labelled as both unintelligent and a racist.

        Completely fucked off, and clearly there are millions of people who feel the same way. Why isn’t someone stepping up to the plate to lead the fightback?

    • My Common Sense Party would gain traction.

      It would be centrist in nature (which = Nazi Party to neo-liberal fucktards).

      Decisions made based solely on Common Sense and to the net benefit to the majority, rather than palm greasing and to the benefit of interest groups – as it is now.

      How refreshing would that be!

      • Go on then Rebel, what would you have to lose.

        Apart from the media tearing you apart at every opportunity and for thick hateful anti British cunts to spout continuous lies, untruths and misquotes against you. Years and years of banging your head against a wall (like Nigel Farage) with the corporates and big business all against you

        For someone brave enough they will immediately have the support of the larger share of the Brexit voting electorate, plus many others who voted Remain who have now changed their minds to Leave. I honestly believe this to be the case.

        Every day we continue to get more and more scare stories if we leave, project fear has never abated.

        Common sense is all I expect in a governing party- what we have now are two parties that have none between them.

        I suggested this as an ISAC manifesto (son of the Common Sense party) last year:

        Abolish Political Correctness. Stop all benefits especially for those not prepared to work. Deport all foreign criminals. Do away with the third strike rule, lock up first time offenders. More prisons (absolutely no fucking luxuries at all) where life means life. Solitary confinement for all of the fuckers for the entire duration of their stay. Replace our judges with hard nosed bastards. Immigration reduced to zero unless the country needs them. Stop overseas aid. Ensure politicians only have one job, with no conflicts of interest. Abolish completely the House of Lords. Stop HS2. No more fucking mosques, any protesters to be deported immediately. Increase defence budget and strengthen our border defences. Bring back national service. More police on the street. Fine heavily any individual or corporation not paying their correct tax and ban if necessary. Put British people before immigrants. Abolish or rework the human rights act. More money into schools, free university for those bright enough. Start making stuff that the rest of the world needs. Fucking sort out the NHS once and for all from top to bottom. For essential operations/treatment ONLY. Stop immediately all the gender fluid bollocks. Overhaul the justice system and ensure everyone can access legal aid at no cost. Get rid of the BBC news channels, just let them make dramas and documentaries etc.

        A few months down the line little has changed.

        • Seconded!

          I’d also add a proposal to deal with the so-called “NHS Staffing Crisis” thus warranting the need to recruit from far afield.

          I know how difficult it is for clever enough and qualified UK Individuals to get into medical schools in the UK – even when paying eye-watering amounts for the privilege.

          Those that do qualify, do their obligatory 2yrs internship and then fuck off to the States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Scandinavia as the remuneration is greater and so they can pay off their debt more quickly.

          So the home grown medical talent does not decrease the burden of an ever demanding NHS (which has nothing to do with uncontrolled immigration – obviously – cos that’s waycist).

          My suggestion is this: if you have the talent and want to be a doctor, nurse or midwife then we will pay for your training. You leave college debt free.

          The cost of your training is £100,000 for doctors and £50,000 for nurses, and for that we expect doctors to serve for 10yrs in the NHS and nurses to serve for 5yrs.

          If you decide to leave after 2yrs you owe the UK £80,000 or £30,000 respectively on a pro-rata basis at £10,000 removed from the tithe per year of service.

          The thing is, after 5 or 8 yrs, most will be established and – if any good – will have gone up the ladder, had families and be more reticent to leave Blighty.

          And let’s not forget, they will still be getting paid handsomely for their much needed efforts except now without the burden of a huge debt.

          We don’t have to pay eye-watering amounts for foreign medical staff to relocate to the UK, and/or locums, and so in the long term we’d have an indigenous home-grown medical base. So long term we SAVE money! What a refreshing idea.

          The excuse then for encouraging sub Saharan Africunts to invade Southern Spain on their way here also becomes moot (cos they’re ALL doctors, scientists and engineers aren’t they), thus negating the tears of Lilycunt and Linekunt (who are blissfully unaffected by it all anyway).

          A win win proposal which would no doubt be ridiculed and laughed at by the “established” parties as it is too much common sense!


          • You have obviously given this some thought Rebel, which is clearly more than most governments have.

            The only problem I can see is recovering the monies due in the event of the contract not being fulfilled for whatever reason. If the person does not have any tangible assets this may prove to be difficult.

            I find it staggering that the government has always allocated positions of say health minister, to individuals who are usually unqualified, have little or no experience in the sector, and often to career politicians that have never held a proper job and allocated purely on whether the PM rates them and in their estimation that they may be able to do a good job. They will be in the job for a relatively short time until the job is then handed to someone else.

            The whole system in bonkers, I would like to see businessmen (or women) brought in, who have a good track record of running a large business, to work with those heading up the NHS. Pay them handsomely as the ultimate saving will be huge and their remuneration a drop in the ocean by comparison. Keep government ministers as far away from the decision making and day to day running of the “business” as possible.

            There is so much wrong with the way this country is run currently, the only way to resurrect it in my opinion is to scrap it and start again.

            My late mother always used to wonder why when I came back from Japan why I was so critical of this country. Because it doesn’t have to be like this, some countries are organised, clean, where the government restricts immigration, where there is respect for the people by the elected government, where the workers are not expected to subsidise the feckless, and that bad behaviour will not be tolerated. The people work hard and play hard, but are some of the happiest people I have ever met.

            Japan is not as green and as beautiful as this wonderful country, but the people more than make up for it.

            It is not perfect by any means, but from what I have seen it is light years ahead of the UK.

            I still like to dream that this country can be a great place to live, but every day that passes without major change is another nail in the coffin.

            Your Common Sense party would have much support Rebel.

          • I have given much thought to many aspects of the piss poor shambles we know as government in this country.

            Most issues that this country faces can be solved simply (if not quickly) with nothing more than common sense and a will to make good on those commitments.

            Alas most cunts on either side of the aisle are so afraid to be non-PC that common sense takes a back seat to appeasement and “inclusivity”.

            Also the cunts on either side of the house will pooh-pooh any fucking idea that didn’t come from their side, whether the idea is good, bad or indifferent.

            We hear about “joint select committees” made up of cunts of all polical colours and do you know what they come up with? Bullshit that is lowest common acceptance denominator between all of them. Ergo the worst of all worlds solution to everything.

            Well fuck that! I come from a pure logic background based on knowledge and fact. I will hold my allies of knowledge and fact any day over and above the emotional delusions of cunts like Abbott, Sour-berries and Lucas. And once swatted away (like the irritating flies they are) the resolution would be the best one, not the one most palatable across the political divide.

            It’s time to start thinking about the majority again and fuck the irrelevant minority. When we deal with things where the minority take precedence over the majority we end up with a skewed administration that no longer knows how to function.

            For example: “Well we really ought to keep the paediatrics cancer ward open in XYZ but there’s no budget this year cos we spend £250k on gender neutral appointment forms.”

            See what I mean? A shambles and a fucking disgrace!

          • I would make it a criminal offence – punishable by slow agonising death – to have anyone but Rebel without a Cunt as Prime Minister.

  21. Morning cunters. Check out what Rowan Atkinson has said about Boris’ comments (sorry can’t seem to upload the link). Common fucking sense but just wait for the social media meltdown.

  22. This is England not an Islamic State if you don’t like Boris comments too bad fuck off back where you came from

      • Dead right, George… I find it incomprehensible how modern Britain panders to these savages and medieval level filth and their ridiculous beliefs…

        Talking of which, this morning my imaginary god told me it was forbidden for me to eat a bacon butty for my breakfast… I promptly told said imaginary god to fuck off…

  23. P.S. I hear Canada has just suffered yet another multiple shooting incident.

    Justin Trudeau is apparently praying in a local chapel.

    Onlookers were not allowed to disturb the Canadian Prime Minister but are said to have heard the words: “Please God, don’t let the perp be a ‘peaceful’! Please God, don’t let the perp be a ‘peaceful’!”

    Close sources have indicated that a public visit has been organised to a local Mosque in the affected area – just in case.

    Mr Trudeau was asked if his thoughts were with the victims and their families?

    “Who!?! Er, oh yeah, those. Yeah I suppose so.”

    • A little while later (after having time to think) followed up by the usual and most insincere leaders statement:

      “Awful news coming out of (insert name of attack here) “My heart goes out to everyone affected by this todays shooting”.

      “We’re following the situation closely.” (but actually what we mean is that we are doing fuck all to stop this type of atrocity happening unless of course it is where me or my family are likely to be, then we are prepared to spend millions of taxpayers money on security). Because we’re important, and you are nothing.

      Until the next time. And with the current US/Canada gun laws and terrorists roaming the streets there will be many more next times.

  24. Call me ignorant of how our parliamentary system works but as BoJo was elected as an MP in his constituency, how can his political party “sack” him? If it’s actually possible to throw him out of the party, can’t he just go independent or cross the floor to UKIP like Mark Reckless and Douglass Carswell did?

  25. I agree with this save for one point (well, half disagree). Regarding free university tuition, I would argue that it should be free for people going into fields that are practical, useful and needed in the UK such as STEM fields. Snowflake cunts who want to do women’s studies, gender studies, politics or sociology can pay for it themselves the little cunts.

  26. BBC today.

    First Bus Bristol bus company has apologised and said the driver had been disciplined over his outburst after the driver told a woman to remove her niqab.

    The woman was travelling from Easton to Bristol city centre, on 1 July, when the driver told her “this world is dangerous” and demanded to see her face.

    She told Bristol Live he “continued to insult” her and made her out to “be a terrorist”. Said it was her right to cover her face to stop him seeing it. He should have said it was his right to throw her off the fucking bus.

    Why the cowardly cunts at the bus company apologised to the pathetic mouthy bitch god only knows. If I were the driver I would have expected support from my employers, and told them to fuck off if it was not forthcoming.

    Getting really fed up with this niqab nonsense- it is purely a divisive garment worn to antagonise the British people, and in my humble opinion should be banned in public. If she does not want people to see her, then fucking stay indoors.

  27. I think we should bring out a new type burka. One made of thick plastic with no fucking eye holes or breathing holes……………….

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