Patrick Stewart [6]

A lights round the make-up duckie cunting please for this up-his-own-arse luvvie, who apparently was fighting for fucking Labour when he was all of 5 years old (against Sir Winston Churchill if you don’t mind!)

He is a true Remainer, duckie, and it is Corbyn’s stance on this that has really upset the queen of the silver screen. That and the fact that Corbyn was (mildly?) “rude” to him, but read it and see just what that rudeness was. If I had been rude to him I would have told him to get his fucking head out of his decrepit stinking arsehole. Why do actors like this old cunt think they are important?

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

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    • It’s “cultural”.

      Nothing to see here.

      Move along please.

      (by order of Cressida Strapon)

      • “And yet, good faith, I wish’d myself a man”

        I think this is where all Strap-on-Dick’s troubles stem from.

        Life often imitates art.

        Today’s WPO Cressida reminds me of Detective Sergeant Bung from Carry On Screaming

    • Fucking scum. They should be sent back to which ever backward shithole they come from. We’ve got plenty of pervert animals of our own, why are we importing the bastards?

      • I’m so glad to be out of Londistan now. No amount of unconscious bias training will rid me of my absolute hatred of blambos and sandpeoples.

    • Stewart only got the Star Trek job because Yaphet “Dr Kananga” Khotto turned it down.
      And Blake’s 7 was the perfect antidote to Star Wars…

  1. Dawn Butler is an uppity um bongo drinking cunt.

    Accused Jamie Oliver of cultural appropriation over some fucking rice.

    Using the white mans internet, love? HYPOCRITICAL CUNT.

    Back to the cotton fields for you, love.

    • Dawn Butler is a fucking parasite. Following the expenses scandal it turned out the old fucker had her first AND second homes both less than thirty minutes away from Westminster – New Cross and Stratford IIRC. She lost her seat in 2010 but her fuckwit voters got the ugly old slag back in 2015. Another one like that other old arsehole Dawn Primorollo who was a left winger turned Blairite, licking the arse of whoever happens to be their leader this week. Like the street women of Piccadilly used to say “I can be whoever you want me to be dearie”. The thing was they only cost a few pounds. These parasites charge a fortune.

        • It really shows the poverty of the Labour party that Butler holds forth about fucking rice, and proves that these days they are nothing more than a fourth form debating society, all there with the isms but with fuck all practical value. Now you mention it, RTC you never see her and Lammy together…..

    • I assume then that she’s going to stop straightening her fucking brillo hair like a honky, stop wearing shoes/clothes, stop using any form of technology, and live in a fucking mud hut existing on a diet of raw chimpanzee meat and bananas then?
      Anything else would be cultural appropriation on her behalf.
      The useless cunt.

  2. I think patrick should sit and think about the prime directive. He doesn’t live here anymore so I think it qualifies.
    @son of krav – that white man’s internet quip is great, I’ll need to borrow it thanks!

    • Virtually EVERYTHING that makes modern civilised life possible was invented or developed by the white man.

      For example: what were Buttlard’s ancestors doing during the Industrial Revolution? Where did democracy and freedom of expression come from? Had it been left to the Buttlards and Flabbottomuses of this world, we’d still be freezing our arses off in caves.

      Black culturally appropriating Cunts.

  3. Butler is a racist bottom feeding cunt,she hates the white man and would boil us all in a pot if she could, Stewart is an easter egg headed luvvie cunt though he did play a good part in Extras

    • Someone should point out to Butler that KFC stands for KENTUCKY fried chicken. That’s Kentucky in America ok?
      I’d like to see her telling her black BRITISH constituents to stay out of KFC because it’s “culturally inappropriate.” That’ll go down well.

  4. This is lovely stuff… Lazio ultras want women to be banned from the “sacred place” that is the Curva Nord of Rome’s Olympic Stadium… If only they’d do the same on my Stretford End… Mind you, if that cunt Mourinho keeps up his shit, there’ll be nobody left on the Stretford End anyway….

    • Fuck me! I wonder what the Palace “ultras” would make of this? Ripping off their black shirts to mop up their snowflake tears I reckon.

  5. Right then.

    Firstly, Patrick Stewart should go and hard boil has fucking egg head, the cunt.

    Secondly, Dawn Butler is a conniving, fat shit who has realised a good living can be made by stirring up shit amongst the uppity groids. It sustains her a comfy seat. It’s rice, for fuck’s sake. Any opportunity this cunt can take to divide the races she will.

    Thirdly, comedy Gold on the Gold radio station, whilst driving to work this morning. Apparently Old Big’ead and ISAC occasional, Nick Knowles moaned on Twitter that there was an hour’s wait for breakfast in his local cafe. The presenter on Gold commented that by looking at his profile it wouldn’t harm him to wait an hour for his food. Fuck me, I almost left the road and crashed into a tree, a la Marc Bolan, laughing my tits off.

    • I heard that too and gave the radio a wide-eyed stare in amused bemusement.

      She’s not wrong mind you. Nick Knowles is an absolute fucking cunt whose frame is catching up in proportion to his monstrous fucking cranium.

  6. It seems to me that all Jezzer was doing was reminding this tax dodging old cunt that the whole world doesn’t revolve around him, a delusion which many of these self-important luvvies suffer from.
    This fucking free loader can fuck off back to America and keep his ugly fucking nose out of our business.
    Total fucking wanker.

  7. Don’t forget the worst sin of all – he did The Emoji Movie. I mean, Morgan Freeman has sold out in his later years too but at least he’s open about it – and hey, who can honestly begrudge a legend like him for doing so?

    • Apparently old Morgan has expressed disdain for the PC brigade on more than one occasion.
      If true, then good on him…

      • Yep he seems to be one of the few actors in Hollywood who isn’t in thrall to the far left PC groupthink.

  8. He is a “creative and a luvvie” they only mix with their own where upon they blow smoke up each other’s arseholes and burnish their egos to the extreme, they play a part such as a surgeon or whatever and the cunts are then experts in that profession, fed bullshit and nonsence by lackies and hero worshiping idiots with nobody telling them to feck off and stop being a cunt. I hate celebrities with every strand of my DNA, cunts to a man.

  9. It seems par for the course that fuckers who live elsewhere know best. I think Sean Connery started it as an ardent Scots nationalist who visits Scotland occasionally. We even have a legal challenge to Brexit from cunts living on the Costa del Sol for fucks sake.

  10. I first became aware of Patrick Stewart in the early 1980s TV series Maybury, which as an aspiring psychoanalyst I thought was pretty kosher.

    Am no doubt swimming well against the grain in thinking he also did a good job as Captain Picard in Star Trek Next Generation. He wasn’t supposed to be playing or competing with Kirk or Shatner, the idea wasn’t to replicate the original series but to complement and hopefully build on it. For the most part, after a sketchy low budget first season, I think they succeeded. Don’t recall seeing much else Stewart did after that so frankly my dears couldn’t give a fuck.

    Nearly all Celebricunts are Cunts when they’re not doing their day jobs, and Stewart is clearly no exception. Best thing to do is ignore the fuckers cos they ain’t gonna go away anytime soon. Roll on the next generation, maybe they’ll all be right wing bastards like some of us here, haw haw!

    • Next Gen was ok sometimes but a bit self righteous and “goody goody” on occasions.
      Should have put Worf in the captain’s chair to liven things up.
      I preferred Enterprise, at least Captain Archer looked like he could chin a baddie…

      • Tbh, I enjoyed them all, even Deep Space Nine and Voyager, with the darkie and the mumsy type as captains. Archer was great – an unexpected breath of fresh air.

  11. I always quite liked Stewart as an actor, but I lost it when the cunt went to Germany and fucking apologised for the Brexit vote , would you fucking believe it??? Talk about fucking brassneck.
    Why do all these up-their-own-arses luvvie cunts presume that because they’ve made a name for themselves as an ‘acht-aww’, they’ve earned the right to inflict their opinions on long suffering Joe and Jane Public? I mean seriously, who gives a flying fuck what that sanctimonious cunt Streep thinks about Donald Trump, or what that festering little pimple Sean Penn has to say on the issue of handing ‘The Malvinas’ to the Argies? Start by agitating for your own shitebox country to hand back the 1.1 m. sq. miles of land it stole from Mexico in 1846, you fanny. And what about that pissing useless lump of wood actress Angelina Jolie as a UN ‘ambassador’ or what ever they call it? Fucking hell.
    Don’t get me started on the likes of Cumberbatch and Mulligan on ‘refugees…’
    Just get on with the job you’re paid thunderingly well to do, you celebrity cunts, and leave the rest of us peace.

    • Trouble is, cunt audiences confuse actors with the parts they play on screen, not realising that as ordinary individuals their PC opinions are no better informed than those of my Heating Engineer who, given half the chance, would have us all living back in Nazi Germany.

      To be fair, unlike Celebricunts my Heating Engineer has at least one foot in the real world.

    • God bless the Who. Always liked Daltrey. The wild man of rock who bought a fishing lake.

  12. As we’ve seen with recent films and plays, actors giving up parts because they are not a gay or too white or not swarthy enough, it didn’t stop Patrick Stewart playing a crippled superhuman genius despite being an walking talking shit-for-brains bell end.

  13. The picture of him above; the smug smile. That is his hardest acting job; his life. To keep up that serene superior facade the whole time.

    • Fucking hell, the up his own arse remoaner tax dodger made a right cunt of himself there. I haven’t seen that before. Fucking loved it. Thanks.

  14. Stewart truly manifested as an utter cock when he made that piece of EU propaganda shit where he claimed that it was the European convention on human rights which give us amongst other things, the right to a fair trial and protection against torture, Yeah I know , fucking ignorant fucking bellendery of the highest order. That is the measure of the baldy self agrandising cunt.

  15. I like his role in American Dad however you have to be a bit on the thick end to be a remainer.

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