Lady Gaga [5]

The attention seeking chickboy known as Lady Gaga has paid tribute to model Rick Genest, who has died at the age of 32.Rick was known as Zombie Boy, due to bone and organ tattoos across his body, including skull features on his face ( i know… What a cunt!)…. He was found dead at his home in Montreal, Canada and is believed to have killed himself, reports say…Rick appeared in Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ video in 2011 and the singer says the loss is “beyond devastating….”

So basically, a deviant attention seeking mental case freak of cunt eulogising err… another deviant attention seeking mental case freak of a cunt….

Nominated by Norman

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  1. Born what way? I presume a tattooist was involved with the creepy cunt. The average IQ of Canadians went up 3 points with the sad demise of this cunt.

    • Given that they elected Trudeau, does that mean that the average IQ of a Canuck has now risen to…3?

  2. Fucking priceless celebricunt fuckwittery from Chopper Gaga…
    Turns out her attention seeking circus freak friend didn’t top him/itself…
    So she had to apologise to the freak’s family for her outbursts on social media (where else?)
    on her ‘grief’ and the ‘suicide’ of her pet zombie boy cunt… Typical of the ‘look at me’ narcissistic attention whore ladyboy cunt….

  3. Theresa May has announced plans to boost Britain’s investment in Africa after Brexit, during her first trip to the continent as prime minister….

    In a speech in Cape Town, she pledged £4bn in support for African economies, to create jobs for young people….

    4 billion?! Tickety fucking boo… But there’s only one (OK, three) problems with that…

    1. The UK is supposed to be skint… It can’t afford decent police, a decent armed forces,
    health care is fucked, bins aren’t emptied, libraries are closing etc…

    2. Aren’t most of those fuckers now over here in Blighty anyway?

    3. The aforementioned dark chappies don’t want to fucking work (and won’t)…
    They want to get the cunts to work over here before they throw money at them to work over there…

    So fuck off Appeaser May, you Judas cunt!

    • It’s OK. We’ve got £56 BILLION* for HS2, and £100 million (for the feasibility study alone – say another £20 BILLION to actually build it) for our forthcoming whizzo satellite programme in case the EU declines to let us play with theirs. The magic money tree has responded well to having bullshit heaped on its roots and we have absolutely no money problem at all. Except for essential infrastructure, like houses, health, working railways and roads with flat surfaces which do not go to London.

      And what happens to the aid money? A good bit of it is paid to intermediaries who take a cut and ensure that the projects, if any, that they fund will benefit the right people in Shytholia’s government.

      *Latest cost estimate

  4. ‘Respect! Respect! Respect!’ -Mourinho walks out of news conference after being shown his arse by Spurs last night…

    ‘Respect! Respect! Respect!’?

    ‘Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!’

    • He needs to go and so do Woodward and the Glazers. To call Woodworm even a Poundland David Gill is an insult to the man – he’s a cheap imitation knockoff of David Gill with extra additives.

    • I upped your comment Norman but (there’s always a but) who do we look to in taking up this poison chalice that is United? I don’t see anyone apart from Big Sam or McClaren (again) and he proved to be one utter useless cunt. We have a fucking shit team. SAF would have binned most of the cunts playing in the red shirt at the moment. I laughed at the dippers (always have) when they crowed that United would end up a mid table club when SAF left, we aren’t at that stage just yet but I cant see this team or anyone in it likely to win the league back. Sanchez, Martial, Periera, Rojo, Mata, Fellaini, Herrera, Darmian, Smalling Lindelof, Jones and Young wouldn’t make the squad if SAF were in charge. Jones in particular is a clumsy useless cunt carrying a stone too much – the rest just aren’t United calibre.
      Afraid the Glazers and Woodward will stay but if JM goes where next?

  5. She is also responsible for one of the worst episodes in the history of the Simpsons. Shame that such a once brilliant show actually sunk to having her as a guest star.

    • Simpsons started turning to shite around season 7 and that was a good few years ago.
      Shame as used to be very funny sometimes.

      • They used to be incredible. I’ve been rewatching the old seasons on Showbox recently and it’s sad seeing how far the show has fallen.

  6. By thew way, I went to Sainsburys to buy some pizza bases earlier (seems lazy I know but I’m shit at making dough) and got stuck behind some geriatric cunt buying ciggies and lottery tickets. Maybe the smoking is why he’s dumb enough to buy the tickets in the first place? Took fucking ages as well.

    • OC, Sainsbury’s pizza bases are bloody handy, and, so far as I know, they’re about the only supermarket to do them. At least round central Cardiff. Kitchen where I live isn’t big enough to roll out dough, and it would need fumigating and hosing down first, anyway. Last effort was mascarpone, gorgonzola, sliced poached pear, walnut halves and rosemary – apparently a genuine Italian recipe (?).

      • They’re pretty much the only supermarket which does them in my area too. Dunno why more supermarkets don’t. Along with peanut butter (because it’s bloody cheap) they’re the only thing I go into Sainsburys for – the rest I get from Lidl and the farmers market.

        • No shame in buying pizza bases m8 but its incredibly easy to make pizza dough and really cheap I got a good recipe for dough if you want it

        • Would love to invite y’all, but would be worried that, round here, you’d risk contracting Middle-Easterm Respiratory Syndrome !!

  7. Yeah, because his career options weren’t exactly looking stellar with a face full of tattoos now were they.

    Fucking idiotic attention seeking nutjob cunt!

  8. So May will borrow even more money we don’t actually have to give to Africa? In turn for what, exactly? Has she secured in excess of £4b of trade deals or is it just a big wet pissing contest with the socialist cheese munching, granny-fucker.

    Whilst the rest of us cunts are taxed to high heaven and the roads and infrastructure continue to revert back to the earth from where they once sprang.

    This is breathtaking economical irresponsibility. May is a supreme cunt who needs to pull her head from her arse just in time to witness her own shooting.

  9. Maybot gets down wid da kids…

    I’m a Dancin’ fool,
    I’m a Dancin’ fool
    The beat goes on
    And I’m so wrong
    The beat goes on
    And I’m so wrong
    The beat goes on ‘n’ I’m so wrong
    The beat goes on ‘n’ I’m so wrong
    may be totally wrong, but I’m a
    Dancin’fool, I’m a
    Dancin’ fool
    Yowsa, yowsa, yowsa

    (Frank Zappa 1979)

    Lady Gaga eat yer cunt out.

    • Ah ! Great to be reminded of this classic RTC and also of I Have Been In You as my Prep School Housemaster nearly said to me all those decades ago.
      Was / am a particular fan of Camarillo Brillo and Weasles will always hold the Best Album Cover of All Time award.
      Regarding this particular cunting Id rather this stupendous amount of money was spent here at home. Catweazle, Cable, Tories will never understand why this sort of thing is so resented when Austerity bites here. No wonder tax avoidance is at an all time high (c. R. Coolidge?).

      • Is that a real poncho you’re wearing Isaac…or is it a Sears poncho? 100% with you re: ‘Weasels’!

    • Those were the days. When British women didn’t sound exactly like Valley Girls, like, yeah?

  10. And in other news:=-:
    Some talentless slapper ex Spice Girl has PTSD.
    Was it from a terrorist attack?
    Did she serve in the forces?

    No. She got divorced.

    Do any of these hyped up, tone-deaf cunts have a sense of proportion?

    • Let me guess, the black one… Chocolate Spice?….
      Mel B was probably always the most class-free Spice Girl (and that’s against some very stiff competition!)… Whatever happened to the ‘scary’ dead hard no nonsense cunt who bullied Geri Halliwell out of the group (I won’t say band)? PTSD? Sex tapes? It’s hilarious… hope old Ginger is pissing herself at the soft as shite cunt…

      • An old yorkshire mate of mine said Mel B “she comes from leeds and comes from chappeltown rooad lad ! look it up chappeltown road leeds and i am remembering this from years ago and if it wasnt for MFI (money from idiots) she would be a crackwhore
        Lets hope it is a whitney 1.5 so we can laugh at the fawning

  11. Lady gagme doesn’t even make good dance/pop music last time I heard poker face in the supermarket I left in a jiffy to not have to hear her shite shes just a poof promoter and controversy shit starter she also lacks singing talent

    Dance music? britons usually did it better anyways…

  12. Fucking hell I swear every time I set foot in a shop this freaks wet fart music assaults my ears. Fucking cunt.

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