Holiday scrotes

I need to nominate holiday scrotes.

I’m currently on holiday and been rudely interrupted whilst perusing ISAC by some butch, pre-op tranny looking chav bitch yelling across the pool in her equally repulsive Scouse accent at her benefit scrounging rabble of a family from her balcony.

Now I’ve nothing against people who have a hard background, I grew up on a council estate but consider myself as far from a chav as it’s possible to be. These cunts have clearly come on holiday on the back of some whiplash compo, and give not one fuck as they embarrass themselves, single handedly lowering the tone of this place as well as every other gaff in a two mile radius. I have nothing but contempt for cunts who seem to think that just because they weren’t born with a silver spoon shoved up their arse that they have to behave like a bunch of feral fucking cats. Manners really cost fuck all.

They can all get to fuck

Nominated by The Ghost of Glauber Berti

34 thoughts on “Holiday scrotes

  1. The true cunt is defined by his or her behaviour, not their background. I attribute the current rise in gobby chav cunts and their spawn running wild in public amenities to the abolition of corporal punishment in schools. Brats do not understand explanations or appeals to their better natures – they don’t have any – but understand very clearly that pain follows the breaking of rules. Bring back flogging.

    • Agreed, flogging would solve a lot of problems. To those who say violence solves nothing I say “you simply haven’t experienced enough of it then”.
      I also think the benefits of extreme amounts of public corporal punishment can help the adults too. Especially for those who have done nothing that day to deserve it.
      Got to keep the dirty rabble on their toes you know….

    • Bring back self discipline and Common Sense in general while you’re at it.

      I regularly chastise myself using birch twigs.

      • Excellent idea.
        My personal arboreal favorite is the hawthorn tree for an outstanding daily dose of clarity.

    • That idiotic super nanny and her Naughty step has a lot to answer for, if you don’t establish rules about acceptable behaviour and the severe consequences of breaking them kids can quickly turn into fuckng brats…

  2. I remember getting rapped with a wooden spoon back in the day and getting my ear twisted. In the 80’s we were obedient as fuck and as a year we all turned out pretty good. Hubby used to get the strap. When I go back to my hometown I see everyone from mechanics to accountants and fish and chip shop operators. No-one fell off the perch and their kids are all pretty well behaved. Kids need a little incentive to act well. These days it’s the threat of having their iPads or phones removed, and that’s the main incentive, the wee pussies. The other day I insisted they go to bed at a reasonable hour. They claimed I was being, “mean”. I was like, “kids, you know nothing”. “Back in my day”. 🙂

  3. When selecting a destination you got to factor in the probability of annoying scrotes being there. Hence when I last went abroad 6, maybe 7 years ago, I went up in the Italian mountains. Not a single scrote.. all those incline paths are kryptonite to scrotes. Absolute bliss.

  4. I fully agree with your comments regarding loud-mouthed chav cunts, but to insult feral cats is totally unnecessary.

  5. We go to the same resort in twice a year. We stay in a quiet hotel on the edge of the old town. Up the hill, away from the old town are the all inclusive hotels. As you walk in this direction the tattoo and scrote count increases along with the fucking dreadful ‘English’ pubs. Fortunately, the scrotes stay in their immediate environs most of the time getting pissed up all inclusively. They don’t trouble the decent Spanish bars and restaurants.
    The sad thing is that the tattooed drunken scum with multiple feral brats are invariably Brits. The cunts.

  6. There really ought to be a passport test for an individual’s behaviour abroad.
    And a parenting test too which, if you fail, you have to be sterilised.

    • To be fair, though, anyone who goes on holiday abroad in August must be off their tits on something… three times the price, everywhere rammed and full of screaming kids – and far too bleeding hot to boot….

    • The country would benefit greatly from a general psychological assessment at 16 instead of gcse or whatever it is now.
      If you are favourably assessed you get to drive a car, use a passport, drink, use recreational drugs, be a legal witness of standing, have children, and have the option of interesting or vocational employment.
      If you are unfavourably assessed you get nothing except a ban for life on anything that will give you an excuse to make a twat of yourself.
      If you attend wearing a baseball cap you are exempt from testing as you are failed on the spot.

      • Or a hoodie, or those cretinous trousers or fluorescent trainers…certain predictors of infantile behaviour wilfully extended in the absence of discipline.

        • Always wear a hoodie under my bike jacket when riding in winter. Warm as toast.
          I reckon I’m Britain’s oldest hoodie (could be a good title for a shit freeview reality TV show).

          • Ok, some exceptions will have to be made, for people who have a plausible reason for wearing hoodies (not the other abominations). But not for the cunts who wear them in summer and are playing with their phones as they cross the road in front of motorcyclists.

            When it gets chilly I wear longjohns – the thick ones are ace – as befits my great age and obsolescent outlook.

  7. Not necessarily popular with the likes of young Owen ‘Frottage’ Jones, but let’s face it, eugenics is the only real solution in this ever-increasing world of scrotery.

    If your IQ is below a determined threshold then you should be sterilised. Mankind and the world will only benefit if the dominant species has sufficient intelligence to enjoy a world developed by similarly clever people, who know how to behave correctly and respect other forms of life and the environment.

    That will wipe out most MPs, deviants and chavs at a masterstroke.

    The cunting sermon endeth here.

    • Unfortunately, possession of a high IQ doesn’t necessarily make you a decent and moral person. Or a benefit to society. I should know.

      • I think we may have to temporarily put aside decency and morality in order to ensure that the program goes smoothly and efficiently…….

      • I didn’t think I stated it did. Replace the comma between ‘people’ and ‘who’ with ‘and’, old chap.

        My view is that part of the problem can be attributed by a surfeit of cretins in the general population.

        • Agreed. Of that there is no doubt… in ALL walks of life…

          Commence the weeding process!

    • Heartily agree PM,
      I would go further down the lines of “Logan’s run”. If you are a cunt, a feral cunt, a bone idle cunt, a thief, rapist, murderer, chav or over the age where you have started putting the TV remote in the fridge and forget where you put it I suggest the outcome “Carousel”. Logan’s run was a bit over the top as every cunt over 40 got carousel. I would be very selective and who knows – the end product can be used along the lines of “Soylent Green” – another cracking 70’s post apocalyptic offering. How it would be possible to keep the cunts unawares that carousel was a one way ticket and you could end up on your kids plates I have no idea, but there was a bloke around who managed to convince 6 million that they were just going for a shower – wonder if the blambos infesting Europe would fall for that one? The promise of endless benefits and free housing for life might just do the trick though.

      • Convincing even one Gollie to go for a shower is somewhat farfetched, cunto…

        • @ TtCE

          I think you’ll find it’s spelt Golly.

          No need to thank me. Pleased to be of assistance.

  8. My mate asked me if I fancied going on one of those 18 to 30 holidays.

    I said ” I’d love to, but I’m not sure I can get twelve years off work”….

      • Good afternoon Mr. Cunt Engine. I used to work with a woman who’s mate had it off with 17 lads on an 18 -30’s holiday, her cunt must have been a cornucopia of chlamydia and various other sexually transmitted horrors .The passenger cabin of the plane back home probably smelled like the shithouse door off a Fleetwood trawler.

        • Good afternoon to you, Jack.
          So, this woman you worked with reckoned it was her “mate” who was the receptacle of 17 helpings of pungent porridge?
          Hmmmm…(chinny rub)…
          Did she happen to smell like a beach full of dead fish around her foul swamp of a lady garden?

          • Yes, I did wonder at the time whether it was a story about herself. Never fancied snuffling around her lady garden. If it wasn’t her I’m sure she’s done her share.

  9. I was on the beach recently when a really attractive girl who looked to be getting sunburnt, asked if I could spray her back.
    After a slight misunderstanding, it now appears I’m on some police register….

  10. My pal was on a vacation in Cuba, everything was calm , people enjoying themselves (even tho’ it was Cuba, which I think is a shithole!)
    Then on Monday morning the planeload of tattooed, pudgy skanks and aggros arrived aboard one of the charter planes from Luton or wherever, and he said the place descended into chaos within a few minutes.
    Fights at the swim up bar, kids screeching , pushing their way through the line up at the buffet bar. All the Afghan war heroes with their ink stained steroid muscles looking to show how they can polish off their own kind too.The noise and fighting carried on way on into the night and then as soon as the bar opened in the early morning they were at it again.
    The big fat skanks in bikinis that would have made a decent tent for normal sized people and the drunks at the bar, must have made an unforgettable holiday memory because he couldn’t wait to get out of there . He even tried to book another hotel but, like cockroaches , they had infested the entire resort.
    If you go on a charter holiday to a resort you are guaranteed to have the pleasure of scrote’s company

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