Womens tennis

I don’t know if Womens tennis has been cunted before and if it hasn’t it’s about fucking time it was.

I like to watch a good MENS tennis match but what the women serve up is absolute fucking dross. Thankfully Gigantor Serena Uppity Williams got a kicking in the final by the Kraut Kerber. Get this tho, 1 hour and five fucking minutes!!! Fortunately for the punters who no doubt had shelled a kings ransom for the privilege of watching the winner pick up £2.25 million notes and runner-up £1.25 same as the men got to see Djokovic and Nadal finish of from the night before.

Not only that but the first semi between Anderson and Isner went on for 6 and half fucking hours. Love it or loathe it you have to admit that is some going. So what about tarts tennis then, I’ve no doubt that any of them would struggle to face up to a game against a low ranked man or even a good wheel chaired man.

The money they get is fucking embarrassing and if they have got to continue to pay this stupid money they should at least make them help tidy up the place afterwards and help with doing the fucking dishes or something. Robbing cunts.

Nominated by Kendo Nag

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  1. The moaning does my head in. Every limp wristed shot apparently requires moaning like an enthusiastic £10 hooker to ensure success.

    They could probably do 5 set matches if they didn’t banshee away all their energy. Maybe.

    • The dim bints have put thousands of viewers off watching them with their irritating screeching.

  2. Tennis is beyond me so I suppose it matters little what I think. I don’t understand why anybody would watch the same few players time after time, knocking a ball over a net. Add in the London, being seen, cuntery of Wimbledon, what’s not to like? The whole fucking circus actually.

    The cuints.

  3. The greedy cunts want equal pay. It would be understandable if they put in as much work as men, like playing five sets. I’m cheesed off with hearing women bleating about equality. They say the only difference is that men are physically stronger. They’re deluded. When has a woman ever been world chess champion? Never in the history of the game. The only things that women are better at are giving birth and nagging.

    • Or snooker or darts or anything else that isn’t strength dependent.

      Or academically for that matter, the great discoveries are almost always made by men. Whilst the mean is pretty similar , men occupy the extremes of intelligence, yeah there are more banjo boys than girls b8t there are also more Einsteins.

      This never gets uttered any more but the empirical data on this is pretty clear and it drives women up the wall.

      • All you need to know about Wimmins athletic prowess compared to men is this: the female world record for 100m is 10:49s. The men were already running faster than that way back in 1921 when some cunt ran 10:40s. More tea vicar?

    • I’ve heard that if Serena Williams was ranked alongside men she would be placed at around 200. I’m pretty sure that the man who is ranked at 200 gets no sponsorship deals and has to live with his parents so Serena should be eternally grateful for all the multimillion dollar contracts she’s received over her career.

      More importantly than that though in my opinion is that these athletes should be paid based on the size of the audiences they can bring in. Ronda Rousey was the highest paid fighter in the UFC, not because she was a woman, but because her fights got more viewers than everyone else. Capitalism, the champion of equality apparently.

      So Serena if you want more money then maybe you should try changing things up to make more people like you. My suggestion would be to stop acting like a whiny self-entitled silverback.

  4. Until they get Ana Ivanovich, Martina Hingis and Gabriella Sabatini back, they can shove it up their shite-pipe. I don’t mind bonny women giving a go,but I don’t want to watch Guy the Gorilla’s ugly brothers or a bunch of butch East European rug-munchers trundling around like refugees from a 70s wrestling show.

    Fuck Off .

  5. There does seem to be a bigger proportion of ‘Ovas’ in women’s tennis than men’s. Fuckin hundreds of ‘em no one has ever heard of. Equal pay is PC gone mad.

      • Interesting point- how long will it be before the LBGTIAAEDGDDD brigade have a moan saying there should be a tennis event for their particular genders (along with the non-gender-specific crowd)

      • How about this bloke (trans) who was pissing the women’s weightlifting comp (2018 Commonwealth Games – I’m ashamed to say) until this happened…


        For my troubles I play a bit of golf and we use the imperfect handicapping system.

        It won’t be long before all sports – due to “inclusivity” demands – have a hcap system to allow varying abilities/sexes to compete on a faux even footing.

        “An incredible win by the Ghanaian Legs Akimbo! And with only a 5 second head start over Usain bolt. A credible 3rd went to the Italian paraplegic – Mybodio Noworkio – whose lithium turbo charged chair seemed to fail at the 80 metre mark! Incredible!”


        • TBH Rebel I think it would be quite interesting to pit some women against men in golf. The only thing that would obviously have to be done was have their tees forward of the mens as usual. Other than that they can compete on equal terms. As it happens I’m just up at Carnoustie enjoying a bit of what I prefer to call ‘Twat it’.

          • Lucky cunt!

            Lutonistan is as far removed from Carnoustie as a fish is from the moon!

  6. The women’s game is utterly shit . Just think , only one woman was able to beat a 36 year old who gave birth by c section, yep actually cut open, about a year ago.

    This is supposed to be the pinnacle of the game yet Williams still blasted nearly all of them off court.

    They should all retire through embarrassment.

  7. Three cuntings already? You trying to break the 5 in one day Dioclese once managed? 🙂

  8. Surely some average male tennis player should use the current acceptance trend and identify as a woman and get into the womens tennis competitions. The tranny male tennis player would win it all and make a fortune. Nobody at Wimbledon would deny the tranny a game. I might even advertise and manage the tranny, any decent (pretend male tranny) tennis players reading?

    • Serena Williams beat you to the punch years ago,B+WC. It’s just that they can’t find anyone brave enough to have a peek at it’s plumbing.
      Krav might be prepared to give it a go.

      • I think you might be right DF, but we don’t have a British tranny player. Imagine a British tranny playing Mr Williams in the final. The celebrations amongst the snowflakes and loony lefties would make the England World Cup hysteria seem like a tea party. I think I’m onto a winner.

        • I wonder if Audley Harrison would like to give it a go? He’s got the same build and just as long as it didn’t descend into fisticuffs he might stand a chance.

  9. In the early 2000s/late 1990s, Some no-mark journeyman, sub-200 in the world, called Karsten Braasch played a set each against both Serena and Venus, and he tonked them both.

    He claimed this was after ‘a few beers and a round of golf’.

    This has been kept amazingly quiet. I guess it doesn’t fit with the right-on PC narrative.


    • Do any of you remember Oscar Pistorius, before he took up gun slinging, agitating to run against able bodied athletes?

      After years of dominating his ‘class’ he felt he could take on the best of the best at the 2012 Olympics, despite his times suggesting otherwise.

      But for fucks sake when have facts ever got in the way of a great right on minority issue.

      So under presure from the liberal fascists the IAAF gave in and in his first heat, Quick Draw pistorius (no relative of the esteemed QDM) came second in a carefully selected field of never been’s.

      What followed was a level of sicophantic outpouring that 6 years on has become common place.

      Sadly QDP wasn’t able to carry this beyond the semi’s and crossed the line like a clapped out Vauxhall Viva racing Ferrari’s, finishing beyoNd last.

      I’ve just checked a few headlines from the time to make sure my memory hasn’t betrayed me and came across this one…..

      ‘Oscar Pistorius knocked out of London 2012 but his achievements will resound for years to come’.


      And now for the Women’s tennis……

  10. If women want equality and equal pay to the men in any sport, let’s do away with the divide and have men and women competing against each other.

    That would be fair and would justify women getting the same money.

    Problem solved.

    • Exactly. If they’d done that to start with, no-one would ever have heard of any of these famous women players. They’ve been allowed to compete against each other and get rich simply because they’re inferior.

      Equal pay and equal opportunities? I’m all for it.

    • Agreed Jack, hopefully my Grand Slam tennis nomination met with your approval.

      Good afternoon to you also.

  11. Serena Williams wouldn’t look out of place in a gorilla enclosure at the zoo. Big girl she is.

  12. Women’s tennis….the only good thing about that is some nice lesbo scud vids that start in the locker room.
    Tip top lick a tuppence.

  13. I notice the twittermong snowflake libfucks haven’t hijacked Kerber’s victory… I dare say it’s a lot to do with her being white, straight, and being a real woman (as opposed to some transbender)… If Mighty Joe Williams had won it we wouldn’t hear the last of it from the libflake fannies (‘Isn’t it great for diversity?’ A black woman won! Get over it!’ and other such condescending arrognat liberal social media mong crap)… Imagine if Martina Navaratilova was playing nowadays? In Martina’s day she was a top tennis player and that was it… She was judged on her professionalism and ability on the court, but now she would have been bombarded with snowflake scum virtue sigaling about her being a lezza… They wouldn’t like or respect her for being a great player, these lumps of knobcheese would like her because it’s trendy and ‘cool’ to lick up to peacefuls, blacks, LGBT, transbenders etc… Cunts!

  14. Watched quite a bit of wimmins tennis when I was a laddie… I think it had something to do with me wanting to smash Chris Evert…..

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