West Midlands Police

I’d like to nominate Birmingham Police Force for a cunting.

I saw this story in the “Currant Bun”. Basically a woman had her phone stolen. It had tracking and theft reporting apps on there one of which takes the picture of said thief when they try to unlock the phone and emails it to the owner.

This coupled with GPS tracking and reporting basically gave a snail trail of the perp’s whereabouts and movements in fine detail.

When the owner presented all this evidence to the local constabulary they basically told her: “Can’t be arsed.” – citing that the GPS fixes were *ONLY* accurate to 300 metres.

Unimpressed the owner did her own legwork investigating the locale of the phone and within a short while even had the perp’s name and address.

Again the response from Birmingdrabad Constabulary was: “Can’t be arsed!”

My reason for this cunting is not because of the disgraceful apathy with respect to an actual crime, no, it is because if I was to post on Twatter: “All ‘Peaceful’ cunts are terrorists!” or “We don’t want anymore gimmigrants from shithole countries!”, etc., I’m pretty sure – even in my digs 300 miles away from home – that I’d be getting a visit from the “Hate Crime” Stasi who are more interested in stamping out sentiments such as: “I wonder what ‘culturally enriched’ part of society committed those stabbings then!” than they are stopping said stabbings in the first place!

And we all know that the “Hate Crime” Stasi only target one demographic in that respect, namely non “culturally enriched” types who have the audacity to identify as men.

Moreover had the perp looked more like Tommy Robinson as opposed to a 40yr old “Calais Jungle” child then I’m pretty sure swift justice would have been metered out in that instance too.

Whether there’s reticence by said officers on the ground so’s not to upset their PC (pardon the pun) loving, quisling, deviant bosses or not, it’s still a fucking disgrace!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

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  1. I’ve said this before (apologies for repetition), but it’s so important and chilling, it bears reposting:
    My brother-in-law is a DI in the Met (so already rather a cunt) and during a family dinner, my late Mother was tearing a strip off him for the utter uselessness of the police, whilst he dismissed her criticisms.
    At some point, she stated that ‘the police’s job is to protect the public.’
    DI Cunt literally burst out laughing and pissed himself for 20 seconds before saying ‘The job of the police force is not to protect you, it is to protect the elite’
    He then confirmed everything we suspect: the police will never protect the indigenous population unless they absolutely have to, eg a high profile story.
    The police couldn’t give even the tiniest shit about ‘low-level’ crime.
    They’re also always trying to control people, even off-duty.
    Possibly the most sickening one was that the police, in general, regard all indigenous people the same, ie as white, law-abiding men, we’re lumped in the same (in the police officer’s mind) catergory as criminals as they’re trained to think that we’re all up to no good.
    It’s heartening to think in how much contempt these cunts are regarded by the general populace, although when the Hunchback tells us we’re not leaving the EU and there are proper riots, the pigs will doubtless bump off a few troublemakers to keep everyone in line; think of Ian Tomlinson’s manslaughter by PC Simon Harwood (found not guilty).
    Worthless, bullying, pathetic, bone-idle cowards to a man.

    • If it hadn’t been for the inconvenient mobile phone footage the cops wouldn’t have given a second’s thought to the death of Ian Tomlinson.

    • To your point Thomas, I can add a few tales acquired through having had police officers as family members.

      – Driving home the worst for wear my ex-brother-in-law was pulled over by the old bill. He simply flashed his warrant card (police ID) and was told to go easy and be on his way.
      – In London there are warehouses (police lockups if you will) full of stolen property, drugs, illegal porn, you name it. It was just accepted that these places acted as either lending libraries for anything/everything or ‘help yourself – no questions asked’ if you knew the right people.
      – Some coppers, when arriving at a break in crime scene, were known to help themselves to whatever they wanted and then claim the additional missing items must have been nicked by the crims.

      I’ve heard first hand accounts of these things happening. On the inside, like in police section houses, the cops themselves are more bent that a 3 quid note. Shocking.

  2. Police priorities should be firmly pointed towards preventing physical crimes committed, and not because someone’s precious feelings are hurt.

    • Yes exactly this.

      I’m surprised the cunts could muster enough energy to investigate the murder of Lee Rigsby instead of citing it as a road traffic incident like they did when a couple of “peaceful” cunts plowed into a group of kids, the passenger being as ISIS sympathiser.

      Nothing to see here said The Met – no doubt under Ayatollah Khan’s guidance. The Khunt!


      • God knows what sort of justice Lee Rigsby would have received if his murder and cowardly killers had not been filmed on a passer-by’s mobile.

        • You can bet there would have been rough justice if he’d turned round and killed the murderous cunts.

    • In secret interviews most of the ordinary police on the ground say how they absolutely hate all the shit they have to do now with arresting people for mean tweets (only from white people) and feeling incapable of doing anything about real the real criminals because if they dare to take any action against non-white people then they are put before a panel of community volunteers (all of whom are non-white terrorist sympathising cunts) to determine whether or not they are racist, which of course these panels always decide is they are, leading to the police lose their jobs and have no means to support their families.

      Maybe if we didn’t have cunts like suckdick Khan and all the SJW nazis stopping the police from doing their jobs then not so many would be quitting and crime wouldn’t be skyrocketing. Oh and as for those scooter gangs, I fully support allowing police to just run them down. Guaranteed to fix the problem over night whereas at the moment if one of these scooter riding cunts gets injured in a chase then the police are to blame and probably end up in jail.

  3. “They also insisted they could not start any investigation for a week”. WTF? Couldn’t get themselves out of the doughnut shop for a week I’d say. They’re hot or cold wherever you live around the world. Not often you see them doing a lot of work unless you’re in some real hard arse place like San Francisco. Market Street. Or South Auckland. New Zealand. That’s where you get cops who take shit seriously. The ones on the serious beats, but fucked if I’ve ever filed a report and had anything come of it. Had a bed stolen among other things once once by a cunt property manager. Filed a report. The cops had plenty of info on her but by the time they looked into the theft, she’d fucked off to Malaysia. May as well have filed the report and taken it from the Police Secretary and stuck it in a fridge. On the Hebrides. Never see our local boys apart from hanging out at Starbucks. One rolled into Wholly Bagels once on a red light with his lights on. Classic. Mind you they do drag out the wheels for the local community events.
    Last thing. Would you check out the nose on that cunt perp. Pretty sizable.

  4. How timely Rebel and good cunting – I would go as far as saying ALL cops are cunts. Its not a view I have always held but heres a little story – pull up a chair, swing the lamp and read on.
    On Thursday night I had my car vandalised – not unknown and happens all the time.
    Only this time my son caught her (yes a female). Turned out to be an ex I haven’t seen for over 12 months.
    She legged it and my son caught up to her and buzzed the local nick to report the crime. Every single panel from the front to the back had been deeply scarred taking off the paint back to bare metal – smashed wing mirror and ripped off the windscreen wiper blades.
    Plod came on Saturday – 2 days after the event. They had caught her on ANPR both leaving her home 60 miles away, driving into my village, exiting 45 minutes later and her arriving back at home at 3am.
    Now even as a non plod I would have thought game set and match – wrong.
    Unless she was actually caught with the weapon in her hand and my son caught her hiding behind my car plod says there is nothing they can do. It would be my word against hers and the CPS wouldn’t take it up as I don’t have the valuable missing piece of evidence – that being I actually caught her, knife in hand actually carrying out the dirty deed. Even if I had, plod continues, she could say I was making it up and the only way they would take it further would have been to have caught her on camera in the act. Said Plod was going on leave for 2 weeks the next day but would pick it up on his return. She wont be questioned – she wont be charged – she wont even be interviewed or have the fear of God put up her just to keep her away.
    I will remember this next time I get a £30 parking ticket for overstaying by 5 minutes. The law, plod, CPS and the whole justice system favours the perps as far as I can tell.
    A salutary lesson for my fellow cunters. If you leave a casual fuck buddy on bad terms don’t just fuck them off. I suggest the Donald Neilson approach. Carve the cunt up, dissect her and flush her down the shit house, it prevents you being open to all kinds of cuntery and would have saved me the estimated £3 – 4K to repaint the car from bonnet to boot.
    I didn’t realise that plod was so laissez-faire and totally oblivious to crime. his advice to my son was you should have grabbed her by the hair to restrain her and called us as you had her pinned down on the floor – his advice to me was to install a decent security camera and floodlights.
    Sad, mad, totally pissed off and I repeat – all forces are cunts.

    • Totally staggered by this story Cunto.

      Begs the question, what is the point of having them.

      I suppose police standards vary from one area to the next and to date my experiences have been positive however with the evidence you have cannot understand why they will not prosecute.

    • Fuck. How long were you with her Cunto? How did it end or was it just a one night root? The appropriate revenge would be tracking her down, lifting her favourite handbag and spanking into it. Up to you whether you throw it over the power-lines or donate bag and sperm to her best friend.

      • No CA – just a few months – we lived about 60 miles apart – from the get go I told her I had had my fill of women and I didn’t want anything long term or any kind of commitment – few beers, a meal out, the odd fuck now and then.
        She cottoned on to the fact I had just cashed in a wopper final salary pension I had been saving for a couple of decades now. She was of the horsey fraternity and had stables and property in Cheshire. I literally have not clapped eyes on her coming up 12 months. And every word my other venerable cunting chums chipped in with re; a fucking good hiding. I, or my son, would have been locked up.
        Another startling fact is that I have to present myself to the local nick to write a statement – they have stopped taking them in Lancashire police at your home. So I have a prearranged appointment on Wednesday at 4 PM – almost a week after the incident. Yet a tweet calling for the head of some local Imam or giving the blambos grief online the filth would be round at my gaff faster than the speed of light. If it hadn’t happened to me and someone had relayed that story to me I would have been more than a little sceptical – I would have called them a lying cunt. Not until you need plod do you actually realise how few of the cunts there are. The Brexit debacle could see violence on our streets and in our towns – I have no idea how they will cope. Of course if you live in Londonistan or the leafy suburbs or the home counties there always seems to be enough plod to cope with almost anything. The thin blue line only seems to be a line if you live in Large City shitholes – being a blambo helps too. Get a problem at your local mosque and plod is round like shit off a shiny shovel.

    • A salutary tale Cunto. And had you grabbed her by the hair and pinned her to the floor, you would no doubt have been done for GBH, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping – there’d be no end to the trumped up charges, that you could be sure of.

      The current generation of offenders are growing up knowing there is nothing to stop them doing whatever the fuck they like. No sanctions, no deterrents… I mean, what the fuck are the authorities thinking?

    • If your son had have grabbed her, no doubt he would have been charged with assault and the bitch would still have got away with it. Disgusting though.

    • Oh police aren’t always laissez-faire. Go post a tweet saying how the muslim grooming gangs are utter cunts and enjoy the armed response unit breaking down your door a few minutes later and arresting you for hate crimes.

  5. There’s a sideroad leading on to a mainroad near me which is a favourite dumping spot for nicked cars. They park them on a double yellow , half on the pavement. Presumably the joyriders live very close and can’t be arsed to walk very far.
    Twice in the past I have phoned the coppers after a couple of weeks to get them to take it away.
    A new car appeared recently and I thought , fuck it, let’s see how long it takes them. 10 weeks later it’s still there.
    If you want a copper round here you go to the KFC in Streatham High Road. They are always in there feeding their fat fucking faces.

    • to get them out even quicker, got to said KFC outlet and put up a poster with 3 words on it. Just 3 little words. No Blacks Allowed. then count on your left hand the time in seconds that it takes for the filth to turn up.

  6. Had one of the cunts here recently… knocking on doors in the street. He was enquiring as to whether we had seen or heard anything with regards to ‘an attempted break in’ at the house over the road from us. Attempted. Apparently the guy over the road got woke up by the dog barking and went downstairs to find some *broken glass* on his tiny window in his lean-to at about 2am. Now I found that odd, as an elderly lady not too far down the ways from here had actually been burgled, and WMP sorted it out over the phone, no one showed up. I bet you fellow cunters can’t guess the first name / surname/ nationality and religion of ‘said guy over the road’ in 3 chances…. What’s even worse is the ‘fella over the road’, ain’t long been here but has managed to rock up once or twice in an Audi R8.
    Every day I just feel like I’m being fucked in the arse with a red hot poker. There’s a scam going on somewhere and all the police, council workers, teachers, Drs and public servants are in on it… I just can’t fathom what on earth could make them act this way. Treacherous, treasonous and down right no good. I’ve never wronged them, I just help pay for their wages. Why do they hate me and mine so much?

    • And as an addendum to this, if any plod happen to catch eyes on this post – “because I was told to by my seniors” don’t fucking wash with me. It didn’t wash at Nuremberg and it won’t wash anywhere. You ARE being watched, by all of us.

    • My thoughts precisely BK – there’s something distinctly Twilight Zone-ish going on… a sort of collective psychosis effecting all the professionals I was brought up to respect and believe were working in the public interest and against criminality of whatever stripe. Seems there’s been a reversal of roles somewhere along the line…

      • I’m not prone to conspiracy, so I don’t wanna fly off on a tangent. I prefer to believe the answer is the simple law of supply and demand. What happens to PC Pc if there aren’t many crimes going on? What happens to Dr DoLittle when all of measles / mumps / TB are gone? What happens to the fucker at the housing benefit office when no cunt needs it? What happens to the translators when every cunt speaks English? They want their pensions and they will sell me and you as far down the river as we need to go in order to get it. They will even forgive Mo and his family going by there to take a morning shit, and Pavlov going there to rid it of carp and swans as long as we’re in our way down it… and the pension is safe. its the root cause

        • Sorry BK… think you’ve lost me there… am sadly not the brightest bulb in the box… maybe it’s the heat… will try reading again later.

          • Simple supply and demand is what I was getting at. A solicitors not gonna get that big house if there’s no legal matters to attend to, a council housing officer won’t be in employment long if there’s no need to give out free houses, and I think somewhere along the lines, the upper echelons of the police enjoy having a high crime rate. And if someone is importing some more criminals, actively encourage it. Constant, unfettered immigration makes every example I have just listed above a little bit richer.
            Same with my profession really I suppose… I take every opportunity I can to actively encourage buying what my company is selling, even if it’s a pile of shit… why? Simple – Makes me money. I think these people are just doing the same…. ‘Fuck them’… they probably just said… about me.

          • Oh I get all that… but why can’t they feather their nests AND at least do what they’re paid for at the same time? No wonder this country is so fucked up if that’s the attitudinal norm that pervades the notion of public service these days. The country’s finished anyway, so shouldn’t be surprised I suppose.

      • According to Wikipedia, after a series of violent assaults on police officers police tactics and training changed to seeing the public as the enemy. There’s your answer RTC.

        • Thanks OC, but I’m really still none the wiser. Ah, here comes the nurse with my evening medication.

          Be seeing you…

    • No doubt a “peaceful” cunt?

      Like I say, two jihadis plow into a group of kids waiting for a bus = road traffic incident.

      Call a “peaceful” a cunt on (anti)social meejah = capital offence, lock in prison, throw away the key (providing the perp themselves are not “culturally enriched” – my, what turmoil that must cause)…

    • Audis/BMWs/Mercs (the £50k plus models) always seem to be standard issue to peaceful types. Or is just me?

      • Hello RTC. The police don’t care about working class indigenous white folk. So if you’re in that demographic I’m afraid you’re fucked .

        • To my shame I doubt I’d pass for working class Jack… but as a white, middle aged male chauvinist pig – who nevertheless believes in equality of opportunity – I’d probably tick most of the other boxes in your essential demographic.

          Regarding class, suggest you think of me as the highest level of Special…

    • Good evening Jack.

      No, they most certainly are not – if you have the audacity to be a hated middle-aged white man.

      Just keep paying the taxes though to pay for these charlatans and the livelihood of the cunts they care about most – “peacefuls”!

      • Hello Rebel. One thing that makes my blood boil is the precept on the council tax for the police, most of it is to pay out pensions . I’m acquainted with six ex officers who have had to retire early through sickness, in every case, as soon as the cash came through they all made miraculous recoveries, so much so that each and every one of them found new employment in double quick time. None of them were called Lazarus but they are all cunts.

        • I know one who retired 5yrs early at 50 (former CID) on 95% pension due to “nerves”.

          Cunt never misses a 6 footer for par!

  7. Not all cops are cunts, far from it.

    Lots of cops do a very difficult job made even more difficult by their bastard PC bosses.

    I’ve a good mate who I’ve referenced on the award winning ISAC before who’s subject to a serious misconduct case due to some piece of shit killing itself whilst technically on his watch.

    He like many of his colleagues who’ve gone before him accused of crimes they simply didn’t commit are sacrificial lambs thrown to the slaughter by an elitist protection mob.

    I agree with you TtCE that Simon Harwood was indeed a bullying cunt who’s actions led to the death of Ian Tomlinson but as I understand it the cops had been specifically instructed to use overwhelming force if necessary to protect the cunts attending the G20 summit.

    Simon Harwood was ultimately sacked for gross misconduct by a disciplinary hearing, these cunts don’t deal in facts but a balance of probability, Simin Harwood was either fucking nuts to take his chances against this lynch mob as losing always means you loose your pension or he’d been told to go through the charade and all would be ok.

    It’s unprecendented for a Police Officer to be sacked for Gross Misconduct and keep their Police Pension yet this is exactly what happened in his case, cover up?

    • Police instructed to use “overwhelming force” against violent protesters, fair enough… but Tomlinson did nothing more than stagger unfortunately within baton wielding distance of bully boy Harwood.

      • Yep, can’t disagree with that Ruff Tuff.

        My point was / is because the authorities sanctioned the cops to use overwhelming force in the face of any threat, perceived or otherwise the IPCC couldn’t find him guilty of misconduct as Harwood had a ready made get out of jail free card.

        However the baying mob demanded some one paid and having been found not guilty in a court of law Harwood took his chances at a disciplinary hearing but as I’ve mentioned earlier knowing what I do he must have had some security in place in case he lost.

        When faced with a misconduct charge the IPCC has no time limit in which to bring a charge. In the meantime the officer under investigation is supposed to just get on with life as normal.

        To put this into real life context, my mate is in this position. He has 27 years unblemished service. He has helped to put away some real nasty cunts in his time and at times taken a real kicking in doing so.

        He tells me that any case brought by the IPCC goes to court and the court will assess
        The facts as presented. He is very confident he’ll be found not guilty. However the IPCC or the Bastard lawyers thAt make it up
        will inevitably demand an disciplinary.

        The disciplinary committee consists of a Chief Constable, a lay person and a cunt from the

        The case isn’t judged on facts but a balance of probabilities.

        My view was ‘fuck them’ fight the cunts to which he agreed but said…

        I have 27 years service, I have paid 15% of my salary into a pension since I started and that’s been topped up by the Government so I can retire at 55 years old with a tax free payment of £120k plus £25k a year index linked for the rest of my life, if I loose
        at the disciplinary I loose
        my pension, would you now like to reconsider your advice….’

  8. Bit of a thread jack here but won’t they all be busy tomorrow dealing with the thousands of protesters out to denounce the visit of the Emir of Quatar.
    They will be protesting won’t they?

  9. Completely off topic.

    Just experienced a touch of nostalgia. An ice cream van (playing the theme tune from match of the day) has just stopped about 20 yards from our house.

    Probably the first time in about 25 years that I can remember a mobile ice cream van visiting our street.

    Coincidentally approximately around about the same time span as to when I last saw a uniformed police officer patrolling down our road.

  10. Of course, unless something more pressing comes up,like staying in bed.

  11. I really do worry when so many people on here whose opinion I do actually respect,seem to be so anti police. I don’t just mean this phone incident or the Tomlinson case which I agree are a disgrace.
    Perhaps I’ve just been lucky over the years but the police that I’ve had dealings with have generally been long-suffering and decidedly more patient that I would probably be under the circumstances that they experience.
    To my shame I’ve been arrested several times in the past and overall have found them to be people who are trying to do a bloody difficult job with one arm tied behind their back. Perhaps the fact that until recently I knew all the local coppers by name helped, but the odd time when I needed their help,they couldn’t have been better.
    I know this isn’t a Cunting of the police as such,but I feel that I must say that personally I respect the Police and wouldn’t have their job for any money. OK,there are the Little Hitler brigade who seem to join the Police to overcome their inadequacies,but the ones that I’ve known over the years have been Ok.

    On a lighter note, I attended a C.I. D officer’s wedding. I was one of the only people not a Copper or married to a Copper. It was a cracking night which would have shamed a stag night at a rugby club. Hypocrites ?…possibly,but they made me feel welcome and I have always worked on the principal of speak as you find.

    • I agree wholeheartedly Dick.

      My two or three personal dealings with the police have been largely positive however from the stories I have heard of (admittedly either on the press or on this esteemed website) do concern me that the police are being instructed to prioritise hate crimes above more serious crimes.

      An old school friend spent his entire life in the police force. Think you have to be a special sort of animal to do the job, he loved it but not for me.

      • If the Police are being instructed to prioritise certain crimes, Willie, I agree that it’s wrong. However,the Police don’t set the agenda,they implement policies decided by our Glorious Leaders. I’d imagine that most Police Officers are as disgusted as we are by the current policy of appeasing the invaders,indeed I can’t imagine anything more likely to sap morale, but to then have Joe Public holding them responsible for the policies of elected politicians can’t help either.
        Caught between a rock and a hard place,I reckon.

        • Again, good points. Not anti police myself. If we tore the whole organisation down we would only have to build it again, pretty damn quick. What I want to know is – do they know what kind of society they are, currently, very complicit in helping to bring about? I don’t care if they are just following orders, in fact that’s worse. They are ‘Joe Public, too, if not now they will be again one day. That pension won’t get em living in the same road as their ‘masters’… they’ll be back round by us. Only now theyll be fighting of 10000 congolese machete weilding “engineers” just popping out for the morning paper. Just what is making them so eager to assist in what is going on? They can’t possibly believe they will be raised up and away from this mess? The elite raise no one up, they never have they never will. If they have ever intimated they will, more fool you.

          • I know what you mean,Big Khunt, but I suspect most Coppers are a bit like I’d be…”I was only following orders”. The rank and file Officer can’t change the mindset that now holds sway, so it’s a case of needing to bite your tongue and suck it up if you want to keep your job. I’d guess most of them put personal circumstances above the “bigger picture”….I’d do the same,tbh.

        • I support Dick here too. I know a couple of old school cops who are ok. One of them has no time for the new breed (millenial) coming out of Hendon. Maybe the problem lies therein.

    • Evening Dick.

      I am not anti police – far from it. But I am concerned about certain aspects of current policing policy and behaviour, or lack thereof.

      • Evening RTC… I’d imagine that a hell of a lot of Police Officers are concerned about the current policing policies too. However, I don’t really see that they can unilaterally decide which policies to implement and which to ignore. They get their orders and instructions from the politicians that we,in our wisdom,elected.

        • In that case there’s a sickness pervading the upper echelons which is beyond rational comprehension. Actually, nothing about this basket case country makes any sense to me anymore Dick. I give up. We’re finished. Fuck them.

          • Fuck them indeed RTC…..but on to more pressing matters. Do you have hot custard with cold ice-cream? Or is it just a tin opened and tipped over ?

          • Tin opened and tipped over.

            Actually I started with some cheese on toast topped with fried egg – nice and runny…

          • Cheese on toast with a fried egg followed by ice cream and custard. Food of the Gods RTC , food of the Gods.

    • Timely reminder, Dick. If I get antsy about the police I have to ask myself how caring and considerate I’d be if I had to look forward to nightly shifts clearing up the human debris from the city centre after midnight, or trying to do anything at all involving 14 to18-year olds at any time. That said, my neighbour suffered a rear-end shunt last week, and was subsequently interrogated for about an hour (at home) by Mr. Nice Plod and Mr Nasty Plod. Says he’d have thought he was the criminal from the way it went. Mr Nice apparently apologised for Mr Nasty (young uppity cunt) afterwards and said that this was now standard procedure.

      I can see the point. My neighbour might have been doing the whiplash scam (no – he’s honest) and being rigorous makes good sense. Perhaps we should blame the state of society as a whole, as usual, which leads to bastardy all round. I do.

    • Having been shit on by these cunts for being a decent human being I couldn’t agree less.

      I have never once had plod to my door. I tow the line in all things including following the line of the law.

      Prior to 1997 I had the same opinion and would’ve gone out of my way to help them.

      However I had cause to work away for a week when a nest of “yoof” cunts decided it would be smart to terrorise my Mrs with various witty japes like tying the handles of the front & back doors to the front and back gates – thus disallowing exiting the premises.

      HA HA HA HA HAH!!!!!

      Oh what fun eh. How lucky we were that there was no fire…

      Needless to say I was incandescent when I got back. Then when I caught one of the little shits red handed (16yrs old not 5 by the way) so I strong armed the cunt and waited for plod.

      After the dust settled they came around all nicey-nicey, asked for a statement. Drank the coffee provided and listened.

      This was a Friday evening and they asked if I would “pop in Sunday night around 10pm at the shift change to make a formal statement.”

      So off I went. Said the same words and then – these snakey, duplicitous cunts – said: “Ah but there is the question of charges.”

      I said – and this is the God’s honest truth: “Look. I don’t want them to get into any more trouble. Just tell them to think about what they are doing because it’s potentially bloody dangerous!”

      Only to be told: “Not them, YOU sir!”

      Apparently the “yoof” I’d strong-armed (never hit BTW – mores the pity) was from a Kyle Scum family (before Kyle Scum existed on TV) and if I agreed to a caution (so basically +1 on “crimes solved” to them) no further action would be taken.

      The thing is, as a law abiding citizen, that’s quire an unnerving thing to happen. Obviously – not knowing any better from not having an LP criminal record – I capitulated and an inspector took my caution.

      The hell of it is, had I laced the little cunt I would’ve had the same treatment. Pity I didn’t know that until the inspector told me – once the recorder was switched off!

      3yrs later, I’d moved regions and jobs but I went to the station in person to make sure my caution had been removed from my record armed with a solicitor’s letter declaring that if the incident was ever mentioned again, for any reason, then they would be legally liable for any negative outcome.

      I’ve kept my nose clean ever since but I no longer look at the Thin Blue Line as a service to be revered and respected, I view them as cunts to a one! Modern policing has done nothing to switch that sentiment either. I wouldn’t cross the road to piss on one if they were burning alive from one of Mohamed’s acid attacks!

      So I’m sorry mate, as you would say, “fuck ’em” and I’ll add “and the horse they rode in on” myself!

      Utterly useless cunts! 😠

      • Aye,Fair enough,Rebel…As I say, I’m just speaking from personal experience and certainly understand why people are so anti. I guess that being a bit of selfish Cunt I just bother about how things affect me.

        🙂 .

  12. And what the fuck has Lewis Hamilton done with his hair?

    £40m a year and he cant even get a decent haircut.

  13. I know a member of the Bow street Runners and he is a nice chap, he has just left the force because he said that when he first joined the job was exciting and was aimed at proactively catching the naughtier members of society now he says they are encouraged to follow up silly fecking nonsense from people who have been offended on social media , he said it is fecking embarrassing some of the bollocks they have to deal with.

  14. The way I see it, there are good people and bad people in every organisation such as the government, FIFA, Catholic Church, etc. The police is no different; there are cops who play a fair game and there are dirty bent cops. However, there are enough dirty coppers and enough cases of corruption for people to hate on the police. Cover-ups, racism and general laziness are common and in some cases they do abuse their power. It’s luck of the draw when you have any sort of involvement with the plod. You either get a well-meaning copper who just wants to do their job properly or a copper who was picked on at school with an agenda; a slimy cunt like Sergeant Slater who will make your life hell to satisfy their own insecurities.

    My view on the police is not “fuck the police” because that is narrow minded. The police are a necessity and it would be pure chaos is there was no one to protect the streets. Sure some of them are corrupt and protect the interests of the elite but others do play fair game. I’ve never really had any dealings with the police apart from a few incidents in my naughty teenage years where I was given a good kick up the arse and rightly so. They dealt with me appropriately and actually did me a favour by talking some bloody sense into me. I’ve never had to call the old bill so they’ve never let me down. My opinion on them overall is neutral. They’re like marmite; some like em some don’t; it’s all a matter of personal experience with them and how they have handled affairs. Overall, a grey area in terms of opinion of the public towards the police as a whole.

    • I think its probably a case of when a force does something stupid to raise awareness on a PC vanity project, nail painting, pride marches and rainbow laces etc its all over social media and are slated for wasting time/money and not doing their job. The rest of the time people assume they are enforcing the law, a case of out of sight out of mind and we are paying for it, a truly shitty job at times.

  15. Think the police get a hard rap to be honest. Unfortunately any large organisation has its shadows, plus this one intersects both the ordinary world of the citizen lower down and the world of politicians and ruling class at the top. Tough balancing act.

    At the end of the day they do it for money, so to an extent they are a sort of whore who should be kept at arms length, and certainly never stick your head on the chopping block.

    Once again I do feel it is actually the responsibility of the public to cunt those who make the rules, which is not the police.

    The real cunts are in the intelligence services who abuse their power to interfere or stop organized protest or resistance against said cunt politicians. It happens, and I know that for a fact.

    • Police are people, and therefore you get all sorts. I’ve known coppers who were perfect for the job and I’ve known some who should never have been allowed to put the uniform on. Same goes for nurses. And probably every other profession too.

  16. Away from the police for the moment (they’re just tucking into a big box of doughnuts ).
    Project fear continues unabated (yawn). Old ,grey boring ex PM, John Major is warning of the dire consequences of a no deal scenario ,and has said it would hurt the people with the least most, he followed this up by saying ordinary people aren’t political, so he obviously thinks that votes cast by them for leave are irrelevant and they’ll accept anything they’re presented with. It’s time this meddling old fucker took a nasty tumble down the stairs …… DO IT NORMA, DO IT NOOOOOOOOW !!!
    And Dominic Grieve has been sent to bed early with no supper after he announced that a state of emergency would be declared if we crashed out of the EU and promptly wet himself.
    It gets more ridiculous by the day, I reckon we’ll hit peak cunt very soon.

    • Reckon it’s about 5 seconds to blast-off on the Clock of Cuntitude.

      Novytolchock will have NOTHING on all the air-biscuits being propelled from Wetminster

  17. Oh my giddy aunt. Yesterday’s nobody, Vince Cable, is in secret talks to set up an anti Brexit party. IT’S NOT A FUCKING SECRET YOU DAFT OLD CUNT, IT’S ALL OVER THE FUCKING PRESS
    Anyway he’s already in an anti Brexit party, the silly old duffer. I wonder which phone box these ‘secret talks ‘ are taking place in ? If indeed they’re taking place at all.

  18. Did anyone else see this story today? Anti corruption taskforce being investigated? For corruption… says it all… the CUNTS!

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