The special relationship

With The Donald gracing our shores with his presence much has been made of our co-called ‘special relationship’ with the United States. While this may have been true in the past, thinking back to Thatcher/Reagan or even Blair/Bush if your definition of special is a master and hound relationship, “sit, fetch, roll over, invade Iraq”.

Clinton had to deal with that grey EU quisling Major, Obama showed open contempt for Britain and having to put up with that swivel eyed cunt McBroon and Pigfucker did us no favours. As Henry Kissinger said “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests”, the UK being a convenient friendly government sharing a common language to deal with the bureaucratic lunacy of the EU.

The Donald and his “America First” “MAGA” rhetoric show where his priorities lie- and rightly so, he does respect strong leadership and actually listening to the electorate and implementing policies on what they voted for. Maycunt is a spineless sell-out and any meaningful relationship never mind a special one, is dead in the water as long as she keeps Britain in bed with this fucking corpse.

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  1. Is it now illegal to show adverts with a white chap and a white lady, they all have black chap and white lady, it doesn’t reflect society at all.

    • Is that in reference to the special relationship Civvydog? If so I agree, one of them should have blacked up for the photo shoot.

  2. Maycunt simply doesn’t want to nurture a special relationship with the USA because she sees it cutting across any opportunity for hoodwinking the public and engineering the whole Brexit situation so the UK ends up remaining in the EU.

    Treason May will do her best to piss over anything the Don has to offer as she is a deceitful, wrinkly, gurning old fucking hag.

    • I agree with a number of Donald’s policies but he is still a vain moron. Just flatter him a bit, slag off Obama, and he’ll be eating out your hands and agree to whatever you want. Putin pulled this off exceptionally well so it’s just embarrassing that May wasn’t able to do the same.

      • Appeaser Treason May has probably bought into the hate-speech rhetoric by AL-BB-CERA and the like that: “The UK hates Trump!” – and so is keeping at designer handbag length away from him.

        Actually that’s probably a Londonistan sentiment, now that it’s predominantly “culturally enriched”, a number of whom are of the illegal variety (hence why the real death toll at Grief-Jack towers took so long to work out).

        A sentiment fuelled by Ayatollah Khan who loves to make policy statements such as “…not welcome in MY city…” when he has no such power to command any such thing.

        Hey Sadiq, never mind Trump, how’s that crime epidemic going? Oh, “culturally enriched”, right you are, nothing to see here (as per fucking usual).

        As a Northerner – not consigned to an Islamabad mock up city like Leedsdrabad or Bradfordostan – most folk I know like Trump, well, like the fact that he’s pissed on the chips of the Bush/Clinton stitch-up, is trying to do right by his country and is trying to quell the disastrous lack of immigration policy which is turning states like California into basket cases.

        The same parallels can be drawn here except there’s no one in Cuntminster with bollocks enough to admit it.

        Also the EU know that US/UK trade relations will be key post (will never happen) Brexit and so alienating POTUS is yet another ploy to derail us leaving the most economically corrupt and morally bankrupt “jobs for the boys” organisation.

        Like I say, had Killary won the world would be a much unsafer place and disastrous for the US but no one would say fuck all. No Russian collusion, witch hunt, or character defamation ploys from VT/audio from 20yrs ago.

        Same as here. Had Remoan won there wouldn’t have been 2yrs of vitriol, twisting and demanding of a retry. No the result would have been accepted even though it would have been as palatable as a dog shit sandwich to some.

        But hey guys, that’s neo-democracy at work. Don’t like a result just keep retrying until you do! The EU swears by it!


  3. Kissinger nicked that quote from Palmerston. He is a fat, plaigarist, war criminal cunt.

    • Do you think the Maybot is perhaps the thickest cunt ever to be Prime Minister? I really cant think off the top of me head of one who looks and acts as stupid as Maybot

      • I’m actually hoping that this whole May fiasco is the the most machiavellian plan ever devised…May acts like the blithering,hopeless fool who,unless the EU caves in and gives us an excellent Exit deal,will dither on until we crash out without any deal. The EU really wouldn’t want that.

        Of course, I’m a fucking idiot to even consider such a scenario…she really is just a useless Cunt.

        • Basically, she IS stupid, but because she’s a remoaniac she’s quite happy just to be fed the Fourth Reich line. She doesn’t give a TOSS about “her” party, as for remoaniacs “EU, EU uber alles.”

      • Ted Heath was a bit shite what with his ‘who governs britain ?’ election slogan (which he lost) taking us into the EEC, coal strikes 3 day weeks and ‘incomes policy’. However I reckon May will be even more bollocks by the time she’s finished fucking EVERYTHING up.

  4. Vlad the Bad and The Don have a very,very,very special relationship based on mutual admiration, respect and thousands of videos,photographs and documents stored in the Kremlins vaults

    • Putin played that bit perfectly. Not denying it and just telling everyone to not think about it has stirred up all of Trumps critics just like he wanted. Plus adding in the part about the 500 other businessmen.

      “Let’s take St. Petersburg economic forum, for instance. There were over 500 American businessmen — high-ranking, high-level ones. I don’t even remember the last names of each and every one. Do you think that we try to collect compromising material on each and every single one of them?”

      Yes Vlad, that’s exactly what I think you did. Those businessmen must be shitting themselves now for being so stupid to believe the hot Russian women they slept with actually liked them. Fucking hilarious. Vlad really is the smartest, most capable and ruthless world leader around today by far and none of the other world leaders seem to give him the respect that such an opponent deserves.

  5. The only special relationship Mavis and her pals want is with the fucking EU. There will be no separate trade deal with the US so there’s no point in being nice to the Tangoman. That’s for Brussels not for the likes of us.

  6. There is no “Special Relationship”. We are kidding ourselves if we think that America, in some way,feels beholden to us. Those days when we were a country that mattered are long gone. Once it was worthwhile for the Americans to take a pragmatic view,we had influence, power and respect. Now we are an isolated little Island riddled with guilt and weakness.
    Why the Fuck would any country,especially one like America,care what we think or need? We need the scraps off their table a sight more than they need our approval.

    • It’s been that way since the’90s. But we still make a fairly useful aircraft carrier off the coast of Europe… at least until Corbyn gets in and throws the Yanks out.

      Good evening Dick.

      • Good Evening RTC.
        I believe that it has been that way ever since the Second World War when the Americans took the chance to greatly decrease our world influence. True enough that we couldn’t have survived without them,but they also did it with one eye on the greater prize…the chance to usurp us.
        I don’t blame them,we would have done exactly the same thing given the chance,but as America pursues an increasingly isolationist policy under Trump,we should be under no illusion that America will show us any favour.

        • Quite… and if it wasn’t for our language and our seat on the UN Security Council, we’d probably be as insignificant on the world stage as Rome or Greece have become by now.

    • Great point Dick,
      There was a time we did have sway on most things from business to politics, trade to law and order. The US is pretty much mirroring our own pathetic attempt at flexing muscle that turned to fat long ago. When we spoke other countries listened – now we have more enemies within. Diversity, multiculturalism, the attempted erosion of our heritage and culture. We only seem to pay attention to the vocal minority as the majority aren’t given a fair shake anymore. The English speaking peoples are now resigned to just letting our country be invaded without a whine or a whimper. There was a time when our country and our people were respected worldwide – we now have people like Eddie fucking izzard, the swivel eyed lunatic, fat lass Mugabe and McDonnell the commie, an opposition that looks like a very bad Vaudeville travelling freak show where you can identify as what gender you choose and change it on a whim. I cant make head nor tail of England or the US – the ruling government of both countries are in a state of inertia as they are frightened to death to voice their true opinions. The Don was elected on a ticket that (as a businessman and not a politician) he clearly set out what he would do during his term (hopefully 2). The reaction? Mass protestations worldwide that he was nothing short of a child eating blambo hating half wit. Maybot promised to steer us successfully through the trials and tribulations of removing the carbuncle that is the EU – festering on our rump and looking to bleed us dry and still not give us fuck all. Me? I don’t trust any of the cunts – the US once were our “special friend” and only remain so as we will go along with any fucking half arsed plan they concoct and stick stoically by their side. In fact outside of these hallowed pages and its contributors I really take heed / interest / note of fuck all. The ones I do have truck with have long since been classed as knuckle dragging white supremacist illiberal racists. I am all for change, movement and progress but what I see and hear has nothing of those that will advance us as a country. Maybe in a few hundred years we can claim like the Zulus, Red Indians and aborigines that we are ethnic minorities and Mayor Khans Great great great grandson, along with the new Islamic caliphate established in Londonistan will grant us access to some history books to tease us that we were once a great nation of people. The top will be islam and its adherents, the middle will be the mud coloured majority having successfully implemented the Kalergi plan and the bottom of the pile will be the white man. If that sounds far fetched Egypt holds no sway on the World stage, ditto the Italians or Persians, they all ruled the World once. In another couple of decades I will be pushing daises up. I hope the fruits of my loins will see sense and resist – I don’t hold out too much hope on that.

      • Evening Cunto.

        As you say, greater civilizations than ours have failed. Perhaps every civilization is destined to flourish and then fail. Perhaps our Time is over and the new Age dawns
        Frankly, I believe that our generation is the last one that will enjoy (and waste) the freedoms and lifestyle that we have enjoyed.
        Whatever bastardised future lies in store, I’m just glad that I’ll have no stake in it. It’s been explained to me that I’m an anachronism who will be no loss in a modern-thinking country. Apparently my refusal to celebrate deviancy,weakness,feminisation and the usurping of my culture makes me persona non grata to the more enlightened. Good, I hope they stew in their own foul juices. They are no longer my concern. Fuck them.

        • Great response Dick. Unsurprisingly I agree with every carefully written word. Particularly the last sentence. Like an unrepentant condemned man showing no remorse. Fuck them, fuck them all

  7. Ever since Harold Wilson capitulated and scrapped TSR-2, we have suffered a terminal decline in both prestige and technology. The Americans wanted a halt to Barnes Wallis’s creation, and they got it. Since that time, American has always called the shots while we have suffered a long series of incompetent arseholes who have done their utmost to fuck the country over.

    Special relationship? I agree with Dick Fiddler. We need them, more than they need us. Makes you think though why in fucks name May wants to piss off the Don. EU calling perhaps?

  8. How can we have a special relationship with anybody when our own rulers have no loyalty to any body but themselves , the twats are back stabbing snides of the first water.

    • Feck me, we pay their fecking wages and they despise us, how could they be trusted by another nation.

  9. Our relationship with America has always been deep and meaningless. We’ve been in there pocket since WW2 and probably before that. Every Government that’s been in power Labour or Tory have had to suck up to the cunts.

  10. Well it’s unfortunate but America is a dead country. Canuck cucks to the North and Gringo breeders to the south. All the states at the bottom have a mexiproblem, all the states in the North have a liberal problem. It will squeeze and consume the middle until there is nothing left. Unless they sort that shit out they are finished.

    • Agree Big Khunt. What the fuck has gone wrong when western society is systematically destroying itself with there obsessive self loathing. Actually embracing the scum that are bringing us to our knees. I really don’t understand this lemming mentality.

  11. Our relationship with the US may be summarised: ‘Bend over and spread ’em, limey.’
    With Trump we’re getting it en clair
    Time to rediscover independent thought, perhaps.

  12. On a “happier” note, the pound has slumped to a ten-month low…

    I say “happier”, because, YAY!!! it is NOT Brexut’s fault. For once.

    Apparently it’s people eschewing the High Streets of Blighty in favour of some ritual called foot^*$*, of which I have little understanding (although I do know that a jug-eared eu-worshipping cockwomble called Linekunt, who advertises crisps, is hugely overpaid to comment on the rituals).

    • Probably getting close to the pound’s actual value. Which means –

      If we had a big manufacturing sector, we could export our manufactures competitively, if we had a capable export capacity.

      (If we had some ham, we could have some ham and eggs, if we had some eggs)

  13. Countries and corporations, they have no conscience and can only be relied upon to do what’s in their own best interests.
    I can say without fear of contradiction that if same sex marriage was outlawed and being gay was once again a criminal offence, then hiring policies and international relationships would change overnight.They’d all agree that the previous policy was wrong and that now they see the light.
    How can you place complete trust in a country via a treaty or a corporation’s social policy when the Government or the Chief executive can be tossed out the next day.Most governments find ways to sidestep treaties before the ink’s dry.

    The special relationship is just convenient political speech, there’s no fucking special relationship when I cross the border from Canada to the U.S., the U.S. border guards treat everyone like a criminal.

    Which reminds me of the joke about Merkel crossing customs in Greece..

    date of birth? ……Jul 17 1954
    Nationality? German
    Occupation? no, just a vacation this time!

    and the other one about the Canadian questioned by the customs guard in France.
    Where is your passport Monsieur?

    Well I didn’t need one last time I was here

    Impossible sir, every person needs a passport to enter

    Well they didn’t ask me for one when I was in the army that liberated you in 1945!

  14. Oh and I forgot , yes Kissinger is an overblown fat cunt, he gave away the farm to Iran during the oil crisis years , thinking that it was a great deal because the Shah bought US arms.
    Only problem is that the money came out of working stiff’s pockets by way of higher gas prices and went back into the pockets of the tight- fisted arms manufacturers.Another dirty dealing two faced conniving Kunt.

    You’ll never catch Donald Trump kissing ass like Kissinger did with the Shah unless there’s a pretty good quid pro quo ( and even then he wouldn’t kiss ass)

      • Well I’ve never been one to be stuck on my own opinion. You could be right, but you have to agree that it would be out of character!
        We could all be wrong, he might be a cunt too.

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