Rap [2]

A cunting for ‘Rap’

Not because it is shite.
Not because any feral, uneducated bruvver can snarl out vague couplets of half baked illiterate shit.
Not because it rips off ‘samples’ of actual music to validate itself.
Not because the videos are so disgusting.
Not because of JayZee and all the other talentless wankers who profit from it.

I cunt Rap because it is taken seriously as black ‘culture’.
It might be black but it certainly aint culture.

West African rhythms that crossed the Atlantic with the slaves and eventually morphed into blues are black culture.
The beauty of Zulu singing is black culture.
The Blues that spawned popular music and jazz is black culture.
Armstrong, Basie, Ellington and any number of the early Blues singers are black
Motown and Stax (though Stax was always white/black) were black culture.
Wonder, Gaye, Turner, Hendrix etc are black culture.

Rap is not culture it is childish misogynistic bilge that the mainstream is afraid to call out because of twisted right-on racial values.

Nominated by, Cuntstable Cuntbubble


61 thoughts on “Rap [2]

  1. But it is culture, CC. The culture of the spice-crazed machete-wielding subhuman now providing our prison officers with necessary and challenging employment.

  2. The worst rappers are the militant black cunts, mostly notably, Akala. Him and others seem to think the world owes them a favour and they constantly feel oppressed. Is living in Londonistan with a cushty mansion and a garage full of top motors not good enough for you? Free healthcare and education not enough either? Simmer down sambo. Also, this drill music isn’t doing them any favours. Bragging about guns and drug dealing; showing everyone how ‘cool’ they are. You won’t be very cool when you’re behind bars getting rogered on the daily by a Purple Aki type geezer. The fact that white middle class teens are trying to emulate this culture is completely sad and superficial. Sheep.

    • “…sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.”

      (Bob Dylan)

      & another great rant, cheers.

    • And like every good communist dictator Jeremy is taking action to purge his critics in his party over it. Oh what fun it will be if he is ever given the power to start purging his critics in the general population too.

  3. I quite like Gil Scott-Heron’s 70s spoken word stuff like The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and Pieces of a Man, but that’s probably because there was a modicum of thought put into his songwriting.

    Always shite, at least in the 80s there was some variety. From the early 90s onwards however it became formulaic and ever since it has been just a fucking scramble of profanity and wannabe hard black ‘gangstas’. These days I actually find what passes for modern ‘rap’ a complete fucking cacophony of autotuned morons not even attempting to put words into a song – just 3 minutes of random brainless blackisms barked out by shitheels (see my ‘black speak’ nomination).

    Just LOL at the black youths in East London – you know, the future writers, humanitarians, footballers – who complain to any liberal ear willing to listen that “we aren’t listened to or acknowledged in society, init” – that’s probably because you fucking smoke weed 24/7 and idolize other black men dressed like day-glo clowns ‘singing’ groundbreaking lyrics like “Blep, pussy, Blep, nines, Blep, lit”

    The only truly great rapper I can hand on heart classify as a lyrical genius is John Barnes. Unfortunately I can’t bring myself to watch his era-defining stint in ‘World in Motion’ due to the toxically cuntish presence of Keith Allen.

    Rap music – utter fucking horsewank.

    • I am just waiting for Chukafucka Ummuna to relaunch his career as a rapper. He and Diane Abbot could form a duo – Fanny & Johnny Rappers

      • David Lammy could chant the choruses like that fat sweating cunt did in ‘Ganster’s Paradise’.

          • Fucking quality, Cunstable…

            Bought pasties once or twice,
            Livin’ in a Ginster’s Paradise
            Twelve pies and my steak slice,
            Livin’ in a Ginster’s Paradise

      • Chuka, Chuka, Chuka
        Chuka Spears
        Chuka Spears
        Chuka Spears
        Chuka Spears

        Chuka Spears
        Let me rock you
        Let me rock you
        Chuka Spears
        Let me rock you
        That’s all I wanna do
        Chuka Spears
        Let me rock you
        Let me rock you
        Chuka Spears
        Let me rock you
        ‘Cause I feel for you
        Chuka Spears

  4. Still have trouble wrapping my head around the fact Hendrix was black, and now a few years on we have rap. Such a gulf in class and ability it’s unbelievable.

    The only rap that I ever found was good and positive was Biggie Smalls vs Thomas the Tank Engine theme.

  5. Hendrix was an artist who transcended all that racial bullshit… His ‘own kind’ in the States did nothing for him, and Jimi was only successful when he he came to Britain… Animals bassist, Chas Chandler, managed him and Noel Redding and (especially) Mitch Mitchell were a great band for Jimi to work with… Also, the blessing of Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend, and Brian Jones helped Hendrix considerably… But, of course, after the success of the Experience, the black ‘movements’ in America later wanted to claim Hendrix as ‘theirs’ and made out his sound was black and black only… Which is total bollocks and typical ‘blackjacking’….

    Talking of which, the cunts have now taken over Manchester University… Every position of office in this former beacon of education is now held by a peaceful parking stanley who despises Britain and the British… This country has truly gone to fuck in a cuntcart…


    • Great points Norman re Hendrix – he was actually seen as a traitor by black militants. The Black Panthers tried to raise money from him, but Hendrix would typically rebuff them by saying things like, “The only colors I see are in my music.”

      When Hendrix appeared at the Newport 69 Pop Festival, he had his bassist Noel Redding throw out a contingent of about half a dozen Black Panthers who were trying to get Hendrix to donate money or play a black political benefit. According to Redding, Hendrix was so frightened of the Panthers that he described Jimi’s skin as turning white…

  6. Only rap records I own are Grandmaster Flash’s ‘The Message’ and ‘White Lines’ and The Beastie Boys’ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ which is a masterpiece in sampling…. Any record that samples the Sweet’s ‘Ballroom Blitz’, ‘One of These Day'” by Pink Floyd, music from ‘Psycho’ and ‘Jaws’, ‘Up on Cripple Creek’ by The Band, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ by Johnny Cash and Deep Purple’s ‘Hush’ will do for me…

    • White Lines is good, that’s for sure.

      I had a friend who spent years trying to convince me that some of the less commercial Beastie Boys stuff was worth a listen… I just never bothered.

      • Some of the Beastie Boys’ videos are quite funny, for example, Sabotage. Everything I’ve heard by them though just sounds like monotone yelling. Awful. The only slight exception I’d say is their song Gratitude. They appear to be actually playing instruments – yeah I know – and they seem to have acquired some gear from Pink Floyd. How did that happen? Check it out here if you care to:


        I just checked my collection and I have a very very very tiny amount of ‘rap’, almost all of it on 80s box sets or compilations. “White Lines” is there along with “Jump Around” by House of Pain. Great song for Spinning. I have to admit I did buy the Eminem single “The Real Slim Shady” back in the day. In my defence, your honour, the video is quite funny and the lyrics referred to an in joke with people I knew at the time. I haven’t played it for many, many years. Honest.

        Apart from that I hear no musical integrity, talent, skill or craft in rap artists’ output. Just profanity laden incitement to voilence, anti-everything except drugs, hoes and killing cops. Lovely. What a positive message to send out to the black yoof. Is it any wonder so many blacks die violent deaths at the hands of…..wait for it……other blacks?

    • Goldie Looking Chain are the only ones who produced rap worth listening to.

  7. The trouble with Rap is that it angries up the Darkies’ blood. It’s repetitive beat awakens faint memories of the bongos thumping away while the witch-doctor chanted his gibberish.
    Don’t forget that the average Darkie is bred from warrior stock. Their liberators only wanted the fittest and strongest,not the most intelligent. That is why,nowadays,in much the same way as dogs will return to the feral state if not kept under the thumb,so Darkies will answer the call of the witch-doctor.
    The fact that 90% of them are drug addicts doesn’t help. They become paranoid and almost hypnotised by the incessant repetitive beat. If allowed to “bongo-free” they will invariably form the modern day equivalent of a raiding party. Instead of attacking the next village and taking heads (for shrinking),they now turn on other troops of “rappers”….a stabbing here,a macheting there…it’s all good. Of course if better prey such as the white man,or better still, the white woman becomes available, the “rapper” will finish his chicken dinner and pounce without mercy…bling rattling,sideways baseball cap,gold teeth flashing….the modern equivalent of the bone through the (rubber) lip and monkey-skin headdress.
    I’ve said before that Darkie music should be banned unless it’s that nice Will Smith..he’s cool. The Darkies should ape him instead of 50 dimes or whatever he’s called.

    Oh,and I shot Tupac….the uppity dissed my fly chick.

    I don’t care about white rappers,they’re just sad.

    Fuck them

    • Dick, you should make these points as guest speaker at Manchester Uni where they have defaced Kipling and replaced it with some right-on gibberish. You would go down a storm./

    • Or instead of banning rap music we could just give the white man back his traditional defence against African savages. The Maxim gun.

  8. O/T – for those for whom even rap is not drearily but insistently predictable enough, Blair’s just had himself a lot of free airtime (ok, he was undoubtedly paid for it) on World at One. Vapouring about Brexit, naturally. Teracunt, as is the BBC for letting him in.

    • Tony Blair is a modern marvel in maximising cuntitude with untold efficiency, at any and every opportunity.

      He is the defining, ultimate cunt against which all of cuntkind is to be judged.

      • TECB. You should cut Tone some slack. How is he going to become president of the EU if us thick fuckers leave? He’s not one to shirk the hard graft that this position calls for so his points are valid.

  9. Whenever I’m in the gym at university this crap is what gets played most of the time. Often so loud that I can hear it through my earphones. Had to ask the cunts playing it to turn it down so I can listen to my podcast on more then one occasion.

    • OC – That reminded me I had the same issue back when I used to frequent a gym. I too asked them to turn it down because I could hear the fucking bass and beat above my own headphones! Insane.

      What do you expect when some 12 year old pin head at the front desk has control of the gym stereo?

      I’ve belonged to a few different gyms in my time and some of them do treat the environment like it’s a fucking nightclub. Thankfully, I have had my own Spinning bike for many years now and no longer have to go to these dumps to workout. Bliss!

      • Honestly, if I ever get rich the first thing I’m doing is getting my own home gym. All that space to myself and no shitty music playing over what I’m listening to sounds like a great thing.

        • Most gyms are price gouging cuntfests membership prices vs non membership- day rates prices

          And yes they crank the shittest pop and rap music to uncomfortable levels

  10. I cant wait for the day i can open a bottle of English fizz to celebrate the occasion of the death of the destroyer of this country , blair, or even better a diagnosis of cancer of the cock for him.
    Absolute disgrace of a man.

    • I am a big fan of Bowel cancer myself, the idea of seepage through a perferated colon seems like an apt way to go.

    • There are some indications that he will shortly be leaving for Africa, on the third whistle-stop tour of his embedded advisory suits in various corrupt countries this year. If so, he will be travelling on a Bombardier Global Express 6000, owned by his (and Sisi’s) chum Naguib Sawiris, tail number M-ASRI. As usual, I will be lighting candles to saints of all religions and praying for his safe return despite the numerous well-armed militants below the approaches to the airports he will be using. It would be too bad if someone let go an RPG when M-ASRI is on finals.

        • I’ll try not to. I also have to bear in mind the safety of the two (minimum) diplomatic protection officers who will be travelling with him courtesy of HM taxpayer.

    • Ah, but if we didn’t have rozzers, who on Earth would make all those arrests for spouting nasty words online?

      Not to mention all those Gay Pride officers who dress up for the fucking occasion.

      C’mon Willie, get serious.

      • Well, lets have a look at your last well informed statement shall we Mr Staring bloke,
        Deep in my past I came across a drunken idiot ranting in public. He was IC3. He was repeatedly using the “N” word. I gave him a Public Order warning. He replied that ” I can say Nigger as I am Black..” ( His use of the abusive term I hasten to add, )
        So he was nicked. And dealt with. He apologised, and added that normally he got away with stuff like that. So basically wide eyed ranter, you need to get out more, dont you?

        • Britain’s largest police force (The Met) said it is doing all it can to bring thieves to justice after figures suggested 95% of burglaries and robberies across the UK are not being solved.

          Whichever way and whatever parameters you decide to use to measure the success of the police force the only conclusion you can realistically come to is that crime is increasing, police numbers are reducing and that the police on the whole are failing the public.

    • Tory cuts and politically correct ideology. What even is the point of having a police force anymore?

      • I fear it is now called the “Police Service” ?

        Hence their behaviour as tourist info extras, “uniform artists” &c. (certainly in Cardiff), and I guess it’s not surprising that lard-arse cunts phone them up for take-away meals.

    • In more positive news though I’ve just found out via the old fart that my sister doesn’t like those child raping Pakistanis either. So it’s nice to know that she’s at least aware of this insanity herself.

    • Yeah I nominated Brum Constabulary recently regarding a case of phone theft where the victim – through security/location apps on the phone – gave them a picture/GPS location and – eventually – the name and address of said perp.

      Brums Constabulary’s response: “Can’t be arsed love fuck off!”

      However, had said victim used her phone to “diss” the “culturally enriched” or “peaceful” cunts in Brum, I’m pretty fucking sure the “PC” PC squad would’ve had her door down in minutes and she’d be now doing 13 months for the wrong kind of “hate-crime” a’LA Tommy Robinson style.

      Plod may also have been reticent to rax their arses as the perp (mugshot taken while trying to unlock the stolen phone) appeared to be of the 40yr old “Calais Jungle” child variety.

      Had the perp looked like Eminem then I’m fairly sure it would be world news on the AL-BB-CERA!

      “Culturally enriched” murder = misunderstood/cultural.

      “Gammon” gets a parking ticket = BURN HIM IN HELLLLLLLLL!!!!!

  11. Rap is the music of violent, wannabe tough guys. It involves alot of grunting by your average ugga ugga savage

  12. You’d think with the lyrics of beating ‘ho’s’ and homophobic attitudes towards the gays they would be in the firing line from the usual suspects, but no, they are lionised by the left as role models.

    The only bigger cunts in the business are the wiggers like Eminem and Professor Green which are just embarrassing.

  13. I believe all this (c)rap stuff was started by a band called The Last Poets. I bought an import version of their first album on the strength of a track called ‘On The Subway’ which I heard on John Peel’s radio show. Unfortunately the rest of it was indeed crap.

  14. It’s just like native indian “music” . It’s not music at all , it’s noise and fucking awful noise at that.
    I break the sound barrier to the off switch any time it comes on.

    • Remember the 90s: when cunts used to buy CDs by the likes of Sacred Spirit and Enigma?… When it was briefly trendy for cunts to be into ‘Native American’ music, and pretending to actually like all that ‘Aye-Yah-Aye- Ah’ shite?…. Them and those sodding’dream catcher’ things?… What a load of fucking bollocks….

  15. The darkies that live in the Penthouse two floors above me seem to be doing well out of their rap music. I’m guessing that’s what they do from their gold chains and matt-black Mercs (with blacked out windows). Making an honest living from writing music when they could have been tempted into dealing…..

  16. De La Soul’s ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ was a decent album… Now officially unavailable due to sloppy sample clearances…. Eric B and Rakim’s ‘Paid In Full’ was a half decent rap record too… But any rap after 1989 (by anyone) is utter shite….

  17. All this ‘Blondie did the first white rap record’ bollocks… What the fuck do they think Ian Hunter was doing at the end of ‘All The Young Dudes’?…

    • Just checked it on YT, Norm.

      Sounds like he’s going off on a bit of a rant underneath the main chorus melody. To my ear, it’s a stretch to say that’s the first white rap. I’d agree with your Blondie retort though. If memory serves, it was trendy to do this back when Rapture was released. Hardly ground breaking, but they at least included some black guys in the video to give it a hint of legitimacy. Plus Debbie Harry was still smokin’ back then. OMG.

  18. rap is pap
    I just don’t like it
    It is sung by twats
    who all look like pig shit

    I is a poof who loves kylie
    and Justin Bieber naked would make me smile

    Take your garage, rap and grime
    The crap that doesn’t barely rhyme

    Pack up your shit that is on the wane and get down to Heathrow and FUCK OFF on a plane.

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