Polishing a Turd

Thus the cynical sell-out continues. Blighty’s democratically expressed wish at the Referendum orf the People is flushed doine the khazi. Big Business Rules and Boris Johnson will shortly vanish orf orn holiday again. As slimy as castor oil the Gove Turd turns inside oit and sneaks up its own arse where, as reported, it makes emollient noises. Carry on Cunts. Yours Truly warned several years ago that Johnson is a con artist. An old boy orf the Brussels college that produces all the EU apparatchiks, he has always been in the field as a ringer. Back him and lose your shirt.

The Remainers have fought this particular battle by also masquerading as the opposition and so controlling both sides orf the argument. It follows that when the Leave Brigade should make a principled stand for the democratic will orf the people they instead, as always intended, capitulate. Blighty done up like a kipper comes to mind.

Yours Truly has always wondered at the apparent incompetence displayed by May and familiars but wonders no longer. There were no tough negotiations with Brussels, Brussels bluff was never called, only appeasement and capitulation and a masochistic eagerness to swallow every demand and no preparations in hand to leave. The reason being that the cunts never had any intention orf leaving the EU.

We have been comprehensively screwed me dears so what to do? We have no true democratic representation inside parliament. We are disenfranchised. Beware. That is how revolutions start. There are some old cunts doine me neck orf the woods that are giving a spot of TLC to their trusty twelve bores ready for the Trump visit. They can’t wait to bring doine that stupid fucking baby balloon.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

They even tried to throw the General Election, hoping to pass the poison chalice to Catweasel & Co. Plan being they expected Labour to make the inevitable pigfucker’s ear of Brino, Tories would then ride to the rescue, pick up the pieces and hey presto, normal service is resumed…

Nominated by Ruff Tuff Creampuff

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  1. Two vice chair resignations in the past half hour as well. I’m actually rather enjoying watching this in a rather perverse sort of way. It’s nice seeing the Maybot get her comeuppance after completely botching the Brexit ‘negotiations’ – hopefully someone like Mogg can come in and take over.

    • Great retort OC. The more I hear and see of The Mogg the more I am convinced that the time is right for him – cometh the hour, cometh the man. I found this – I really would like to say I penned it myself but its plagiarism from the first word to the last. I cant remember the guy who wrote It but it was on an old oppo of mine’s faeces crook page and this was a response to the cuntichness of the EU and every last stinking bent cunt in it. I have fact checked a couple of his points and they are spot on. I will leave my fellow cunters to make their own minds up

      “”Cadbury moved factory to Poland 2011 with EU grant.
      Ford Transit moved to Turkey 2013 with EU grant.
      Jaguar Land Rover has recently agreed to build a new plant in Slovakia with EU grant, owned by Tata, the same company who have trashed our steel works and emptied the workers pension funds.
      Peugeot closed its Ryton (was Rootes Group) plant and moved production to Slovakia with EU grant.
      British Army’s new Ajax fighting vehicles to be built in SPAIN using SWEDISH steel at the request of the EU to support jobs in Spain with EU grant, rather than Wales.
      Dyson gone to Malaysia, with an EU loan.
      Crown Closures, Bournemouth (Was METAL BOX), gone to Poland with EU grant, once employed 1,200.
      M&S manufacturing gone to far east with EU loan.
      Hornby models gone. In fact all toys and models now gone from UK along with the patents all with EU grants.
      Gillette gone to eastern Europe with EU grant.
      Texas Instruments Greenock gone to Germany with EU grant.
      Indesit at Bodelwyddan Wales gone with EU grant.
      Sekisui Alveo said production at its Merthyr Tydfil Industrial Park foam plant will relocate production to Roermond in the Netherlands, with EU funding.
      Hoover Merthyr factory moved out of UK to Czech Republic and the Far East by Italian company Candy with EU backing.
      ICI integration into Holland’s AkzoNobel with EU bank loan and within days of the merger, several factories in the UK, were closed, eliminating 3,500 jobs
      Boots sold to Italians Stefano Pessina who have based their HQ in Switzerland to avoid tax to the tune of £80 million a year, using an EU loan for the purchase.
      JDS Uniphase run by two Dutch men, bought up companies in the UK with £20 million in EU ‘regeneration’ grants, created a pollution nightmare and just closed it all down leaving 1,200 out of work and an environmental clean-up paid for by the UK tax-payer. They also raided the pension fund and drained it dry.
      UK airports are owned by a Spanish company.
      Scottish Power is owned by a Spanish company.
      Most London buses are run by Spanish and German companies.
      The Hinkley Point C nuclear power station to be built by French company EDF, part owned by the French government, using cheap Chinese steel that has catastrophically failed in other nuclear installations. Now EDF say the costs will be double or more and it will be very late even if it does come online.
      Swindon was once our producer of rail locomotives and rolling stock. Not any more, it’s Bombardier in Derby and due to their losses in the aviation market, that could see the end of the British railways manufacturing altogether even though Bombardier had
      EU grants to keep Derby going which they diverted to their loss-making aviation side in Canada.
      39% of British invention patents have been passed to foreign companies, many of them in the EU
      The Mini cars that Cameron stood in front of as an example of British engineering, are built by BMW mostly in Holland and Austria. His campaign bus was made in Germany even though we have Plaxton, Optare, Bluebird, Dennis etc., in the UK.
      The bicycle for the Greens was made in the far east, not by Raleigh UK but then they are probably going to move to the Netherlands too as they have said recently.

      Anyone who thinks the EU is good for British industry or any other business simply hasn’t paid attention to what has been systematically asset-stripped from the UK.

      Name me one major technology company still running in the UK, I used to contract out to many, then the work just dried up as they were sold off to companies from France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, etc., and now we don’t even teach electronic technology for technicians any more, due to EU regulations.

      I haven’t detailed our non-existent fishing industry the EU paid to destroy, nor the farmers being paid NOT to produce food they could sell for more than they get paid to do nothing, don’t even go there.
      I haven’t mentioned what it costs us to be asset-stripped like this, nor have I mentioned immigration, nor the risk to our security if control of our armed forces is passed to Brussels or Germany.

      Find something that’s gone the other way, I’ve looked and I just can’t. If you think the EU is a good idea,
      1/ You haven’t read the party manifesto of The European Peoples’ Party.
      2/ You haven’t had to deal with EU petty bureaucracy tearing your business down.
      3/ You don’t think it matters””.

      Cracking post whoever you are – none of it is mine.

      • Thanks for the fantastic information and for being so honest. Top of the class.

        The EU cares not a jot about the UK.

        As Bob Gelfdorf (or whatever his stupid name is)- just give us yer fucking money

        • Ha, Band aid, live aid, water aid, every fucking aid going as well as every charridy is just a licenced well paid Ponzi scheme Willy, nothing more. Billions of £$ euros go to making Hassan and his chums not have to walk a 30 mile round trip to carry a bucket of piss ridden donkey shite ridden foul smelling toxic liquid – either someone is on the make or Hassan’s bucket has a hole in it. Seems like a lot of offices and staff to pay and it still hasn’t put a tap near Hassan – or moved his fucking mud hut a bit nearer the cess pit.

          WaterAid is an international non-profit organization that was set up in 1981 as a response to the UN International Drinking Water & Sanitation decade (1981–1990).

          The organization was first established by the UK water industry on 21 July 1981 as a charitable trust at their main office premises in London. As of 2013, WaterAid had fundraising offices located in Australia, Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States while working in 27 countries worldwide. Activities involve providing people with clean water, safe sanitation and hygiene education. By 1987 its income exceeded £1 million per annum, and its 2005-2006 accounts recorded an income of £26.9 million. In 2011-12, it raised £55.8m in the UK, and spent £54m.

          • How much does it cost to drill a hole in some African country then connect up a basic filter system and some plastic pipes with a tap on the end? Shit they could part finance a mission to Mars with the amount of dosh they raise each year. Even better they could rent out a fleet of ocean going tugs and tow great lumps of glacial ice to various ports near the places which have only pissy water to drink. There teams of people (fuck all else to do whilst waiting handouts) could hack up said iceberg into little bits and utilise the vast fleets of brand new Toyotas, Nissans etc. owned by the other aid agencies (always brand new) to deliver said ice packed in cool boxes to the thankful natives. To prevent ice melting on voyage the ice could be covered with a “hat” made of aluminium foil similar to the one I wear when on the computer but much bigger.

          • Icebergs a great idea, but possibly a bit convoluted BB… Would it not be simpler for the cunts to order bottled water online from Sainsbury’s instead?

            Free delivery for orders over £100…

  2. Spot on, on all counts. Or cunts.

    There seems a possibility that The Farage may return to lead UKIP. I think this might well be the moment when GB returns to some sort of 3-party system; Limp-Dumps never counted, but were frequently, and justifiably cunted.

    UKIP might manage to make LDs the fourth party, and even be in the position to dictate to the cunts that have fucked us over.

    I need to get out of the sun. But it’s a lovely dream, all the same.

  3. The Maybitch cuntbag is hopelessly out of her depth, floundering like an injured fish. She ought to do the right and decent thing and hand in her notice, but she won’t.

    She genuinely believes she is a ‘bloody difficult woman’. Difficult to shift from her job, yes I would agree with that – she is clinging on like a fucking limpet. In respect of her Brexit negotiations, she is fucking hopeless; she couldn’t out-negotiate Mike Brewer when attempting to buy a rusty old Austin Montego.

    The only way the Conservative Party can avoid implosion is for May to go – now. She is either too arrogant or too fucking pig-shit stupid to realise that the Tory Party is disintegrating around her.

    A classic example of the Peter Principle. This dozy tart would be more at home in a local authority as some middle manager running an income support team.

    • I put him in once a few weeks ago as a random name taken from the Deathlist. Bummer that I didn’t put him again after that.

    • I think the crafty old bugger has managed to slip under the radar.

      Used to be one of Dio’s noms, am sure….

  4. The only good thing that may come out of this shitfest is perhaps the ‘other side’ (you know who you are) may also realise that, deep down, they also have absolutely no democratic representation within the government either. On this issue, this single issue, their wishes aligned with that of the government and that is all, it was not the other way around and it never will be. The sun will soon set on the usefulness of ‘the most useful idiots of the day’ and its back to being just another fucking pleb who should pay his tax and shut the fuck up…
    I just hope people don’t forget this, perhaps with a bit of luck some might even remember (remember)… wink wink.

  5. A very worthy twin cunting. It’s a fucking charade. Hotel California scenario, cunts.
    Fuck democracy.
    Good evening.

    • Hotel California ?

      May is more like something out of Bates’ Motel.

      Good evening to you too, Jack !

  6. I’ve always believed this Brexit sounded better than it is, money rules this world not the people. Doesn’t help that the people who campaigned for Brexit didn’t have a fucking clue how to go about things if they won, just a fuckload of broken promises and bending over to be fucked by the corporations.

    • I don’t understand the corporations who can’t see that the world is much bigger than just the EU. We built the largest empire in history off the wealth generated by groups like the East India and Hudson’s Bay companies who weren’t at all interested in being shackled to only dealing within Europe.

      • Because the whole point of the EU is to take power away from the people and put it in the hands of the corporations and banks.
        If they need legislation passed they just need to spend a few quid to bribe … sorry … “lobby” the commissioners to get what they want.
        Corrupt cunts the lot of em.

        Also the EU can supply slave labour that they couldn’t otherwise get legally.

  7. I voted Leave and was expecting to be on the losing side no matter what the result of the referendum turned out to be – I’m amazed that anyone is at all surprised that the Establishment are ignoring the result.
    I can’t wait for the parade in London of gloating Remainers, waving EU flags and proclaiming a ‘great day for democracy’.
    How many people who voted Conservative in the last election will do so again Voting Conservative is like taking a bite of a shit sandwich but Corbyn is a dangerous man, a friend of Hamas and the IRA. He must be laughing his arse off and his sweetheart Abbott’s already measuring up the curtains for number 10.
    May MUST go.
    Dark days are ahead.……

  8. I think the crunch will come for the Hunchback at the conference in the autumn when, I presume , the ordinary members will give her some serious stick. A coughing fit won’t help the bitch this time. By that time also the EU bastards will have laughed in her face at her latest cap in hand proposals.
    A bad reception at the conference will put the wind up the arselicking MPs and her support could crumble overnight. There’s nothing that frightens these cunts more than the prospect of their constituents removing their greedy snouts from the trough.
    What happens when she goes? Fuck knows……another fudge, another patch up job, another jellyfish fucking remoaner in Downing Street? Your guess is as good as mine.

  9. Had the Government been serious about Leaving, pigfucker would have triggered article 50 immediately (as he promised) and told the 4th Reich that if they didn’t negotiate the basis of a sensible EU /UK Trade Deal WITHIN 6 MONTHS we would leave on WTO rules regardless, so you better get your till-sticky fingers out of your fucking cunt arses if you wanna continue benefiting from that huge trade deficit we have with you crooked bastards.

    But of course the Tories /Labour we’re never serious about anything but circumventing the Referendum and negating the democratic vote, caving in to every EU demand, kowtowing and polishing turds at every opportunity. No Government opposition – without Catweasel and his rabble of Europhile pinheads, May & Hammond would have been rotting in the dustbin of history long ago.

    “They livin’ it up at the Hotel California…” Cunts.

    • Just don’t let either of the two main parties scare you into voting for them again. Whatever our views we should all vote UKIP en masse as they will fully enact Brexit. The Italians have kicked out the globalists and so can we.

      • No fucker scares RTC! I take no guff when I strut my stuff!

        Unfortunately UKIP doesn’t stand in our constituency – it’s a Con /Lab marginal which last time, thanks to strong & stable Maybot, went to Labour.

        Will probably end up taking Quisling’s advice and spoil my ballot paper by wiping my arse on it.

    • Things could have been so much easier with the shock and awe advantage we would have had with an immediate triggering of article 50 while Brussels were shitting themselves in disbelief. All it would have taken is one politician to have some balls but apparently that was too much to hope for.

  10. Big khunt said it perfectly above

    I mentioned to a remainer friend all cheesing over the mess, that although he is on the governments side this time, the betrayal is a bad omen for him as well as it proves the total illusion of democracy and voting in advanced western countries.

    Im not advocating the future that evolved out of what im about to say , but there was a certain ” stab in the back” movement / feeling borne out of the Versailles treaty that the public felt that was pounced on by the NSDP that led to turmoil in those times

    no one wants that but we need a mass response to this , fuck… 42 years ive been about without feeling the need to march on parliament , fucking disgusted with the elite , middle of the road politicians , and yes , my fellow countrymen remainers, whos behavior and wailing at any words from big business/brussells/ traitors have lent fuel to the fire

    no backbone , no long term thinking , no balls , no wonder……..

  11. “We are disenfranchised. Beware. That is how revolutions start.”

    This really resonated with me. People are getting really…fucking angry. Even people of my acquaintance that have no interest in politics.

    Tommy Robinson
    The Brexit betrayal
    Hordes of Blambos and snackbars pouring into the country every day.
    The Trump balloon
    The relentlessly left wing media

    Maybe it is time for a revolution.

  12. Someone should start up a gofundme page or something and offer the reward to whomever can shoot down that stupid trump balloon.

    There’s more than enough guns and nutbars in london to make it happen haha.

  13. Jeremy Hunt is a cowardly cunt.

    Look at that little rodent scurrying around drumming up support for Zelda’s blueprint for “Leaving” the Fourth Reich gangsters. What an embarrassing little, oily shit-bubble. Is there no end to these rats?

    Also the bloody Frog-eaters into the final. I require gin.

  14. And in other news.
    The boyfriend of some dead cunt I have never heard of has also been found dead. What a fucking tragedy.
    Where is Elton John when you need him. The cunt.

    • Poor old David Furnish, he must have thought his years of changing nappies and mushing up baby food were over, I bet the old queen will be a real cunt when he hangs up his syrup.

      • Talking of shirtlifters and high court injunctions, if site rules allow can somebody enlighten me regarding the identity of celebrity cunt mum whose kids were taken into care? The Jordan slag says it’s not her, but I don’t think she has ever knowingly told the truth. Perfect for Tory leader then. See what I did there, got it back on topic!

  15. I’ve rescinded my Conservatives membership earlier today and cancelled my subscription. I’ve voted for them since I have been old enough (1997), even when I had massive misgivings over IDS and Michael Howard.

    I’ve also written a concise but clear letter to my local Tory MP (pro-Brexit) explaining my decision, and how the utter volte-face on Brexit caused by arch cunt Mavis May and her Chequers ultimatum are putting the party at risk of election wilderness, if they indeed continue down this path of shoving human shot down the throats of 17+ million British voters.

    The tactic of stinking shitcunt May threatening us with Corbyn if we don’t vote for the Tories is no longer bothering me.

    I take my democratic voting seriously and I now see the only option as UKIP. I think back to an interview Jo Cuntburn had with Farage a good while after the referendum, the cunt screeching repeatedly that UKIP were pointless now that their ‘aim had been achieved’. I was roaring at the TV “not until we are actually out”, and thus it proved.

    Two-bob opportunist tokenism by Boris, Davis and hot air from Rees-Mogg do not cunt the mustard. If you want an independent Britain, I now categorically see UKIP as the only valid option.

  16. You can’t polish a turd but you can roll one in glitter. That’s what this is.

  17. Listen up cunters.

    Fuck you all! Justin Bieber is engaged to a WOMAN. What the fuck us going on. My life is over, goodnight Vienna.

    IT IS ME HE WANTS¡!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If only his fan club would lit that injunction…..

  18. Agree with the excellent cunting, and with much of the comment. Two points:

    Trump is indeed a babyfaced balloon, and like all bullies requires confronting. He will not be confronted: indeed May has just rolled over to placate him on the issue of defence spending and sent 1000 more of our best to the unwinnable clusterfuck that is Afghanistan. That will leave about 10 cooks, an MT driver and someone with a Lee-Enfield to defend this sceptred isle. I wish Sir Limply every success, but suggest a 6.5 Mannlicher carbine, from good cover, is more likely to achieve it.

    Rees-Mogg’s business interests throw more than a shadow of suspicion over his motives. He is not the uncrowned king. He is a rich cunt who wants more political clout, and he is no more capable of a clean Brexit than May.

    Bring back Cromwell, I say. A hard, intelligent cunt from a tough background, with Old Testament principles and a detestation of bullshit, let alone the polishing thereof. With an army.

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