Petrol stations with supermarkets

I put forward for a cunting petrol stations with supermarkets. What a fecking pain in the stones they are. I just been to fuel up the mog a job that has had me near apoplectic with rage not only do you have to put up with silly modern cunts that don’t know their arse from their elbow and make filling up a major operation, now you have selfish spunkers doing their fucking shopping whilst leaving their car on the pump meaning I have to wait for 15mins as the cunts are deciding what’s for dinner tonight, then when they do get back to motor they minge about in the cab with absolutely no idea theres other people waiting. I’ve just had to bang on window to get a soppy boy with his wrist full of bits string and bangles to get off Facebook and move, cunt!

Post to faeces book was probably ” just brought fuel lol”.

God I hate everybody modern roll on an outbreak of bubonic plague.

Nominated by Civvydog

39 thoughts on “Petrol stations with supermarkets

  1. A good cunting!

    There’s a dedicated Morrison’s supermarket near me, and just across the road from there is its petrol station/mini-mart. It really bugs the crap out of me when people park at the pump, don’t bother to fill up, but take a basket and do their fucking shop in the mini-mart for 10 minutes. They then come back, load up the boot, get in the car, piss about; get out of the car and decide to fucking fill up!

    They then go back in the shop to pay, get back in the car and generally piss about for another 5 minutes before fucking off!

    Why can’t these cunts use the supermarket? Or why can’t the likes of Morrison’s just keep these mini-marts down to the very basics and not encourage people further with stacks of shopping baskets? Don’t these cunts realise that during peak times all pumps are fully loaded, with cars queued up and people wanting to get to places asap?

    It’s a PITA having to fill-up at the best of times, but to have mindless cunts just dawdling around make me want to take a pump, douse them in petrol and fire them up!


    • Dawdling. It really winds me up, especially on the road or in a supermarket aisle.

      Get the fuck on with it or get out of the way!

  2. There is no reasoning with these bastards. Just yesterday some shit for brains woman decided to park on the only way through that wasn’t a pump and then go in. Why isn’t it the custom to key these fuckers cars?

    Anything to to with cars and shopping exposes cartain personality traits in certain types of people, who I fucking swear enjoy parking inconsiderately and being general cunts.

    And surely you have to be pretty disorganised to go shopping at a petrol station?

  3. Absolutely spot on cunting has this very problem the other was out on a job for the company needed fuel normally avoid petrol stations that I know are also mini malls but in this case had to use one and sure enough to get onto a pump was ten minutes of waiting for the Cunt to do their shopping and then get back to the car faf about for an age then fuck off they had already fueled up and were not at the pump when I arrived so god knows how long they took all together.
    Then of course when I got my fuel I then had another near ten minute wait to pay.
    But the best thing was this was nearly all old cunts who have all day to do this shit and at 8.30 in the morning on a work day holding up working men while they twat around doing there weekly shop is a fucking pain in the arse.
    And 1 final thing anyone doing their shopping anywhere Don’t spend hours chatting about drivel just do your shopping pay up and fuck off be polite not exchange your life story.

  4. It’s a principle of marketing these days……..if you isolate a customer in a certain place you have to screw as much money as you can out of the cunts. I’m sure there’s a word for it but I don’t know what it is.
    I’m told that the shop is where petrol stations make most of their money and the profit margins on petrol are pretty slim. Of course this is because of the massive tax which the dirty politicians screw out of us to give away to ponces.
    It always makes me laugh when Americans moan about the price of their petrol. When you tell them the price we pay (adjusting for litres to gallons and the current exchange rate) they look at you like you are some sort of cunt.
    You know what they are thinking……..” listen mate, if you are going to make shit up at least make it believable.” If they had to pay what we pay there would be a fucking uprising.
    I fucking hate politicians……I may have mentioned that once or twice before.

    • You are not wrong, Freddie. About 4 or so years ago, “gas” as the Yanks call it topped $4 a gallon. There was meltdown here. It was like the American way of life was crumbling before people’s eyes. At least it seemed that way in Minnesota. Even at that price, it was still way cheaper than the extortion prices in the UK.

      Not rubbing it in, but petrol has been around $2.50 per gallon for ages now. That’s about £1.90 for a GALLON!!!

      Other great things about filling up here is the massive forecourts with plenty of space and everywhere has pay-at-the-pump. None of this going into the stupid store to stand in line to pay. That always infuriated me, even when I lived in the UK. Plus, the pumps have a trigger lock mechanism here, so you can insert the nozzle (ooooo matron), pull the trigger and lock it in place so you don’t have to stand there holding the fucking trigger all day. It clicks off when the tank level reaches the nozzle. Lovely jubbly.

      Doesn’t stop dicks sitting in their fucking cars picking their arses for an hour while you’re waiting to get to the pump. That type of cuntitude is universal I’m afraid.

      • Hi IY, I do believe that your “gallons” are a little smaller than ours; like a fifth less? 16 fl oz to your pint in the US, while we have 20fl oz to a pint. Something like that… All the same, your “gas” (jeeeezus!) prices appear very sensible compared to our bullshit. I always thought (was told as a child) that North Sea oil would make everything soooo fucking cheap. Governments; fuck ’em… Lying bastards…

        • Hey francis –
          I think you’re right. The Yank measures are different and less. I also remember (probably via my parents) that the discovery in the North Sea would mean cheap electricity for all. It’s sickening what lying politicians get away with.

          The tax on petrol in the UK is insane, but it’s been the same old story ever since I learned how to drive. Motorists are an easy target for taxation. It’s part of the ‘aha gotcha!’ culture that eventually drove me out of the UK. Fucking speed cameras everywhere being another motorist related example. The London ‘congestion charge’, toll lanes on some motorways….the list goes on.

          Whenever I visit ‘home’ I’m always horrified at the prices of everything and the cost of living. How do you guys cope? Cheers – IY.

  5. Currently working on a severe cunting for the neoliberal Establishment scum who rule us but thought I’d share something I wrote re: the EU before the latest Toytown shenanigans amongst the UK ‘government.’

    I was too young to vote in the1983 election but Labour, not the Tories, went into that election with a policy to leave the EEC (as was) without a referendum. Gives the lie to the notion that Brexit is some vast right-wing conspiracy rather than a civil war amongst the cuntish Establishment cunts.

    Did I mention that the Establishment are cunts?

    • I remember very well the manifesto pledge to get out asap from the then EEC. Labour in those days were very much anti globalist.
      What happened? Blair!

      • That’s cos the slimy cunts operate under one principle only: the attainment of power.

        Kinnock, John Smith (bumped off) and Blair came about as a reaction to the complete failure of Labour’s far left agenda under Michael Foot to enthuse a moderate British electorate, or even land the slightest blow on the Tory Government under Thatcher.

        Labour lost heavily in 1983, and kept on losing till John Major’s fag-end Tory Government inevitably carked in 1997, ushering in the glorious era under the Liebour new messiah…

        • Now, with Catweasel and his cronies, they’ve come full circle… except Michael Foot really was a man of principle… and a patriot… and far from thick.

          • Interesting analogy Ruff Tuff. I always did think that Foot was sincere and principalled. I agree wholeheartedly with you over the current Liebour Lineup!

  6. And why only one poor cunt serving behind the till? (two if you’re really lucky!)

    Some dopey station manager must have thought “Oh I know, it’s really busy here, so I’ll just put one person on the till. That way it will make my sales targets look good for the cunts back at HQ!”

    So the poor cunt behind the till has to deal with all these cunts waiting to be served; some of them in no rush at all, while others are spitting venom at having to wait for those dawdling twats!

    And there’s always one cunt who’s credit card doesn’t work; or they can’t remember their pin. So yet again more delays!

    And the cunt behind the till is rushing his/her fingers to the bone trying to deal with these cunts, whilst probably dying for a piss. But there’s no relief to take over because the dopey station manager is too busy playing Angry Birds in the storeroom!

  7. People who don’t utilise the length of the fuel hoses and will not fuel from the opposite side, so they hold everybody else up while they wait for a space. Cunts.
    Good morning.

  8. I never go in the shop any more unless the pay at the pump has run out of receipt paper.

  9. The peroxide bitch in front of me , surrounded by squadrons of kids cicling her like flies around dog shit, had just spent over £75 on fucking shopping! Item by fucking item went across the counter. Then came the fucking coupons! Fuck me. My piss was at boiling point especially when the packing of her bags took forever.At last! The stupid cow had finished….”Oh!” FFS, now the payment! With buzzing kids like flies around a cows arse, she goes for the purse that was buried inside a huge handbag with many compartments, and a secret fucking passageway. The card, and putting her fucking purse away, receipts and all that shite preceeded the next stage which really blew me! The kids wanted fucking sweets!!!!

    It was at that point I returned to the car and left!

    Excellent cunting civvydog, most excellent indeed !

    • Thank you, and have you noticed you can no longer buy anything car related at a garage.

      • Went to our local shitfest of a garage last weekend to buy oil for a classic car and guess what…not a drop of fucking oil for sale, only SPONGES AND SCREENWASH! Needless to say I lost my shit. Enquired with the dipshit manager as to why and he mumbled something about “there’s no call for it, so they don’t stock it”. There’s obviously a huge call to stock Dairylea cunting Triangles cus there was a whole fucking section of them! I give up. Suckers of Satans cock everyone of em.

        • Spot on Cuntbubble, our local Morrisons Petrol Station stocks as much as its supermarket! But no fucking oil or anything else ffs! I went in to get a fuse and couldn’t find fuck all except tons of Jaffa cakes!

          • Turns my piss into molten lava ASA. How can there be no demand for fuses or motor oil at a garage?? I do like a Jaffa cake now and again though.

    • There is a petrol station/shop near me. But it’s not a major supermarket, although it sells pretty well the same stuff. Never a problem! And there’s an auto parts store right next door. I don’t go near the Tesco one down the road though: it’s chaos on stilts, amplified by the foreign students who fill it during lecture breaks.

  10. The only people who should be loitering around a petrol station food section are teenage stoners in need of sugar when everything else is closed at 11.45 on a Thursday evening.

    If it’s anything more than a pack of tictacs or cigs at the counter then go to the supermarket you doss cunts!

  11. I most certainly concur with this cunting however last time it happened to me I waited 15 fucking mins from filling up and was still 4 back from the ONE till
    I wrote my address and personal mobile number on my business card along with car Reg ( also amount and pump number ) , asked the guy in front to hand to operator went out jumped in car and fucked off 20 mins later I got a call and dully paid over phone with my ccard
    They asked me not to do it again
    I indicated that I’d try
    Fuck thum !!!!!

  12. Our local petrol station (run by peacefuls) used to sell a selection of Ben Dover’s adult movies. They were on open display at the till.

    • That reminds me a few years ago I was in Eastern Europe somewhere, Czech Republic or Slovakia or somewhere. Every petrol station had a standing rack thing full of hardcore porn vids, fucking cocks going in arses mouths etc.
      In one place my mate was paying for the petrol and I was standing there looking at them but casually pretending I wasn’t. As he walked past he deliberately kicked the stand and half the videos went all over the floor. Then he walked out leaving me scrambling around picking them all up.
      Cunt thought that was funny.

  13. There was a right scuzzer parked in front of me today at the petrol station. She resembled Ma Bacon from Viz. tattooed arms, snout hanging out her gob and, of course, a fat scally tottering along behind her aka Biffa Bacon. Both clutching a mountain of sugary snacks in both arms. Once they managed to squeeze themselves into their car, the suspension nearly collapsed and the car seemed to be struggling to get up the exit slope. Fat bastards they were.

  14. Does anyone get the feeling that, with the current crop of tory resignations (and with the hunchback’s surely imminent demise) that Sajid Javit is going to be parachuted into the PM’s role, leaving us with peacefuls for both London’s mayor and Prime Minister?
    Disgusting as it sounds, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised…

    • I doubt they’ll risk not having a ‘legitimate’ leadership contest next time around…

  15. Wimmin gossiping, pissing about with their phones or their horrible brats, and babbling crap in Supermarket isles and checkout queues (like they fucking do) is bad enough… But when they start doing it at petrol station pumps (again, like they do), it is enough to boil the piss to volcanic levels… Cunts….

  16. Queue up for an age in supermarket, pay by card quickly, no probs.

    Go to same supermarket’s garage fifty yards in front, shove £25 of watered down petrol into tank, try paying by card.

    No, fuck off.

    I raised objection, pointing out that I’d used card to pay for shopping 5 minutes before.

    We’re a garage, we don’t tale cards, only cash. It’s a historic thing.

    I’m sure Cromwell would have had self-same problem. Sadly, I wasn’t carrying an axe, or I’df have gone…medieval.

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