Olly Robbins

Olly Robbins is a bit of a cunt, isn’t he?

Who’s this harmless-faced dullard? He looks about as frightening as an arse-kissing civil servant. Who is he and why is he a cunt?

Well, he’s a civil servant AND a cunt. He’s been one for over twenty years. He is Theresa May’s Brexit adviser or, to give him his full title, The incapable and unpatriotic official charged with the important task of extricating Britain from the European Union.

Admittedly, this isn’t an easy task; apparently he says he understands that his job is to carry out the orders of the government of the day as smoothly and skilfully as possible. Nonetheless, the rumours are that Robbins regards Brexit as a crisis to be managed rather than an opportunity to be seized.

Recently, Zelda May and David Davis came to blows because of a Brexit document drawn up by Oily Robbins which hadn’t even had an end date included on it.

He wants to give in on everything.

Yet Zelda’s bony backside isn’t the only place Robbins’ treacherous lips have puckered to and salivated; this genuflecting sycophant has kissed the arse of FOUR Prime Ministers: May, Cameron, Brown, and Blair, the Lord of Sith himself, have all had the felching treatment from Robbins.

Consequently, we must add this weasel’s name to the many unBritish weasels who have done so much to sabotage Brexit and we must place another spike on London Bridge awaiting another traitorous head.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

68 thoughts on “Olly Robbins

  1. Well at least that cunt Davis has grown a pair and done the decent thing. For the last few months I was thinking that he had turned remoan and was eyeing up a seat in the House of Old Traitors.
    Apparently they need 48 signatures to force a leadership election. Surely there are 48 cunts with balls in the Tory party? On the other hand it’s not as simple as that. There’s no point in getting rid of one traitorous slime mountain to replace her with another one.

    • Davis went massively up in my estimation when I found out the news. At least unlike the Maybot he’s proven that he has principles.

  2. He appears somewhat overnourished, at our expense probably.

    He has no neck; his head just transitions into the upper part of his torso. He has oleaginous smarmaduke written all over him. Cunts.

    • “He has no neck; his head just transitions into the upper part of his torso”

      That’s the first thing I thought, too! He’s like one of those body-schlock horror effects from 80s movies like The Thing or Videodrome.

      • He is the smirking fuckwit favourite nephew of Auntie Fanny (Kunt Starmer) and Auntie Mandy.

  3. Robbins and May, two arch-cunt remainers in critical positions on these negotiations and I firmly believe that both have sabotaged the whole fucking affair.

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Why, after the resignation of pig-fucker following the referendum result, did the ‘staunch’ Brexiter PM candidates all shoot themselves in the balls or rule themselves out of the leadership?

    2. Why was ghoul-in-chief, Mavis fucking May – one of the few remainers in the running – parachuted in so blatantly with party support?

    3. David Davis – a man previously considered by many in the Tory party (myself included) as a sage appointment to Brexit secretary, proceeded to carry on like a drunken absent father who forgets to take his kids to McDonalds every second Saturday and makes mistake after mistake in both talks and associated inquiries.

    4. Rees-Mogg and others – very vocal in their support for Brexit, not so vocal when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is, backing May despite apparently contrasting views on the EU issue.

    These four questions, amongst many other considerations, lead me to believe that the frontbench Tories were never truly, genuinely behind Brexit. Even Boris. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the ‘Brexiteers’ were using the vote to win over the leaver portion of the public and when the unthinkable happened, they fucking panicked.

    It’s either that, or the reality that Brexit was sabotaged from within with the deliberate appointment of Mavis.

    I swear if this fucking bullshit leads to remain or acceptance of the softest of all possible leave options, I will fucking turn my back on these cunts forevermore and vote UKIP regardless of what a mess they themselves are in.

    • The direction of travel was obvious ever since the bitch failed to throw the General Election and pass the poison chalice on to committed Remainers Labour. Olly Robbins is the real power in the phoney negotiations, he’s our cunting equivalent of the unelected commissioners in Brussels, a 5th Columnist cunt at the heart of our cunt 5th Columnist Government.

      • UKIP are the only party that truly believe in Brexit.

        Following this fucking shambles I will NEVER vote Tory again, even if it means the absolutely useless cunts Labour getting in.

        Used to vote Tory, then switched to UKIP. Fell for the “if you don’t vote for us Labour will get in” bollocks. Cannot ever forgive May and the lying treacherous cunts for what they have done.

        My vote will be firmly back with UKIP but only if Farage is pulling the strings.

        If not can say categorically I will never ever vote again, as there is seriously something wrong with the current system if both major parties are allowed to renege on their main manifesto promises.

        • Sadly WS that’s exactly what I did as well, joined UKIP in 2010 and was a member till after referendum!
          If ( when) we sign up to a unsatisfactory brexit deal I’m rejoining UKIP and voting for them in the next election!! I would rather suffer 4 years of Corbyn than a lifetime shackled to the anti democratic EU!!
          The political class have been treating the electorate with complete disdain for years! ….
          fuck them………..
          The conservatives love Corbyn as he has become their big stick!! “ we’re Cunts and ignore your will but suck it up or your gonna get jezza “ Im absolutely done with that threat……….

          • “I will NEVER vote Tory again, even if it means the absolutely useless cunts Labour getting in.”

            WS it’s up to you, but imagine if Catweazle did get into power. Not impossible. Not only are they as divided as May-Not’s Conservatives, you would have a civil war between Catweazle and his followers and the pansies who still support
            Blair and Mandelson and trying to find a way to get Banana Boy back again, you would have fucking Unite and McLuskey dictating those bits of public policy that sodding Juncker doesn’t have control of. With a few honourable exceptions (Frank Field and Kate Hoey) you would have the arse-licking motherfucking weak as piss Labour people encouraging more immigration more pansy parades and more *diversity* Labour fucked up this country for twenty years let’s not give them another chance.

        • Don’t let the cunts off that easily Willie! At least spoil your ballot paper.

          Tick every box and scrawl ALL CUNTS across it, or whatever you feel best expresses your frustration.

          UKIP don’t usually stand in my constituency, so spoiling ballot likely to be my only option.

          PS: All spoilt papers are counted and declared when result is announced.

          • By spoiling it RTC I hope you mean by wiping your arse with it? Would suggest a curry the night before……

          • That would be one way Q, – it might even have the added value of causing the cunts in neighbouring booths to throw up all over their papers, thus ensuring two or more spoilt ballots for the price of one!

          • Nice one Cap, I know we can always count on you!

            I was in a Con /Lab marginal, so felt it my duty to keep Catweasel out. But thanks to Mrs May’s Strong and Stable campaign, I might not have bothered. We went from having a reasonable Con MP to a rabid Labour Remoaner… in a constituency that voted 60/40 Leave.

            It’ll be ALL CUNTS for me next time around… unless UKIP decide to stand.

      • I’d happily vote for UKIP with Gerard Batten at the helm.

        About the only politician with even a remotely common sense point of view.

        O’course that makes him a waycist, homophobic Nazi according to the cunts at the Groaniad and AL-BB-CERA!

        • I have spent the last few years voting for the lesser of two evils when frankly neither has been up to the job.

          In the last election I voted Tory as I felt they would be better than Labour at getting a good Brexit deal (despite both saying they would leave the single market and customs union), and I trusted them ahead of Labour. Well, I was wrong on that score and as the song goes wont get fooled again.

          Fed up with voting for fucking arseholes- whether it be a cretinous arsehole wankers as with Labour or a privileged cretinous arsehole as with the Tories. Both parties are fucking shit and I feel do not deserve my vote.

          I want to vote for a party or individual I can believe in, and don’t see why I should have to vote for the least damaging arseholes.

          I will certainly not vote again until the system is reformed (and the parties must carry out their manifesto pledges with a set period of time), or until Nigel (whom at the moment I trust to do as he says) is at the helm. Someone like Donald Trump. Someone with a decent track record of being strong and stable, not just because they keep saying they are.

          So long as we continue to vote for second best nothing will ever, ever change.

          I hate Labour with a passion (they must be the worst bunch of useless misfits ever to represent opposition) but also now the Tories for what they are doing and the needless fucking pain and anguish they continue to put the democratic winners of the EU referendum through.


          • I would have triggered Article 50 the day after the referendum and told the EU we’d be leaving in 1 month and the money stops immediately, along with free movement, excepting the people already here. There would have been brown pants all round Brussels and Berlin. I would have then given the cunts a list of what we want and the fucking negotiators would never have been needed.

        • Willie, never has that adage her truer: The lesser of two evils is still evil.

          Like being offered piss-on-toast or a turd sarnie.

    • Voting UKIP might not be such a waste anymore considering the recent surge in membership from Sargon, Dankula and PJW joining.

      • And Gerard Batten makes a fine, articulate leader. He should have taken over from Farage… before all that bollocks with Diane James and that tit Hookem punching Steven Wolfe’s lights out. Cunts.

  4. I’d definitely have this smarmy, traitorous, oily bastard pegged out at low tide. A maggot, eating away democracy from within.
    I hope he gets raped by a pack of wild dogs,although looking at him he might enjoy it. Freak.
    Good morning.

  5. Corbyn PM by Christmas. Get your cards posted early as every fucker will be on strike.

  6. The country is full of treasonous Euro-Copulators strategically placed within positions of influence.
    In history, a powder keg is often ignited when frustration boils over the edge, and that is exactly what is likely to happen in this situation.

    I deplore violence, but recognize that there are some occasions when it may be necessary. Revolutions have such a poor record of return, but there are occasions when the tearing down of a corrupt, immoral and malignant political Class reaps a significant reward, and a benefit and better way of life returns.

    We have NO Party of opposition in this country. Instead we have all three major parties committed to the continued prostitution of our country, and the desire to serve as a vassel of the Reich.

    If Britain is to survive this “darkest hour” then we must be prepared to go where we have never gone before. End the Parliamentary System as it is today. And if force should be necessary? then so be it!

    • In this digitally enabled age it’s time we moved forward and embraced a genuine, fully democratic system of government.

      But first we have to rid ourselves of the current system of Privileged Mediocracy. A Velvet Revolution?… I’d pray so… but… oh what the fuck.

  7. Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy should be included in this cunting. They are May’s advisors and both seem to be Remainers. So add in Oily Roberts and you see how committed to Leave May is.

    • Hill and Timothy resigned as her advisors soon after they failed to lose her the election last year. They were subsequently replaced by Gavin Barwell, and to an increasing extent Robbie Gibb, a former BBC executive who was charged with overhauling the Downing Street press operation to make it “more proactive in dealings with journalists.”

  8. Private school, Oxford, straight into the Civil Service followed by years of licking arse, shuffling paper and sucking on the taxpayers’ swollen tits.
    Unelected self-entitled fucking ponce. No wonder he loves the EU.

  9. Jeremy Cunt just appeared on Sky News.

    Usual bollocks in that this will be a great deal for the UK (!!!!!) and that “our opponents (assume he meant Labour) would not be able to negotiate such an acceptable Brexit deal for the British public as the Conservatives.

    And he said this all with a straight face. Fucking pathetic arsehole.

    This country desperately needs an alternative pro Brexit party as both Tory and Labour (who both stipulated in their manifestos that if you vote for us we will leave the Single market and customs union) are a load of treacherous, lying, undemocratic, spineless cunts.

    • Jeremy Cunt has basically been the Tory rectum-cleaner for nearly a decade.

  10. The fucking mirth on Victoria Derbycunts face this morning over Davies resignation is sickening.

    Another cunt for traitors gate!

    • Nicky Campbell was the same on 5 Live. You could practically hear the delight in his voice the fucking gargoyle cunt.

      • The only Tory cunt who is laughing is probably Esther McVey, who clearly lied through her teeth saying the opposite of what was written on a report in front of her. If she is so stupid she cannot understand simple English, she has no right to be in the Cabinet and should fuck off back to radio and TV where all the other talentless twats hang out.

  11. Jeremy hunt is the sort of Cunt if he told you your house was on fire you would wait to get a second opinion!!! A treacherous leach of a man! But I think May has encouraged cunts like him and Nicky Morgan etc etc to stir the shit!! Whilst she sat back and drove negotiations into the wall….. For me MAY is by far the biggest TURD in the conservative swamp!!

  12. A cancerous swamp of treacherous cunts,as said previously I will never ever vote again……

  13. I just payed £30 to join Ukip, might be a waste of time but I ain’t voting for the other parties ever again after this debacle. David Davis has done the honourable thing , I hope other Tories follow his example but I doubt it. Fucking bunch of slippery weasels one and all.

  14. Raab?

    Panic stations.

    You had your chance May and you fucked it.

    Pathetic response only trying to save your own skin.

    It is surely only a matter of time before you are toast.

    Useless bitch.

  15. Makes no difference who is Brexit secretary. All terms come from May and her circle of remoaners.

    • I bet old Dominic Grieve had a good wank this morning self-righteous old motherfucker

      • Indeed, probably more than a “standard, run-of-the-mill 9 o’ clock wank” (Derek & Clive)

        And I bet Branston was wanking all over his fuckin train set. The cunt.

  16. Cuntservatives or Liebour……who or how do you vote. What a magnitude of cuntness this cuntry has dropped into. Probably aren’t enough words to describe the politicians…..so I guess YOU ARE CUNTS will be suffice. Trump may be a cunt at times, and that has been said many times but oh how I wish we had a leader who would at least stick to some of their manifesto.

    • Yep – Trump is morally bankrupt as a human being but at least he’s keeping his election promises. Can’t say that about the rest of them.

  17. Well, she always said that Brexit means Brexit. It still does but it’s just not what we’re getting.

  18. It seems that DD was absolutely fucking furious that if he didn’t go along with Theresa May at chequers He would have literally have had to get a cab home !. There were mini cab company cards left lying around . Lol.

    • I suspect DDs resignation will do to Mrs May-Not what Nigel Lawson and Geoffrey Howe’s did to Maggie, but god we need Maggie now – she would have seen off cunts like Soubry, Grieve and the EU officials. One look from her and they would have shit in the pants.

      • She would have had their balls in her handbag ,had time to sink the General Belgrano and put her feet up for the England game.

  19. I have some pity for the good and decent politicians who do a lot for their local communities. Unfortunately they just get trampled underfoot by the Bigwigs in Westminster or the House of Duffers. When I was 18 (the Thatcher years) I knew why I voted. 30 odd years later I have no idea. None of the parties are interested in the “hard working ordinary people” of this country. They’re only interested in the rich and influential people and making the right contacts so that when the time comes to move on from politics they can secure a nice Consultancy job or get on a board of directors in some multinational. The country is crumbling around us but It would appear to be more important to push through a vote giving sealions the right to not balance a ball on its nose. I may have made that up but you get the point. The ordinary person in this country is screwed. No one stands up for us anymore. And beware the furore over England’s (deserved) success in the World Cup. A good time to hide bad news as someone once said. And over 350 years later, the following resonates:

    “It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

    Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

    Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.
    In the name of God, go! ”

    Oliver Cromwell – April 20, 1653

  20. “For all Power given with trust for the attaining an end, being limited by that end, whenever that end is manifestly neglected, or opposed, the trust must necessrily be forfeited, and the power devolve into the hands of those that gave it, who may place it anew where they shall think best for their safety and security”. -John Locke


  21. Don’t be distracted by the gluttonous, sponsored-by-Greggs walrus face, this oily cunt has the heart and soul of a rodent.

  22. Wouldn’t it be great if would force politico cunts (at all levels) take the hypocratic oath – “First, do no harm.” – and make it legally binding.

    Of the 600-odd cunts in both houses of Cuntminster we’d probably be down to 1/2doz who weren’t doing porridge for breach of oath!

    • I think you mean the 1,400 “odd cunts I both houses of Cuntminster”, don’t you?

      650 in the Commons, 800 in the Lords.

      Your final figure of half a dozen sounds about right though.

  23. A Dunkirk moment again for the UK, but this fucking bunch of cunts are not
    going to fight anyone on the beaches because they hav’nt got a Winston this
    time. These cunts have already surrendered.
    All the British Heroes of old must be turning in their graves.

  24. Boris gone now. Most of you are old enough to remember – isn’t this how Thatcher got taken down?

    • The difference being that Thatcher was a “strong and stable” leader whereas Mavis is “weak and rickety”.

      Thatcher was also stabbed in the back by a bunch of duplicitous cunts including John “Bull” Major and Ovaltine who – surprise, surprise – are showing their true colours yet again (alongside Cuntosaurus Rex Clarke) in paying democracy lip-service when it doesn’t suit their EU pension fund agenda!

      Also under Maggie we actually had a tory government. Since Major we’ve basically had a miasma of nothingness ever since, especially during Britain’s 2nd Dark Age of 1997-2010 when our sovereignty was handed over to the rest of the world while giving the Agincourt salute to the UK tax-payer, the UK tax-payer funding the EU’s Kalergi final solution.

      Give me the 80’s back in a heartbeat! “Boom and Bust!” the faux left will say but at least we got the odd “Boom!” under Maggie’s tenure as opposed to “Bust and Bust!” we’ve enjoyed since.

      O’course that has nowt to do with free movement, lax (i.e. non-existent) immigration policy, etc.

      Houses, school places and NHS beds simply disappeared. There was no increase in demand, to intimate thus is waycist.

      Get bent! Cunts!

      • She was far from blameless, but she was at least a strong leader with guts… you at least knew where you stood with her.

        Main architect of the Single Market you know. Not a lot of Brexiteers like to acknowledge that…

        • I have no issue with the single market, it’s all the other shite that comes with it like free movement of people (which will include most of Africa soon after the Marakesh Agreement – can’t wait!) and having to bow to 4th Reich law.

          It was the weak fuckers who succeeded her who gifted that away!

  25. Unfortunately more common sense by Gerard Batten…


    …not covered in the Groaniad or AL-BB-CERA (surprise, surprise) but funnily enough reported on RT.

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have to rely on Russian news to get the full story rather than the socio-globo-libero group-think mantra pushed by the (fake) news organisations here in the UK.

    What a disgrace!

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