Justine Greening [2]

EMERGENCY CUNTING – The lovely, delectable Justine Greening is calling for a second EU referendum.

Three options. Option 1- Theresa May’s “fudged deal”, Option 2- Leave with No Deal, Option 3 (you’ve guessed it) is to Remain in the EU.

Well Justine, you stupid bitch we have ALREADY voted, and we (the majority) voted to LEAVE so absolutely no need for a second vote. Article 50 has been triggered, and we are leaving. As the EU threatened us initially “once article 50 has been triggered it cannot be reversed and there is no going back” (unless it looks like you are not sure and then perhaps it can be reversed).

To cite a game show we were told that a Deal (means we stay) or a No Deal (means we leave). No third alternative.

As in another game show to quote Anne Robinson (in the event of No Deal) suggest we tell the EU quite simply that you can Fuck right off, and “that you leave with nothing”.

If only we had someone in government willing to step up to the plate and tell these EU cunts what they can do. After all, its only our fucking country at stake.

I cannot put into words how much I hate our politicians for what they are doing to this country and to my (and other peoples) mental health.


Nominated by Willie Stroker

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  1. Well said Willie,
    How often have you heard this tripe?
    “Result could have been different” – and if your Auntie had a pair of balls she would be your uncle. Cameron did everything humanly possible including a £9m tax payer funded 1 page flyer, Gideon spoke of an “emergency budget”, Soros, the irritable bowel Gina Miller, The equally disturbingly irritable Bliar, his more than irritable chum Alistair Campbell, Mandy Mandelson – the cheating ex Liebour shill, the Kinnocks (thats 2 for the price of 2 on all EU expenses) and all the failed UK politicians and a host of snouts fearful of losing their place at the Brussels trough including the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation – all told us it would be another millennium bug – remember that? Planes would fall out of the sky, your toaster wouldnt work, all the ATM’s would spit out free cash, the world as we knew it could end – did it? No it didnt. Project fear has a full time team working on the next scare story to put the fear of God into us – web pages / facebook pages / advertising campaigns all aimed at railroading the democratic will of the people. We were asked one question – in or out – no PTO for the next question or a set of supporting choices – customs unions, single market, compulsory clown service or holidays in Slough, your house full of twigs when you got home or a sex ban. Then the remoaners made out that those who voted leave werent smart enough to understand the question, never mind form their own opinions and vote out of the corrupt EU then forming a bid for a Federal Europe complete with its own army and of course the currency – being falsely propped up by disgraceful manipulative thieves like Soros and his globalist shills. Did anyone think the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) got all solvent overnight? That Merkel needs a lift to absorb >1.5m unskilled, low intelligence high benefit reliant African economic migrants? The Europeans have only needed us when they are skint or being invaded. There are more non contributing highly cash draining Countries joining from the old Eastern bloc as “new Europeans” – aka goat bothering sheep farmers who see free cash on offer to update their barns into habitable dwellings to flog on at a later date. No thank you – I, along with >17.5m other decided we will plough our own furrow in future and if we make a few mistakes along the way we will do as the English have always done – suck it up, learn from the mistake and move on. We dont need to be stuck in the same pair of welllies as 27 other smelly feet. Fuck them and a plague on all their houses. The silent majority have almost had enough. If you rile a worm long enough it will turn on you and we have been poked and prodded, threatened and subdued, insulted and ridiculed. These fucking idiots think they can persist sine di until we agree on a “peoples referendum” – we had one. It was called withdrawal from the European Union thereby resulting in the invocation of article / rule 50. The country is a tinderbox at the moment I don’t trust a cunt in either houses to tell the truth with the exception or JRM and even old Boris to a point. But like Hitler’s Generals in operation Valkyrie von Stauffenberg and other conspirators attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler, Führer of Nazi Germany, inside his Wolf’s Lair field headquarters near Rastenburg, East Prussia. They were so few in numbers that they were rounded up and shot. I don’t think Jacob would see a firing squad but he is clever enough to know that if couldn’t raise enough support why would he risk his political life? One thing for sure and for which I will be eternally grateful he has the populace of the working men at heart. He needn’t, his companies he is associated with stand to lose a shit more outside of the EU than in it. But that’s his old school upbringing God and the country before personal gain and doing the RIGHT thing. I see the “plan” developing into an already agreed agenda and May will capitulate to all the demands of the EU but word it as though we got everything. At that point the 49 needed to call for a vote of no confidence will appear but I don’t expect to see that until 30th March next year. May is a useful patsy right now and (unwittingly) leaving herself wide open to a Thatcher style “night of the long knives” – Now Maggie – whatever your hue or preference she didn’t fuck about with them and the lady was not for turning. In a year she would have had this boxed off and leaving the likes of Junker / Macron / Merkel /Barnier / Tusk looking like they had just had new arseholes reamed. Come on JRM – hell even take the Farage on board for practical knowledge and advice. He wont let you down. This country of ours has had several kickings down the centuries but we refuse to lie down – at least the English refuse to lie down. That will be the acid test – do we tell them to fuck off, WTO trade rules and not a penny in compensation beyond what has already been paid for what has been done. Fuck the lot of the spineless unpatriotic lily livered cunts who want a EFU – European Federal Union. The EU “army” was the last straw. Apologies to my fellow cunters for wasting time reading that which you will never get back again but I am past the boiling purple piss stage – and past caring about who knows it 😉

    • One of the best replies I have ever read on these hallowed pages. Kudos, my fellow Patriot.

    • Fucking excellent again Cunto and again something I could’ve wrote myself. That’s 2 pints in due you in the fires of hedes. You speak for your fellow Englishmen.. no cunt is speaking for me up here ….no one.

    • Kev, ASA, Rebel, Willie and squint.
      Rare praise indeed my fellow cunters and thanks for the replies. Much appreciated and if you make Hades before me quint – its a bottle of Kraken to go with our fiery surroundings 😉

    • Excellent ! Hats off to you both, WS and Cunto.

      Was on the point of cunting this douchebag meself.

      We don’t want or need a new referendum.

      A new PM is what we need.

  2. That’s the sneakiest suggestion so far if you think about it. Give us a three way vote with two leave options. Split the leave vote in two and remain wins on a first post the post basis.

    Very very sneaky…

    • All May needs to do is start talking income tax cuts if we remain and income tax hikes if we leave.

      That would certainly help the remain vote in the period leading up to a second referendum.


    • Why should we even entertain the very idea of another referendum proposed by someone who clearly can’t except or understand the result of the one we have already had?

    • We should never agree to a second referendum as I am in no doubt and I am serious about this, that they would fix the result. I no longer trust the establishment after the way they have behaved since we voted leave,

  3. What is it with lesbian and homosexual politicians and their love of the EU – Greening and Alan Duncan, Mandy, Ben Bradshaw, Wes Streeting and several iffy sorts.

    I should have thought, considering how *superior* poofties think they are, they would have been put off last week when Juncker the figurehead of that corrupt organization was yet again shown to be pissed as a fart. having to be held up by that other old cunt Merkel.

    • And what is it with all these heterosexual politicians and their love of the EU?

      And odd that Nigel Evans (Tory poof) and David Coburn (UKIP poof) are so off message.

  4. The country has already voted to Leave, therefore Remain cannot be a legitimate option in any fresh referendum before we have left. That leaves two legitimate options:

    1. Accept the deal (however bad) as negotiated with the EU by the UK Government.

    2. Leave on WTO rules.

    Once we have left there would be nothing to stop pro EU cunts campaigning to join the EU.

    Then, maybe once we’ve been out for 43 years, we could hold another referendum in 2063.

    That would be fair. After all, Leave campaigners had to wait 43 years to get their In /Out referendum…

    • I think the 2 options should be:
      1- Leave on WTO rules and let the EU get on with it.
      2- Get rid of May. Install Rees-Mogg or Farage as PM. Broadcast, live on all terrestrial, satellite and cable channels a telephone conference call between the new PM and Juncker, Merkel and Macron. During this call, they will all be called a cunt at least a dozen times, whilst being told they can fuck RIGHT off , we’re going and that’s that. Make a permanent installation, flying over the Houses of Parliament, of a 200-foot dirigible in the form of a penis, with the faces of Juncker, Merkel, et al on it. Declare war on Belgium, and bomb the fucking place flat. Then ring Merkel and tell her she’s fucking next. And if the Frogs don’t like it, we’ll meet those gay Campari-drinking cunts halfway across the channel to see who’s fucking who.

  5. Mavis is in shit street, make no mistake about it. Obviously the leavers don’t want her shitty arse licking deal and the remoaner traitors don’t want it either. That’s before the EU have got hold of it, laughed in her face, and told her to go and fuck herself.
    As for Juncker, the cunt, if I had 24 hour access to free booze i’d be pissed most of the time too.

  6. You know, it’s sad when the President of the United States cares more for us than our own politicians do. Fuck off Greening you authoritarian, democracy hating shitheel.

  7. I want five more referendums, they’re such fun. Or nine, let’s have nine. Or eleven.

    I disagree, Willie Stroker, I completely disagree. She’s neither “lovely” nor “delectable.” I think she looks like Clint Eastwood in a wig.

    Let’s have seventeen referendums.

  8. Oh, and I’m calling it now – UKIP will be the next party of government. People are sick of the Tories, Corbynmania has died off more or less completely and with UKIP’s resurgence it feels like the perfect time for them to sneak a shock victory and put the self serving elites in their place.

  9. If you look closely at Greening’s teeth, you will see the curious gaps formed whilst munching the rug.

  10. What I would like to know is what makes these self-serving cunts think that anyone’s mind has changed on either side of the argument?

    Everyone I know who voted leave would still vote leave. Everyone I know who voted remain would still vote remain. So what’s changed? Nothing.

    As Dio intimates this is a cynical ploy by the Cuntminster traitors (whiffs of Mandy’s KY Jellied fingers) to split the leave vote because they know if even 5% go one way or the other then the remain vote wins by proxy.

    Do you think we’re fucking mad and so fucking gullible to fall for such a ruse!

    Justine please feel free to fuck off and get Mandy’s hand out of your cunt because he’s obviously working you like fucking Orville!

    Treacherous cunt!

  11. Just after the Great Referendum Result was announced I told every cunt that would listen that there was no way that the European Union of Cunts or the NWO Plutocracy would allow a vital linchpin like GB to stray off piste. With the help of Quislings they would make sure they didnt lose their favourite dumping ground for all the worlds dross.Slowly but surely I am sadly being proved a prescient cunt.

    • Not to mention the £10billion NET payments we piss down their shitter every year for FUCK ALL in return.

      And Trump is right: we should sue their butts off for misappropriation of the £450billion+ net we’ve paid in since 1973.

      • What do you mean ‘we get nothing in return’? They give about 40% of our contributions back to us so people think the EU fund projects in the UK. The fucking BBC reported some initiative being launched in the UK recently by saying it was funded by the tax payer , private enterprise AND the EU. As if the EU funds were not tax payer funds in the first fucking place. This is how dumb cunts are misled.

        • @JCG

          I was referring to our NET contribution, for which we receive nothing… except perhaps a seat at the top table.

          You are thinking of our GROSS contribution (approx £14billion!), out of which the EU returns around £4billion to fund various projects and subsidies in the UK.

    • I agree, I never thought the UK would be allowed to leave.

      The EU doesn’t want it, our politcians don’t want to leave, those that control the politicians (financial industry and big buisness that dictate EU policy in their own vested interest favour) don’t want the UK to leave.

      Also please remember that the majority of policy research that eventually gets on to the legislative books come from supranational organisations (the UN an the numerous subordinate UN research organisations amogst others) that the UK subscribes to.

      Thus even if the UK did leave in a hard brexit the UK would still enact legislation based on research and advice from these organisations same as the EU and much of the western world. So much for UK sovereignty….

      • Plus the Civil Service and practically every virtue signalling Celebricunt and their Shih Tzu don’t want the UK to leave.

  12. Let’s hope she appears on BBC QT this week to defend her arsehole suggestion in front of an angry audience, and so I have another reason not to tune in.

  13. Question Time has finished for the “season.” Our hardworking MPs will soon be on their hols, swanning around the world, living it up like cunts.
    Leaving aside the odd Muzzie massacre or a major riot at “Carnival” ( don’t say THE Carnival, that’s raaay-sist ) we won’t be seeing them again for a while. Of course some remoaner fuckers will always be around to pump out the daily dose of propaganda.

  14. Is’nt Greening the stupid cunt who wanted children to self identify their gender?
    Anyway, below my take on the ballot paper:-

    Leave EU
    Pay billions to EU as goodwill gesture
    Give financial support to the 32 000 gnomes of Brussels, multiple unelected presidents, vice presidents and officials until the EU decides fair is fair in 2073
    Scotland remains in EU
    Out of consideration for out Irish friends let NI stay in EU

  15. “We kicked a ball around and won now give us your country bigots” Almost a quarter of a million likes on a call for white genocide. Farewell Western Europe https://i.redd.it/93tqyyyk57a11.jpg Essentially. To cut out xenophobia and racism is to self-destruct

    • The mindset of somebody who thinks that football is everything instead of just a game. Doesn’t matter if they can kick a ball around – the need for national security supersedes it.

  16. Funny, that. Kicking some ball means they are all good athletes but countless terror attacks don’t mean that they’re terrorists. In fact, the countless Islamic terror attacks means that ZERO Muslims are terrorists. Look at Bataclan. 130+ people gunned down like animals, tortured and mutilated in the theater, and what was the response to that? Literally doubling down on the mass migration agenda and that’s it.

    People who kick a ball while fallaciously representing your nation and its historical values won a game so therefore any valid criticism regarding your systematic replacement is hereby rendered invalid

  17. On Wednesday, a Mr. Blair will be meeting with Frans Timmermans, vice-president of the European Commission. Not the first time he and his taxpayer-funded minders gone to discuss scuppering Brexit with EU bureaucratic specialists, and well outside the official loop.
    (scroll down to July 18th)

    Why is an unelected busybody with no official status or designated function in the negotiations permitted to stick his scaly rat-like snout into this very delicate process?

    • Blair said openly a while ago he is actively working to stop Brexit, the sheer arrogance and determination of Blair, Soubry etc is unbelievable.

      • Makes you think that someone in Brussels might have (deniably) dangled a well-paid position in front of them, doesn’t it? Blair’s motivators are
        1. Being Important
        2. Money

        I note that his much-hyped initiative ‘Breaking the Climate Deadlock’, arising from his grandstanding at Gleneagles and aimed at the 2008 G20 meeting lasted three years and then sank without trace: not a cheep out of him on climate change since. Didn’t pay, might have impacted the thousands of miles he flies annually, potential lucrative contacts few and those well aware that he knows fuck-all about it.

        Greening may be part of a plot to ditch May.

        • Don’t forget he wants to be President of Europe.

          Also he wants to make sure that the EU gravy train rolls full steam ahead for him, his odious wife and obviously repellent children.

  18. J. O’ Briern has just offered this analogy. You make an offer for a house, then you have the survey done, which discovers numerous faults but you just decide to buy it anyway. The debate we have been having since the referendum is the ‘survey’ and the faults found have been numerous. Do we just plough on regardless? Any validity in that?

    • James O’cunt is obsessed with Brexit the amount of times he links every disaster or problem to Brexit is embarrassing, he is a triple distilled cunt of the highest purity. Oh and he is a cunt.

    • None at all. The pre Referendum debate was the equivalent of a survey. Remain pointed out all the relevant ‘faults’ (project fear). The people took them on board and voted accordingly.

      Besides, I have never bought a house where ALL the faults were revealed in the survey. His analogy is shit, yet more evidence of O’Brian’s increasingly hysterical sleight of hand attempts to prove black is white and blue passports and fish were the only reason anyone voted to Leave. Can only be a matter of time before he completely cracks up on air.

    • I heard that wank analogy two years ago. I’ve heard Blair and Cleggy use it and many other cunts. We’re not buying a fucking house, we’re moving out of a 50 year old caravan that has rusted to fuck and has rain pouring through the roof. The once beautiful park it sits in is now occupied by third world scum living in tents and stealing anything they can lay their hands on.
      Cunts like O’Shithead want us to stay there……he doesn’t want us moving next door to him and spoiling his view.

    • O’Shithead is now tying himself up in knots, attempting to fool his audience into thinking the EU Commissioners “were in fact democratically elected…” FFS!

      It’s ok Messrs Cuntley & Stroker, I’m switching channel to A Place In The Sun right now… honest.

      • James O’Cunt is such a cunt I sometimes find myself listening to him even though he winds me up. Its like drugs you know its bollocks but you still take them now and again. I cant wait till we ‘leave’ the EU I think he’ll have a break down live on air. I might even phone in and wind the cunt up.

        • I am hoping O’Shithead fires a gun Into his own mouth on Brexit day.Then I will tune into his funking awful show.

    • Just like the analogy they all use about you can t leave the golf club but still come back and play the course when you want…..eh ok but we were a lion share contributory to the club house, grounds and 19th hole bar/ restaurant you cunts so how’s about you buy us out of them before we leave eh?
      Think that was trumps angle.

      Spoken to like shit from our own remainin cunts analogys like the above when they ate easily dispelled

      Been a hard 2 years

        • And the ‘divorce’ analogy they first tried to spin it as: did they then suggest all the assets should be split down the middle? Did they fuck. Besides, the EU never put a penny into the ‘marriage’ that we didn’t provide them with in the first place!

          Though it looks like we’ll be stuck paying plenty of alimony for the foreseeable future.

          Btw, seems that Appeaser lied about Trump’s advice. He didn’t advise her to sue the EU, he advised her to simply walk away and let them sue us. Duplicitous cunt.

          • and the ‘bar bill’ analogy. What fucking bar bill ? What the fuck have we obtained which we haven’t paid for ? Daft duplicitous cunts.

    • No a better analogy would be after years of uninvited neighbours running your household you decide to throw them out and run your own affairs,

    • @Richard1 No, we’re returning to our old family house (home). We’ve lived here all our lives. It’s the place we love and where we belong. But some new peaceful neighbours have moved into the street.

  19. What a pile of cunt this whole Brexit is becoming.
    Its really shown what cunts we have in desperate remainers, totally useless cunt politicians and the EU cunts whose cuntitude I dont need to mention.
    I blame that cunt Cameron as if he was’nt a decent PM he would have stayed, triggered article 50 immediatley and steered the ship to safe waters. Nah the sulking cunt resigned straight away and left us with this mess. How can he caall for a referendum and fuck off when it doesnt go his way? What a cunt. So we are where we are, at the end of the day May will be left there to see it through then they’ll get rid of her and Boris will be PM. I cant decide if it’ll be a do deal and WTO or business (EU and UK) will step in and tell the cunts to sort it out. Either way it’ll be a long drawn out cunt of a situation. I cannot believe how embarrassing this negotiation has become for us, someone with some bollocks needs to step up and tell the EU to fuck off and they would go down in history as a great leader…May is totally out of her depth and both sides know it.

    • Cameron was a committed Remainer. You expected him to suddenly become a committed Leaver?

      No, he gambled and lost, and probably did the right thing by resigning.

      It all became terminal when Leadsom was nobbled and a Remainer was crowned PM. We then expected a Remain Government /Parliament /Civil Service to carry out the will of the people by enacting a proper Brexit, something that 85% of them were ideologically opposed to. It was always bound to come to this, and the worst is yet to come.

      • Cameron is the worst of the whole bunch. We had the grotesque sight of a British P.M crawling around Europe like some overfed Oliver Twist begging some unelected foreign nobodies to pretend that they’d made concessions,when in fact they’d treated him with the contempt that he deserved.
        He enacted Project Fear which was the greatest disinformation exercise every organized by a British government. It was blatant contempt for the British people.
        He only agreed to the referendum because he thought that he would go down in history as the Tory who settled the European question once and for all….Great job,you chinless wonder.
        He reneged on his promise to sign Article 50 promptly,as he had promised. Instead he threw his silver-spoon out of his pram and ran away leaving a country divided as never before. He lacked the guts to even clean up his own shit.
        He is a pathetic,cowardly disgrace. I detest him.

        Good Afternoon. RTC.

        • A very good afternoon to you too Dick.

          Don’t disagree with any of that… though find it hard to imagine we’d be in a better position now if Cameron hadn’t resigned.

          Might have been different though if we’d had a Government genuinely committed to leaving. Even then they’d be up against almost impossible odds.

          From this point on I’m only interested in how things effect No.1. Brexit or no Brexit, this fucking country (and the rest of Europe) is finished.

      • Cameron was told to resign so that hi pledge of activating article 50 immediately would not happen since the new leader would be able to claim ‘I never said that’.

  20. Dear god, that pic of Greencunt reminds me Jabba the fucking hutt – just look at the gob on that!

    I bet she’s taken a few cocks to have gob as big as that in her career!

    • Thought that she bats for the other side?

      Perhaps switched teams somewhere along the way.

      • Well she’s a “woman” with no principles, and is probably only a rug muncher when it suits. (unless she’s gone down on that fat useless cunt Abbott)

  21. I’ve never trusted politicians. Bunch of weasels as far as I was concerned,but even I’m struggling to get my head around the sheer treachery proposed by this government. They have deliberately lied,mislead and cheated in order to betray the majority who won the referendum.
    I know it might be stupid,but I’d always thought of the Tory party as more ….”patriotic” is probably the wrong word,but certainly more likely to have a “Make Britain Great Again” attitude..a more selfish,slightly jingoistic attitude,if you will. However,the Tory party has shown itself to be stuffed with career politicians who have no concept of honour,duty or patriotism. They are small,petty careerists who put their own selfish aims above those of the people who they are meant to represent.
    We always knew that Blair and Mandelson were pro-Europe. They never made any secret of it. What really gets me is the politicians who assured us that they would “deliver” Brexit…red lines and all. Johnson is just a blustering Gobshite who would say or do anything to advance his career. He is a distraction. May, however,is nothing more than a traitor. If she did not believe in “Brexit”,she should never have taken over promising to honour the result.
    Cameron called for the referendum to try and finally end the splits in the Tory party caused by Europe. Since that announcement the Tory party have done nothing but expose themselves as the bunch of venal bastards that I always suspected.
    I feel utterly betrayed and disenfranchised. I actually have more respect for the anti-brexiteers who made their position clear from the start than I do for the “leaders”who promised Brexit,continue to promise Breexit whilst all the time working against it. They are the scum. They are Quislings in the truest sense of the word….infact they’re worse,because they continue to piss down our backs and tell us that it’s actually raining. May and her cohorts,and make no mistake,Johnson and Gove included,are two-faced charlatans unfit for public office.

    Fuck them.

    • They all sing from the same Bildercunter hymn sheet,all dance to the same tune of that thieving shyster Cunt of Cunts György Schwartz,if anyone refuses the 30 pieces of silver they are quickly declared mad or deluded or vanish as if by magic from the airwaves, its all a huge pile of cunt but the saddest thing of all is that we are all Cunts for sitting idly by and watch it unfold

    • Spot on Dio.You clearly show the intentions of this opportunistic cunt to a tee.

  22. Migration from EU to UK lowest for 4 years says ONS


    Sorry but do not believe a single word of what the government says any more.

    The timing of this announcement is obviously predictable and utterly pathetic. Government treating it’s electorate like gullible fools.

    Sooner they are replaced the better.

    My next door neighbour (who voted to Remain) was in town recently and told me he did not hear a single English voice (other than from behind a shop counter). He is as fed up with the situation as the rest of us.

    Perhaps if you do choose to believe the statistics (which I don’t) it is because most of the useless fuckers are already here.

    • “Migration from EU to UK lowest for 4 years”

      Dont matter in the slightest, the damage has already been done,so many cunts already over here that even if the Russkies nuked Londonicunt there would still be at least a couple of million of em running around in the rest of the Cuntry, well the PlutoCunts wanted cheap labour and they got so much of it that in the end they’re gonna choke on it the greedy cunts

  23. So we’re only gaining 100,000 a year. Whoop de do!
    No, I don’t believe a fucking word of it either. Proven liars and crooks……fuck them all to hell!

  24. The eu and every fucking remainer and supporter in Europe need to seriously get fucked.
    Need some tall trees and short ropes

  25. Greening earned this cunting.Clearly showing her remainer allegiances. this is the woman who promoted gender neutrality while in public office.Cant wait to see the bitch lose her seat at the next election.A traitor to both science and democracy.

  26. I am so sick of these remoaners.They gave us a vote now are against it as the plebs no longer back them.Time to drain the swamp well and truly.

    The right wing Tories and Labour and lib dem leavers should join with Ukip and inflict a backlash the establishment that they will never forget or recover from.

    • Sean

      This country desperately needs a credible 3rd party who is in favour of Brexit. Nigel to head it up or to play a significant role, attracting any defecting right wing Tories plus anyone else who wants to get the fuck out of the EU. Having said that cannot see Boris or David working happily under Nigel.

      They will already have 52% of the vote, plus more I suspect, who after all of the shite that has gone on and who have seen the EU for what they truly are now ready to switch from Remain to Leave. This is why I suspect there not be a second referendum. In my opinion there should not be one anyway.

      In my heart of hearts I suspect there will be far more who change this way than from Leave to Remain.

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