Haribo adverts

In the overall scheme of things more of a minor irritation than anything else.

Haribo adverts. The ones where the ridiculous adults are given stupid children’s voices, and the children are given adult voices.

Aware that the advert is directed primarily at children who find it amusing however it gets on my tits and the fact some advertising agency was probably paid a small fortune makes me even more angry.

Remember when adverts used to be relatively clever, memorable and contained some artistic merit.

Apart from the Moneysupermarket ads (which I like but am aware some ISAC regulars hate with a passion), most adverts now are for funeral insurance plans, charity appeals, gambling, PPI, accident lawyers and pay day loans.

Cannot really tolerate any adverts nowadays, but advertising agencies, if you want your adverts to stand out and not annoy the fuck out of everyone show some fucking imagination for gods sake.

Nominated by Willie Stroker

53 thoughts on “Haribo adverts

  1. As a kid, used to ADORE Connie Booth in the Schweppes Tonic Water ad.
    THAT was clever, and had great fap-peal for my then junior perv self.

    I think I spotted it on youtube somewhere, but it was a bit blurred.

  2. Love the sweets but hate the advert with a passion Almost as much as I do the heart shaped Haribo ones I bin those fucking horrible things

  3. I rarely watch live tv these days – all wank, including the commercials.

    But I remember in my youth those “Public Information” ads for the likes of the Green Cross Code Man (David “Darth Vadar” Prowse); how to swim (Rolf “two little boys, mmmm” Harris); and a few others who’s names escape me right now, but they were all geared toward children’s tea-time viewing, and were very helpful.

    I also recall the “Think Bike!” ad, reminding car drivers about the presence of motorcycles on the road.

    The fact I can still remember most of these ads suggests they actually worked in staying in the public consciousness. But what happened to them? You don’t see anything like that these days; no wonder people are so irresponsible: they don’t know jack shit because no one told them of the dangers when they were kids – it was all left with the parents, who probably didn’t have the time or gave a shit back then to teach their kids.

    TV ads generally are all shite and barely memorable because they’re all so generic. More so car ads – same old shit: you see a family or a couple poncing about in the latest Ford Kant: they’re all happy clappy bastards, smiling and just being generally irritating; and typically the roads are clear: no traffic jams, no queues; lights are always on green, no road-rage cunts cutting you up…. all one big fantasy wank, just for another fucking car!

    Give back the days of Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins and those memorable Cinzano ads from the late 70s; or Lorraine Chase’s “nah! Luton airport” adorable ad.

    Of course they would never see the light of day these days – doesn’t tick boxes and everyone will be offended blah blah


  4. Tea time adverts seem to save up all the disgusting crap for when you are eating, just yesterday in one break there was ads for pet flea treatment, tampons, fungal nail infections and a potato based light snack starring St Linkunt.

  5. More like a meeting of the P@edophile Information Exchange than an advert. Bunch of dodgy looking weirdos talking like kiddies, offering sweeties to other children-voiced weirdos.
    The follow-up will probably have them offering “treats” to children in a park if the child will help them look for a lost puppy.

    • Rab C Nesbitt. There is a wonderful clip of him trying to eat a plate of spaghetti with that fucking hair of his getting tangled up with the fork. Classic.

  6. Dark and lonely water was one of the best public information fillms, narrated by the wonderful Donald Pleasance. Would be considered unsuitable in today’s soft as shite society.

  7. These Haribo adverts are dead creepy… reminiscent of the Government public information films made to warn parents about online kiddie fiddlers using children’s voices to trick sprog into thinking they’re communicating with their peers.

    And the sweeties themselves look custom made for the aspiring kiddie fiddler – is it not time the law cracked down on these child sex abuse enabling confectioners?!

    This country is fucking finished.

    • I was going to say that there – to me – seems to be more than a subliminal nod to “pee-dough” types in these ads.

      Maybe it’s just me but there’s summat unsettling about them.

  8. Theresa May was rushed into hospital earlier today (hope it’s nothing trivial).

    Allegedly suffering from severe back pain. (she should keep away ftom Druncker…)

    Unfortunately, even with the assistance of an electron scanning microscope, orthopaedic specialists were unable to locate her spinal column.

  9. Speaking of Mavis just heard on the radio some Jihadi cunt has been done for plotting to kill her.

    Do fucking what?
    Cunt should be give a medal. Make him Mayor of London I say!

  10. The Haribo adverts are slightly disturbing. Nothing compared to the Sun Life insurance ads though. Not only are they irritating but they also select the most inane and characterless fuckwits for the part and engage in meaningless and dull conversation. However, I do quite enjoy the Trivago ads as the woman they use is a rather nice bit of totty.

    • Is Sun Life the one where the “Peeping Tom” is using binoculars to spy on his neighbours?

      Dirty auld cunt!

      I bet he has a supply of Werthers to hand at all times.

  11. Didn’t bum bandit Sir Elton ‘family man’ John release an album called Haribou in the early ’70s? No wonder he’s the spitting image of Emily Thornpiggery now.

    • Now that’s one for Spivey is that RTC. Reg Dwight IS Emily Thornybushcunt. Must drop me old mucker Chris a message with that one – give him a week and his spaccer mates will be lobbing the remains of their welfare cheques at him 😉

    • Fuck me! A tenner to listen to those 2 old has been wankers justifying their lifetimes of cuntishness.
      What sort of cunt sees that as an evening’s entertainment? I’d rather watch paint dry.

    • Hey Norman,
      On a completely different subject – the adult price for a United replica kit (coming season 18-19) is £183. That’s one hundred and eighty three fucking quid. When is this fucking madness going to stop?

      • Cunto

        That is a staggering amount of money.

        Other than my TV licence contribute nothing towards the game.

        Cannot even be arsed to watch it anymore. The ridiculous amount of money involved and non body contact has ruined it for me.

        • Hey Willie – me too mate. Fucked if I will pay another brass farthing to keep cunts like Pogba in haircuts and shite footballers like Phil Jones in clover.

    • It’s twenty quid not to watch!

      No doubt another Jewish/Israel bashing non-entity.

      I imagine “Peacefuls” will be lorded over.

      Hopefully the scousers will give them a flea – no, a bullet ant – in their respective cunt ears!


  12. Dawn French advertising Terry’s Chocolate Orange was the public information film that still resonates with me….eat this shit and you’ll end up looking like a lard stuffed Space Hopper…..and even worse,you’ll be married to the most uppity Darkie to exist since Kunta Kinte made landfall.

    • I didn’t know she was married to Lammy?

      Or Flabbottomus perhaps…?

      Same completely unacceptable difference.

      • Hot on the heels of learning in another thread that James Corden is married to Julian Clary,I have also discovered that Jimmy Carr is in a civil partnership with Alan Carr…and now you tell me that Mr. Lammy is actually Lenny Henry’s catamite?
        This site really is a revelation…Spivey’s got nothing on us when it comes to exposing the truth.

        • Isn’t French married to Lammy? I suspect they regularly get it on with Dawn Butt-lard.

          Sorry, no idea who these Carr cunts you refer to are.

          • Isn’t Lammy Dianne Abbott when he identifies as a woman Tuesdays and Fridays?

  13. Why has something as innocent, natural and spectacular as a rainbow been adopted by perverted freaks ? Couldn’t be anything to do with luring youngsters to a life of deviancy I suppose.
    It’s even flown on public buildings, don’t know about anyone else, but my opinion was never canvassed, but then I’m just another taxpayer.

    • Yes keep paying and feel free to have no say whatsoever!

      After all that’s your “white privilege”, so own it, cunt!

      • Speaking of which……..

        I have a mate who’s fairly senior in the cops, he rarely speaks about work so when he does I tend to sit up and listen.

        You know all those bearded asylum seeking children our government welcomed with open arms that we had no say in….. well it looks like one of them is the ‘16’ year old cunt that was arrested on Bute for the rape and murder of 6 year old Alesha MacPhail.

        Because the cunt professes to be 16 the law guarantees its anonymity. If true, I strongly suspect the law will be stretched to hush this fucking horrific crime up.

        • Listen MacCuntface, the “culturally enriched” do NOT commit crime, they’re simply misunderstood.

          Has this case even been in the (un)popular press?

          You’ll have to forgive my ignorance as I no longer take notice of fake news outlets like Sly News and the AL-BB-CERA.

          • You’re probably right Rebel.

            Perhaps the family were playing ‘Come Virtue Signal with me’, won the first round but lost in the follow up series…..

        • I would like to see the death penalty for those guilty of the murder of young children.

          Don’t give a fuck if this takes us down to their level, an eye for an eye seems fair punishment to me.

          Also have never understood why fucking scumbags under 16 cannot be named. They know the difference between right and wrong a
          at an earlier age so suggest this be reduced to 13.

          Also should be compulsory to name all people charged with offences. Our local press only name them if local, our Eastern European friends felons are usually only described as “a man from Ipswich”. No names.

  14. At least they’re not as bad as the GoCompare ads. Or the Nationwide Sisters.

  15. I love Haribo Tangfastics but eat these very seldomly as the fuckers are so acidic that they strip the enamel off your teeth.

    Pubic information films? Try the Finishing Line from 1977. Love to see how the snowflakes of today would cope with the graphic scenes of dead, bloodied schoolchildren lined up on the railway tracks.

  16. Just look at the creepy still of the photo to this cunting,do it in black n white and it could be off an episode from the twilight zone with the demonic kid……

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