Electric cars [3]

A cunting for yet another bit of green bullshit.
Electric cars and the government wanting a charge point in every new-build.
Leaving aside the dubious ‘green’ credentials of electric cars and the grid generating problems which will arise, let’s look at a practical aspect of charging.

In any town the streets are choked both sides with parked cars, day and night. So there will be a cable coming out of each house across the pavement? Or will each house have a charging pole at the kerbside? I don’t think this has been thought through. Most houses are not new builds. Most houses don’t have drives or off-road parking.
Another example off bollocks masquerading as environmentally sound.
The cunts.

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40 thoughts on “Electric cars [3]

  1. I am no expert on all this electric car bollocks, but I can only imagine massive electric bills should people have charger outlets coming out of their homes!

    And what about people who live in apartments and flats?

    The electricity providers will be rubbing their hands in glee when they know a proportion of the car population is dependent on electricity – demand will rocket as will “wholesale prices” as well electricity bills.

    And will the government start taxing charging? They will do if they see a fall in petrol pump revenues.

    And this will inevitably hit the National Grid quite heavily too!

    Oh and about tourists to this country, will their electric cars fit our “sockets”, and similarly if we travel abroad – will we have the same issue, or will we need to carry around adaptors?

    Moreover, electric cars are very quiet, so you won’t even know they’re behind you – it’s all going to end in rather expensive tears!


  2. Simply not practical for a multitude of reasons, not least that a sub 100 mile range just isn’t practical.

    Then we come to the batteries. These are chock full of some of the most poisonous and carcinogenic chemicals known to man.

    They degrade after a few years and even on hybrids cost a few grand to replace.

    Because of this electric/hybrid cars need to be scrapped environmentally friendly and that costs too.


    If you’re a decent citizen then that is what you’ll do. If you’re not you’ll just get some cunt to burn it out or get it crushed on the sly releasing all of those lovely chemicals into the ecosystem. How very “green” eh!

    Who uses hybrids most, well in Lutonistan that would be “peaceful” taxi drivers.

    Not saying that sector of society is untrustworthy, but…

    Hybrids are just getting to the point in their lifespan where some will soon be for the scrap pile. Let’s just see how eco-friendly electric cars are one the battery contents start getting into water courses, etc.

    • Some years ago now Top Gear measured the lifetime carbon footprint of a Toyota Pius Cunt against that of a 20 odd year old at the time, Mercedes 280 SE.

      The Pius lost by a a massive margin.

      If I recall correctly the extraction of the Lithium was by far the most damaging to the environment.

      It’s also the case that Lithium is found in abundance in South America and that a sizeable proportion of the extraction is controlled by ‘criminal elements’ whose interest in keeping the price high is done so by the continuing of countless insurgencies and terrorist attacks.

      But hey, ignorance is bliss and as long as you can feel good about yourself when you plug in the Pius that’s all that matters.

      • Can’t see these fucking lunatic ideas taking off. Who in their right deranged mind is gonna wait 2hrs for the “not available anyway” charging point to fuel up the Maserati?
        That Top Gear Show nailed it a treat. As with so much Clarky suggests, the pisstake suggestion of suspending railway power cables above the motorway had the germ of a good idea……and no doubt cheaper than the stupid power charging points.

  3. Thought about electric cars, thought about the increase in generating capacity required, thought about all the cable etc that wil be needed, thought bollocks why not get nitrous oxide injection fitted to my supercharged 370z yeah that’s my contribution to the eco world.

  4. This is what makes me laugh about the Birkenstock-clad green army – mistaking electric cars as being ‘clean’ forms of transport.

    What these cunts aren’t equipped to understand (don’t forget, science/engineering is cool to misunderstand in modern fucking Britian) is that the fumes and pollutants from diesel/petrol combustion products aren’t being eliminated by driving these things – electric cars just divert the ‘dirty’ products of combustion/burning fuel to increased demand at power stations.

    Operating these cars is nothing but a massive inconvenience and a shitty, half-arsed attempt at ‘being green’.

    And remember folks, if the government are backing it, they certainly aren’t backing it for your fucking interests – avoid!!!

    • Spot on, TECB.

      The Birkenstock army indeed have a problem with understanding science, because science is based on FACTS, and the lefty-libtards simply CANNOT handle facts (eg. it’s got a cock, it’s M, if it’s got a cunt, it’s F…)

      I hate to think what the proportion of science degrees being awarded in universities is, vs. degrees in nail-bar attendants, hairdressers, meejah studies…

      • Well said HBH
        Don’t forget “Aboriginal” and “Women’s studies in our wonderful Canadian Universities. Tell me what the fuck you do in University to get a degree in either of these subjects?

        As so many have pointed out , it’s not just the eco-science that’s fucked up, but the economics too.
        There is nothing more certain than the imposition of a tax on consumption of electricity when the Government realizes that its revenues from gas are falling (even if it’s only a percentage point or two).
        How do you separate home use from car use?
        Right now I’m fucking mad that they have FREE .. yes that’s FREE, charging stations at some of the shopping malls around here. Who pays for that?
        You and me of course.
        At the same time our own mega corporation, electricity provider is running ads on the TV telling us to unplug our electronics (you know , things like your electric toothbrush with the red indicator light on it) when we’re not using them, to save that same electricity.
        It’s fucking pathetic.
        Then when people do use less, they come cap- in- hand and tell us that revenues are down so they’ll have to put the fucking price up.
        I hate to go on, but I have to add to the comments about the pollution the discarded/unusable batteries cause once their lifespan is done. They are almost as bad as spent reactor rods in their toxicity, yet not one snowflake seems to be able to connect this with harm to the ecosystem.
        Anyone who tries to bring up these anomalies in a public forum is branded as a nutter , some of the snowflake countries ( Canada being one of them) will actually refuse you entry if you’ve voiced a contrary opinion.
        They do have their uses , that’s for sure, like golf carts and milk delivery vans but for mainstream travel? The lunatics are talking about electric powered Semi Trucks ffs.
        Fuck off, you cunts

  5. What most of the greeny cunts don’t get is the sheer magnitude of energy losses between turning the coal/gas/nuclear into fuel at the power station, stepping up voltage for transmission and then stepping down voltage from 33KV to 11KV and then finally 415/230V for use by the public.Apparently over half the energy created by gas is wasted in heat before it hits the home and around 2/3 is wasted for energy created by coal or nuclear fuels.

    Only technology will reduce these inefficiencies, but from the process described above, I can’t see that we can ever build an electric car that would be truly greener than say one with a very lean burning diesel engine.

    I think the term is greenwash. The more electric cars being produced, couple by the insatiable appetite for new housing will see the fucking grid fall over.

  6. My old petrol Volvo is still going strong into its 21st year of service.
    Cannot envisage one of these plastic/noxious chemical pieces of junk making it even halfway there.
    Environmentally friendly my arse…

    • Used to drive a petrol Volvo 850T5 estate. Best car I ever had. Highly practical and fast.

      Next best Volvo V70 Diesel. Awesome mileage range on single tank.

      Miss the old Volvos.

      • I once sat in a P1800 – like the one driven by The Saint. It was cool.

        • My old man owned one of the Saints P1800 used on the show.

          Bought it from the studio back in the day.Got a photo of it after being serviced. Sold it before i was born sadly to a museum.

          He also once picked up the Yorkshire ripper hitchhiking.

          Ate the old mans sandwiches and gave him a letter with fake name and address so could pay him back.

          Was shame the sweeny took the letter i would have liked to have it .

  7. Seeing as how most westerners are up to their greedy eyeballs in debt on their existing car, how on earth are they going to transfer to a shiny new electric car? The vast majority of people simply have no hope of ever paying off the first debt, and honestly, a swift right off is already the only way out for most.
    There’s no way trading in is going to work – who the fuck finishes paying for the millions of old cars and how on earth will we get rid of them?
    And aren’t we already propping up the car industry with public money?
    This is one of those green ideas born in the brain of a moron.
    Just like smart meters, that have just been shown to either make you better off by only eleven pounds a year or just simply overcharge you a random amount.
    On the subject of recycling I recently asked SSE what they intended to do with millions of old electricity meters.
    Here’s their reply, get ready…

    “We appreciate all customer feedback, thanks for the input. We will be sure to pass your message along.”

    The only positive I can see in all this is that we’re going to need millions of poor people to dig up all those rare elements for the product construction.
    All things green are cunt, and can crawl back up the cancerous arsehole they were squeezed from.

  8. This will be a half-baked notion: they will look at the big picture while conveniently overlooking most of the points raised in this thread because that doesn’t make good PR.

    Just like with key-less cars; manufacturers spend millions or even billions on these things, only to find they can be hacked with a kit worth about £150 on the internet.

    And what is their solution to this ongoing problem? Put your keys in a £2 metal fucking box!!


  9. Worry not. The smart meters will sort out the charging problems, while collecting every detail of what’s connected and losing it to a Chinese teenage hacker. And the roads will become unuseable as BT digs them all up again to install super whizzo hypersonic broadband in every home…assuming they are not already blocked by mega potholes or sets of lights enclosing the same, with the never-fulfilled promise that someone may one day arrive and spoon some tarmac into their depths.

    If that doesn’t screw up the programme, in the absence of seriously expensive Sino-French nuclear power stations, the desire of the chav for unfeasibly gigantic vehicles to transport his/her multitudinous brood to McDonalds probably will.

    I keep telling you, we’re fucked. Why do so few believe me?

    • Two years ago the gummint was giving it shock horror about undercapacity on the grid and how we might start to experience brownouts. Ominous silence since, and no new capacity even under way…

  10. I see a fair few of these around where I live in Hove, which Isn’t surprising as it’s full of virtue signaling silly cunts! , for some unfathomable reason the drivers all look extremely pleased with themselves, one of my annoying birkstock wearing neighbours has just got the little BMW and was banging on and on and fucking on about it at a bbq last week so I politely enquired about the potential sale date of her husbands X5? Like her new bmw milk float car the silence was deafening!!
    oh well……

      • I knew naught of Birkenstock until it was mentioned here, possibly because I am completely ignorant of all clothing brands and happy to remain so. But I googled it, and discovered that it is a brand of sandal.

        (Subsidiary cunting to those who use a brandname to describe a generic and common product. Cunts wearing sandals anywhere other than a downmarket Mediterranean beach are, inevitably, cunts, doesn’t matter what inflated price they paid for the name.)

        But I digress. The really wonderful thing about Birkenstock is that it is a German firm, and when we leave Europe we can slap any tariff we care to on its ugly products, leaving us free to wear sandals made from recycled tyres if we wish. A good part of our diverse population may indeed so wish…

        • Birkenstock is an actual measurement on the scale…….
          The equation is population per sq mile X Birkenstock wearing fucks…..
          It’s the chosen footwear of absolutely right on Cunts!

  11. Any skinny on the perp’s who cut the throat of a woman in the Hilton Hotel in Manchester?

    With terms like: “Three men and two women have been arrested.” on the AL-BB-CERA would lead me to think it could be “culturally enriched”.

    I only say that because Darren “fucking” Osborne was named by the AL-BB-CERA before he’d even turned his engine off.

    Just saying…

    • Re Hilton Manchester: “MP also said the attack is not believed to be related to terrorism or thought to be a random act.” Like fucking shit. I smell Coulter’s Law, like I smell skunk spray on a hot night.
      That kind of shit only gets pulled by that number of people with an Agenda. With a capital fucking “A”.
      Otherwise they’d have just keyed her car.

  12. Silent electric cars + mobile phone/headphones distracted pedestrians = reduced snowflake count

    Definitely helping to clean up our environment I say!

  13. Off topic

    Always wondered why the media always refer to Aldi and Lidl as “the discount supermarkets”, and not Sainsbury and Tesco as “the rip off/price fixing supermarkets”?

  14. In my experience only cunts drive electric because they don’t realise at the end of the day it all comes from energy from the ground anyway. Why not cut out the Middle Man and suck it up outta the ground and stick it in a tank. And what the fuck kind of name is Prius? Sounds like ‘prostate’ if you ask me.
    Wanna hook Johnny Dongler up to a “Station”? Thought not.
    Fuck Off.
    But there is a Sucker born every day and they are a lot of privileged wimmin in this area who buy big batteries on wheels. Like that’s gonna have no impact on the environment. And they are always in ugly colours. Usually any variation of orange. I’m a stickin’ with my Chevy to run the kids around and my ex-rental Hyundai as my Beater. Hubs has his eye on a Ferrari at which stage the oldest gets to inherit his BMW to drive to High School. I’ve never got to drive the Beemer. Mind you. I have a pretty shitty record of touch parking. I’m a cunt driver but I’ve never caused injury. And I won’t drive anything with a name like “Prius” or “Pony”.

    • Spot on, Cali. These green cunts simply do not understand that electric starts life as oil/coal or plutonium and much of the energy is lost in the process.

      I run a 1973 Rover 3500 V8 on sunny days. The old girl loves a drink, but fuck me, her whole life energy footprint is far less than that of a new tin box.

  15. The government really haven’t thought this electric cars thing through have they?

    • They don’t think anything through these days.

      1. Where is the generating capacity ?
      2. How long do the batteries last ?
      3. How long does a recharge take ?
      4. Where are the recharging points ?
      5. What’s the range between recharges ?
      6. What do you do with the spent batteries ?
      7. What’s it cost to renew the batteries ?
      8. How do I stop Umbongo tapping my lucky supply ?

      And the answer to not hearing they’re coming? Put a speaker under the bonnet playing engine noises! They do it in the Prius, I shit you not!

      • You can’t hear bikes coming either. When i was a kid I was taught to fucking LOOK where I was going and to see if anything was coming.

        • You can hear my bike coming. Even better with its S&P cans (advisoried, sadly)

          And it’s essential for cunts who don’t use their mirrors (including pushbikers who apparently don’t need them)

          • I had a mirror on my pushbike in 1962. It was great fun, very rarely did I look where I was going. Wasn’t long before some jealous cunt smashed it though.

          • Re mirrors on pushbikes etc, a recent letter from a pushbiker in the Times was very indignant about the suggestion that cyclists should have bells. Apparently he had enough to worry about steering and braking the thing without letting the pavement peasantry know he was thinking of colliding with them. Wonder how we bikers manage! Left bar: clutch, horn, indicators, dipswitch. Right bar: front brake, lights, engine kill. We don’t pedal. of course, but left foot – gears and right foot -back brake.

            There might be a market for a little set of essential (to other road users) equipment for pushbikers. Indicators (small low-current bright LEDs would be fine) at least one mirror and a piezo horn*, with switches disposed as per m/c practice, instantly accessible, and powered from a small battery. Maybe the same one supplying the illegal flashing LED headlight angled into oncoming drivers’ eyes?

            But none of the cunts who need it would buy it, I guess. Just a Lycra suit emblazoned with “I have a head camera and if you approach within 2 metres of my uncertain track, I will report you to the authorities”

            *Catch up, cyclists. With your aerospace grade titanium hard bits and your carbon fibre silly hat (optional, unlike m/c helmets), you should be embracing technology. A mechanical bell makes you wobble, so use an electronic one with an easily-operated switch. Simples.

      • And finally number 9: “has it got a cup holder, and will it make birds touch my cock”?

        Lee Mack

  16. The bit that boils my piss is that they have the nerve to put “zero emissions” on the back; utter fucking lies.
    That and the fact that they put the charging points in the parking spaces closest to where everyone wants to go, an not where they belong; in the far fucking corner of the carpark so the smug cunts who drive them have to walk as far as possible in the pissing rain.

  17. I actually like the idea of connecting an electric car to the mains…..as long as the current runs directly through to the driver’s seat that contains the cunt that owns the vehicle.

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