Civil servants

A cunting for civil servants. Not the run of the mill fuckers but the Teflon coated high flyers of Whitehall. Cunts to a man or woman and mostly incompetent and certainly remoaning.

The departments they run are ineffective and reactionary for the most part. Home Office being a prime example. Useless for generations. But do these mandarins get sacked or demoted when they fuck up, as you or I would be? Do they fuck. They serve their time.They get a knighthood, huge pension and sit on boards of companies. And all this for going to the ‘right school’ and the right ‘club’ and their insufferable snobbery.

Clear the fuckers out. Spread the departments throughout the UK. Give them performance targets to achieve or they are out. See how long it takes for them to actually perform. The cunts.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

15 thoughts on “Civil servants

  1. If you or I were this fucking inept, we’d be out and our feet wouldn’t touch the floor Cuntstable. Time to trim the shitstained herd and start again me thinks. Not that it will happen.

  2. The Civil Service is the REAL governing body in this country. Nothing goes anywhere or gets passed without their approval. They’re the UK’s equivalent to the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. And yes, Remoaners to a man, woman and tranny.

    YES MINISTER was no comedy – it was a documentary!

    • Spot on cunting and RTC your absolutely right, these utterly useless silver spoon Cunts run the country and have been doing their utmost to thwart brexit from the off……
      if they don’t like the look of something it gets scuppered faster than the admiral Graf spee ……….

    • Top cunting backed up by the usual equally top cunting retort from RTC.
      Many moons ago I worked for the goons within various government departments – no, not some cloak and dagger bollocks – just a lowly comms technician and I had first hand experience of just how low these cunts would stoop – they could limbo dance under a snake laid on top of Jeremy Corbyn.
      The word “civil” and servant” is a fucking oxymoron and the best example I can think of to adequately describe the term. No matter who is in number 10 these cunts carry on with their own agenda – you think when a GE elects a new government they all clear their desks to be replaced by supporters of the incoming lot? Not a fucking chance. Its business as usual and in that “honeymoon” period is when this dangerous lazy bunch of pen pushers are at their best.
      Be under no illusion – its not the cabinet or the senior ministers with portfolio who run things – its the Civil service. Every government department from Whitehall to the MOD, Inland revenue to the VAT man and all points inbetween have the ability to construct and maintain slush funds of enormous quantities of money. Does anybody actually have an idea of where, who or why they are maintained? The more you dig the more it will convince you that this so called democracy acts as bad and sometimes worse than any banana republic – we wrote the fucking book and have been perfecting the art for centuries. It wont change because the people who are in a position to change it have no desire to. Don’t be fooled for a minute into thinking people power or a change of government will clean up this fucking den of thieves. The higher you climb the ladder in the civil service the more you are able to effect policy and rob, steal, lie, cheat and remain totally without stain until its time for you to cash in your chips – usually about 55 with a fabulous gold plated index linked pension and a lump sum that most of us wont earn in a decade. No wonder the civil service, diplomatic core and the various high achievers are recruited with a minimum 2:1 or a Geoff Hurst is much better. There are 442 civil servants who earn more than the PM of the country and a knighthood on retirement is almost guaranteed. Any cunt who thinks these fucktards are worthy of the salary – offer value for money or act in the interest of the public drop me a line. I have many bridges to sell that you would be most interested in. Shit only falls one way – and its never up. A senior (you wouldn’t believe how many pay grades these cunts have – and don’t believe that for a second that the all in it together and zero pay rises under the guise of austerity had any effect on these cunts – they just got re-graded for an extra couple of grand a year) mandarin who was also a bit of a pisshead shared a nugget with me one night having a few beers. “In this nest of vipers you spend 3 days working and 2 days covering your arse – always make sure that if anything smelly is going on that you have delegated responsibility to a junior and you have the paper trail to prove it – ensure you are always the top of the CC list – because you have no idea who is on the BCC list”. Subversive, answerable to no one, lying, cheating, thieving sneaky cunts – one and all.

  3. I hated the Home Office. The most corrupt, political and subversive organization within the corridors of power. Rules that were ignored, rules that were broken and rules interpreted on a daily basis to fit any given situation. In any commercial enterprise,its mandarins would be instantly dismissed for their incompetence and self serving interests.
    Figures, amounting to many billions of pounds were dressed in many guises, and would assist the Minister to deliver an “errant” response with apparent “honesty”.

    In this way, the Mandarins were able to cover the any millions spent on NASS ( National Asylum Support service ) and in particular to the many Pakistani recipients of contract benefits. ( Being the “preferred ” provider )

    For 12 years , I witnessed an obscene waste of Taxpayers cash, and some very dubious practices.

    Civil Servants? No. MAFIA,yes. CUNTS

    • Interesting stuff. Is there any way you can get what you know out in the public domain without compromising yourself?

      These cunts need a real cunting, it’s long overdue.

      • It is alrady in the public domain, but it is simply dismissed. The entire Service at the highest level stinks of rotten fish, and, when you realise that it is the Home Office that appoints Chief Constables, controls the appointment of the Judiciary, you can see a blanket of protection that covers ALL Government Depts.

        Certain Contractors to the H.O. have benefitted from hundreds of millions fora) Transporting Detained Immigrants. b) Repatriation and enforcement Contracts etc etc etc. The Sums are available to anyone should they wish to look for them ( Office of Public Records )But the complexity of the detail makes “missing” material transparent in itself

        I finally left after making my gob go a little too far over the line.

        In 2012, a Reporter showing interest in the potential story died prematurely . Note the links between the Government Press Secretary and Office, to “who owns what paper ” and quite frankly you can see that it is not possible in this present climate to expose the Government and their cronies for what they are. Fucking bastard cunts the lot of them !

  4. Right fucking on!
    At the highest levels it’s still the aristocracy that gets the plum jobs. If you’re really fucking useless you get a posting overseas where you do the least harm.
    I can remember back in the seventies when my dear brother (RIP) got a job, through his own intellect, out in Nigeria. He was a naive idealist at the time and was very shocked to find out that all of the top colonial and business jobs out there were handed out like trinkets to the sons and heirs of the landowners back home. Managing Directors,Vice Consuls, you name it, there was a twit holding down the position. Meantimes the great unwashed had to go through a battery of intelligence and personality tests to see if they could run the fucking shipping department!
    The only way you could break in to that little Empire club was to have blue blood in your make up. Here we are in 2018 and it’s still the same.. bumbling fucking idiots getting jobs they can’t do.
    Mind you , there was some further education for him as he found out that the Americans were doing the same thing , only for them it was money that tipped the scales.
    He actually met Robert McNamara and had a conversation with him. Said that the whiz kid didn’t have a clue about international affairs, geography or history, just dealt with the whole Vietnam thing as a business plan.
    High level civil servants are cunts by their very nature.

  5. To quote a Chad C song, in Shitehall there literally are: “Too many cunts to count!”

  6. A tad unfair gentlemen. There are many civil servants who work damn hard and do their very best for rather less dosh than they could get in the private sector. I was one of them.

    • Nobody with integrity would choose to be a civil servant, estate agent, banker etc.

  7. Blair sidelined civil servants in favour of his innumerable spads (some of them recruited from the Civil Service for their inside knowledge of ways round the system) and spinners…the results were far from inspiring. Better the devil we know; they’re fighting our cunt politicians most of the time, which is all to the good. The CS provides continuity of government, which is desirable when you imagine Corbyn taking over from May.

    Institutionally corrupt as the higher echelons are, and as expectant of post-career gongs and directorships from vested interests, further down the pecking order it’s just a job, and selection is on merit. Maybe it’s unfair to blame the CS both for its own, and the politicians’ poor governance. It’s like the Houses of Parliament – the fabric worked once upon a time, but age, patching up and the climate have made it unfit for purpose and in need of major repair/tearing down and replacement.

    The first requirement would be a complete disconnect of policy decisions – to be taken by the government of the day in the light of CS and other advice – and executive measures – to be taken by the CS in the light of government instructions.
    This was more or less the case in Victoria’s day (when a lot fewer civil servants were responsible for a far larger area, and didn’t have computers) and during the world wars. It isn’t now.

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