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Lefties in the US deserve a cunting. They’re currently going ape shit over a video that allegedly shows their President, Donald Trump (yes he is, you snowflake twats. It’s called, “democracy”), calling illegal immigrants “animals”. It’s true that he did use the word, ‘animals’, but he wasn’t referring to illegal immigrants. You see, as is common with lefties, they’re guilty of lying by omission, because they’re only showing the part of the video that they WANT you to see. What they DON’T want you to see, is the start of the video, which clearly shows President Trump being asked about the MS13 gang by a female reporter, who are apparently posing as illegal immigrants to get into the US. It is THEY who Trump is calling animals. They actually started in the US back in the 80’s, but have since spread in Canada and down south into Mexico and Central America, especially El Salvador.

It’s a sign of how increasingly demented and desperate US lefties are that they would try to con the US people in such a way, especially when the full video, which puts ‘The Donald’s’ comment into context. Now, I’m no fan of Donald Trump, I thinks he’s a nasty piece of shit, especially after the tactics he employed to try to force a Scottish land owner to sell him some of that land when he was building his golf resort up in Scotland. However, considering that the preferred choice of lefties is Hillary Clinton, a woman who makes Hitler look completely sane and rational by comparison, I have to say that American voters definitely chose the lesser of two evils when they voted for Trump.

And like Remainers here in the UK, there is literally nothing they won’t do to try to overturn the democratic will of the American people. Even now, Clinton is busy blaming everyone but herself for losing the election. Probably shouldn’t have called people whose votes you were courting “deplorables” Hillary. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to use the Remainer tactic of claiming that the vote was ‘only advisory’, but give it time. Like screaming whenever they hear someone say something they disagree with, it seems that lying is a genetic trait with lefties. It’s been about 18 months since the US election, and as with the more rabid Remainers, there are STILL lefties who absolutely refuse to accept that Donald Trump won the election.

If they really do want Trump out of office, then instead of constantly throwing shit at him, like angry chimps, they should focus on finding a Democratic candidate that the American electorate would vote for, rather than rigging primaries to make a woman that most Americans despise their candidate. Kind of removes your right to call yourselves the Democratic Party when you do that. Because that’s not how democracy works. Of course, that’s the logical thing to do, and as we all know, lefties are incapable of logic. Which means that when Trump is up for re-election in 2020, they’ll either shove Clinton back into the ring, or present another, equally unlikeable candidate. Like Michelle Obama, who recently declared herself to be the ‘Forever’ First Lady. No love, you’re just another arrogant left wing prick.

Nominated by our star reporter QDM


36 thoughts on “The American Left

  1. A special mention must go to D-list Hollywood Americunt feral old fuckhead, Peter Fonda.

    In a series of Tweets across the last 48 hours, this old scumcunt:

    i) called for 12yr old Barron Trump to be put in a cage with paedophiles;
    ii) implied the head of the ICE should be raped
    iii) incited violence towards Trump and supporters

    The old cunt has of course now deleted them, and there is a shitstorm coming his way as the Secret Service are reportedly investigating. But funnily enough, no outcry from the left.

    Here’s a fucking novel idea – if illegal Mexicunts and associated immigrants don’t want to be locked up and separated from their families, DON’T CROSS THE FCUKING BORDER ILLEGALLY! It seems to be beyond the logica of the shitcunt left that these fuckers are being detained for a reason, and that reason being the are illegal aliens on US territory without permission.

    How hard can it be for these bleedinh-heart liberal pieces of stinking shit to comprehend?

    • Apologies, it was US Secretary of Security Kristjen Nielsen who Fonda wanted to be assaulted, not head of ICE.

      • Aye, lad. And don’t forget his fucking siter ‘Hanoi Jane’. She too is a cunt.

        What the fuck happened in the Fonda gene pool? Henry was a Democunt too, but I’d like to think not as seismic a cunt as his offspring…

  2. Oh yes – American ‘liberalism’. Also known as libtardism. Otherwise known as the strand of liberalism (and I use that term VERY loosely) which completely rejects values such as democracy, the rule of law, habeus corpus – you know, values which thanks to things such as the Magna Carta and the Enlightenment have become common parlance – in favour of authoritarianism and totalitarianism. Not one of that otherwise great country’s finest exports.

    • And as a sidenote, the Founding Fathers would be ashamed of such a bastardisation of their values.

      • They wouldn’t just be ashamed, they’d be so angry they would take up arms once more.

  3. I meant ‘comprehend’. As an aside, is anybody else getting a ‘your access to this site has been limited’, or some such crap, when they try to post? This has happened to me several times in the last couple of days.

    • I kept having that for ages until I got this phone. Actually set up this account a while back but its only recently I’ve been able to post thanks to that kind of message.

    • Yes. Usually can’t get in at all from one PC, but checking the box for cookies seems to help from this one. (browser set to forget cookies).

  4. We have a few US-based cunters and I would love to hear their view on pieces of shit like Fonda and the entire vomit-inducing SNL crew.

    Call me a petty cunt, but genuinely – when I read about overprivileged and under-intelligent bell pieces like de Niro et all spout off about Trump to the point where it is just hate for the sake of it and utterly unreasonable, I am genuinely put off watching any TV or films which they appeared in. I just can get past what cunts they are.

    • Totally agree…..
      Like a lot of bellend actors who start thinking they are like the people they portray in films de Niro actually believes he is a cross between Jake la motta and gangster jimmy Conway from the goodfellas!! The truth is the Cunts an aging slightly built midget …….

  5. Another outstanding Cunting QDM.

    Not a lot to add right now, except I think you must mean “Remoaners” when you refer to “Remainers” actively working to overthrow Brexit.

    Most Remainers I know have long been resigned to Leaving properly and without fuss, often equally frustrated by Remoaner shenanigans and the Government’s ridiculous pro EU negotiating stance as Leavers are.

    • Perfect case in point are all the cunts who have ‘driven themselves mad over Brexit’ – Adonis, that Cadwalladr journo cunt, AC Grayling et al… these fuckers are so engorged in the whole fucking event that they seemingly no longer care about what top league cunts they look and sound like.

      Every fucking action is a conspiracy to them, and they’ve adopted the tactic of screaming over any perceived injustice related to the referendum – factual or not – as loudly as they can in the hope that mud sticks.

      The good thing about Brexit is that it has unmasked the hateful members of the political/chattering classes, who are using the referendum as a thinly-veiled tool to villify and demonise those they feel superior to; such as the elderly, the white and the working class.

      People go on about hoping that the Brexit divisions in this country will eventually get healed – I however don’t fucking want them to, that’s for sure. Now I know what utterly contemptible quisling scumcunts languish within our midst, I never want to break bread with any of these utter cunts again.

      • The next election promises to be really interesting, especially if it’s held post Brino. And pre Civil War…

      • I pretty much agree with everything you post TECB; I reckon we were separated at birth. So good to have you back.

      • So true, before the referendum quisling Cunts dipped under the radar, the liberal elites kept their heads down and made hay whilst the working class Brits paid the price of mass uncontrolled immigration, with wages depressed and a completely disproportionate amount of people applying for every job the garden looked in full bloom for big business….
        I’ve no idea how things will pan out but like you EMPIRE I have now identified people that I will never have anything to do with again!! So that in itself is a WIN …..

    • You’re absolutely right, I do mean Remoaners, because all they ever do is moan, and then RE-moan. For some reason, I keep typing Remainers. Though, as we all know, my typing skills are shite!

  6. I find it very difficult to understand why the left insist on moaning about losing when all they have to do is win.
    It is as if they suffer from a masochism of some sort, a desire to be the underdog, the loser, the wimp.
    If they want office so badly why not play for keeps?
    Hilary clinton or jeremy corbyn are very poor choices as candidates. They are both priviliged, white and able bodied.
    If these political groups want to win, why not put forward a candidate who is disabled and black? Preferably with a speech impediment or other nervous tic. I’m sure marketing could come up with a slogan that made you prejudice if you didn’t choose them.
    To quote Ricky Bobby – “if you ain’t first, you’re last”.

    • Both Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy were disabled.
      Not a lot of Democunts know that…

      • Very interesting…
        I suspect they tried to hide it, rather than shamefully play on it.
        I was thinking of a visual similarity to steven hawking, but from somalia.

        • They hid it assiduously. The public we’re not aware of their conditions until long after they died.

          • The wise men (not the dopy fucking multiple shooter and the grassy knoll bollocks) insist that the back brace that JFK was wearing wouldn’t allow him to slump when he was first shot hence the headshot was accurate. It also blames (in part) the “magic bullet” that hit him and the governor in the car with him.

          • Quite… we might be living in a totally different world today if it wasn’t for that back brace…

  7. What was Kennedy’s disability?…..the compulsion to drop his trousers every time there was a tasty bird around? I think all the Kennedys suffered from that. It must be genetic.

  8. We have a generation on both sides of the Atlantic who are ‘educated’ in totalitarian colleges. No viewpoint other than their silly world and gender view is allowed. Debate is strangled by no-platforming. The LGBT loonies are regarded as mainstream. I cant see the fuckers ever growing up.

  9. And in other news. A rapper whose name escapes me has been killed somewhere in America.
    I am sure you will all join me in lighting a candle and a minutes quiet reflection on the loss of whoever this cunt was. Tragic.

    • I’ll be sure to light a fart in remembrance, if I can remember.

      • Hey TECB, did your snowflake nephew attend Jezza’s Labour wankfest at the weeked? By all accounts people seemed to prefer Peru v Denmark with only brainwashed commie stooges attending.

        • Nice one LL,

          No, not as far as I know. I’ve skipped familial rendezvous for the last couple of months in the main as I have been busy with work.

          As the cunt has been hard-pressed with exams, I think the champagne socialism has taken a back seat. However, curiously enough, since I posted that cunting initially in April, his cuntitude has – whisper it – appeared to recede… we shall fucking see!

      • I’d light a fart too, but given my neighbourhood, people might be concerned that my Frigidaire was faulty…

  10. I follow Mark Dice on YouTube. Look him up – it’s well worth it.

    Yesterday, the BBC, Jeremy Vine specifically, played in a clip of Rachel Madcow (as Mark Dice calls her) “crying” on air as she described the incarceration of illegal immigrant children, by Donald Trump… The BBC are now perpetuating lies from the American Left.

    Watch the clip and see if you can spot any actual tears from this serial Trump Hater…

    • She’s probably choking up because she got a reflux hit of her morning munch on O’Donnell’s mankorama minge.

      The left are just insane, full stop. I used to think that the world’s problems could largely be solved in a fell swoop by the eradication of I slam (trucks into people on pavements). I’m beginning to think we have an even bigger problem on our hands though.

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