The 4th Reich

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Dambusters raid on the two dams along the Ruhr valley.

53 men died and three were captured in 617 Squadrons brave and gallant effort to disrupt Hitlers heartland.

Many lives were lost in the First and Second World Wars in order to preserve the freedom, liberty and rights of of the people of this once great country. Twice Germany were defeated by the brave actions of our (and other nations) armed forces.

And for what exactly? So that Tony Blair can just give our country away to the European Union without any respect or reference to the peoples of the country.

The first opportunity the electorate were given to leave the unelected 4th Reich, the majority of the population voted to leave the corrupt, bullying, undemocratic, abhorrent gravy train otherwise known as the European Union.

Due to to nothing more than the traits otherwise known as ignorance, the “I’m all right Jack” mentality so fuck everyone else”, political correctness, corporate and oersonal greed and weakness by those the supposedly representing the peoples of this country) everything achieved in both world wars and the lives lost would appear to be in vain and for nothing as our leaders seem intent on simply handing our country away to the nasty bully boys of the EU.

What gives these unelected fucking pricks the right and how dare they treat our country (and other EU countries) with complete contempt, ridicule and scorn for having the nerve to not do exactly as they want and to follow their demands of their failing project?

And how dare Theresa May and the government and everyone else connected with the Remain campaign listen to what they have to say and the right to try and change the democratic result of the EU referendum and the will of the majority of the people?

Just fucking leave now.

Nominated by willie stroker

with a follow on comment by QDM 

Excellent nomination there mate. Couldn’t have put it better myself. It wasn’t just that slimy traitor Blair who gave our country away. Mandelson urged that piece of shit not to give us a referendum on EU membership because we, “couldn’t be trusted to give the right answer”, and in the even slimier traitor Mandelson’s mind, the right was, “yes, we want to stay in the EU”. He’s been surprisingly quiet of late, but I have no doubt this former EU Commissioner will be working hard to protect his taxpayer funded EU pension behind the scenes.

It was Major who really started the ball rolling with him signing the Maastricht treaty and the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union, which were the two treaties that effectively created the EU. After Blair, Brown sloped off and signed another treaty not only without the permission of the British people, but in the full knowledge that we had told him in no uncertain terms NOT to sign it. I firmly believe that the only reason Cameron gave us a referendum at all, is because being an arrogant Eton toff, he firmly believed that we would be stupid enough to believe that he brought a good deal from Brussels during his shambolic ‘renegotiations’. I would love to have seen his face when the result came through. I can just imagine the disbelief, followed by anger, that we had audacity to shove his ruse up his arse. Then there was his petulant display when he announced he was quitting as PM. At least now he has plenty of time to skull fuck dead pigs.

As each day passes, I find myself becoming increasingly convinced that we will not get the Brexit we voted for. May is too weak, too indecisive and too much in the Remain camp to do what has to be done, walk away.

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  1. Germany , a country that only consumes under half it produces so over 50% needs exported…..oh looky…a club where 27 countries directly next to us have tariff free trade? What a stroke of luck! Oh never mind the medeterainian countries that can’t do same. Just force them in to a single currency so they can’t deflate their own money to become more competitive as our bundesbank will control the rate.

    The 4th Reich indeed

    • Spot on Squint, what with Hessletine and his land being subsidised by the eu , Cunts like Vince Cable etc protecting their bloated pensions ,it’s all been laid bare before us how self interest is driving these cunts. If nothing else Brexit has certainly exposed these cunts for what they are. We didn’t trust them much before all this . I will never vote again for any party that these pieces of shit are associated with.

  2. Does anyone know about article 13 and article 11? I haven’t had time to submit a cunting but for gods sake google it!

    Its amazing how it isnt in the news more and how much power they are willing to take, the cunts!

    • Articles 11&13 further examples of censorship and how we are being manipulated down a path of msm views and the path is getting narrower.

  3. Timely and first class cuntings. I had an uncle who was a bomber pilot. It’s hard to imagine today the conditions they operated under. He was 20 years old, in charge of an aircraft and its crew, flying countless missions, at the mercy of night fighters and AAA. One wonders how today’s snowflakes would cope in those circumstances. He survived the war, fifty odd thousand bomber crew didn’t. The legacy for him was alcoholism, even though he was a successful businessman he needed that crutch.
    I remember one night when we were sat by a camp fire working our way through a crate of beer, the moon was full and the sparks were rising lazily into the void and my uncle started talking about the war, something he never did. He talked about the way the moonlight glittered on the water, how everything had an eerie , unreal quality, the fear. In that moment he was transported back, he wasn’t sat under the trees having a beer, he was over occupied Europe, doing his bit to liberate it from the third reich. To think that anti democratic forces in this country would deliver us lock, stock and barrel to the fourth reich fills me with disgust.
    My uncle died in 88, the alcoholism brought about a heart attack when he was going out fishing.
    We owe everything to people like him, the people who would give it away are nothing but traitors.

    • Damn right Jack. I’m glad my parents have died before the country they loved descends into the digusting foreigner-infested shithole it’s become. Practically all politicians over the last 40 years should be charged with treason and shot dead.

      • Of course, the death penalty for treason would have to be reintroduced.

        • Remind me who it was that conveniently abolished the death penalty for treason in 1998?

          Oh yes…

          Parents spinning so fast now they’re just a blur.

        • Top of the list should go Mandy, the nancy Nazi and the Goehring of New Labour, ex porn writer and piss artist Alistair Campbell.

          At least the snowflakes have good weather for their little petulant demo in London today – no beastly rain or winds or even dull skies, so they won’t have to take off their rose coloured specs.

          • Hope they stick to their diversity lovin’ multicultural principles and include plenty of backpack wearing peacefuls on their march, ha-ha.

      • I can just imagine his reaction to being called a hero, he would have laughed, not in a nasty way, just amused that he, an ordinary Joe was considered to be a hero. He was a modest bloke who was as easy going as you could imagine, but if he decided to do something, no one and no regulation would stop him . Quite a few family members served in the war, only one left alive now, proud of them all, and grateful too, to all that served then and those that serve now.

    • Great story Jack and I can relate but to the Great war. My Granddad was injured on the Somme, sent to convalesce in a French field hospital and joined the front line again. (please don’t think this is a pissing contest Jack – it isn’t). I can trace my family back to service on the Nile and Trafalgar with Nelson, From the Somme to Mons and Verdun. Through virtually every conflict and ending with the Falklands and the Gulf war x 2.
      My Granddad was a Sargent at 21 – joined at 16 to fight in the great war. Not for money, not for any kind of compensation or recompense. He was finally shipped back in 1917 having been hit by a lump of shrapnel in his back – when I was a lad you could almost put your fist in the wound. He went to fight like most of his comrades for one thing. The honour and love of his country. To see the 21st century equivalent of the cunt Haig (who in my opinion should be shot and buried every day, then dug up, then shot and buried again) look no further than our piss poor government, opposition, the Lords and senior civil servants. These are the cunts that sent people like your Uncle and my Granddad to fight in wars that were not of their making but they knew it was in the Englishman’s DNA to answer the call either by conscription or volunteering.
      I hear of todays stories of the poor blambos whose lives have been ruined by the bonfire at Grenfell and the Windrush dumb cunts who hadn’t got the nous to just change their temporary visas to permanent residency. Nah, just easier to wait and cry to the likes of Flabbott and Clammy Lammy.
      Lives were ruined in the great War and WW2 that in most cases were never redeemed or cured or compensated – but then England was a different breed and a different country.

      Its amazing that Europe – that continent of cunts and cowards have only ever needed us when there was a war to fight or a bill to be paid and over the last couple of centuries we have given a fuck sight more than we ever got back. Junker, Merkel, Macron and the slimy cunts too numerous to mention from our own shores who suck on the tit of Brussels need to recognise that fucking an Englishman over is never a good idea. After the Great War it was written that England would never be the same country again, yet within 20 years we did it all over again and were still told we would probably not recover. We did. The EU are picking a fight with a nation who just don’t know when they are beaten and refuse to lay down and die. To be dictated to by a frog, a Kraut and a series of representatives from non combatant countries turns my piss purple with rage.
      What the fuck do they think we did prior to the “Common Market”? We ploughed our own furrow and pretty successful we were too. What we needed we made – and made it ourselves. If the EU don’t give us a trade deal fuck them. I wouldn’t bow or give an inch to the spiteful petulant cunts.
      Time is approaching when the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) are going to have to pay back the over inflated world bank loans the EU granted them. Does anyone think those cunts got all solvent overnight? They (the EU) don’t want England particularly (I exclude Wales, NI and Scotland as they would rather be in the EU – so let the cunts – the Barnet formula would save us a fortune) – they want our money – some cunt has to pay in absorbing the 1.5 million low skilled no skilled low intelligence benefit reliant blambos Merkel invited in. Well fuck them – not on my dollar are they dining.
      As well as giving / granting independence to NI, Wales and Scotland – Londonistan should be made a City state – let the blambos, slopes, bent Russians and non doms pay for it – they own every brick and slate. She may be warming up on the piano but it aint over till the fat lady sings and I for one will be part of millions of my fellow countrymen who have our hands round her throat so the cunt wont ever get to sing. If Brexit has proved one thing to me above all others is how many fucking traitorous cunts live amongst us. I finish by pasting this – I have done it before but it can never be said, written or spoken enough.

      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the carrier of the plague.”

      Cicero’s Prognosis, Millard Caldwell

    • Oddly enough, Channel 4 (of all channels) did a bloody good doc on bombing the shite out of some German warship that was hunkered down in, I think, the Norwegian fjords.
      To get RAF planes within range, most of the guns were removed, and fuel tanks drastically increased; the poor sods flying these things were effectively sitting ducks, destined for early cremation. Yet, against all odds, they did the job, and survived to talk about it. Which, naturally, was done with the minimum of “fuss”, and “It’s what we were trained for…it was our job.”
      They showed a degree of dignity which is sadly so rare these days.
      It also seemed that there was a German resistance guy who gave vital minutes for them to get there, by not relaying messages to a nearby Luftwaffe station – so it seems there ARE some decent Germans, and apparently a poll suggests that 43% want rid of the frumpenfuhrer. Sadly, 42% still sucking at her droopy tits 15% undecided…

  4. Too busy celebrating the 70th anniversary of the arrival of drugs into the UK,
    to notice the death of one of our great heroes Bill Speakman VC who won
    the VC during the Korean War, for outstanding bravery…..anyone seen one
    word in the media about Bill?
    The Windrush arrival is being made into an annual event .

  5. Do we get a minutes silence for this….?
    No of course we it’s only our history……
    Of course we had it for some cunt who was run over outside in London

  6. Two years ago today. No nearer being free from those cunts than we were then. This is going to take longer than WW2 and unlikely to have the same outcome.
    Thank fuck the sun is shining.
    I’m not happy and far from optimistic.

  7. When Ted Heath (knowingly) signed away our sovereignty we still had a strong manufacturing/industrial element to our country.

    After joining the EU our manufacturing/industry started to drop off (and no one in power of any colour cared) while Germany’s grew and grew.

    That’s because as part of the EU stitch-up there would only be one manufacturing powerhouse in the EU, the one which bankrolls and has most sway in the EU.

    The path from a trade cooperative to a federalised Europe has been remarkably swift and the parliaments of all EU nations were complicit.

    Had we taken the disastrous decision to join the EURO then we wouldn’t even had the ability to leave. Look at Greece, they would have left in a shot when the crippling austerity measures were forced on them by the EU except they couldn’t because they no longer had any way of printing their own currency and the only place to get EUROs printed is – you guessed it – is in das Vaterland.

    When you look at the EU as it is now, it only benefits one group of people – the political elite.

    So is it any wonder the cunts in Cuntminster are dragging their feet, guaranteeing the worst possible deal so that we finally capitulate and say: “Fuck it! Let’s just stay in!” (with yet another hefty dowry to pay to rejoin – more gravy if you like).

    Those who represent us don’t give a fuck about us, they’re all in it for themselves from top to bottom and from left to right, and with very few exceptions (Jacob Rees Mogg and Kate Hoey being the only two I can think of).

    Even when one is replaced by another one in their constituency (whether the same party or different) you can guarantee it will just be another 4-5yrs of the same miasma of nothingness as the previous terms.

    Any politicians who is honest (about immigration and the like) is summarily condemned and made a pariah because – well – we simply couldn’t have anyone going up the ranks who wants to make a difference can we! What!?!

    And so here we are, the 4th Reich, an empire forged not by warfare but by complicity of self-serving politicians. The pen – after all – is mightier than the sword!


    • Add to that RWAC Frank Field who was bullied by the left wing remainers in his own party last week, just for telling the truth – and sticking to his principles.

    • Remind me which PM it was who tried to get us to join the EURO? Ah yes, all roads lead back to arch Traitor and Cunt of the Century BLIAR, don’t they.
      Only decent thing Gorgon ‘bigoted woman’ Broon ever did was put a spoke in Blair’s Euro wheel…for the wrong reasons no doubt, but thank Allah (his name be shat upon).

  8. I’m all for a friendly free trading Europe , having close security and military cooperation but that’s really not what the EU is about, it’s actually a corrupt and sinister organisation which appears hell bent on the destruction of sovereignty, nationalism and eventually any real democratic free will…
    From rerun referendums to using their pet bully boys the IMF to remove a democratically elected government this body is moving at high speed and unfortunately for the working class of Europe in the wrong direction…..
    Hopefully the new Italian government will show some fuckin backbone and embolden some of the countries to take a real stand….
    Looking forward the EU,s end game would appear to be all sovereign power given to Brussels and member states parliaments and governments reduced to Having the same influence as your local council, responsible for
    Mundane day to day management and the implementation of directives from the REICH!
    I can’t imagine trying to explain this to the brave men who fought and gave their lives in all wars that the very values they sacrificed themselves for are being given away so readily….

    It’s truly depressing that the sheeple just can’t see it!!

  9. You’d think that Europe would be grateful to Britain. After all, for nearly a year our little country stood alone in Europe against the Nazis – a stand for which we paid a heavy price in human lives as well as practically bankrupting ourselves until the advent of Lend Lease in 1941 eased the pressure (albeit after irreparable fiscal damage had been done).

    If Britain had accepted Hitler’s repeated offer of a negotiated peace in 1940,Hitler could have launched Barbarossa without having to commit forces in the west or embark on a costly campaign in North Africa. Chances are that the Nazis might have prevailed over the Soviets, but either way all Europe would have had to look forward to was subjugation under the Nazi jackboot or the Soviet sickle.

    So you might think that our European neighbours would show a little gratitude towards plucky old Blighty. Not a bit of it. Instead, a procession of tinpot commissars point their manicured fingers at us and demand that we pay them – pay them well – for the privilege of exercising our right to freedom. These Dantean serpents are aided and abetted by a 5th column led by the greedy, self-serving political elite and composed of wretched souls whose views are shaped and defined by their staple diet of high-fibre ignorance.

    Any half-decent leader would simply have laughed in their face of their pathetic demands that we pay for our freedom whilst presenting the ungrateful cunts with a bill, payable immediately and with 70+ years of accrued interest, for theirs.

    • Great post Sterling – our European ‘friends’ couldn’t give a toss that without us they’d have snuffed it in Hitler’s gas chambers or worse, decades ago. All they care about now is our MONEY.

      Since 1973 we’ve paid over £400billion NET into the 4th Reich. When is our 5th columnist Government going to get it through their gutless heads that we do not owe the EU a fucking penny!?

      And how dare they piss another £40billion hard earned taxpayers money down the Brussels shitter for fuck all else than to prop up the profligate cunts a further 4 years after we’ve ‘left’.

      We should be demanding a substantial fucking rebate /refund Ffs! Ungrateful scum.

      This country is finished.

    • Excellent post SW!!
      Try explaining that to a neutral who had no previous knowledge of those events which you have accurately portrayed!!
      They would think you were telling lies!
      We live in amazing times……..

  10. I like this cunting. But I have one good word to say for Cameron. Unlike Major, Blair and Mandelson, rotten-ripe and now unelected cunts that they are, Cameron has largely shut the fuck up and does not presume to agitate to overturn a democratic decision using the leverage he built up in the public service. Perhaps that too is because he is an ex-Eton toff and has some vestigial notion of good manners.

    The above are not the only failures rejecting the will of the people – and under the guise of promoting democracy too! At yesterday’s newly-invented and grandiloquently titled Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2018, we find:
    … former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, former President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, former President of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, former Prime Minister of Spain, José Maria Aznar, former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Nick Clegg, …John Frank, former US Secretary for Homeland Security,…, among many others….

    …one of whom, unmentioned (too toxic?} in the list on its website, was Global ™ Tony himself. Whose uncritical attitude to being paid by undemocratic autocrats outside Europe should by rights ensure his forceful ejection him from any gathering of this sort.

    There seems to be a preponderance of political failures earnestly seeking to make themselves important in this selection. Komodo’s verdict: ‘You were once democratically elected, you’ve been democratically deposed, get over it, shut the fuck up and piss off for ever, you self-adhesive winnets on the arsehair of the body politic, and irredeemable incompetent, self-important cunts’.

    • The only reason Cameron has ‘largely shut the fuck up is because his puppet masters have exiled him for fucking up the gravy train.

  11. This Anti-Democracy march today.

    I wonder if it’ll get a mention on ABBC /Sky……?


    • Unlike Tommy Robinson’s March Ruff Tuff, it will be pumped into our living rooms 24 / 7

    • Mass coverage and exaggerated numbers for sure!!
      The dwindling number will of course be welcomed by such Stella political giants as soubry, cable, Clegg, chukka and rent a gob Miller! , they will all be misrepresenting themselves as the voice of the people! and say that peoples opinions have changed? How brexit is undemocratic 💤💤💤💤💤💤

      • Minger Miller on the radio this morning, pumping out her her vile ‘1984 Newspeak’ nonsense. The wife thought she’d have to call an ambulance at one point…

        • It’s a damn who’s who of utter cunts who deserved to be snuffed.

    • You wonder??? Top of R4’s 7pm news, “tens of thousands” of protestors,* details of placard messages, followed by ‘Profile’ programme attempting to humanise Grieve.. (Apparently reads telephone directories for fun.)
      Pics published by all editors show remarkably few policemen, unlike any of the anti-globalist marches of recent years…

      *Grauniad: ‘almost 100,000’.

      • Silly old me… didn’t think it would get ANY coverage at all on the MSM!

        Haven’t dared switch on the News today – did they mention the counter demonstration?

        • Nope. Obviously. R4 8pm bulletin had cut the numbers back to ‘thousands’, though. As had George Osborne’s Standard, interestingly enough.

          Tony Robinson, supporting Gina MIllar, descended into self-parody (while belittling wimminz, incidentally):

          He.. said he attended as he had a “deep and abiding love for my country”.

          In a speech on stage he went on: “It’s an old-fashioned and embarrassing word but I am a patriot.

          “I am deeply offended that that word has been hijacked by a few reactionary colonialists over there (gestures at Parliament) who peddle the fantasy of a UK that never existed except perhaps in the imaginations of their nannies and parlourmaids.”

          Oh, yes, in the words of Major. This is the Tony Robinson who shot to relative fame by taking the piss out of his country over several seasons of Blackadder. Patriot to the core, is Tony, pity we don’t know the meaning of the word.

          Brexit is obviously disturbing the right people.

  12. A well-written and timely cunting, Willie, on a day we should be celebrating Independence Day.

    My grandad fought against the Nazis, was at Dunkirk and was later bombed in a van in France by the Kraüts which led to him limping for the rest of his life.

    Since it was officially made a country (1871), The Germans have been a threat to Europe. They have tried to control it three times in the last 100 years, failing in the First World War, then in the Second. With the EU, they’ve now succeeded. Whete Kaiser Wilhelm II and Hitler fell short, 21st century Germany has triumphed.

  13. Italy has turned back another boat load of 35 year old children. Is common sense starting to prevail ?

  14. Good cunting gents and one very close to my heart.

    I often think when I see the now dwindling number of pensioners that would have been active in the war that they must look at what the country has become and wonder why they bothered.

  15. Did anyone have Danny Kirwin of Fleetwood Mac in the dead Pool ? He died in a homeless shelter of pneumonia, very sad ending.

    • Oh, I hadn’t heard that. Met him back in the 70s when we played the Nags Head in the York Road, Battersea. Supported them one night.

      Seem to remember he was quite a pleasant chap. Not a bad guitarist but no Peter Green. Always wondered what became off him when Mac went all West Coast. The Kiln House album is still on the iPod. Have to raise a glass and give it a play later.

      • Me to ChasC, I always liked his music , A very sensitive bloke and very underrated . Never did like Fleetwood Mac after Danny Kirwin and Jeremy Spencer dropped out.

  16. Some think that the EU’s purpose is to enrich the political elite. Others, and I’m one of them, are pretty certain that the main beneficiaries, as usual, are global corporations, in their eternal quest to drive down labour costs, control legislation and achieve the ideal society in which the consumer’s earned income is transferred seamlessly to the shareholders’ and directors’ pockets, hopefully by ensuring that the consumer is permanently in debt.

    The EU is a global project. Nationalities and borders are a hindrance to globalism: the ideal condition being the US model in which the individual states have the illusion of autonomy, but whose workers can be discarded overnight by transferring the operation to another state whose labour rates are lower.

    My perpetual question is: should my existence be for the benefit of the corporations who effectively run my country, or should the corporations perhaps benefit me? And ‘We pay you, don’t we?’ from the corporations is not a sufficient answer. You pay me only in order to sustain me as a consumer of stuff which, in the end, I don’t want or need.


    Anyone remember this shit-storm from last summer; nearly a year ago now. A newspaper mistook Stormzy and Lukaku for one another. Fair enough, simple mistake that can happen with two people that look similar; move on, right? Ohhh no, Twatter exploded into a frenzy of snowflakes and various black “slebs” whinging and whining because of the terrible “rayyycism”. Itz well raysis init bludd. What a bunch of triggered cunts these people are. Obviously (and not to any surprise) if this had been two white people no one would have batted a fucking eye lid. Cunts pulling the race card is now a daily occurrence among all the other leftist shite we have to endure. Some black preacher said the following: “It ain’t funny yano. Don’t know why people are taking this for a joke ting.” yes, great comment mate really well worded and insightful. Cunts.

    • Stormzy is a cunt. That’s all you need to know.
      Oh and the EU are cunts. My Grandad was in the Glourious Glosters and fought in Burma, my dad was in the RAF and was in ADEN (Yemen) and Cyprus during EOKA troubles and they would both be turning in their graves how the country they endured shit for us turning out. I’m a bit pissed both with drink Black Bush is good and generally, I miss my dad and grandad and hate thinking of the days and weeks dealing with an enemy our government has sent them to fight only to years down the road just throw it all away. We are being run by craven cowards.

  18. Theresa May is giving this once great country away to Germany, and we are paying for the privilege.

  19. Mandelson, btw, has not been silent, but continues to bubble under, sometimes hilariously. This from an interview with the Indetoilet in May:-

    “A cabal of newspaper owners and editors have driven anti-European feeling in Britain over a period of 25 years. They have coordinated their actions throughout, with a very well off, pretty privileged, cosseted elite, who broadly speaking, hate liberal politics, dislike government and oppose regulation in the public interest.

    A well-off elite? Privileged? Cosseted? Not personal friends of Oleg Deripaska and Nat Rothschild, we are invited to believe. Not persons who were ennobled despite having to resign from the Cabinet twice due to alleged financial misconduct. Not the proprietors of very secretive and well-connected organisations putting their former contacts in government at the service of anyone with enough cash. Not ‘Lord’ Peter. Oh, no.

    • I prefer Occam’s Razor.

      “Anti-EUropean feeling”, and I capitalise the U advisedly, has been fuelled by the behaviour of Berlaymont and some of its “dwellers”

    • Mandleson. Fucking hell he gets my piss boiling and to think he’s in the house of lords now, well that sums up this country. My thoughts will be libleous or slanderous so not going to cause admins a headache but along with Blair and Campbell, Mandleson should be vanished.

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