Speaking of remainers. A number of them, who are clearly unemployed, are staging a 36 hour protest outside Parliament. Just when you thought you weren’t sick enough of these democracy hating pricks, they go and plummet to an even lower, more pathetic level of tediousness. Happily though, it was briefly enlivened by Tory MP and Brexiteer Andrea Jenkyns marching through their unwashed ranks, meeting their chants of “Stop Brexit” with her own chant of “GO BREXIT”! I would loved to have seen their faces.

Seriously though, I’m now past feeling anger and hatred towards remainers, and am now at the stage where I’m thoroughly fucking bored by their antics. I’m not even surprised by them anymore. There is literally nothing these inbred fuckwits won’t do to show us how terrified they are of the UK once again being a sovereign nation. And they are terrified. We’ve had two years of this shit, and there’s still no sign of the dumb fuckers calling it quits. If they put as much energy and enthusiasm into fighting more important things, such as war, poverty, hunger, crime and corruption as they do into fighting the democratically expressed will of the majority, the world would be a much better place.

I’m so bored with this retards, that I’m now officially calling for a National No Remain Protesting/Whingeing/Fuckery Day. That’s all I want. One, single, solitary day, where NOBODY from the remain camp complains about, or tries to sabotage Brexit. Is that too much to ask from these cunts?

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. There exists no greater population of people anywhere suffering from a worse case of cognitive dissonance than the remainers and there libtard ilk… the problem is that they haven’t been taught to think, or even how to think. They are the base product of a system that has taught people what to do, and when to do it. (See the police for a fantastic current example) Whatever is in the latest copy of there Marxist doctrine / manual is the absolute truth, nothing else exists and acknowleging it would be tantamount to heresy. It’s probably why they like the camel fiddlers so much, life must be so simple when the answer to every question lies in a single book. It’s also what makes them very dangerous, they don’t simply believe what they are doing is right- they believe it’s morally right and their cause is virtuous.

    I’d pol pot the lot of em.

  2. Andrea Jenkyns is one of the few MPs who is not a complete cunt. Took Ed Balls seat and resigned from government to fight for a proper Brevity.

  3. These protests are simply a clever Remainer ploy designed to bamboozle us into thinking Brexit is still a reality. But it’s an illusion.
    Everything has been planned out carefully since pigfucker quit, following the unexpected result.
    Remember, 80%+ of Both Houses of Parliament + 98% Civil Service are committed Remainers, despite weasle words about “respecting the will of the people”. They never had any intention of doing anything but finding a way around the vote.
    At very best we’ll get Brino now. Worse than fucking Remain.
    Why else would May be caving in to Brussels at every stage?
    Protests also handy for keeping up soft Remainer morale and momentum.

    Either way, this country is finished.

    • I do think that now. Even the MSM can’t keep it hidden… “May beats Rebels…” err, no she didn’t, she capitulated (completely) so they stopped rebelling. That’s called a loss mate. But we are caught in the middle of a long con – they can’t be seen to have given up on brexit so every now and again a false ‘small victory’ pops up in the msm, or something from reese-mog will make it on al-beeb… It’s all bollocks and they are all in on it.

      • Agree – Soubry & Grieve’s ‘opposition’ is the only thing that remotely affords the Government any Brexit credibility. Without these Remoaner cunts May & Co would be seen as the phoney Leavers they obviously are.

        Soubry & Grieve may or may not be in on the deal, but at the very least they’re useful idiots, going on endlessly about the Government’s illusiory “Hard Brexit” when nothing could be further from the truth.

        FFS – due to ‘last minute concessions’, Grieve didn’t even vote for his own amendment! It’s enough to make a cat laugh.

        • Grieve, the odious little arse-wipe, is no doubt practising for the day when we shall be governed totally by the star-chamber of cuntitude in Brussels, and cuuuunts like him will never be required to vote on anything, the little douchebag will be on a nice fat retainer…

      • The best we can hope for is that the treaty obligations cease and are replaced with a framework of bollocks agreements which can be repealed by a future government which is actually competent.

        Fat fucking chance of that then in my lifetime and I am only 49. Best get prepping the petrol bombs then.

  4. Isn’t it strange that for all of their whining and bleating about their love for the EU, they still haven’t fucked off to live in the fourth Reich under Merkel, Junker and Verhofstadt’s jackboot of tyranny?

    Maybe the thought of having to learn another language terrifies the shit out of their feeble, socialist conditioned minds?

    Maybe the thought of living away from Mater and Pater’s money for longer than five minutes brings them out in a cold sweat?

    Maybe they are just a bunch of lazy, brainwashed fucktards who have never had an independent thought of their own. Communicate in a series of grunts and squeaks and wouldn’t last more than two weeks in a place like France, Spain or Italy where the providers of basic public services treat going on strike like a national passtime, without crying on their blog about how barbaric the locals are for depriving them of their triple mocha latte, soy milk with sprinkles on a Monday morning (mid afternoon).

    I’m just guessing that their final tweet before being gang raped by one of Merkel’s army of peaceful rapeugees will be “like, having so much fun like with muh new African homies like #diversityisstrength”.

    They haven’t even figured out that they are so useless, so mollycoddled and so surplus to requirements, that even the EU doesn’t want them.

    Stupid fucking cunts.

    • Yea true.
      Strange how they love Muslims and Islam so much but do we see a single one move to a Muslim country to be with their peaceful brothers and sisters?
      …do we fuck.

      • DTS, as I am basically a non-murderous person, I think mass deportations of cuuuuunts is an excellent idea of yours.
        Flood the sand-shite-holes with snowflakes: the locals will gorge themselves on long pig until they drop dead.
        Result !!

  5. These cunts just need to fuck off. I have nothing more to say. I don’t know what more to say by this point.

  6. I’m afraid I hate the fuckers with a passion. The rich fuckers and their politician lackeys I can understand. They want to get richer and the EU will do that for them so I understand their motivation even if I despise it.
    The ordinary remoaner cunts, however, make me really fucking angry. They just repeat the same fucking shit they get from the traitor politicians. It’s fucking frustrating being told I didn’t know what I was voting for by thick cunts who, quite clearly , didn’t know what they were voting for. Their arguments are easily demolished but always end up with “stepping off a cliff edge.” Blah , blah, blah fucking blah.
    The ones who call themselves “left” are the worst. Try explaining to these dumb cunts why someone on the left can’t possibly support the EU and it’s globalist agenda and you soon realise they have never read a book in their lives. “Every society carries within its womb the seeds of its own destruction “ wrote Karl Marx. I don’t think he had these remoaner cunts in mind but that’s where we are.
    Fuck them all to hell!

    • It fucks me off too that some useless virgin cunt that’s never had a job, paid tax, voted or even heard of a single politician until 2 months ago can lecture others on which way they should vote.
      The sense of entitlement is fucking sickening.

  7. I voted to stay in. However, the result was patently clear. I would now vote to leave but the result stands.

    These cunts are trying to commit treason:simple as that. Even if the leave vote had won by one vote:That is democracy.


  8. Fucking hell QDM your asking for a miracle of biblical proportions!! Hate to tell you it’s a pipe dream!! You want a whole day of remoaner silence!!
    Good luck pal….. 😂😂😂
    It’s a shame anti moaniam isn’t available on the NHS!! I would ram a 10,000 mg dose up every remoaners arsehole!! ……..

  9. You fuckers on this site are forever having a go at these good people. They have legitimate concerns:

    The coming au pair shortage is real, not just project fear.

    How can the votes of oiks from places like Sunderland, Stoke and Wales for gods sake, count for the same as the elite? Where are these places? Can you get organic quinoa there? I doubt it.

    The referendum was undemocratic in that it didn’t have endless clauses and permutations on the actual process of leaving. How was that allowed?

    The UK will be missing out on the bonanza of rocket scientists, brain surgeons, equality champions etc which the EU enjoys, especially since Frau Merkel opened the borders. Just look France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden to see how these places have been enriched by diversity.

    Come on you cunts. Cut them some slack.

    • And who wouldn’t want to be ruled by the frumpenfurher and verhovstadt? They’re not vulgar, wierd and annoying at all.
      They have our best interests at heart and will take care of our affairs with us at the front of their minds…

    • Well, population of London is about nine million, total of UK poulation is about sixty six million, and the Professor Abbott maths textbook states that if London votes in favour, that outweighs anything the other 57m say.
      “So simple, Andwoo…”

    • Gosh. One can only imagine the articulate and intellectually insightful nature of you original post.
      Many jolly chuckles raised at the possibilities.
      Thank you kind sir.

      • Ho ho, yes indeed. I *really* don’t like her and hope that, after a set of hilarious coincindences, ends up dishonouring her family by getting pregnant by Rommy Tobinson, resulting in the required drinking of a drain cleaner cocktail.

      • Hey, that’s not very ecologically sound, Krav! It look the Thames decades to become clean(ish)…you’d undo all that if you pushed a peaceful in there.

    • Lol. “An irrefutable truth”.

      They don’t deny “climate change”. No one denies the climate is changing. They refute “man made climate change”, which they used to call global warming until the thermometer dropped, but then in the 80’s it was the greenhouse effect causing the next ice age until the sun came out…

      Change your article to read MMGW and then have the journalistic integrity (hint – its located somewhere between your conscience and your honesty – glwt) to call it irrefutable.


      • I’m still struggling to come to terms with the impending 2nd Ice Age, as predicted in the 1970s…

        • Yes I remember that. We were all doomed (Doomed I tell you) by the coming freeze.

      • Never let the facts get in the way of a good story, or career.

        I’m of the opinion that these cunts continue to get away with this fraud because they only play to their own crowd ie Metro Liberal Greenists Virtue Signalling Whyties that send their kids to Private School or who create property apartheid by taking over the areas with the best state schools by paying ludicrous prices for houses that the locals simply can’t refuse because the profit will be more money than they could make in 10 years.

        Oops went on a bit there.

        The rest of us know it’s a pile of cunt so turn off but as these cunts run the meeeedja that’s all we hear.

    • I don’t deny climate change, I just don’t give a fuck.

      Eventually we’ll be extinct and this country will be a mile beneath the ice so who fucking cares…

      I do fit the profile though.

      • If Blighty becomes as hot as Spain or Tunisia in December , well that suits me and saves me a fortune in all inclusive package deals.

      • Yes but climate change will flood Bangladesh and London. What a tragedy.

      • Spot on DTS. It’s all bollocks. Bit like smoking 40 a day we know it’s full of shit but no one can GUARANTEE that it causes early death or a specific disease unless said disease can ONLY be caused by SMOKING. Same with the climate it changes and whether human intervention is altering it in a negative way or a positive way is unknown because what SHOULD it be doing. No fucker knows.

    • I’ve just had a look at that article, what an utter pile of pish, to be honest it’s not really even an article just a unsubstantiated volley of bile that I’m guessing helps this little prick to order his world.

      A Day in the life of Jack Webb.

      Jack wakes every morning at 7am sharp. This is important to Jack, routine rules.

      At 7.05am Jack eagerly jumps out of bed and does 15 minuets meditation followed by 10 minutes high intensity exercise.

      After a quick shower Jack likes nothing more than bowel of Organic dust and a cup of hot water with a dash of Corbyn piss, but the latter is a treat, most mornings it’s just hot water.

      Being the only ‘child’ of a pair of lesbian primary school teachers Jack cannot escape the bigotry and victimisation he grew up with. So vile was the daily abuse Jack has dedicated his life to identifying and routing out all forms of oppression, bigotry, racism and climate change denial.

      So what better a job could a Social Justice Warrior have than being a ‘journalist’ with either the Guardian (that’s reserved for the cream of the premier league cunts) or The Independent, which is reserved for the Sherpa Van League of cunts.

      Anyway I digress.

      Yesterday Jack was overcome with the thought ‘all older White Republicans are racists and Man Made Climate change deniers and to prove it I’m going to find an academic paper that proves my point, that way I’ll be able to feel much better about myself and my internet friends will love me even more’.

      Google search ‘all older white men are racist climate change deniers’……..

      ……’Prof Senil Benegal of DePauw University finds link between views on climate change and race’.

      Brilliant yet more research that proves I’m right. Now where’s DePauw University…..

      Google search ‘where is DePauw University’………


      Oh bugger that I’ll still use it, no one will care it’s the message that’s important and besides it makes me feel better and it’s another £100 towards my trip to the North Pole to prove ‘all Conservative / Republican white males eat Polar Bear Cubs for breakfast’.

    • It seems that a certain sector of “society” gets its theories from the Slater Methuen “Hackenthorpe Book Of Lies” (condensation is due to the number of fish in the atmosphere; Moslems are forbiddden to eat glass. Pity.)

  10. Ok I’ve thought long and hard about this and I know many will disagree with me but this needs saying. If the Conservative Government conspire to prevent or obstruct the democratic wi of the British people and deliver anything but an unadulterated Brexit then I will never vote for them again. I don’t give a fuck if Cornyn gets in as a consequence of mass refusals to vote Tory. He can be removed at the ballot box after his no doubt shambles of a tenure. Getting out the EU is the priority. End off.

    • Good for you mate. I bet the Tory Party is fucking shitting itself.

      Thing is it’s not the Conservative Government that are conspiring to block ‘the will of the people’ as you put it, more it’s a collection of anti democratic europhiles borrowed from just about every public institution there is who are openly trying to reverse the Brexit vote.

      Anyway enough of that.

      You are a cunt.

      You think you’re clever and you think you’ve disguised yourself but you’ve been rumbled.

      Ego is such a cunt. Apart from you’re disjointed posts that have a whiff of intellectual superiority wrapped up in deliberately mis-spelt prose, your ego has got the better of you and exposed you for the cunt that you are.

      Go fuck yourself.

  11. Any Millennial who spouts the lines above (about the older generation’s voting to Leave the EU being tantamount to sabotaging their future) and thinks for a nanosecond, that their own parents / grandparents would actually ever consider such action to the detriment of their own children / grandchildren, is a fucking stupid, petulant, self-absorbed, contemptible little wankstain.

    For any Millennial reading – I’m 54 – You have screamed that my generation are poorly educated – I have a level of education infinitely superior to yours. I never use a spellcheck – (that’s what 2 O Levels and an A Level in English will do for you) and I care about much more than just my fucking self.

    Any big words I’ve used, which you don’t understand are probably racist, or xenophobic….

  12. Well it looks like we’re on the way to legalized consumption of cannabis. Can’t argue with kids can you?
    Look forward to a future where voter consideration of poltical issues is truly a thing of the past.
    This brexit thing must’ve really got on their tits for them to start that ball rolling.
    “what bowl maaaaaannnn….?”

    • Actually, that’s good from a medical standpoint. Recreationally is a different matter but medically it’s about time it was legalised – that poor boy with epilepsy could’ve died otherwise and he’s far from the only one.

      • I should add – from my understanding at least the harmful properties of cannabis are removed from the medical version in order to prevent or at least minimise side effects.

      • Heroin, under its generic medical name of diamorphine, has been legal medically from the beginning of time. So why not cannabis? Pure ignorance and politicians fear of tabloids, that’s why not.

        If something is proven to work, it should be developed and fucking taken advantage of.

        Personally would also favour legalisation recreationally. Alcohol FAR more damaging. Be worth £billions in tax take and cut crime dramatically, if nothing else. Will say no more as probably wasting my time.

        • Everybody’s been talking about this for the last fifty years, but the politicians have painted themselves into a corner, declaring that it’s a DRUG. And DRUGS ARE BAD. Alcohol is a drug too. They tried to ban it in the states, but at least they eventually had to admit that prohibition doesn’t work and just makes the situation worse. We should end prohibition for non-alcoholic drugs too. If it’s legal then you have some measure of control over it.

          • Making bootleg vodka is bad for Poles – some poor sod in S Wales was brewing up a load in his bathtub, and it blew the place apart. And him.

            My desperate addiction to Rennies has caused a few scorch-marks on the sheets.

  13. I genuinely believe that many of these treasonous cunts are scared of leaving the EU. They cannot envisage a life outside of this beating heart of Europe. They believe that they won’t be able to travel or work in Europe and our country will go back to living in thatched cottages and dancing round a fucking maypole. They have no belief that we are capable of making laws, making trade deals and innovating new technology and ideas. I really think the opposite is quite likely. Once the shackles are unlocked the overbearing oppression will be released on many businesses allowing more flexibility to expand unhindered by these Prolix Scriveners in Bruxelles. Sourbury talked of booting out the likes of JRM, Peter Bonio and Bill ‘Loads a Money’ Cash. Well you vile old hag it’s you and your low life traitors that should now indeed be ‘booted out’. I hope their constituents remember them long into the night. Cunts.

    • I don’t think hardly any actually have a clue about the Reich, they’ve just been indoctrinated into this romanticized view of the progressive bourgeoise utopia.
      Dumb cunts should try doing a proper job any paying tax and rent before they start moaning about working class people causing them to queue for longer at the airport.

      • Spot on.

        They jumped on the bandwagon. Probably a 73b, as there are so many bandwagons out there.

        And they are ALL so clapped out. The Remoan bandwagon is like the most God-awful train – running late, run out of diesel, no food/drink available, diverted onto the wrong track, overcrowded, stinking of unwashed bodies and shit and piss…

  14. These cunts seem to think they are owed a guaranteed, rosy, happy clappy future in which they will all lead prosperous, comfy lives. Someone needs to tell them that life doesn’t work like that.
    Snowflake cunts.

      • I’m merely a casual observer from across the sea but I get the feeling that there is a real visceral anger mounting among Leave voters – unlike anything I’ve seen before.

    • Perhaps they need to go on just one more rally…
      MOT-failed coaches, drunk or blind drivers, fucked exhaust leaking fumes into the inside…

  15. Useless and tedious as the ‘Occupy’ cunts. Yeah, showing your ass as loudly as possible is the BEST way to get what you want. Tantrumy histrionic attention whores.

  16. Off point….
    does anyone know the (shitty) deal the hunchback made with the remainiacs to buy their votes over at quislingfest this afternoon?

    • “The compromise was reached as David Davis, the Brexit secretary, tabled a written statement recognising the authority of MPs to hold the government to account, and saying that it would be for the Speaker to decide at the time whether any government motion could be amended. The government proposal would have ruled out amendment altogether.”

      Make of that what you will… apparently enough for Grieve to vote against his own amendment ffs.

      Please note: the Speaker is a rabid Remoaner.

      • That is what I meant by reading through the lines.Was hoping someone would come up with a different explanation but alas not.

      • Didn’t the prick have a sticker in his car windscreen along the lines of bollocks to brexit??

        • Precisely… one Tory wag considered printing up a sticker reading:


          • Seconded. The bastard started his tenure by announcing he’d fuck off after nine years. That ends today. But he’s going to stick around, like a dangleberry, in order that continuity will be preserved through the exit process and he can continue to dictate terms and conditions. Apparently, that’s his decision. Unless he gropes a female MP on national television, he cannot be unstuck. So much for an impartial Speaker. Arrogant and partisan cunt, and his wife’s even worse.

  17. Remoaners are such hypocritical cunts . they moan about parliament not getting a “Meaningful vote” although they still probably will if you read between the lines.We had a meaningful vote with the largest turnout 2 years ago.Remoaners moan that there are different reasons for voting leave but I have not met a single leaver who wanted to be in the Customs union single market under ECJ rulings or to pay a massive divorce bill.If you want Brexit you want the advantages of a clean break.The remoaners try not to say we fucking hate you plebs and won’t stand your impertinence in defying our NWO of open borders global governance and destruction of the notion of nation states and European culture yet everyone knows that what that it means.

    I can’t wait to see the Tory rebels lose their seats at the next elections.

    • Most Remainers I know were of the ‘reluctant’ variety, and would fully endorse what you say. I believe only the Remainer elite and their useful celebricunt idiots are hell bent on negating the democratic vote.

      Give them another referendum in 41 years time – that’s how long we had to wait for the last one. Give Independence a chance to bed in.

      Not that I believe there’s a cat’s chance in hell of us achieving a meaningful Brexit anyway.

      • I use the term remoaners and remaining to refer to those retainers who simply cannot get over the result.Many people I know voted for remain
        some regret it and most of the others want to move forward.Remoaners however like Blair Bercow Cable Starmer Hammond Brown Farron Umunna Vagina Miller A.C (Absolute Cunt) Grayling Bearder Dawkins Patrick Stewart Major Sandbach Grieve Hesselcunt and Clarke and the like are behaving like a dumped boyfriend or girlfriend that obsesses over the one who dumped them with pictures of them on the wall stalks them and still sends them love poems 2 years later.They are sad bitter menacing and more than a bit neurotic to the point that even people on their side of the argument begin to be suspicious of.

        • Fair do’s. My definition of a Remainer is someone who voted Remain in the Referendum. Some would now vote Leave, but most would rather the Referendum had never been held in the first place .

          My definition of Remoaner is of a militant Remainer, fanatically working to stop Brexit, no holds barred, the means justify the end.

          I think we know of whom I speak…

  18. Did my bit for diversity today, by way of deodorant.
    Bought something called body spray, Lynx Africa.

    Nothing beats walking into the pub smelling of Aids, famine and civil war….

  19. A savage and thorough cunting is required of Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach. This jowelly old, dog-faced cunt replied to a pensioner who had written to her accusing her of ‘treachery’, confirming that she would be reported to police.

    Fortunately the police confirmed they are taking no action.

    The cunt Sandbach thoroughly deserves to lose her seat. Fucking, nasty old witch.

        • Her jowelly old neck suggests she has indulged in more than her fair share of Mr Kiplings.

          • What the fuck is that Sandbach thing. She reminds me of that piss poor 50’s sci-fi film. The Attack of the Fifty Foot woman. I can only assume she must be married to someone like Meadowlark fuckin Lemon. It’s absolutely fucking hideous.

          • Wow.
            They don’t make em like that anymore….
            Thank fuck.

            The special effects are almost as good as the acting.

  20. Douglas the Hogg Roast. Has spoken of Brexit in the House of Farts as a ‘national calamity’.

    On hearing his ferocious opposition, I wondered if Hogg or his family have interests that may be affected by a withdrawal from the EU.

    A quick Google and lo and behold. His daughter is the CEO of Visa’s European Operations. I suspect with some more digging it is likely to all become clear.

    Just waiting for a knock on the door from the Whitehall Stasi for my comments on here today.

  21. Staggered by the number of MP’s complaining they have received a significant increase in the number of abusive and hostile messages received from the public.

    Here’s some advice for you, you thick cunts.

    Do what the electorate in the EU referendum or your local constituents voted for, and not what you think is best. You were elected on the strength of your party’s manifesto, which was to leave the EU, including single market and customs union.

    Perhaps if you carried out the will of the people they may not be so hostile towards you.

    Just a thought.

  22. Just watching some women’s international cricket.

    Can sum it up in two words,

    Fucking shite.

    • They are particularly pathetic at cricket! i tryed to watch England v SA last week and lasted about 4 overs, I was laughing at Englands demon bowler, if I was blindfolded and she bowled with a tangerine she wouldn’t get me out..,..
      sports cunt of the week contender sam alladyce complaining on talk sport that VAR was ruining his enjoyment of the World Cup??
      Oi you drink taking Cunt your teams have been ruining my enjoyment of football for fuckin years!!!

  23. This mornings propaganda on the ITV / BBC news is that there will be no Brexit dividend because the damage to the UK economy outweighs the money we won’t be paying Brussels.

    Absolute tosh. Pure Abbott mathematics.

    • The money we won’t be paying Brussels: fact, and quantifiable.
      The money the economy will lose: pure speculation, and based on the continuing absence of any will or commitment to put Britain first.

      Flabby, frightened, unimaginative and unenterprising cunts.

    • When I was at school, there was Pure Maths, Applied Maths, Maths with Stats, and, I think, O Level Maths for Scientists.

      I wonder if the Wetminster Exam Board will introduce a new syllabus…
      Fantasy Maths, Chief Examiner: The Flabbott.

      Although on reflection, I reckon she’d prefer a syllabub…or twenty.

  24. I sense that my fellow cunters are sad because Tony Blair’s views on Europe and immigration are not heard often enough. Good news. The Great Man will be speaking in Copenhagen on the 21st. The bash is organised by former President of the EU and tax-haven occupant Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s ‘Alliances For Democracy’ company.

    Mr Blair will also be addressing an audience selected by ballot ( From ISIS members with suicide belts? Please?) at Chatham House on the 27th. Subject: ‘In Defence of Globalisation’

    Why is this eternally irritating, festering fraudulent CUNT given the oxygen of publicity…given? Nay, paid obscenely generously, for its incessant propagandising for its own interests?

    First against the wall, Tony, and pray to the god you wear on your sleeve that the executioner hasn’t been in one of your wars.

  25. Two worries on the horizon, apparently old big head John Bercow will “decide” on the final result, and what happens in Parliament – no worries of any bias there then, and this morning I read that the slimy old cunt Guy Verhofstadt, who lost contact with his barber and his marbles 20 years ago “warns” in that foppish broken English way of his that “it could take Brussels to ratify” our departure from their malodorous bent confidence tricks.

    I hope David Davis tells him to go fuck himself and that we will walk away and not pay a penny to them. You never stop aying a blackmailer, and old Guy, Drunker and Barnier seem to be as adroit at blackmailas was Charles Augustus Milverton.

    Brexit doesn’t just mean Brexit – it means fuck off EU motherfuckers and their stupid threats as well. Perhaps he is even daft/drunk enough to think that Catweazle will win the next election and will give in.

    • I agree with you but it is increasingly apparent that David Davis is utterly out of his fucking depth. It’s a shame, because before the talks I held Davis in high regard and always wondered if the Tories would have been less cuntish had he bested Cameron in that Leadership vote many years ago.

      Brexit is going to be ‘remain’ in all but name, I fear. Mavis fucking May has already afforded the Tory rebels almost every fucking concession going.

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