I would like to cunt Lush for running a campaign saying the police are liars, words almost fail me.

Why would a shop that sells smelly soap decide to piss off every copper and their family. Don’t call 999 next time you have a violent shoplifter to deal with you utter cunts.

I’m not saying the police are perfect, but what the fuck has it got to do with a shop that sells fucking bath bombs.

Nominated by Fed up Cunt

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  1. What’s the reasoning behind their statement? What triggered their snowflake sensibilities?

    Incidentally, I’m sure they probably think that the dibble who arrested Tommy are the exception to the rule and modern day heroes.

  2. If they’re expecting to drum up trade from the peacefuls & pikeys, they’re clearly fucking out to lunch.

    Fine nomination Mr Cunt.

  3. Be interesting to know if The Body Shop are in alignment on this issue.

  4. Think I remember going into that shop once for an xmas gift. Almost overdosed on fragrance. I’d rather work in ammonia stench horse stables than in one of those shops.

  5. Off subject but I have been listening to the World at One and obviously the Grenfell outpourings.
    I don’t underestimate or belittle the tragedy but the amount of bullshit and politics being pushed is ridiculous.
    How the fuck did the children of the Blitz, their parents and fathers who saw much worse in the forces, if they survived, rebuild Britain? They didn’t have an army of psychologists dealing with their stress nor was hotel accommodation on tap with political and religious chancers wringing their hands?
    And why isn’t equal focus and anger given to terrorist atrocities on the anniversaries?

  6. There’s a Gay who works in the local Boots the Chemist. I was waiting in the queue to pay for my hemorrhoid cream when I saw him lasciviously pawing at another customer’s bath-bombs and scented candle as he rang them through the till. He made some crass remark which I couldn’t hear,and him and the customer both laughed.It was obvious that the Gay was getting rampant. I immediately dropped my ointment and bolted out of the shop. I didn’t want to run the risk of Fruity tracking me off my debit card number,breaking in and attempting to apply the cream while I was asleep.
    A lucky escape, I’m sure you agree.

    • If you knew he was Gay I’m surprised you were prepared to have him service you.

      Didn’t you realise that with him touching your cream and handing you change, you’d be running the risk of catching Aids?

      Reckless behaviour. Very unlike you Dick.

      • Agreed it was a narrow escape dick it was wise to leave, the poof wanted to personally apply the hemorrhoid cream to your arse after some obligatory donut punching no doubt

      • It doesn’t bear thinking about TS… can only imagine his piles were so painful he was incapable of thinking rationally, or ‘straight’, ha ha.

        Thank Jesus he came to his senses at the last minute!

      • Perhaps Mr Fiddler is actually trying to tell us all something. The man doth protesteth too much and all that jizz?

        Perhaps some light re-education with Kravvers is the order of his day?

  7. Utterly Agree Dick , there’s no stopping a gay when they get their sander up !
    A close shave for you there !!!!

    Ps I noted ( quite rightly so) at the end of your post you didn’t say ……..
    Fuck him !!!!!!

  8. World Cup opening match Ryan Giggs stood next to what appears to be a Central African tribes woman. As black as shoe polish. ITV cunts trying to “diversify” by the looks of things. The clueless mare doesn’t know her arse from her elbow and is struggling to string a sentence together as she talks us through Saudi Arabia’s team sheet. Swift change of channel and will flick back when the match is on and the shite analysis has ended.

    • I can’t stand these opening ceremonies. Maybe I’ve become a bit of a codger already in my youthful age but if I wanted to see a load of nancies mincing about I’d walk past the local queer bar (which thankfully doesn’t exist). Heartthrob Robbie Williams is on so I’m sure there’s a load of giggling housewives drinking red wine soaking their knickers.

  9. Worry not, Lush will soon be boarded up and out of business .I don’t know how it’s become so popular in the first place.

    • Exactly. Clearly another invention of the European Union, the sort of place Barnier and Tusk would frequent. What true Englishman would dream of setting foot in such a place?

      When I was at school, a lush was a bum boy.

      We get our soap (liquid) from Superdrug – whatever’s on special offer. Or Poundland.

      • True. But at the boys boarding school I attended for O Levels (I got precisely one) it was short for a ‘luscious’. Not thought about that for 48 years…

  10. Only celebricunts, celebrislags, snowflake fannies, tuppence flickers and bottybashers go in Lush….

    Was there a one minute silence at 11am to remember all 142,766 victims of the Grenfraud Tower disaster? Fucking cunts….

  11. Serious case of vaginal remorse, huh? I hope the lays were at least entertaining.

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