Kids at the Doctor’s

I’d like to cunt whiny, uncontrolled children in GPs’ waiting rooms, and their smug, fuckwit parents.

Was in for a blood test this am, had to wait about an hour and a half.

Thank Dog measurement of BP was not needed. Some little cunts running around, squealing, stamping their little feet, while earth-mother type (unfuckable blonde in dungarees) did bugger all. Bitch.

I thank Dog for many things, as certain people really have a problem with dogs.
I wonder if I can get a Miss Piggy enamel badge anywhere, like the old Robertson’s Golly ? Given their loathing of all things porcine, could be interesting.

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55 thoughts on “Kids at the Doctor’s

  1. We have a couple of squawking spoiled brats a couple of doors down from us. The sooner they go on holiday with Kate and Gerry the better.

    • I am currently in what I used to call paradise on one of the Canary Islands. Unfortunately since the decline in visits to Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia there are more and more people taking their holidays here. I have not lived and rarely visited the UK in the past 25 years and what I regularly witness when I come into contact with UK residents explains why. Overweight, uncontrollable feral children with overweight, heavily tattooed “parents” using the word loosely. One guy has this very evening downed 3 Jager Bombs in under 30 minutes and announced loudly that is what keeps him going. His proud wife joined and managed to get 3 of said consumption down her neck in compatible time all the time keeping her mobille under surveillance. The 2 sprogs in their care were kept happy with copious amounts of Coca Cola, Pringles and popcorn. This just after having eaten.
      Welcome to type 2 diabetes 🙄

  2. Part of the brattery epidemic we are seeing is that kids no longer have anything to fear.

    When I was a kid in the 70’s, we had the fearsome Childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the Black Panther and some pretty gruesome public information films, such The Finishing Line.

    The problem today is that most, if not all, baddies have been vanquished to remove the stress and anxiety from children. Very commendable but it doesn’t give them the notion that a baddie may be laying in wait for them in case they behave like utter shits.

    The only frightening character I can think of today is Rumplestiltskin Bercow. An angry, evil little goblin who could be used as a threat against unruly kids. Imagine having Bercow sneak into your bedroom with the intent of harming you?

    I am sure Sally has suffered a similar fate…

    • Yes I remember Bercow’s performance as the evil dwarf in the singing ringing tree. Scared me shitless at the time.

  3. The clampdown is in full force over at Order order. No comments what so ever all evening on a day when the betrayal of the British people reached new heights after Mays capitulation on the Thieving bastards in the Lords ammendments. A once popular site is now controlled by someone or other and it aint Staines.

  4. Just had the pleasure of the little fuckers on a 5 hour flight. Bless.

  5. Where kids are involved total cuntishness abounds. As for Grieve, Sourberry and the rest of the guilful cunts we now know what their visits to Junker Towers entailed. They where being schooled on how do get the knucke dragging masses to realise they were wrong and get them to vote again the right way. These cunts will linger long in my memory whatever the outcome and a great many people will feel the same way I think. If we don’t leave the Regime we should rename our country from the UK to the WC where anyone can take a piss all over us in future.

  6. Subsidiary general cunting for earth-mothers in public. From sandals displaying gnarled toenails to strangely knotted demoralised hair, from ethnic wicker basket in one hand to grimy bag for life in the other, from little Popsy, through Dropsy, to Petite Fleur and Cuchullain, running around and screaming through a collective cloud of snot between pointing at fellow-passengers/patients/passersby and shrieking, though not in any known language…and their feckless partners who either sell nuts garnered from someone else’s hedgerow in a backstreet ‘health’-food shop or avail themselves of our splendid benefits system…and their parents who subsidise the (‘they’re so interesting and she makes marvellous dreamcatchers’) useless cunts to stay rent-free in a yurt in the back garden … these are a few of the wonderful things which enable me to cut steel bars with my piss plasma.

    In short, I agree with this cunting. Once more, with feeling, I agree. Prime sundried cunts.

  7. One of modern childrens’ problems, amongst laziness,obesity and false sense of entitlement, is too fucking much doctoring. I honestly believe that children are done no favours by constantly running off the doctors every time they have a “sniffle” or a “bo-bo”.
    Parents are the problem,they raise their child to think that they are a Special Little Prince/Princess/Deviant.Run off to the doctor,no matter how trivial the problem,when all the little brats need is a day or two for their own body to learn how to fight illness. No wonder drugs are becoming ineffective,the Cunts eat them like Smarties.
    Modern parents are also at fault for being too fucking hygenic. They live in their sealed up little box houses which they constantly spray with bleach. I’ve seen the ads,”Kills 99% of bacteria”…ridiculous,kids need to build up an immune system.
    Last time I went to the doctors (some MOT style thing), I told the receptionist that I’d be stood outside and to give me a shout when the quack was ready. I’d no sooner got out than she was leaning out the window squawking that I couldn’t smoke on their carpark. As I said to the old bag, I was in less chance of harming myself smoking outside,than I was sitting in that waiting room full of mewling,puking shitebag kids, their soft,ignorant parents,or their hacking,wheezing grandparents.

    Fuck them.

    • I’ve never been to a doctor’s surgery over the Border in Scotland. I wonder what the clientele are like there?

    • I know a mum like this. A proper “helicopter parent” constantly hovering and fussing over her precious little git. It’s no surprise that he’s a right soft bastard. Another one is a leftist vegan hippy; constantly sheltering her twins. These poor sods are home schooled and are forced to eat gluten free non animal shite or whatever these vegans eat. Dust for fuck sake? Obviously they’re void of any personality, skinny as a rake and white as a sheet from a lack of protein. Children should be allowed to be children. Let them play and explore and have some sense of freedom instead of wrapping them in cotton wool and taking away they’re childhood. They’ll either grow up to be soft defenceless Nancy boys or rebel in some way and be a regular fixture on Jeremy Kyle.

    • You’re right, of course. When about 6, I had repeated ENT and chest infections. Went to stay with relative serving with BAOR at Dusseldorf, Promptly went down with flu. German doctor called in (bear in mind ~10 years after WW2, W. Germany still wasn’t a luxury economy, far from it). Herr Doktor (thinks: what a soft pampered English brat) opines: “This child has been treated with antibiotics, ja?” Yes. ” Then stop it. They are destroying his natural resistance to infection”. No antibiotics prescribed ( they’d have been useless against a viral infection in any case). Flu cleared up. Recurrent bouts of lurgy stopped thereafter.

    • Nothing half a crushed aspirin with a teaspoon of sugar and a clip round the ear wouldn’t cure in my day….

      What didn’t kill us made us stronger. Maybe had a slight advantage though, with mum being a nurse.

    • Aaaaah, little fluffy pink pwincesses in stupid outfits…

      And who the fuck would want their kids to follow the wonderful example of pantomime pwincess Marg, Beat-rice and You-Janey ??

      Shit on them from a great height.

    • Spot on Dick (sounds wrong but lets move along) always said the same the people who are most at risk of infection are the very young and the very old once you get to about 6 months mothers milk has given you a good set of antibodies running round your body thus helping to keep the bugs at bay. Eating off the floor as a kid not washing your hands every few seconds all help build immunity.
      I’m 56 at my senior school there was one asthmatic and as far as I know NO allergies to anything. Now I bet its 50% of every school is allergic to something or can’t breath without an Inhaler.
      Intensive use of Antibiotics and super cleaning your home is a slippery slope.
      Just my thoughts

      • Although in some cases, fumigation with hydrogen cyanide would be my first choice, with the occupants still inside.

  8. Kids these days get away with murder. The only mums who seem to discipline their tins are the scummy mummy chav mothers. Still, this doesn’t stop all the whining and tantrums. Good cunting Belinda, by the way. I’d also like to point out the smelly bastards in the waiting room and that cunt who has a hacking cough; there’s always one. Plus, you always seem to be sat in there for eternity as they are running late. I put this down to all the fat bastards and junkies I see shuffling out of the GP’s office as I sit there; the clock ticking as I’m now 30 overdue for my appointment.

  9. Bugger, bugger, bugger. Superb subcunting lost due to fatfingered email. I will try and reconstruct it:
    A general cunting of earth mothers in public places is indicated. From the sandals, delicately enhancing gnarled toenails to which the earth of the quinoa harvest still adheres, to the ropey and strangely-knotted lustreless greying hair. From the ethnic wicker basket bearing the pick of the health food shop’s range of deformed vegetables in one hand, to the lead with the depressed rescue greyhound in the other. (pity for the unfortunate animal is a given) From little Anaemia(3) and Persiflage to young Vagina Snowdrop and Cuchullain (16), ricocheting off their surroundings in a cloud of snot, pointing and shrieking at innocent bystanders, though in no known language. The husband, tanned, stubbled waster – Amish crossed with 60’s hippy, though at a guess 55 years old, who has found a woman, for want of a better word, with indulgent parents who encourage the simple life in a fully-appointed yurt in the back garden of the family house, ground-rent, meals, washing (as if) and childminding free.

    Manifest cunts, the lot of them, whose only positive attribute is that they enable me to do plasma-cutting with my hyperheated piss.

    • Oh yes. Middle class cunts playing at being hippies, but never too far away from mummy and daddies money, just in case.
      A pet hate of mine if ever there was one.
      Behind most every representative of the “counterculture” lies a massive hypocrite…

      • Worst of the worst. Even fat benefit slags will sometimes raise their heads from their iphones to go through the motions of controlling their scrofulous spawn. Not Mrs Dreamcatcher Crystal-Candle.

      • Cunts like them MB are two a penny down in Brighton and Hove, fake hippy types with loaded parents!
        My sister in law and her mates all play the earthy hippy thing to the hilt! Virtually all have well off parents, many of them have well paid jobs! , they talk endlessly about imaginary financial worries and making ends meet?
        Irritates the life out of me!!

        Off point….
        I particularly enjoyed the complete lack of respect Arron banks showed the Parliamentary committee yesterday, knowing it was nothing but a remoaner backed turd hunt he was cocky and went on the offensive, his side kick even answered a question about Russian involvement in brexit with NYET!
        After listening to these remoaners bleating about Russian involvement in brexit he stood up and fucked off for lunch telling the quislings that he would be down at the commons bar later if they wished to join him! 😎

        • As if the remoaners have never benefitted from any Sorearse handouts.

          But that’s OK, of course, because the old lizard-cunt isn’t an “interfering foreign government.” Well, certainly, I’m not aware that he has ever been elected by anyone. Just a giga-rich cuuuunt playing at politics, his pan-global presence is like drug-resistant syphilis.
          Anna Soubry is of the Undead.
          And very probably in the 3ry stages of above mentioned STI.

  10. Im with you all the way on this one,i was asked to leave the doctors some months ago and heres why, picture the scene im in the waiting room, some fuckwit on his phone,old codger coughing up a grolly,some silly bitch crying, receptionist playing the part of doctor giving loud responces to answeres given by mortified patients and the children of the corn running amock,screaming name calling ,looking over peoples shoulders, you get the picture, anyway after brat 1 decides to throw the magazines all over the waiting room,i look at the ginger mum with the I hope your going to pick that lot up look,and she gives me the awww bless look, asher name was called she rounded up her cunt kids and was about to fuck off when I stood up and said oui your not about to leave this shit everywhere are you,you are supposed to control your brats, you should be ashamed of yourself,you need to sort this out,then she tells me she has to go,another waiting patient joins in and gives her what for telling her and I quote your a fat ginger waste of space and she should make some effort the lazy cunt……and that’s when I….I was asked to leave… out of control cunt kids need a fucking slap and some times so do the fucking snow flake parents….

  11. Why didn’t you tell off both child and mother, HBH?
    One of my very favourite things is telling other people’s children off right in front of their cunt parents, hoping the parent/s will have a go at me. Stupid bitch wimminz are incredulous and shocked when I give them some grief and I love their reaction, utter cunt that I am.

    • Had it been my first recent visit to the GP, would certainly have given her a blast from my farmers and the surrounding area !

      Oddly, she eventually took the sperm of Satan out of the waiting room, as I think that even she had felt the waves of hate being beamed in her direction.
      There was certainly a tangible sense of relief when they’d gone, but perhaps not as tangible as when my lovely blonde GP performed the PR check on bumhole.

      • Before I had the prostate exam I had a quick read up on the subject, and nowhere did it state that the doctor may need to place his hands on your shoulders throughout the procedure….

        • Very good JR.

          Reminds me of the Friends scene where Joey is explaining the technique his tailor uses.

        • A couple of years ago I went to the medical centre because I had a little lump near my arsehole. No use being silly about it, I thought, better go and get it checked out. The doc was a young Asian fella and he surprised me by asking if I wanted a third person to be present while he examined me. I asked why and he said that it was now standard procedure in such cases to be given the opportunity to have a witness present. Fuck that, I thought, the fewer people who see my arse the better. The lump turned out to be nothing serious, but I was left wondering how often the NHS gets sued by people who make spurious allegations in the hope of winning themselves some compensation.

          • When I was younger had the need to visit the doctors a couple of times for problems regarding what was diagnosed with minor problems with my todger. Each time I made sure I saw a female doctor as had absolutely no wish for a male to handle it. Strangely found the handling of it with her wearing rubber gloves and holding a torch rather erotic.

            Also remember having to go to a physiotherapist with an ongoing back problem. Again chose a female. Remember having to strip off down to my boxers and lay on the padded table, face down, which I did.

            She was a young, tiny pretty thing who then proceeded to climb on me and manipulate me for several minutes. Needless to say I found the experience rather arousing with the inevitable result.

            This was fine until she asked me to lay on my back.

            She was very polite about my situation however could not bring myself to ever return.

          • Exactly the same in my case.

            My bum is a matter between my GP and self, not a sodding fairground stall. I was offered a nurse or similar, but declined on both occasions.

            If my blonde GP wishes to get particularly intimate with any of my glands, she is more than welcome.

  12. Not been to see the doc for more than a year; last time I did though, bloody hell it was a right social experience. The amount of kids running riot was a gargantuan fucking disgrace. One kid in particular was causing mayhem, whilst the “parent” was showing true levels of atrocious cuntery by studiously ignoring her vile offspring. And when said parent (almost inevitably single, unwashed, spilling out of her undersized leggings whilst boasting a plethora of abominable tattooery through her skimpy, skanky vest) did finally awake from her drugged addled haze, she bellowed at the top of her voice: “Gerr ‘ere now Chavney yer little tosser, leave that fuckin’ water fountain alone, yer’ll flood the cunting place!” Or words to that effect.

    The kid was no more than 2 years old.

    I truly despair.

  13. I notice all the little fuckers have a label now. ADHD, on the ‘spectrum’, dyslexic etc. Mostly utter bollocks. I went to school in the 50s and 60s and no fucker had a label. Some clever, some cunts. I was of course a clever cunt.
    There were few if any fat cunts either. Proper meals, hardly any telly, plenty of exercise (playing out) Doctor was a rarity.
    Looking at kids and most under 30 year olds is profoundly worrying. Cunts.

    • Listened on the radio last year to an expert saying that the least fit child in a class of 30 fifty years ago would rank 5th fittest in a class of 30 today.

      If true I can well believe it.

      My 13 year son trains for badminton 4 times a week after school and a total of 10+ hours. He also attends county training and plays in Badminton England tournaments. He also plays at weekends when he can. More often than not he walks or cycles to and from school each day, which is 1.6 miles away. This coming weekend he is doing a 26 mile charity walk.

      We do not permit him to play on a PlayStation or Xbox, but we do allow him limited time on the iPad at weekends which is supervised). He eats very healthily, with a predominately Japanese diet.

      The vast majority of his schoolmates as far as I know do not do any exercise or sports other than the sports they do at school (which equate to a total of 2.5 hours a week). Would suggest this is nowhere near enough.

      If Ofsted continue to judge and publish school figures only on Maths, English, Spelling and Grammar things are unlikely to change as cash strapped schools will look to prioritise resources and funds to these specific areas.

  14. Dick : Re gp surgeries in Scotland
    Much the fuckin same full of cuntin weans running about
    Receptionists like Hagar vetting you to see if your Ill enough ( without medical training ) Data protection to the fore and fuck the rest of you it would seem
    I try to stay away

    • The Hagar style receptionist you mention reminds me of the old guy who appears at his GP reception and she tries to find out what’s wrong, so she can tell him to bugger off and stop wasting her precious GPs’ time. Eventually he gets so annoyed he says “It’s my cock”. Shocked and embarrassed that the patients in the waiting room laughed, she demands that he leave then come back in and use more acceptable language. He does, and in reply to her question “And what’s wrong with you today?”, he says “It’s my elbow”. “And what’s the problem with that?”. “I can’t piss out of it”.

  15. I remember seeing the pic of that little kid some 20 years ago. I wonder if he’s a football thug type now he’s grown up? Bearing in mind his father must’ve been a cunt and the apple never falls far from the tree…

    • I think that could be a Glasgow Rangers top, Mr. Cunt-Engine. I wonder if this might be an early photo of Mrs. Sturgeon standing on the rock at Carter’s Bar that marks the border,making her feeling known to the sassanach devils?

      Just a theory,of course

      • I take it all back…it’s actually a Feyenord kit….bugger,my innocent attempts to ingratiate myself with the Jocks is scuppered.

        • If you don’t know why Krankie would never in a million years be in a ‘Gers strip, fat chance of ingratiating yourself with the Scots, sad to say.

          • Ah well…I tried. It’s nice to be nice,I always say.If you can’t say something pleasant about someone,it’s better to say nothing at all… a mantra that’s served me well.
            I shall have to think of some other way to spread my niceness to the Scots other than football chat,which seems to bring out the worst in them.

  16. It’s not just in the gp surgery. The spar close to were I work is bad for them but the other day I witnessed a bint with about 4 sprogs, two of them tearing around the aisles being loud as fuck and even ran out of the front of the shop onto the car park whilst I was trying to pull out of a parking space…… All the while mummy dearest was waiting in the queue in a world of her own. Cunt.

  17. Unfortunately Mr Fiddler Rangers are as shite as the SNP at the moment !
    We don’t have any Teams now that have any proper thugs on or off the park
    The National Team are shite
    The National Party are Shite
    There’s a theme running through this

  18. Off topic, but referring to a recent cunting, and including nasty brats, brought to you from ISAC Hell:

    It can SPEAK? And a super pic of a wax model of the great oratress, photoshopped into submission and then matte glazed, to boot. Round any convenient wasteland of your choice.

    ‘Social media influencer’ is apparently a thing. University of Penge, I want a PhD in it!

  19. A pox on the horrible little shits, need to bring back ” children should be seen and not heard” i said to mine that i had to do as i was told as a brat and its now my turn to be in command, their turn will come. Fucking kiddos dictating their parents lives doesnt work, its not natural.

  20. Fucks sakes this is so true. I make it no secret that I fucking hate screaming kids to the enth degree. It’s two sides of the same cuntforged coin between them, and their cunt moonbeam hipster cunt parents. Nobody should be forced to see and hear the results of their new age druid fuck on midsummer’s eve. Kids today have no discipline. Cunt kids who misbehave, should have their fucking earlobe nailed to the town stocks and made to sit there until they calm down.
    Their bastard parents are too busy communing with the earth spirits while being stoned out of their heads. Bastards all.

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