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Lately there seem to be a lot of stories of charity bosses,or accountants, being caught fiddling the books. I’ve just read about some old crook in charge of the finances of a hospice who’d helped himself to £100k plus over several years.
How much money must these charities have washing about that nobody notices huge amounts of money being misappropriated? How naive must the trustees be to not notice these thefts?

Perhaps the fact that so many charities are now nothing more than businesses has something to do with it? The days of a dedicated group working for the benefit of others have been replaced,at the top,by Corporate types who run charities for the benefit of themselves and their cohorts.I wonder how many ex-bankers and financial “experts” are involved in the charities where malfeasance is routinely overlooked..probably because they’re involved in worse themselves.

Too many people seem to do very well out of charities,by legal means or not. I don’t trust charities and am very select in any donation that I make. Everyone should be fer more suspicious before handing their money over,in too many cases the money is just lining some crook’s pockets.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

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  1. Too true Dick. Help for Heroes being one of them. It has more cash than it knows what to do with because the objects of the charity limit the way the money is spent. Cunts.

    And the endless charities that are set up when some cunt gets killed (usually by natural selection). Like the wife of the bloke that forgot to attach the killcord of his power boat. Stupid cunt died but, of course, a charity had to be set up.

    Legalised fraud.

  2. Outstanding nomination. I recently sponsored a neighbour’s boy to walk 26 miles for a leukaemia charity, only to discover 72% of monies raised would be going on ‘administration’.

    • I remember a charridy from years ago – called “Cancer and Polio” – used to knock on the door like the tallyman for his weekly collection which my dumb as fuck mother used to hand over every week – the only upside being a weekly prize draw of £1000 – and that was Nationwide. After learning that 98% of all monies went to collectors, area collectors, administrators running around in new Hillman Avengers I called my mother a dozy cow – after I picked myself up off the floor from the ensuing slap she never paid another penny into that crock of shit. It isn’t charriddy – its a fucking business. The Leonard Cheshire homes have that much money swilling around they renew virtually everything in every home every year. Cunts like St Brendan of Cox and his lamented (by the blambos for whom she did so much) Saintly wife Jo made a fucking fortune out of “working” for charridies. Absolute and utter cunts – no matter how many tins they rattle under my nose they can all fuck right off. My brass goes to a once a year donation to Remembrance Sunday (I wear my Veteran badge with pride) and a few donations to a local Hospice – I have had several relatives and friends cared for in their final hours at that last place and I will likely be a recipient of their fine care one day. I know that every last penny goes to the Hospice and is spent on the Hospice. As for all the rest of them – fuck em. If water aid over the last 40 years are still trying to help Umbongo from walking a 20 mile round trip to get a cupful of donkey shit goat piss ridden brown effluent some fucker is telling lies. During a natural disaster in Chad in 85 we had a bore hole drilled, tapped and fresh clean water available within the day.
      On a lighter note I once asked my kid Brother (Naval officer, stuck up cunt, Catholic churchgoer every Sunday without fail and typical wife involved in every charriddy ever invented) on seeing a calendar on the wall from some Hospice or other I asked solemnly “What’s a Hospice”? He launched into a shortened version of the description to which I replied “Nah, about a gallon a minute” – fucking tears rolling down his cheeks 😉

      • Mrs Bastard worked at a Leonard Cheshire home until recently. The care staff genuinely work their arses off, whilst being driven round the bend by increasingly bizarre rules and regulations, unlike the administrative staff and managers who are often less use than tits on a fish.

        My theory is that charity in general attracts the type that lusts after the fat wages and perceived status of a managerial position but are too thick and/or lazy to survive in the real business world where they would be easily spotted and given the boot…

        • Mate of mine years ago worked at a care home and the pc jobsworth in charge decided it was demeaning to refer to the patients as residents (even though they reside there)….. No one from now on they shall be known as “service users”. Now doesn’t that make them sound like burdensome parasites?

  3. Gave to World Vision for years before I realized it all went on administration. Just paying for twat-holes to line their pockets.

  4. If I ever win the lottery or premium bonds, I can safely say that NONE of it will go towards boat-people, waterholes in Africunt shiteholes, surgery for Umbongo…

    There are some one-offs (with a single aim, and therefore not never-ending grabbers) that I would support in GB, but the rest can do one, at least until they’ve cleaned their act up.

    I would, however, defo be inclined to support ex-servicemen, if anyone feels the “charities” concerned are doing the job properly.

  5. Stopped giving to charities a long time ago. My money’s hard earned and it’s staying with me to spend how the fuck I like. I won’t be guilt tripped into parting with by any cunt!

    I don’t care who or what it’s for, they can all go to fucking hell!

  6. The concept of charity is noble. You can donate your time to helping people if you feel like giving. You can even give things or money directly to those that need it.
    Buying your conscience by giving money to charity is bullshit.
    The same mentality puts a cross on their ballot and tells themselves they’re taking part.
    Those that co-ordinate charity are sinister individuals that I regard with the same suspicion as I would a male nursery worker or a swimming coach.

  7. We’ve got a very strange charity operating where I live.

    Every other week and for no obvious reason, they push through the letter box, six free liners for the swing bin in the kitchen….

  8. Quite a lot of small charities are set up in the wake of a persons death and all that’s fine but is it just to help the grieved get something positive out of their loss?


    I met the father of PC Nicola Hughes a couple of years ago as a club I am part of made a substantial donation to his Charity

    PC Nicola Hughes was slain by that evil psychopath who I won’t name as he’s just an evil cunt and doesn’t deserve being named.

    Bryn Hughes, Nicola’s father stood up in front of 700 men and went through the minute detail of what happened that day and exactly what injury’s Nicola received.

    You could have heard a pin drop and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.

    He set up the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund and it’s become his life.

    It’s a brilliant charity with a genuine ambition to provide life chances to those who possibly may go the way of the evil psychopath cunt fuck……

    Big Charity fucking stinks, I’ve posted on Cancer Research UK last year, these cunts tried to constructively dismiss a ‘friend’ who’d been diagnosed with Cancer, he’s dead now and it cost them £30k hush money but that was it for me.

    • I’ve had my doubts about CRUK for a while now. Reckon they’ve had more than enough out of me. Don’t have confidence in any of these cunts any more. DD will be cancelled tomorrow.

      That just leaves Worldanimalprotect.

      They got my support precisely because they were NOT threatening to send me a cuddly toy or letters from some sad elephant who’s piss had been extracted by Mtembe.

  9. Off topic, but…

    Caught Anna Sourbry on Daily Politics this morning:

    “I’m getting tired, if I may say, of being called a Remainer…”

    WELL STOP FUCKING REMOANING THEN, you arrogant, sour faced, thrush infested cunt!

    Then it got worse…

    (Sorry, blood pressure dangerously high, have been advised to stop transcribing).

    • These remainer Cunts like soubry and cuntasaurus ken would argue blacks white!! Just like mega cunt Miller who tried to kid everyone she just wanted to see brexit properly administrated but has let her fake facade drop more recently and is now calling for the people’s referendum …… oily weasel worded Cunts!!

      • one Prerequisite for any charity should be it must CLEARLY display what percentage of money collected actually goes to the cause it’s collecting for!, then people can make an informed decision if they want to contribute……….

    • RTC, you have my sympathy…

      Catching Anna Sourbry must be a painful and distressing condition indeed.

      Is there a known cure ?

      • Am at my wits end Belinda. Bin throwing up and shitting myself all night… the wife’s never been busier pushing buttons on her washing machine!

        Off to Dignitas after lunch. Will keep you posted, much appreciate your concern.

        • We wish you the speediest recovery !!

          I may turn up at the very epicentre of the disease’s cuntishness (Broxtowe), put up a cordon sanitaire, and carry out some serious disinfection.

  10. I was going out with some mates the night Comic Relief was on, so I said to my missus…
    “That programme is on for about six hours, I can’t watch all that, do us a favour and record the bits you think I might like.”

    Never lets me down my missus. Got up the next morning, put it on.
    Forty five minutes of starving Africans….

    • 😂😂 I like Mrs Cuntley’s style.

      It reminded me of the time, maybe 10 years ago when my children were all quite young. I made them tea and they hardly ate a scrap.

      I went on one of those rants saying when I was a kid we had to eat what was in front of us etc then as I stood there at the bin said “ and think about all those starving kids in Africa” then stopped myself and said “on second thoughts” and just chucked it all away.

      The soon to be former Mrs Cuntface was non too impressed.

  11. Charities must be one of the few growth industries in this country,and the trouble is that where there is money,there’ll be chancers. Most charities are run by a few well-meaning individuals who lack the expertise to properly oversee the charities finances. It just takes some glib “financial expert” to decide to help himself,and the trustees lack the expertise to adequately keep check. This,allied to the fact that a lot of these charity trustees are basically “nice” people who are often fairly naive,makes theft and embezzlement pretty straightforward for the average “financial expert”.
    I don’t think that there is nearly enough check kept on charities,be it how they spend their money,how they raise they money,or how their money is managed. In an age of the Government forcing it’s way into every aspect of individuals’ lives,perhaps they might do better to set their army of snoopers and nannies overseeing charities…not that it’ll make much difference to me,a small donation on Poppy Day and a couple of donations to animal charities (NEVER the RSPCA…fucking charlatans) is all that ever I manage.

  12. The United Way and Food Banks are the ones that get me.
    The guy who runs the United Way gets over half a million bucks in salary, when he should be doing it for nothing.. guess who doesn’t get one fucking penny of my money despite the constant blackmail?
    Make all of those Bank Execs who ripped us off in 2008 work at charities with no compensation as part of community service, instead of just fining the banks.
    As for food banks , well they are just a joke. The local one here made headlines a few years back when they discovered that the Manager had been buying expensive art with cash donations from the stupid public. In her defence she said that poor people should be able to appreciate art. Very noble thoughts except that she hung the art in her own home.
    She was fired after much hand wringing and was given a severance package of a year’s salary which was about $70,000 . Can you believe it ? $70,000 for running a food bank.
    My money stays in my own pocket, if I ever experience any sort of guilt trip for my failure to improve the lot of life’s unfortunates (which is very fucking unlikely) I’ll go out and join a volunteer work party for free. But if the phone don’t ring , it’ll be me!

  13. Heard the bitch remoaning like a cunt on the radio. I could just imagine her ugly hate filled face spewing out her total contempt for her constituents and voters in general.
    Frankly I want this revolting old slag on the telly as often as possible, she’s a great advert for Leave. If I were Juncker or Tusk I would pay the slut off to shut her revolting cakehole ; she does them no favours whatsoever.

  14. Jimmy Saville would do endless charity events, but what Joe Public didn’t know was that the old Nonce / necrophiliac wouldn’t attend unless he got a minimum fee of £10,000 upwards and that was back in the 70’s
    Owz about that then.

  15. Personally I think the concept of charity is a bit muddled, no one or thing needs charity that badly – inevitability the circumstances leading to the issue are never tackled. Take starving Africans, they would not be so famished if they tried living where there is fucking soil and life, instead of on sand and dirt. All this band aid bullshit is a wank fest for ego manic cuntbags with single word names like Bono and charity middlemen who slice off the crust. Stop giving them money and food, give them a map instead and point them in the direction of civilization.

    What would help is philanthropy from the 0.1% of super rich cunts who hoard trillions offshore. Big piles of cash, build new infrastructure and invest that shit back into civilization so man can help himself. Buy up chunks of major cities and turn it over to parks, like Central Park in NY. Admittedly they evicted people at the time, but that park is a lifeline for the whole city now.

    • I think that’s part of the problem Big Chunky, some cunt did give them a map that pointed them in the direction of civilisation, unfortunately it said EUROPE.

      • True. Yeah I was thinking more of the nearest city on that continent. Perhaps a map with just Africa on it. Fuck it, just bus them in to a Maccy Ds in Nairobi, give them a free happy meal and a uniform.

  16. “Point them in the direction of civilisation “??
    You mean Gary Taxdodger’s mansion?
    I don’t think so. More likely next door to you mate.
    Think about that.

  17. It was only during the very first Comic Relief charity appeal that I felt any empathy for those kids in Africa.
    Knowing that some of them were having to walk as much as eight miles a day, just to get away from Lenny Henry….

    • I do remember chortling when Lenny and Dawn we’re still married and were sat together shilling for the “starving Africunts” in one of the early Richard Curtis Cuntfests.

      Oh the beautiful irony! 😂😂😂

  18. I give to a single charity – The British Red Cross. I do this on a monthly DD basis and have done for years.

    The British Red Cross always sold itself on: “No matter the disaster, no matter the location, no matter the people, The British Red Cross will always be there.”

    A very noble sentiment and one I’m sure they fulfilled in the past but now – just like Britain’s second dark age (1997-2010) – they seem to be more concerned with “peaceful” projects than any other world needs.

    As a subscriber I get info-mail/email (obviously shilling with the obligatory “Donate More” link at the bottom) and most cases surround Syrian displacements. Now I have no issue in assisting those peoples displaced to the Lebanon or Yemen under humanitarian grounds but I’m not happy about giving aid to cunts who banana-boat their arses into Europe and spread like ebola throughout it!

    These are not refugees, they are economic migrants.

    Moreover – when their latest telesales shill called to tap me up for a one off £100 donation (no doubt £99 of that going to said marketing agency cunts) – when I asked how much money was spent on the Nepalese earthquake disaster, and why hadn’t I been contacted for additional donations when that happened? They had no response.

    When I said I wasn’t interested in bankrolling economic migrants in Italy or Greece (unless it was to repatriate the cunts back to whatever “peaceful” – and non war-torn – shithole) the shill hung up the phone!

    The Nepalese are a poor but noble people (the Gurkhas being one of our most loyal British troops) and the earthquake there was a huge disaster for them.

    I for one would much rather my monies go to them where it will be put to good use and not embezzled by some “peaceful” Jihadis gang to fund bomb attacks on us, or annexed by M’Tembe’s despot Africunt dictator to pay for yet another Rolls Royce!

    O’course you have no say how your contribution is spent do you and I fear The British Red Cross will be pissing my money away on the undeserving rather than the noble causes I would like them to.

    Maybe it’s time to cancel the DD and see if I can contribute to more direct causes such as the PC Nicola Hughes Charity mentioned above.

    At least you know the money will be being used for the cause in question rather than lining the pockets of CEO Administrators so they can sip champagne on their 100ft yachts in the Bay of Biscay!

    • I genuinely think most Charities do start with only honourable intentions.

      But as they grow they need more staff and that’s where the rot sets in.

      Most of the cunts that come to the party later on are just there for the party. They aren’t charitable in any sense and I believe to many it’s just a job that lacks accountability and or scrutiny.

      After all it’s fucking easy to spend other people’s money when that money is given usually without condition.

      And if that isn’t bad enough the Government then give gazillions of our money again largely without condition to support ‘charitable initiatives’.

      Then the Charity bosses get ahead of themselves and start to believe they are actually St Bono.

      Take that Camilla Batman fat fuck. What a fucking farce.

      But she got into the heads of the London Metropolitan Elite and I’m sure no dinner party was every concluded without a wank fest that included who’d donated the most to Camillas fridge.

      It’s a shame the British Red Cross has fallen into the PC bullshit trap but I would suggest that’s in order to secure more of our money from the Government but you could do a lot worse than donating to the Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund.

  19. The only charidee I donate to regularly is the local Christmas lights charity – we have a volunteer organisation who do them instead of the county council. They do a fantastic job each year

    • Sorry mate, Christmas Lights are waycist and by donating you ate continuing the oppression of our “peaceful” members of society!

      Have you no shame!

  20. Sir beefy cunt botham’s charity parted with £94k for a good cause. Gave it to his daughter’s PR company. None was given to charitable causes however. Money well spent; what a top bloke.

  21. The RNLI, guide dogs for the blind and a Poppy once a year.

    As far as I’m concerned, they are the only charities worth a wank and make a real difference.

    Everyone else can fuck right off.

    • Ho ho…good work! I should think admin have meta lists of unnacceptable words. I’m reasonably regularly moderated for using words that describe our “dark chocolate” or caramel-coloured cousins…which is a little annoying but ultimately understandable. I would like to be able to post stuff that includes the words “nagger” and “poki” with the correct vowels.

  22. Try getting money out of the National Lottery. I once investigated this option for a garrison creche run on a charitable basis. You’re wasting your time unless you can prove that blambos/peacefuls/LGBTXYZ will be beneficiaries. Seriously, have a look at how your lottery money gets spent in your locality.

    • I thought The Move were ace, but they went down the bog after Carl Wayne left… I thought Wizzard were shite, mind….

    • Who says he is? Know nothing about him but hate that fucking Xmas record. Saw the Move a few times way back and they were great. Far better than any recorded output.

      • The Move were pretty kosher. Took their first LP to school with me. Big mistake… virtually worn out within the week.

        Saw it going for about £60 on eBay not long ago.

  23. I recall Tony Bliars’ foundation being scrutinised by the Charities Commision. Most donations were spent on staffing costs in the first year…..

    In fact, when you start googling this shit, it seems like a right good earner. Is there a charity called Help for Cunts yet?

    • When Blair wound down his charities last year I actually contacted the Charities Commission for their response to his transferring £9M from the complex web of opaque companies concerned into the new Tony Blair Institute for Tony Blair ( a nonprofit, but no longer a charity, doing exactly the same stuff plus undermining Brexit, with a well-paid cast of hundreds). Which he spun, typically, as an act of generosity on his part. The CC was obviously unable to give details, but it was clear they had their eye on him.

  24. Charidees exist for providing jobs for administration and vast sums of money for directors etc, The shithole that is Africa will only improve when charidees fuck off out of it and make the fuckers sort themselves out, although this is unlikely.
    I do a lot for charidee but don’t like to talk about it.

  25. I used to have a DD with Save The Children… till I heard they’d been sucking on the haemorrhoids hanging from Tony B. Liar’s bunghole. They even had a ceremony to award the cunt a ‘Global Legacy Award’ using money I and thousands of others had donated in good faith. Angry and mugged doesn’t begin to describe my feelings.

    And Oxfam… Starving Africunts, it’s been going as long as I can remember (60 years?) – literally £100s of billions poured in and still not able to build a self sufficient economy… just the remnants of whitey’s reign of terror remain viable. Starving kids… but check out the well fed, well dressed parents… but if they too were starving, that would effect their fertility. It’s a cash cow. Bag of bones babies and young children, flies buzzing around their dead staring eyes, child abuse on an industrial scale. Charities, hand in hand with the Socialist culture of dependence.

    Think it was Bill Nighy who hammered the final nail in my charity giving coffin. It wasn’t the cause (Syria), more his miserable, sneering, hectoring delivery that pissed me off, implying I’d be a cunt if I didn’t give, cos I no longer had any excuse for not giving now he’d put me straight that everything was my fault, luvvie Liebour fuckwits.

    If only central heating systems could be adapted to run on boiling piss.

    • Has Bill Nighy been cunted ?

      Most definitely a preening, floppy-haired cuuuunt of the A Cunt Grayling persuasion, I fear.

  26. I used to give to a few charities but they ended up spending more on hassling me for further donations than I’d originally donated so I stopped.

    I give to the poppy appeal and the air ambulance but the other big charities are a con.

    Many are now involved in people trafficking too, which SHOULD be illegal but for some reason isn’t.

    • Support St. Brendan Cox !!

      Evidently in great need of a boat-load of “care-packages” from some shitehole…

  27. Just out of curiosity do centers think calling an Irishman Paddy is the same as calling a black man a Nigger?Was in a bar argument on the very subject and even as a man with Irishm heritage found it difficult to judge. My view was it is not as bad as calling a black man a nigger but it is still unnecessary and not pleasant.

    • As a libertarian I dislike policing language but it is an interesting conundrum nonetheless.

    • Got into row with a USAF spic fucking about with his car outside my window. Told him to fuck off back to America and take his fucking car with him.

      Next thing I’m getting a knock on the door from two cops for using unacceptable language. I asked them if it was ok to call me a ‘right arsed honky Britfuck’?

      And I didn’t even call him a spic.

    • Nitpicking point: I’d say calling an Irishman Paddy is without offence if his name is Patrick, unless he registers an objection (this once embarrassed me in respect of an Englishman called Patrick whom we all called Paddy, but who hated it…) It is only polite to afford the person the opportunity peacefully to make his misgivings known before he resorts to punching your lights out. If he is not called Patrick, it’s almost certainly offensive, but not as offensive as ‘nigger’ applied to a black man. But if you refer to him as *a* Paddy we are probably in nigger country. Do not do this on your own, especially in Ireland.

    • Probably preferable to “Fenian cunts”

      I wouldn’t object to being called quarter-Jock, but if someone said it in a very obviously offensive manner… and I think that has to be the guideline.

      For some reason, calling a Welsh person “Taff” is deemed more offensive…

      Eggands are just psychotically confused about the n-g-a word.
      Either it is acceptable to use it, or not. End of.
      If it’s only usable by blacks, then that is waaaaaycist !!

  28. Well t’would seem that the powers that be, following Saturday’s “Free Tommy” March in Londonistan on Saturday (as described as “…bit of disruption to traffic in the Trafalgar Square area…” by Sally Traffic – the only mention of said rally by the AL-BB-CERA), would rather have Tommy accidentally (on purpose) killed by moving him to a maximum security prison (aka “peaceful” incubation cell) and letting the religion of “peace” take its natural course.

    Tommy merely re-read the same copy that was already on the AL-BEEB website previously (eventually – some might say) and gets 13 months from a kangaroo court (and – let’s not forget – a UK media blackout ban to boot) for breach of the peace or contempt or some such nonsense.

    What a load of bollocks!

    However I am reminded of Heinz Hammer‘s salient point of:

    Sorry to dissent , but there are many worthy causes knocking about… and Tommy isnt one of them. He was found in contempt previous, and the comments of the judge left him in no doubt of the likely consequences of re-offending. So, like a hyperactive kid hitting a wasps nest, he does it again. The clincher is he didnt dispute the contempt in front of the judge.
    I admire men of principle. I dont admire fools. Tommy is in the latter grouping,

    So if Tommy does get off’d by fellow prisoners (who absolutely won’t be of the”peaceful” variety – just misguided lone wolves, nothing to see here) do you still think the sentence was wholly justified for this fool who merely wanted to tell the truth and refuse to capitulate to the gathering “peaceful” storm that is endemic in our society, our media, our judiciary and our government?

    Personally I think it fucking stinks and until about 3wks ago I had no idea who Tommy Robinson was!

    Remember when Saddam took power and had any dissenters frog-marched out of the Iraqi Govt building to be summarily shot?

    This is no different. The only difference being that Saddam at least had the guts to give the order in person!

    I bet there is no mention of this whatsoever on the AL-BB-CERA and Sly News tomorrow. Bet Fox covers it though.

    What a load of cunt!

  29. Charity begins with giving one’s snowflake a kick of reality in the cunt (vag or manpuss gender kind) that euthenics – yes, it is a real doctrine, look it up oh triggered ones – will never be possible without eugenics, and in fact becomes alarmingly less so with each passing year that world population keeps soaring through the Wonka skylight.

    • Don’t worry mate. It’ll only take a generation or two before everyone is too fat or too stupid to achieve copulation.

      • Haven’t millenials stopped having sex now anyway? Not sure why. Maybe they have to put their smartphones down in order to indulge or it spills their vegan skinny coffee. Or is it because men are becoming women now? I give up. Another cunting for millenials please.

        • Why bother with copulation when you can jack off over the filth of your choice free on your grubby £999.99 iPhone?

  30. Crowdfunding’s getting very big, thanks to the ease with which the mark can transfer his bank balance to your account on his iphone. To benefit from this, you need to be the middleman – always a sound principle. You set up a website and invite some charities to advertise there, ideally paying a little something if they’re mug enough (charitable people often are). And you set up a Paypal account to collect the donations you have now diverted from the original charity to your account; subtract the Paypal fee and 5-10% of the total for your, er, administrative exes, and pass the rest to the charity. Value added on a website! Beats the hell out of flogging Chinese plastic toys on Ebay, doesn’t it?

    Note, charities specialising in adorable cats, cute hedgehogs and baby otters are particularly good, rare-breed pigs not so.

  31. Walked on a guy’s 69ft yacht and as you walked down the first stairway was a big polished brass plaque that said ‘Fuck the Poor’ he explained that he started with nothing, nobody ever helped him. Every time he tried to help the poor directly rather than through sponging cunts they eventually bit the hand that was feeding them. Well have to say I have had similar experience. Those unfortunate due to health I give to but heathy healthy cunts ‘ Fuck the Poor’

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