Tributes to dead footie cunts

I’d like to Cunt the current trend for every sporting event to be preceded by a minutes silence/clapping for whichever person with even the most tenuous of connection to the sport has croaked.

The camera pans along the players, who these days seem to have to lead out a veritable smorgasbord of handicapped children ranging in colour from deathly pale to coal-tar sooty.

Everyone has to pretend that they give a fuck that some old fart who played for Accrington Stanley in 1935 or whatever has finally told his boring interminable anecdotes for the final time.

The supporters are just as bad,determined to virtue signal their “goodness” to all and sundry,their moon-faced bovine expressions bringing to mind bargain-bucket day at Burger King…..unless they happen to be Liverpool fans,of course,in which case they’ll be too busy trampling their “family” underfoot in an attempt to get in for free. (Self-pity city spongers)

It doesn’t happen at the decent sports…rugby,cricket,horse-racing. More at the kind of sports popular with Ian Wright’s type. I don’t see why the game should be delayed to honour some fucker who we can be certain won’t appreciate it.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

72 thoughts on “Tributes to dead footie cunts

  1. Yeah it’s depressing. Who are these sycophantic marketing cunts behind the scenes who insist that everything has to appeal to middle class assholes.

    Last night Sky Sports Main Event was littered with bullshit about fuckin no plastic or something, oh pass on plastic, as if they give 2 wanks about the environment. They’re just doing it to seem cool the 2 faced bastards.

    Is it possible to have every cunt invested in bullshit and image and marketing and manipulation, people in advertising and pr and shit shot? Because ghey are total and utter cunts.

    As Dick says, its just because it’s popular so the wankers get involved. God people are cunts.

  2. You didn’t sign off with your customary (and by now anticipated) “Fuck them”, Mr F…are you feeling alright?!

    • Thrown off my game,Mr. Cunt-Engine, by the sight and sound of some coloured female explaining to a clearly amazed Alan Shearer just where she thought Rafa Benitez had gone wrong in his tactical formation.

  3. unless they happen to be Liverpool fans,of course,in which case they’ll be too busy trampling their “family” underfoot in an attempt to get in for free. (Self-pity city spongers)
    So so true sir.
    Fuck them.

    • I heard most of the Liverpool posse are too busy trying to make sure the parents of the little lad who passed away don’t get any of the cash raised by the online fundraising for the lads treatment.

      Do these stupid cunts really thing these crowdfund / giving lot just hand over the wad to the people themselves who would then pay for the treatment themselves?

      Stupid cunts.

      Dey doo dough don’t dey dough?

  4. A new industry springs from the cadavers of the recently carked! love it Dick Fiddler. A worthy cunting of vacuous arsehole’s dribbling false sentiments for a “bovine” audience.

    All of this flag waving of puke inducing misery is a recent phenomenon which is synonymous with our vacant airheaded liberal cocksucking sponging yoof!

    Bunch of retarded twats!

    • Recycling deceased has-beens… fucking Environmentalism gone mad!

  5. Personally I would love to see more dead footballer tributes.
    Beckham, Lineker to name but two…

    • I believe Beckham has unveiled his latest tattoo to his adoring fans in China, the attention-seeking inadequate twat.

      • Of course, post-premiership nu-footie snowflake cunts view Beckham as a ‘legend’ and a United great… I see him as what he is: an adequate at best player, a media prostitute, a sub-standard Steve Coppell, and a self serving weasel Judas cunt who sold the reds out and arselicked the Enguland scum who lynched effigies of him… Beckham is a total cunt…

        • He’s also guilty of being in possession of an offensive wife.

          • Had the misfortune to (sort of) meet her years ago… I say meet, but she deliberately ignored everyone in the Old Trafford players lounge/bar… Dog Spice is a complete and utter cunt of the first rank, and Fergie rightly despised the bitch….

          • Either you have good eyesight or she wasn’t standing side on. Wasn’t really a fan of the spice cunts but in my opinion he picked the worst one possible. Dopey cunt.

            Add Carragher to that list of better off dead, filthy cunt spitting at a kid.

      • It’s those fucking Beckham kids that worry me. Egged on by that pig-faced Cunt of a mother,we’ll have to endure years of the vacuous shits parading around.
        Beckham’s kids,Gordon Ramsey’s kids, Jamie cunting wanker Oliver’s kids should all be sold to Boko Haram….utter snivelling bastards.

  6. In the old days it used to be a minutes silence now it’s a minutes applause. This is partly because cunts today haven’t got the attention span to shut up for 60 seconds but also because we are being softened up for the future.
    Soon we will be expected to stand and acknowledge all sorts of events , Stephen Lawrence Day, death of Blair, beginning and end of Ramadamadingdong, use your imagination. When all the sheeple are clapping away who will hear the lone voices of protest? We are being brainwashed and cuntified, day by day. Make no mistake.

    • I for one will gladly celebrate the death of Blair, with flares, mass release of white doves, much alcohol, sustained cheering, dancing on grave and no need for meds for depression ever again. Also looking forward to my Mandelson tribute.

      • When Blair croaks the National Anthem should be changed to “Happy Days Are Here Again”

        (Performed by Dame Nigel Farage)

          • That was a cringeworthy cunt moment, what would today’s Labour party victory tune be I wonder?

            Maybe just that Wooah catweazle coooooorbin again seeing the mutants have learned all the words.

      • And the day when Campbellend falls fatally onto his bagpipes. I can imagine the awful soundtrack, a sort of strangulated grunting and whining…

      • Me too!, nor had any booze for years due to crazy pain pacifying pills but I’m gonna make an mega exception and will make up for my lack of consumption.

        The booze seems to wash all pain relieving power from my system but my joy of BLiars departure should cancel it out somewhat.

        • I think a healthy number of temple ball would be acceptable in lieu of booze. FFS, this isn’t an occasion for suffering nobly!

    • I didn’t appreciate seeing all those balloons being released in memory of that child who died the other day. The balloons cause no end of bother for wildlife,and what purpose is served by it? Just another “Oh look at me” tactic by a bunch of grief-jacking narcissists.

      Fuck them.

      • Did you forget to take your ‘Brave New World’ pill this morning Dick?

        • Fuck the “Brave New World” and all who sail in her…bunch of Cunts.

          • It’s a New World right enough, but “brave” is not on the menu…

      • Emotions run high on that subject.
        Interesting that everyone is quite vehement in their approach to making sure that you too would do anything for your child, despite the fact that the italians were not offering a cure or treatment of any kind. How strange that seems to have got totally overlooked.

        • It seems British cardinals have effectively said to the Pope what I suggested – “MYOFB, silly old twat”

    • I thought the minutes applause was brought in to drown out the noise of booing cunts who make fun of things like Munich and Hillsborough and of course to drown out the Celtic cunts who still think it’s 1972.

      That said I can’t stand the sport or the people who follow it, as a kid I loved it, then my dad taking me to a Manchester United game and it was just abusive cunts spitting at players, throwing stuff at them and calling their wives whores. The last time I went to a match was Liverpool vs United at Anfield and I remember tooled up coppers everywhere, police helicopter up above and I just thought “what the fuck is all this about?”

      You don’t get that at any other sport in this country.

  7. Fuckin’ right mr fiddler.
    Nothing more virtue signalling than the football crowd with their “salt of the earth” attitude to all humans who also love footy, ant and fucking dec, all those silly slags wailing the latest musak and any film that has hot babes in it.
    Of course, they’re at their pious best when it comes to raising

    • Art McPantliner can fuck off and die, preferably without causing some alcoholised pile-up.

      • I give Alc a year max before he falls into his pool of piss & shit once again, he deserves to suffer long and slow the same way we have accustomed to him an his short arse sidekick.

  8. That Ant conehead cunt should be in prison. Instead he was grinning on the front page of one of yesterday’s papers.
    Rejoice, he’s turning his life around.
    By being immensly rich and therefore above the law…

    • He’s a fucking arsehole. Drink driving with his mum in the car and crashing into cars with kids in.
      Itv are cunts for literally reducing the programming quality so that the sofa dwelling population will be grateful when they stick him back on the telly.
      The only time he should be on telly again is when some modern day mengele wannabe dissects his living body slowly as a form of protracted execution.

    • The only thing Alc has to deliver is a “remain” view & attitude to EU withdrawal and he has fulfilled his potential. Cunt.

  9. Great cunting fiddler! Loved the bit about the Scousers… Liverpool fans are truly the skidmark on the underpants of humanity.

    The worst is when a black one dies …
    “He was the first to stand up to racism”
    “He was the first black person that we didn’t call a cunt (some of us)”
    “He was the first to get paid”
    “We’re all racist cunts but he scored goals for our team so we decided to like him”

    He kicked a fucking ball around for a living … this is NOT Martin Luther fucking King …

  10. Fuck ! Bloody hell. What a weird looking couple of dudes, wtf has happened to them?
    Am listening to O’Brien. He has come up with an analogy about Brexit, he is equating it to buying a house. He says our position on the negotiations with Europe is that our threat is to make ourselves homeless if Europe doesn’t give us what we want.

    • Yea whilst driving to the electrical wholesalers just now I heard him equate brexit to making yourself homeless but making yourself more powerful and chopping your arms off … ?!
      I would say that he’s lost the plot but I don’t think the cunt ever had it in the first place.

    • Best thing I ever did was saying ‘fuck this’ to my then stultifying but secure existence, making myself homeless, and exploring some alternatives. Absolute clean break, never a backward glance and no regrets.

    • This cunt clearly is off his head and hasn’t a fucking clue. I heard a snipit this morning where he was talking about brexit (surprise surprise) and the fact that more information being available now than there was then?

      Clearly as we are now going through negotiations so new things crop up however both leave & remain had ample opportunity to present all available information to us in support of each argument – in fact leave had a helping hand by the government with the dispatch of the leaflet full fear to any would be leave voter at a cost to US of around £9.4 million.

      O’shitehead then claimed he didn’t know anything about what the EU actually did at the time of the vote?

      Why did you vote then?, why didn’t you go and educate yourself adequately to make an informed decision which you must not have actually done?

      A vote is a serious decision and people should treat it so and pursue the consequence of each choice.

      I’m no politician or expert myself but I knew and researched enough to vote leave and the threats and sneering contempt from Juncker & Co following the countrys decision made it clear I had made the right choice having seen them in their true colours as they banged out threats to us.

      Camerons leaflet also helped in my choice, warning me of the consequences of what a leave decision would entail and I expect what his leaflet told me.

      At a cost of £9.4 million to the tax payer and delivered to every household, I consider it a contract from HM government which lists the outcomes which I expected if we left.

      Alternatively, they spent £9.4 million of OUR MONEY on a leaflet full of fearful scaremongering which if we are to believe was full of lies about what they claimed the consequences to be instead of the truth, it’s been a misuse of treasury funds.

      O’Shithead is an utter cunt who talks over, fades out/down and cuts off cunts who clearly possess more knowledge and common sense than him.

      He capitalises on barging the question repeatedly at anyone who thinks or takes a breath before talking and then when they ask to be let speak, he claims he is sparing their embarrassment by not letting them speak.

      He often asks a question of callers with two parts and then alters the subject question to the unanswered portion when defeated by an answer to the latter part then refuses the caller the chance to answer using tactics previously mentioned, normally cutting them off once they are irate at his behaviour.

      I hope he gets a chance to meet one of his callers who he has fucked off one day.

      O’Shithead would have received a leaflet or atleast read someones copy and made his vote on this information at minimum which clearly frightened him and sent him running for his safe space. Cunt.

      • Sorry, I meant remain had the “assistance” of the leaflet, though it probably pissed off the undecided into voting leave as everyone had bought enough apples from Camerons cart. Cameron given no concessions from the EU on his trip prior to referendum was clear told by Spunker & Co “David, go home and bully & scare the people into remaining, we are not moving an inch, adios David, run along now, Fuck off, go fuck your people over or you will be finished”.

      • He’s right about us having more information now.
        … they’re much bigger cunts than we thought they were.

        Like you I did my research before I voted.
        I was actually going to vote remain as I was subjected to the msm view of the eu. After a few days of research I decided that they were the most dangerous organisation on the planet today. It’s not so much about what they ARE but what they WILL BE and what they plan to become.

        We have NATO so there is NO reason whatsoever why they’d need a military.

        …. very dangerous people.

        And far bigger cunts than anyone imagined at the time of the vote.

        • I would go near as far to say they are a bigger risk than the Russians and if they aren’t quite their, will be soon enough.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if eu forces were actually behind the Skirpal shenanigans, that was after a long consideration that one of Assads mob did the dirty work for the services in Syria provided by the Ruskies and it didn’t quite go to plan.

          I think the fear of being under attack from Ruskies might have been expected for us to run back into EU’s atms in fear of leaving the EU (though it’s being in NATO that matters, not EU) or provoke us into retaliating to create tension between us and the Ruskies. The EU wouldn’t want us making a better deal with the Ruskies on say our gas supplies than the EU currently get.

  11. Gawd. Can someone here pleaaaase phone up o’ brien and explain to him why brexit is good because everyone so far who has phoned up has ended up looking fuckin stooopid and to be fair to O’ brien he has given them plenty of time to explain themselves. Seems they can’t.

    • Cos he’s the Derren Brown of the phone in.

      (apologies to Derren Brown).

    • Mate

      The reason he gets away with this shit is because he sits with all the “expert” info reports on the economy and doomsday reports at his side because no cunt in government or otherwise has the balls to report any positive news on our future prosperity.
      They dont want to hands up say ” yeah maybe a couple of years of turmoil even though your wages havent grown in fucking years anyways …but we can be as strong on our own and still coorporate with our european allies”

      He sounds like a smug cunt when he trips some poor bastard up and they should really not phone in with 1 point arguments.
      Self determination and direct democratic accountability are not things that can be reported on by economists and money men…it is an intangible thing the people feel…yes the fucking PEOPLE!!!


    • I was close to calling but I think you have to lie about what your points are and what you want to say to get through on air as they seem to know when they introduce the caller and refer to things we don’t actually hear on air that give that impression.

      I’m sure many a cunter here could run rings around him if his hands were tied behind his back away from the fader controls.

  12. Is O’Shithead still banging on about Brexit ? Well there’s a fucking surprise.
    Had to listen to this cunt Lord Hailsham on the radio this morning crying about the disaster that is Brexit and how we must stay in. This is the parasite who claimed £2,200 of taxpayers money to clean his fucking moat.
    Cunt should be in prison not lecturing the lower orders. These are the type of bastards we are dealing with here.

    • The old cunt probably employs a few Boris’s and Tomas’s to clean his moat too and an Oleg for the gardening.

    • That would be Viscunt (sic) Hailsham, son of Quentin Hogg, who relinquished his hereditary title to qualify for the Commons, then got a peerage and was back in the Lords. The current cunt inherited his grandad’s barony and viscuntry, which no longer barred him from the Commons, and both he and his wife then got life peerages to put them back in the Lords.

      Tell me the system isn’t a festering pile of pig’s cunt.

    • The cunt should get chucked on his lovely clean fucking moat, wearing the best concrete welly boots our money can buy.

  13. I first observed this applause nonsense whilst working in Spain.
    Seemed a decent idea at the time but now as you point out it’s every cunt down to the fucking tea lady that seems to warrant a 60 second wank-fest of obsequious brown nosing bollocks .
    And as a Liverpool fan of 40 years I can’t bear the self righteousness that oozes from Anfield every bastard year.
    Scousers are fucking retards

    • Just what you would expect from Spain, a Cuntery that wastes a shitload of tomatoes every year that would keep Africa / Starving nations on Dolmio for yonks.

      A Cuntery that didn’t understand the concept of joining the EU monetary zone and clearly got fucked by EU advise…


      Pre EU, Spain sells item A for 200 pesetas (which was around £0.80 as 250pts per £1 on the last holiday I went year before Euros).

      Post EU one year later, the same shop sells item A for €2.50 euros (exchange rate was just over €1.5 to £1 GBP making Item A now around £1.68). Item A was a litre bottle of Coca Cola.

      As we were self catering as usual I was a bit concerned at the rate that I was cashing travellers cheques after Day 3 of 14. People we met were talking about it the following evening and the guy was convinced that I had it wrong on the conversion and that the bottle of Cola was still under £1. He wasn’t caring about conversion as he was drawing Euros from ATM, where as I was cashing GBP cheques varying on exchange daily, I wasn’t convinced about it.

      The following weekend the resort was flooded with the Germans and my thoughts confirmed when in aforementioned shop, the staff were being attacked by a crowd of angry Germans demanding to know how they thought they could get away with charging €2.50 for a bottle of Cola which back in Germany was costing €1.40 in a expensive shop. The staff were trying to claim the Germans were wrong and they were confused by the exchange rate, but it wasn’t working.

      Next thing the Germans were all going in Taxis to Hypermarkets outside the resort to save slightly on their food & drink and were trooping in with their own supplies to the hotel poolside during the day & evening boycotting the bars.

      The following year same resort, hardly a German or Scandanavian flag was to be seen. My parents said Turkey was flooded by them unusually. Oh and the Cola was still €2.50 euro.

      Clearly, their conversion was a screw up but the good old British who were the core of Spanish tourism continued to get the hand that fed them chewed right off.

  14. I’ve only ever physically bothered with that type of thing four times… When Sir Matt went, when Bestie passed away, the 50th anniversary of the crash, and when Brian Greenhoff died (he was a boyhood hero of mine)… Most of the time it is just mawkish spectacle and if a great goes it should be up to the club he played for or managed to do something…It shouldn’t be a free for all for every fucker…. I dare say I will genuinely pay my respects when The Doc finally goes (still my happiest days as a fan), but I don’t get it when every cunt eulogises someone like Gary Speed, Ugo Ehiogu, or Fabrice Muamba (who wasn’t even dead!)… Those people are cunts…

  15. What about that bloke who died after getting a cricket ball in his mush? Loads of cunts put a cricket bat outside their front door to demonstrate their “solidarity.” Just fuck off, he was wearing a helmet, it was a freak accident. Stop crying like a wanker about some bloke you never met and had never heard of until he snuffed it.
    Nobody is impressed, nobody cares about your demonstration of what a fucking saint you are. Cunt.

    • I remember that… Wasn’t he called Phil Hughes or something?…
      But narcissistic twitterwhores actually buying cricket bats to join in a griefwanking craze? Cunts en masse actually buying cricket bats just to put them outside as a ‘tribute’ (or be an exhibitionist tosser on social media)?… Cunts like this should be gassed….

      • Griefwanking! Good one Norman. I bet these cunts actually get a stiffie thinking about what heroes they are every time they sign a book of condolences or light a candle for some dead fucker on the telly. Yeah, gas the wankers! Self aggrandising pathetic little shits.

    • I remember Breakfast telly reporting on the cricketer being killed. Piers fucking Morgan took it upon himself to interrupt the report to tell a tale of when he got hit in the ribs by a cricket ball at some charity match,and how much it hurt. What a fucking twat..even had to interrupt a story about someone getting killed to tell a story about himself. I detest that false-reporting,telephone-tapping shite-stain.

      • Morgan is a right cunt, he was a bigger years ago when he had bushier hair in that Mask film with Cher.

        I hear he ripped the Flabbot to pieces so I may grant him a cunty discount.

    • There was a cunt died running the marathon in London the other week as often happens in these races of endurance.

      I was going to put a road and pavement outside my front door signalling my grief but someone had already done it.

  16. Praise the Lord i hate sport especially football and have no idea who players are when they are on top of the grass let alone under it, no doubt to many im a fecking top cunt for hating sport, but i couldnt give afeck.

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