The ten grand handout

Hows about Lord Willets for a cunting. Below is from his Policy study group, or Wank Tank if you prefer:-

‘A £10,000 payment should be given to the young and pensioners taxed more, a new report into inter-generational fairness in the UK suggests.
The research and policy organisation, the Resolution Foundation, says these radical moves are needed to better fund the NHS and maintain social cohesion.
Its chairman, Lord Willetts, said the contract between young and old had “broken down”.’

What a fucking brilliant idea. Tax the fuck out of the likes of me who worked and contributed for 50 years and give £10 grand to the snowflakes to spend on snowflake priorities. You know, gender re-assignment surgery because the NHS doesn’t give it due priority, paying back their loans for Media Studies degrees, state of the art tablets for Twatter storms or photographing their dinner, bland music, setting up protest groups for whatever is the next outrage and so on. I am sure Cunters can add to these priorities.
And god help us Willets is not a swivel eyed Corbynista. He’s a fucking Tory. The cunt.

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97 thoughts on “The ten grand handout

  1. More tax. What a bunch of nobel prize winning clever clogs. And people actually got paid good money to come up with that nugget of wisdom.

    Must be that time again, when the suits realize how financially cunted this country is and need to stir up a bit of pointless consumption to raise a quid.

    • He wants to apply for the Chiltern Hundreds the stupid
      slap headed fuck pig……oh sorry that’s ‘call me Dave’
      who fucks pigs!

  2. Excellent cunting CC. I saw this stupidity on the box and couldn’t work out if anyone would take the twat seriously.
    I’ve got a much better idea regarding my tax. I’ll keep the lot and pay as I go.
    Anyone else can get off their arse and work or starve to death and I don’t give a fuck.
    I’d much rather spend my taxes on weapons for the RAF to bomb the shit out of Muzzie fanatic countries. More and better equipped riot police to kick crap out of foreign radicals here would be a welcome change too. If nothing else I just want to spend it on booze. anything except giving money away to those that have done nothing to earn it.

  3. Cunstable, your cunting is bang on – but if that pic is anything to go by the only thing that ten grand will go on will be loads of drugs.
    Just look at those fucking idiots – busy making rocks look smart.

  4. I think I will apply for age realignment and cash in on that one, in this incredible world my request is plausible, after all I don’t feel my age.

  5. So does this mean common scruffy no-marks will benefit from this? A bunch of stale lay-about slobs who haven’t worked a day in their life will have ten grand thrown at them. I’m sure that will go a long way in feeding their drug habit for a few months. Nice one.

    • Rewarding uselessness and failure – it’s all the rage these days, doncha know…

  6. The only thing the young seem to be able to save for is a fucking holiday. Any money they get is just spaffed away on living the instagram dream, eating out, buying the latest shit that they don’t need, and loans for everything.
    Fuck them.

  7. Willets was nicknamed “Two Brains” back in the 1980s. Fuck me, the cunt barely has half a brain these days, judging by this latest bit of fuckwittery.

    • Methinks the cunt lost one and fucked up the other. Crock of shite This ain’t “blue sky thinking” or even half sensible thinking it’s bollocks thinking and the man should win cunt of the era. Arsewipe eejit.

  8. Folks, this has been in the works for a while. It’s another EEC buggering just taking aim at all that is decent.
    It’s going under the waffle term “universal basic income”. It’s being trialled over there, and they want to trial it over here.
    It’s a fact that most people will descend into technology, drugs, fighting and porn given that they are spoilt with everything they’ll ever need.
    Far too busy to worry about those fat cunts and their political ambitions if you’re rockin’ out with your cock out eh?

  9. On reflection I can see how this scheme may be adapted.
    25 year olds who have completed a craft apprenticeship, science/technology/manufacturing degree and are in gainful employment using their qualification are welcome to the handout. With my blessing. Such qualifications should be free at point of use. The cost of mickey mouse quals should double to pay for it. You don’t need a Media Studies degree to work in Lidl, which is where they end up. So no point going to Uni.
    All other 25 year olds can fuck off.

    • It’s nice of them to forget about the 25-35 age bracket. Had barely graduated and the economy shat itself. Caught in no mans land, had tech and internet foisted upon us as we grew up making us one giant cunting social experiment. Apparently we don’t qualify despite being shafted from all angles.

      I don’t want a fucking handout anyway and neither does any self respecting man. Much rather we reduce housing demand and job competition by stopping all 3rd rate cunts entering our arserammed island, and start building proper houses.

      The boomers need a good cunting as they are largely to blame for this and many other cultural crimes. They own the property dev companies, they design these shite new rabbit hutches, and keep prices high by various means to enable gluttonous lifestyles and retirements.

      • Agree – baby boomers, Blair, Brown, May and Corbyn are largely to blame. Cunts one and all.

      • You’re spot on that it’s just another scheme to prop up the housing market (i.e. keep it hugely profitable for cunts who already have tons of cash whilst rogering everyone else with a pineapple).
        This all started when mortgage lending went stupid a few decades ago. The way it used to work was that you could borrow about 3x salary, so you bought a house at about that price plus a deposit. Now people buy a house at 5x salary or more, but guess what? It’s a similar house (or a bit worse) to the one that someone in their job used to be able to get a loan for 30 years earlier. So now you’re fucked for life trying to pay it off. The only winners are the banks, lawyers, estate agents, landlords and other sponging scum bastards.

  10. Lord willets…
    Would he be labour by any chance?
    This one sounds like the kind of shite that’d come from comrade compo or the abbopotomous…

    • Member of Cameron’s tory government and now House of Lords,apparently….oh,and total wanker,by the sound of it.

    • Ha ha, you’d imagine so wouldn’t you? In fact he’s a Tory.

      Back in the 1990s he was considered a leading Tory right wing thinker. Christ knows what happened in the intervening years – must’ve been binging on that brand of bottled water spiked by the Russians…

    • I should’ve read the cunting properly really shouldn’t I….
      Bit of a heavy one last night.

      Reading is hard today.

  11. Refering again to the picture above, ANYONE caught wearing a baseball cap or a shellsuit should immediately be shackled and sent to a lonely antartic quarry to break rocks with a toffee hammer for the remainder of their natural lives.

    • Hoodie, sock on head, dreadlocks, fluorescent hair/trainers, those fucking rubber sandal things, and t-shirts with messages. Natural life should be about 5 minutes at -35 C, maybe 7 with a hoodie.

    • Have to agree re baseball hats.
      I am not baseball hatophobic, nor even hatophobic (I happen to think Fanny Like A Mineshaft would look rather fetching in a pith helmet…).

      But it is the APPALLING lack of imagination when people just reach for baseball hats that gets to me.

      Unfortunately, when I went into Howells of Cardiff, they didn’t have any Executioners’ Hoods…

  12. I was waiting for this Cunting. Well said Cuntsable. I think you overlooked the benefits this will give the tourist industry especially to destinations like the Costa’s and as far afield as Thailand. Perhaps I’m being cynical and they will be sensible and put it towards a down payment for a house or to support their offspring.

  13. Considering that I wouldn’t give known spongers,such as members of my own family, a free handout,good luck to the government in trying to winkle any money out of me to give to a bunch of unknown spongers.
    Fuck knows how much every brat in this country has cost the taxpayer already. Education,health services,parental benefits etc. and now some egghead recommends that more taxpayers money be put directly in their hands?…Well,it wont be my money,children are spongers anyhow and I’ll make damned sure that I’ve wasted every fucking penny before I hand it over to be spent by our incompetent overlords on Cunts of whom I strongly disapprove.

    Fuck them.

    • Too right Fiddler, passing away in a extortionately priced Vegas penthouse with Misty and Mindi either side after betting it all on black rather than snuffing it, safe in the knowledge some entitled cunt is going to get a handout.

  14. I always wanted to be cremated with my money to add extra bitterness to their tears as they scatter my ashes to the wind.

  15. ‘The contract between young and old has broken down’

    What utter wankstains cuntish bollocks weasel words phrase is this? What contract between young an old you utter piss boiler of a cunt.

    How about the contract between the people and their elected representatives has broken down, you know like the democratic majority in favouring of leaving the RiechEU for example… Or not as it appears on a hourly basis nowadays.

    Me thinks the only way to teach cunts like this a lesson is to stop paying our taxes, I.e no taxation without representation and a period of civil disobedience until the cunts get the message.

    • It has been the Governments of this country, who having destroyed the family unit and normality, have driven this perceived wedge between us . Monkey Twats

  16. I see a big flashing beacon to the 3rd world…….a magnet for even more fucking retarded scum. Not only is silly whitey paying good money to house and feed you, …the silly twat is shelling out a cash bounty….Yippee.

    Honest CC, if I didn’t know better I would think you were telling porkies.

    • I only wish I was making it up. This from a tory following ex Tory Education Minister Justine Greening saying that children could decide their sex. What the fuck happened to family values, common sense and hard work?

      • Tory and Liebore now virtually indistinguishable, it seems…
        As we’ve seen, it is the political class vs. Us.

        Did I ever say that LimpDumps were cunts ?

  17. Time to invest in the tattoo business. Then when you’ve had the ten grand off the cunts, sell up and put it into the tat removal business, which they’ll all be clamouring for when they grow the fuck up.

    • Cunts can currently get them removed for “free” on the NHS. Best lobby to privatise removals before investing in your bold new endeavour Freddie.

      • Fuck I should have guessed that. Thanks anyway, at least I didn’t make a cunt of myself on Dragons Den. I suppose those rich cunts have already got the dimmo snowflake market well stitched up.

  18. Off topic but I see that the Welsh Windbag Neal Pillock is insisting Steptoe must ensure that the UK stays in the EU free trade area or whatever. ie No Brexit.
    Now there’s a surprise and of course the Pillock family have no vested interest do they?

    Neil Pillock
    Vice-President of the European Commission
    European Commissioner for Administrative Reform
    Non jobs or what?

    Glenys Pillock
    Former MEP for Wales or some such mickey mouse title. Minister of state for Europe (whatever the fuck that means)
    ‘In November 2006, Glenys Kinnock was criticised in the press for “taking a junket” to Barbados to discuss world poverty issues.[5] She was co-presiding over the 12th ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly,[6] which was invited by the Barbados government to discuss international aid and development’

    Yep, Barbados is the place to discuss world poverty.

    Stephen Pillock
    Married to Danish PM. Prominent slap-headed Remoaner. MP for Aberavon a Leave constituency. But what do the voters know compared to the Pillock family who know best.

    • The Kinnock tribe are the lowest form of cockroach crawling across the planet……..other than the Blairs, obviously.

      • Am surprised the CUNTS haven’t mated.

        I wonder what a Tone x Glenys would have been like.

  19. Been a bit quiet of late as I’ve been moving state. What a cunt that exercise turned out to be. Minnesota can now officially fuck off. Worst place ever. Sorry I ever went there.

    As for this cunting, I must say I’m a little confused. In an effort towards greater “fairness” it’s fair to give £10K to some people and not others then is it? Sounds to me suspiciously like socialism and a nod towards the redistribution of wealth. Classic politics at work here. Take something that doesn’t belong to you from people who have earned it and give it to other people who have done nothing to earn or deserve it. How much more will the Brit population take before the riots start in earnest? I say this with not an ounce of smugness and with a heavy heart – I’m glad I don’t live there anymore.

  20. Just seen this and thought it was amusing.
    It’s about 2 year olds but could just as easily be about almost everyone under 25 …

    There should be one .. “just found out that he isn’t going up be given ten grand that he doesn’t deserve by the older generation.”
    “Just found out that we’re LEAVING the EU and there’s fuck all he can do about it.”

  21. Just replace ‘exasperated parents’ with the general public and yep, this could be almost any snowflake uni student or entitled millennial. The ginger kid in the hoodie has an unusually large potato head, must be about one third of him, poor cunt.

  22. Off topic cunters, but I’ve been watching the telly a bit and in nearly all the adverts with couples nearly EVERY couple are mixed (usually black and white). What a piss take and I’m a black and white cunt myself. You Whitey’s are doomed… Never mind when I’m made King I’ll remember my white side and go easy on the whitey.

    • B&W cunt – we deserve all we get. Racism is built into us and any chance we get we kill non white people. Just look at London, Chicago, S Africa.
      If we cant kill them we exploit them by making them MPs or giving them unlimited hotel accommodation in West London.
      Cunts, the lot of us. Slaaaags as you might say.

    • You can use Bercow as a footstall and Blair for target practice when hunting in thy woods…we wouldn’t care.

    • Seems black is the new white.
      White skin is soooooo last season.


      Yea we’re doomed.
      You know it’s gonna be bad when employers are openly allowed and even encouraged to refuse to employ white people coz they’re the wrong skin colour.

      Society started making progress but I think it’s going backwards now.

      B&W cunt for king!
      …Once we send the current royals back to Germany that is.

      • Thanks DTS, LL AND CC I shall make you Earl’s with unlimited fried chicken and weed.

    • Get this:

      Take a pinch of white man
      Wrap him up in black skin
      Add a touch of blue blood
      And a little bitty bit of red Indian boy
      Oh like a Curly Latin kinkies
      Oh Lordy, Lordy, mixed with yellow Chinkees, yeah
      You know you lump it all together
      And you got a recipe for a get along scene
      Oh what a beautiful dream
      If it could only come true, you know, you know

      What we need is a great big melting pot
      Big enough enough enough to take
      The world and all its got And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
      And turn out coffee coloured people by the score

      Blue Mink 1969 (Cunts)

      • Apparently BBC have banned it being played cos of the “yellow Chinkees” reference, ha ha.

        • I watched an episode of the Likely lads the other night and kept noticing a sudden low pitched “bleep” now and then. It was mostly when James Bolam was speaking – then it dawned on me – there must have been some 70’s words we once used with total innocence (well mostly) that weren’t fit, or would offend any snowflakes who had tuned in. Fuck knows what they would make of an episode of Alf Garnett or the original comedians or even the wheeltappers and shunters social club. And love thy neighbour would invoke a meltdown and possibly a “historical offensive language” board of enquiry. Cunts

          • Re-runs of Love Thy Neighbour today would basically be the opening credits immediately followed by the closing credits.

            I remember my mum and dad watching this when I was a young lad. I got them series 1 on DVD for a laugh and watched it myself. The (married) white guy fancied the arse off the black man’s wife. So, not that racist then. Yeah, there were references to “spades” and “honkies”, but over all it was piss taking fun. But today’s snows couldn’t handle it I’m sure.

  23. What never ceases to amaze me is the huge sense of self entitlement these scroungers have. The cunts that have payed the least into the system always whinge the loudest. Take this massive so called workers march this afternoon, all demanding minimum wage of £10 an hour, more funding for NHS etc, yes it all sounds fair enough but when prices go through the roof to pay for it all they will be asking for more again. They are either trying to bring down the Tories or are as thick as shit. I think thick as shit plays the bigger part

    • Yea just saw on the sky news app.
      Last weekend tens of thousands marched through London to defend freedom of speech, speak against sharia and listen to a speech by Tommy Robinson.
      ….not a fucking squeak.
      Some cunts come out to scream for the destruction of the capitalist patriarchy and “down with the tories” and the cunts are screaming it from the rooftops.

      I don’t think of the msm as “fake news”, more “selective news”.
      It’s all just a tool to push a narrative. It’s not to inform it’s to indoctrinate.


  24. I hate to go of topic on this excellent cunting but I found this little bit of news from Reuters today on prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. For whatever reason the Royal couple decided against having a white, British clergyman perform their ceremony and chose a black, American Bishop.

    It’s da Bishop!

    🍉. 🍗

    • I see some faint hope of our becoming a republic emerging from the royals’ formal surrender to multiculti.

    • Last night on one of the local yank channels was a show called “Megan: An American Princess”. I shit thee nay. What a load of old wank. Silk purse, sow’s ear and all that. The yanks are fucking loving this as they now think they have royalty of their own. Oprah Wimpy (as in a full half pounder with cheese – the fat bitch) must be right pissed off now as she thinks she’s yank royalty. Cue the projectile vomiting.

      • Could be he same shit they showed on Sky last night, you’d have to have the mentality of less than half a peanut to fall for all that sick sugary “every girl should aspire to be like Megan” crap.

        I was only exposed for a few minutes, now I’ve got a brain tumour the size of Gibraltar. Cunts.

  25. There’s a good case for redistribution of wealth. But not like that. Housing costs are a major issue which has not been tackled for a generation of happy owners who have enjoyed the resale value of their houses increasing far faster than inflation.

    An inflationary economy being the accepted norm. Inflation is really far higher than the quoted figures; the difference is concealed in house-price inflation, as a matter of policy, since Blair.

    Something has to accommodate the funny money created by lenders’ profit requirements and hence interest rates: inflation is government-approved money laundering. Other genuine issues include the unwillingness of many employers to train a young workforce – and this itself has something to do with the notion that modern business doesn’t exist primarily to make or do stuff but to grow until something bigger takes it over, with loadsadosh for everyone above middle management level and multiple job applications for the rest.

    The national books don’t balance, the infrastructure’s falling apart, we import scab labour from Europe, and if you give an 18-25 year-old £10K, he’ll piss it against the wall. Aha. Could this be a jolly wheeze for increasing economic activity? Cue sacred cow, cantering to the slaughterhouse. Again.

    • How many trillions in debt are we at now? Yet somehow everyone seems to own a modern flashy car, all while our roads look like a back alley in Damascus that has been shelled to shit. Yeah sorry I ain’t buying what your shovelling, especially all the kids younger than me driving brand new wheels. Like fuck you bought that on your own dime you trendy cunts.

      It’s all for show. But it’s getting more blatant that our infrastructure is crumbling. Roads, rail, schools, hospitals. All at or beyond safe capacity.

  26. A bribe for the under 25s who can’t see passed the end of their noses. It will be like taking candy from a baby to weasel it away as the poor sods don’t have the education or enough hand out left in their pockets to take anyone to court once their dreams are a pile of filthy laundry. Or they could just skip the middleman and leave our money where it belongs…

  27. I should get ten grand for enduring years of high inflation / mortgage interest rates, 15 and 20 + percent.
    Young snowflakes should be flogged, have rough salt rubbed into the welts then told to get their finger out and GET A FUCKING JOB. The cunts.
    Neil Kinnock is also a cunt and can fuck right off.
    Good evening.

    • Dey be finna to jump da broom.

      (No misspells or typos in the above.)

      🍉. 🍗

      • Fucking hell Fenton…so close to the truth. You have insider knowledge?

        • Hey ASA…Meghan is divorced. I think Fenton got a hold of video from her first marriage. Probably from YouTube. 😈

          🍉. 🍖.

  28. Bollocks to Lord & Lady Kinnock of Trippup on Sands &
    Young Steven.

  29. Fucking sick of hearing about next week’s royal piss up.
    Being shown on at least five channels.
    Will I be watching..? will I fuck.
    I’d rather be shot in the face….

    • I’ll shoot you in the face Cuntley, if you’ll shoot me. Deal?

      • Deal….

        Come round now and do it…

        We’ve got visitors and that Eurovision shit is on, and one of the cunts wants it on…makes X factor look classy…

        • Too late, the wife has it on in the bedroom upstairs, with her sister on Skype from America, I have never heard cackling like it!

          Am about to let go with both barrels…

          • Sorry Cuntley, I got momentarily lost in dementia and imagined we were talking about Eurovision!

            Same difference though, both tacky bread and circuses. Will pop over later to shoot you in the face, no prob.

  30. Apologies, off piste.
    having endured the opening first hour of tonight’s Eurovision (Talentless ) Shitfest, I honestly can say that Europeans and Europe are a right bunch of fuckwitting talentless arseholes with an irritating behavioural trait that I can only compare with an arsefull of piles!
    Thank fuck that without our money going into their kitty in future, it is likely that they will fuck off from the face of the earth! Thank fuck. Cunts!

    • The Europeans have a different weird point of view to us . Juvenile cunts. This song contest is abysmal. The Fast show did a great discription of them. It all looks very Orwellian. Good Europeans instructed to have a good time once a year.

  31. Peaceful attack in Paris this evening. Multiple stabbings, and the attacker believed shot dead. Ali’s Snack bar open again. !

    • The French media usually report the truth if it’s a peaceful attack , unlike Germany who use smoke mirrors and general confusion for few days untill the story fades away.

      • At least the French coppers shot the cunt dead no questions asked. How that pair of bastards who murdered Lee Rigby weren’t filled full of holes I’ll never know.
        Obviously the coppers took one look and saw the R word floating in front of their eyes. Cue millions of pounds of our money to keep the cunts at Butlins.

  32. If any orf you cunters get to see the Royal Wedding orn this new fangled Sky Super Dooper High Def count me black heads and pustules Telly Broadcast do let us know what it was like. Interested to hear aboit the filly’s conk first hand. Seems to have been inherited from the black side and then whitened up shape wise a bit surgically or am I wrong? Ended up a bit Bob Hope ski slope.

      • Christ Almighty…I wouldn’t want to see the heifer who squeezes into the 4XL size…60 inch hips would stretch Harry’s features into something looking akin to Vanessa Feltz’s overfed kipperbox.

        • I wonder if anyone has actually felt Vanessa in the last 30 years ?

          I’d do that Bryony Gordon; mad as a box of frogs, but I reckon she’s a filthy ride (in fact, she had a reputation…)

    • I can’t wait for the inevitable divorce. Now that is something I will watch! And probably the follow up episode where her new Lamborghini suffers a case of the old boston brakes and she gets cunted straight into an oak tree.

    • Bugger not me this time but canna be arsed to do a scroll thru to check anymore.

    • Wonder if they’ll bury him or just boil him up and put him,bit by bit,down the shitter?
      The Gay community’ll be out in force tonight.

  33. Cunts in the pub earlier splashing fucking vinegar on baskets of chips. Knocked the head clean off my Guinness. Shouldn’t be allowed, food in at home you fucking Cunts.

  34. Feck me gently what the double feck is happening to this country, you know we are fecked when the so called intellectual governing elite are as stupid as the fucking rest of us, bit like finding out your heart surgeon has as much of a clue as you do.
    Stop indulging these purile fecking idiots i dont want to make kids lives any easier they are as soft as shit as it is. 1939-45 19year old Lancaster pilots 2018 safe space twitter jockeys. WE ARE FECKED.

    • Yes. That is the point. The poor fuckers who came before us had no choice but to serve. No safe space in a bomber, tank, trench. I fucking hate these cunts who come out with this bollocks.

  35. I’d just like to say that the little cunt in the green shirt, in the photo, needs his fucking head kicked in.

  36. Couldn’t agree more with this cunting. I have worked at various jobs since the age of 12, paperboy etc. Worked throughout my time at University, studying for a real degree, I was lucky enough tl have my tuition fee covered for which I am more than grateful, but if meed be would have covered it myself. I am the proud to say that everything I own I have earned.

    No way am I letting my hard earned taxes go to these lazy fucks. We have become a country thay incentivises laziness or having the talent for opening your legs, with all the hype behind the vacuous stars of these “reality tv shows” “instagram, youtube…whatever stars”…I could go on. What happened to celebrating the working man, the great minds of the day… We need to take this country back and soon.

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