Politically correct Classrooms

Teachers are cunts for being PC. That makes them dangerous, because they’re responsible for teaching our children. How can we trust them to do that, when the vast majority of teachers today are incapable of teaching any subject without allowing their own political beliefs and biases to infect them?

My youngest daughter’s English teacher has spent the past few weeks telling every class she ‘teaches’ to tell their parents to vote Labour, after giving them a lecture on how evil the Tories are, and how the blessed Messiah, Jeremy Corbyn, will make everyone equal and turn the UK into a socialist paradise. Apparently, one boy challenged on that, by citing Venezuela as a prime example of what happens when socialists try to turn a country into a paradise. As is usual for the lefty PC brigade, she had a meltdown when confronted with logic. Apparently, she told him that Victor Maduro is NOT a socialist. The boy looked at her and replied;

“Well, he sure ain’t a fucking Tory”

Nominated by, Quick Draw McGraw


42 thoughts on “Politically correct Classrooms

  1. Most deserving cunting QDM!

    ‘Educationalists’ have been infecting successive generations of our kids with this biased bollocks since the 1970s at least.

    No surprise the country has become such a PC basket case shithole.

    • In my schooldays, teachers would never even admit to what political colour they were… As it was a big, purpose built compo, we suspected that many were Labour or Liberal (we were in Graham Tope’s cuntstituency), but even then, we would never assume…

      I seem to remember a year or two ago, Turdgun was trying to push some massive “indoctrination of infants” plan – freebies if you promised to vote SNP.

      Re the abortion vote in Oireland, can it be applied retrospectively, up to the age of, say, 720 months ? That might certainly help themselves out of the “dark shadows” of which the Teasock spoke.

    • perhaps in the main stream they have, but I had the pleasure of going to one of those fringe schools, a sort of council funded education with private boarding (my parents worked abroad)and a military back ground, every wednesday we would drop pens and pick up lee enfields and practice skills that would see us well in the world!
      one of my instructors was a para from aden, he taught me well.

  2. Cock sucker who can’t handle the truth. Good on him for having some sense and his own mind instead of being brainwashed like many are.


    This was posted on another cunting a while ago but I thought I’d share it again. The PC nazi patrol are at it again, only this time brainwashing children and forcing them to accept all this LGBT bollocks. Very dangerous as they are too young to form their own opinions on this subject. It’s ‘illegal’ to disagree for choosing not to accept someone for being in a minority for the sake that they are just that and they demand all this special treatment because of it. Cunts.

  3. There is a video on YouTube where rockstar psychologist dares (In so many words) to tell a cunt who teaches something called Transgender Studies that he is talking utter bollocks pretty much constantly. This ‘bloke’ with a straight face asks Peterson whether he’d be willing to learn in the most patronising way possible . Don’t know about anyone else but if I’m ever faced with having to take someone’s word to save my life on how things REALLY are with regard to the facts about gender, I’m going with one of West’s most impressive academics in a real subject and not some brainwashed cunt, no doubt with a degree from some community college. Fucking cunt

  4. There is a video on YouTube where rockstar psychologist Jordan Peterson dares (In so many words) to tell a cunt who teaches something called Transgender Studies that he is talking utter bollocks pretty much constantly. This ‘bloke’ with a straight face asks Peterson whether he’d be willing to learn in the most patronising way possible . Don’t know about anyone else but if I’m ever faced with having to take someone’s word to save my life on how things REALLY are with regard to the facts about gender, I’m going with one of West’s most impressive academics in a real subject and not some brainwashed cunt, no doubt with a degree from some community college. Fucking cunt

    • Here in the state they (libtards and their allies in the corrupt media) are coming after Peterson in a big way. Everyday my news feed has negative stories, hateful analysis and mean spirited misrepresentations.

      They can’t beat him logically so they are trying to destroy him personally.

      Fucking cunts!

      • Yea put “Jordan peterson” into Google here and you get negative headlines (I do anyway).
        His book is fucking fantastic and I’ve got a much better view on life now I’m reading it.

        Even Russell brand (who’s done 2 great interviews with him) agrees that he’s right.

      • The guy is an absolute legend. His destruction of feminazi Cathy Newman was a joy to behold

        • So what you’re saying is, COTL, that we should organise society along the lines of lobsters? ☺️

  5. The teaching profession appears to attract a lot of dregs of society. It’s too much of a state production line, telling kids what to think but not how.

    Maybe it worked better when schools where much smaller and the teachers were all known integrated members of the village or town. Or maybe that’s a rose coloured fantasy.

    I would demand to see the head and have them remind the teacher that political broadcasting is not allowed. Failing that a short sharp visit to said teacher in the parking lot might resolve it efficiently.

    • You can bet your bottom dollar that if that teacher had been attempting to proselytise for UKIP instead of Labour she would have been sacked on the spot. What is it about these socialist cunts that makes them think they have a divine right to broadcast their politics in our faces at every opportunity?

    • Nazism is the correct term. Take a look at the National Socialist Worker’s Party agenda and then look at the (Progressive) Left’s agenda.

      By the way…again here in the states…when I was in school we were taught the NAZIs were a “right wing” movement.

      National SOCIALIST WORKERS Party. 🤔

      • Socialists Fucking Workers Party??? Most of them have never done a days work in their cunting lives.

        • @FF

          Never doing a days work and still getting paid is what Socialism is all about.


  6. Twas ever so. Even back in the 60s we had lefty bias but as it was South Wales we didn’t really do Tories anyway. Just as worrying is the transbender nonsense which brooks no criticism that younger teachers indoctrinate.
    I went to a grammar school and those that went on to teach were by and large the less gifted ones. But the 60s hippy ideal went with them. It started a long time ago.

  7. How can children learn any think about the outside real world
    When they are being taught by cunts who have never left school…?
    school.., teacher training college and back to school…

      • Tommy has my 100% support. After what they have done with him now and the evil Cunts the Police are protecting i have lost all belief in Blighty.

    • If he’s not in segregation then once the snackbars get their hands on him it’s game over. The government have effectively condemned him to a death sentence.

      If he does die in prison, I could see serious civil unrest breaking in this country. You could argue that it’s about high time that we had some.

      • I have said on YouTube that I pray fervently that he is not martyred.

        But, if he is, oh my I can REALLY see trouble ahead…

        Lots of dead MPs.

    • He’s gonna die in there if he isn’t put in solitary. They won’t let him get out alive this time.

    • Have met Tommy three times.

      He is a passionate true Royalist who loves his country.

      He is also a gay icon.

  8. Don’t care if she’s promoting Labour, Tory or Monster Raving Loony – she should be fired for that. Preferably after being tied to the school railings for a week with a sign reading ‘I Am An Unprofessional Cunt’, and her card marked for the CRB.

  9. My Grandad started out as a maths teacher a later became a school headmaster.

    He was born in Rufford and walked 4 miles to school in Ormskirk every day from the age of 5 then would work on the family farm, I was about 10 when he told me that and I recall asking why on Earth he’d do that to which he said ‘because you just did’.

    He signed up to serve in the Army at the outbreak of WWII and was in charge of the Gunner Batterys during the Coventry blitz.

    I can only imagine how frightening that must have been.

    My grandad was a true gent who was who was rarely gazed by anything.

    Before he passed away in the late 90’s I spent an increasing amount of time with him as his health started to fail and we’d spend hours talking about his life which is when I found out about his time in the army which previously he’d never discussed.

    During that period we would often talk about his teaching career and bearing in mind he retired in 1976 I clearly remember him saying he was glad to get out when he did.

    Naturally I asked him why and he said / words to the effect ‘it all started to go wrong in 1970 when the Labour Government issued a dictat that effectively said if Jonny doesn’t want to read then Jonny doesn’t have to read, previously if Jonny didn’t want to read he got a thick ear and was made to read’.

    I never knew my Grandads politics but at a guess I’d say he was a conservative but he was of a generation where he kept his own feelings and politics to himself.

    He went on to say that if you can’t teach kids in school the difference between right and wrong through application and disciple then you were storing up huge problems for later years’

    How right he was.

    He finished off by saying ‘things are heading in a very worrying direction’ as he took a puff on his pipe and left that comment hanging in the air along with the sweet smell of vanilla tabacco.

    I wonder what my Grandad would have made of that fat cunt with the Dreads who wants kids to report other kids for not using their preferred gender pronouns.

    Cunt, probably

    • He’d only have thought that teacher is/was a cunt but a cunt that is also a grass. Just needs to be a thief now for the cunt trifecta.

    • My late mother in law also said that she’d never have gone into teaching if she new what a load of crap was involved. And she was a Head Teacher at a small, rural village primary.

  10. Good on that lad. Let’s hope it’s people like him who end up running the country.

  11. I don’t like the sound of kids being expected to grass each other up about their so called “hate speech.”
    It reminds me of Nazi Germany where kids grassed up their parents and relatives for slagging the Nazis or calling Hitler a cunt.
    It all sounds very sinister to me.

    • Once again a parallel to the Nazis. This is no coincidence my fellow counters.

      • Just like The SNP in Scotland , having schools teach ‘Scottish studies’ as a way to indoctrinate the kids with their brand of propaganda.

  12. ‘Education, Education, Education’ in the UK, from nursery to university, = far left wing indoctrination camp. Thank Christ I haven’t any sprogs because there would have been a fair few skirmishes between me and the ‘educators’ along their learning ‘journey’.

  13. Now that abortion is legal in ireland i’m wondering when the bombs start going off… Another good question is who’s more pissed about the legalization of abortion IRA or DUP?

    I’m guessing DUP considering how cucky IRA can be, and IRA seemed aokay with gay marriage the last few years what are your cunters thoughts on this? if you have any that is

  14. On a recent visit to the fruit of my loins who lives in Scandinavia, I was sternly informed by his mother that I wasn’t allowed to discuss politics with him. The reason being that ‘We don’ t do racism here’.

    Well, colour me shocked. Particularly as said offspring less than reliably informed me that Trump is an idiot.

    ‘Who told you that?’ I enquired. ‘My teacher’ replies the Viking child.

    ‘Ok, on what grounds is the most powerful man in the free world an idiot?’ says I.

    ‘Because he wants to stop people coming to America and he wants to start a nuclear war and kill everyone’.

    Having reassured my little one that Trump isn’t an idiot on the very grounds that he is keeping his election promises and protecting American interests, where others wanted to sell the US of A down the river to appease the people who do actually want to kill us all. He gave me the look of someone who has just realised they may have been lied to.

    I really must make a point of going to his next parent’s evening.

    • Is it still called ‘parents’ evening? ‘Carers’ evening I’ll wager in the not too distant.

  15. Send him back to school with a blank poster, that’s probably the most accurate visual representation of the rights we have in the UK.

  16. When I was in my last couple of years at school I often used to sit and dream of giving Mrs. Hansard a good seeing to (my maths teacher) … Banged many a teenage load out to her haha… Happy days

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