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I would like to hand out a double cunting to Stanley Skupien/Met polis. Yes,the Polski homeless jogger cunt who found a London marathon runners entry bib and used it to steal his medal is back in the news. This time he robs some poor cunts boat, fills it with petrol instead of diesel (daft cunt) then is caught red handed wearing the boat owners clothes painting the boat black to try and disguise it.His alibi? Some bloke paid him to paint the boat! The Met accept this as they say that they cannot prove otherwise (thick cunts/lazy cunts….you decide) and all charges (slight matter of theft and criminal damage,nothing to see here) are dropped. Poor cunt with wrecked boat gets a letter from Met saying no further action will be taken.He is,quite rightly,appealing this decision. I eagerly await Mr. Skupiens next contribution to our culturally enriched society.

however he did get his comeuppance

London Marathon cheat ‘Forrest Tramp’ beaten up and left with broken ankle by mob seeking revenge for his fake finish

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  1. There was a similar story this week too again involving the Met. A pair of cunts were using keyless fob technology to break into a car at night and smoke cannabis, the owner caught them red-handed one night locked them in, took a photo and called plod.

    They managed to bullshit the numpties who turned up by explaining the window was open and they were ‘looking after it’, more likely the cunts didn’t want the hassle of paperwork and form filling. Anyway to be fair they have their hands full getting on top of rampant gun and knife crime, acid attacks, moped gangs and the constant threat of terrorism….oh wait…he really just should have accused them of a hate crime.

  2. I think Stanley is a perfect example of the “Go Get ‘Em” attitude that so many migrants bring to our country. Mr Blair opened the floodgates to provide a motivated workforce prepared to do the jobs that native Brits wouldn’t. Now Stanley has a thriving Big Issue business and yet is still prepared to finish the job that some weak Brit couldn’t and complete the marathon course for him…No money asked,just civic pride powering Stan on (of course the medal might well have weighed in for scrap.)

    No fannying around expecting the state to house him,taking a lesson from our lovely Somali community Stan pirated a boat,painted it to suit it’s new name of The Black Pig and set off in search of booty in the grand tradition of Ye Merry Old England…they won’t intergrate and don’t understand our traditions?..Hah!
    It’s a shame that the British youth of today couldn’t show some of Stanley’s enterprise. Just proves that Mr.Blair knew what he was doing when he decided to rub our noses in the benefits of diversity.

    Fuck him.

    • This scrounging fop doddle Polski Cunt obviously misunderstands the meaning of The FREE MARKET!!
      Free to take a bib
      Free to claim a medal
      Free to steal a boat??
      Well Stan feel FREE TO FUCK OFF HOME YA CUNT!! And feel FREE to take as many scrounging Cunts with you as you like……
      Off point….
      on the Marr show this morning we have Irish deputy PM Simon Coveney who is trying to appear helpful to the U.K. withdrawal process but isn’t do a particularly good job unsurprisingly 😡, next up we have kier starmer to give his impartial views on brexit?? Followed by professional English fop Hugh Grant who I’m guessing doesn’t really like brexit?? And would probably rather be on sunset strip getting sucked off by a street walking Black prostitute? Ah the good old Beeb! Who according to Vince cable and lord loathsome Adonis is the cabal of right wing brexit?? Priceless……😂

      • Michael Gove’s on now, so that proves Cable is right. Personally I’d rather be on Sunset Strip getting sucked off by a Black prostitute.

        • No mention of gove on my tv planner, saw coveney but rec show to watch later…

          • Gove was on after Grant. Programme still heavily outweighed by Remoaners though.

  3. I always thought that Theft was an “arrestable offence” and that it was one that carried a maximum of 10 years imprisonment. Silly me.

    • Where have you been for the last 20 years + asa? Your stuck in the past, wearing rose tinted glasses, those awful times when a crime was punished by the full weight of the law are over!
      The boat owner should rename his boat “ the polish tea leaf”

        • A few years ago ASA my house got burgled not only that the Cunts did some gratuitous damage!, plod wasn’t remotely interested in doing anything!!
          “ are you insured mr quislings?” Was as much help I received from the useless cunts! All far too busy hiding in bushes with their speed guns! Or going after any other soft targets to bolster their figures……..

          • This week my wife received a letter from the police informing her that she was doing 36mph in a 30mph speed limit zone.

            On her way home from work. She works bloody hard, doing two shifts a day and was knackered.

            First time she has ever received any speeding correspondence since living here in 2004.

            Just a warning this time, no fine or points.

            A few years ago I would have thought fair enough, however we now have so many other problems in the area (including drug gangs from London and the assiciated problems they bring) you would have thought the police had more urgent priorities and plenty of better things to do with their time.

          • Q makes a good point. Plod are going for easy targets at the expense of public protection Willie. It really boils the piss a bit, and did you see that Hipster copper in the press yesterday ….? With a fucking beard like that ! Some thug could tie him to railings with that beard and kick the shit out of his arse. Scruffy cunt.

  4. And of course we don’t have enough vagrant, jobless, thieving malingerers in the UK, so we need to import them from Europe.

  5. Let him keep the boat ……and point the cunt out to sea and fuck him off for good

  6. The icing on the cake will be when Stanley (with the help of some cuntish lawyers) explores the possibility of compensation against the Met for compensation or damages as some sort of rights that he has have been breached.

    The Met are clearly fucking useless, and have greatly exceeded the Keystone’s levels of incompetence. Cressida Prick is a fucking disgrace, staggering how the hopeless fanny lover is still in a job. Mind you the ineptness of those in or around power seems to the order of the day. Take May, Suckdick, Corbyn, Rudd, Johnson, Flabbott, McDonnell, Thornberry, Carney and Hammond for example.

    is it any wonder the country is in such a fucking state if this is the best we can come up with?

    Anyway, back to the posting, extremely happy that the cunt in question got his comeuppance though, nothing more than he thoroughly deserved.


    • Oh, did they kill him then? I thought he’d got off with a broken ankle.

      • A bit harsh Ruff Tuff.

        Just give him a bloody good kicking and deport him back to where he came from is enough to keep me happy.

        Simple pleasures in life are always the best.

    • Maybe we should go the American route and get a reality TV star to run the show? Maybe bear or Charlotte Crosby? Get her mega cunt mates from Geordie shore in as her cabinet?
      Just sayin…….

    • Not enough comeuppance i.m.o.,but at least with no arrests again the polis are being consistent in their non involvement.

  7. Not particularly surprised he’s been let off the hook. Polish and homeless? If a black transgender feminist had committed this offence they would probably have been given a prize and a pat on the back. At least this bastard has had his ankle broken by a group of youths. Put themselves to good use for once. The same can’t be said for the bloody Met Plod old bastards the lazy useless can’t-be-fagged cunts. They only seem to pull their fingers out of their arses when it suits them. Still wasting the tax payers money on the Maddie McCann case? She was probably sold to a rich Arabian family years ago for sexual favours. I’m sure the plod chiefs and various MP cunts have all been allowed to have a go on poor Maddie in return for keeping their mouths shut.

  8. Another hard working, tax paying immigrant upon whom our economy is so dependent. I often wonder how we managed before we persuaded all these wonderful people to come here despite the hate, racism, fascism and police oppression they put up with on a daily basis.
    We just don’t deserve them. No really………we fucking don’t!

    • Our Eastern European friends are all hard working tax paying friendly very quiet socially intergrating law abiding individuals Freddie. This is the main argument of Remain for having them here.

      Without them the NHS would fold, and there would be no fruit to eat. Who would clean our cars, cut our hair, or open shops selling strange exotic produce. Who would sell us The Big Issue or provide street entertainment in our town centres. Who will keep our police busy or our street cleaners in full time employment? To ensure our school teachers have to learn exciting new languages and we get the chance to experience a new culture and way if life so beneficial to our existing values.

      Totally agree Freddie, god only knows how we ever managed before they came, and what would happen if they ever decided to return to their native lands,

      To all Eastern Europeans, Please dont go, if you did this country would become well and truly fucked.

      What’s that…….it is already?

      Dont believe it.

  9. I feel for the cops on this one and others like it.
    If they were allowed to undertake their initial contact with the crime with “direct efficiency” the guy would be free but FAR less likely to re-offend.
    In the unlikely event that he did muster the ineptitude to re-offend, increasing levels of “direct and efficient” investigation would eventually either lead to a level of pain or fear or both that would definately put him off.
    It’s a balancing act, letting criminals do as they please obviously doesn’t work and the american way of shooting them brothers deed just leads to political pressures.
    We just need to return to six foot psychopaths with permission to use the truncheon liberally.

    • Driving home last evening, I passed by Caxton Gibbet. A sobering sight of times when the punishment fitted the crime.
      Also reminded me of “Winter’s Stob” near Rothbury. A winded moorland, desolate and isolated. Dark Skies and a chilling wind. The scariest and best place for a hanging.

      • I always thought it was the carcass rotting away for weeks that would have the best effect.
        The draw and quartering additions also definately put the seed of doubt into the minds of the would be criminal.
        Of course, in this day and age televising it would have maximum effect. Bet all those shariah types living in luxury here would lose some enthusiasm for these practices knowing they were once again very close to it’s merciless grip.

        • The best bit was when they burned the entrails in front of them as they died. That would focus the minds of onlookers.

  10. Off topic, but just wanted to share I recently heard Yasmin Alibi Brownstuff on radio whinging about Brexit making her “seriously suicidal…”. We live in hope.

    So even if Brexit doesn’t happen it won’t have been a total waste of time, ha ha.

    • Yes, I saw a youtube clip where she claimed to be “grieving” for the imminent “loss” of the EU.

      Fuck me, I thought grieving was what you did when your loved ones died.

      Am I a silly cunt…

      Hopefully, when Brexit happens, prosecco & cyanide will be made freely available to millions of suicidal snowflakes.

  11. Fucking bitch slag. If she doesn’t like it she can fuck off back to whatever third world shithole she comes from. I’ll pack the cunt’s bags and drive it to the airport.

    • And Wogan’s Corpse would have been a better presenter than Gayham Norton.

      Not that I watched it, you understand.

      • Wogan was the ONLY decent thing about Eurovision.

        Told it how it was. A complete pile of steaming shite.

  12. Rat looking cunt needs his other ankle breaking the neck should be made to walk and swim acknowledge to Powland. Leach rat cunt.

    • Check before you post ya dumb Black and White cunt.

      Rat looking cunt needs his other ankle breaking. The cunt should then be made to walk and swim to Powland. Leach rat cunt.

  13. Listen you racist and EU skeptic cunts, it is quite clear Stanley was just between Neurosurgeon or FTSE 100 Business roles – like all migrants who enter our country…

  14. The only Eastern Europeans I like were the really fucking stunning ones in late 80s and 90s Euro porn films… Think along the lines of Silvia Saint, Anita Blond etc.

    Am I being narrow minded?

  15. The eastern euro cunts in my area are the worst. Especially the Czechs. This bloke I know copped off with one of them. What a terrible mistake. Upon reaching their holiday destination she began patting her pockets and looking around frantically. Yes, that old chestnut. Turns out she “forgot” to take any money with her in the hope of getting a free holiday. The bloke also lent her a grand. He won’t be getting that back. By the time her benefits come in, she would have blown it all on smokes, cheap cider (Frosty Jack’s) and another shite gnome for her scruffy council house garden.

    • Let’s at least acknowledge the valuable role our economic migrant friends play in the education of native-born morons.

    • But can you imagine the faux outrage by the eastern blocker skank if he’d said: “Look I’ll take you away. We’ll act like a couple and visit nice places, etc., I’ll even throw in a grand as a sweeter but understand this, we’re going out there so I can bust a nut over your face, tits, ass, whatever, whenever I want. So let’s cut the bullshit and call it for what it is!”

      I’m betting blocker-pussy would still have gone.

      #MeToo (when it suits)

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