Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamarr. More obnoxious than Mark, much, much less attractive than Hedi, you may never have heard of him. He is a rapper. An American one. He is famous for having danced on a burnt-out police car during a riot. The Groaniad wants to nominate his ill-structured gibberings for a Pulitzer prize. I have just endured (what I was doing required too much focus to turn the cunt off) 15 minutes of a simpering eulogy/life history of this chanter of bollocks to ripped-off techno beatz…on Radio 4.

Ultimately, I had to suspend operations in order to register my hatred of this shit on ISAC. And take a boiling piss.

I learned that he had suffered depression as a teenager. Apparently this is unusual. Pity he didn’t succumb, and pop himself through the head with the mandatory .45. His English teacher, modestly claiming credit for launching the cunt on his multiple assaults on rhyme, scansion, grammar and sense within the slack framework of a tribal chant, is called Regis Inge. Which was the only mildly comic point made during a presentation delivered in the reverential tones normally accorded to competent but dead heads of state., with frequent gormless utterances from the cunt himself and samples of his noxious output interleaved with admiring vignettes from his utterly ordinary existence.

Why wasn’t this shit on a lowest-common-denominator yoof music programme? Answer, Radio 4 is now courting the lowest common denominator. Centuries of culture culminate in this. O tempora. O mores. I see the Tiber flowing with much blood.

nominated by Komodo

24 thoughts on “Kendrick Lamar

  1. Why are the supposedly mature intelligent adults so intent on being liked by the terminally stupid and feckless youth, what happened to the pat on the head and “ok son your learn” patronising remarks i had to endure. It was something to aim towards as a kid that time when you would finally be accepted into the man club and you could then patronise and belittle the next generation. Now you are trying to reverse the process to appear cool and with it well feck the youth i want to be an adult miserable old twat.

  2. I’ve been fortunate having only been subjected to this cunts nonsense on a couple of occasions , I heard two of his tracks from the 2017 album DAMN , both we irritating tuneless numbers with Lamar (who sounds like his mouth is full of marbles ) just wittering on about the injustice of dis dat and tings in general, At the least we know Lamar has a sense of humour calling one track HUMBLE? Maybe he was being ironic? Who cares!! Another 1st class grade A Cunt…….

    • You think Kendrick is bad? I’d like to know your opinion on some of the other rappers then.. anyway, I’d honestly say he is the best rapper at the moment.
      Also you mentioned HUMBLE, I’d recommend looking into the actual lyrics of his music before you give your opinion on him getting a Pulitzer’s.
      Do your homework:)

  3. I preferred it when they were restricted to singing about their “Mammy” or “Ol’ Man River.” I suspect that they were probably happier then too, nothing to worry about except the state of the cotton harvest or how the chiggun gizzards were cooked. Nowadays they get all uppity and instead of just screaming and flinging dung at each other,they chant some kind of tribal mumbo-jumbo at each other before misusing one of Bwana’s knives to damage each other .
    Bring back the good ol’ days for all potential rappers,aspiring architects,dedicated child carers and trainee footballers. It’ll save a fortune on the costs involved in clearing up a full-bore tea-party.

    Fuck them.

  4. I have fucking given up on Radio 4. The right-on fuckers have ballsed up all their programmes with grovelling to efniks, homos, trans-whats-their-names. They have made a patron saint of Grayson Perry, and the old hags who whinge every day on Womans Hour and every show has to have at least one woman on its panel for comedy shows no matter how humourless they are. No doubt today all the crippled old Blairites will come out of the woodwork to praise Tessa Jowell, and while you can feel sorry for her for her illness, it doesn’t get away from the rather dubious actions she took, apparently leaving her husband for political furtherance, and being one of the biggest Blair arselickers. She also cost us a fortune for the 2012 Olympics when her figures were short by many milllions of pounds. As for the Lamar creature, I am glad to say I have never heard or seen, thankfully, this inane looking cunt.

    • Alastair Campbellend out doing the rounds gushing about best friend Saint Tessa Jowell… say no more.

      • I was in for my morning cuppa, with LBC on … and I heard the presenter mention Alistair Campbell ..’and this is what he has to say about ….’ .. I couldn’t reach for the radio remote quick enough to punch the radio off. What a Cunt he is…

    • Blair’s just been given a soundbite on R4 to regret her passing. Must have missed Blair being given a soundbite to take responsibility for giving Belhaj to the CIA and Gaddafi to torture. On which episode, continuing silence from the cunt.

  5. Bob Dylan:

    “To dance beneath the diamond sky
    with one hand waving free,
    Silhouetted by the sea,
    Circled by the circus sands with all memory and fate…”

    Kendrick Lamar:

    “Sit Down, be humble,
    Sit Down, be humble,
    Sit Down, be humble,
    Sit Down bitch, be humble.”

    • It begins with a blessing
      And it ends with a curse,
      Making life easy
      By making it worse…

      (Soft Machine 1968)

      • This should be today’s Cunters’ Endurance test. Find Lamar’s “Humble” and see how long you can stomach.
        I did almost a minute.

    • CM, a very illuminating couple of quotes.

      Even I know who Bob Dylan is, but like a lot of fellow cunters, have fuck all knowledge of this deservingly-cunted skidmark.

      BD will go into the “Songs of the Millenium” book, along with Schubert, Hugo Wolf, The Beatles and a goodly no. of deserving candidates.

      The skidmark cunt will be forgotten very quickly after his architectural aspirations have been brought brutally to a close by some knifed-up jiggaboo.

  6. Seen one chippy ‘da world owez me!’ and ‘all whitez iz bastards!’ pig ignorant get back on the jam jar john john rap cunt, seen ’em all…

  7. A Major League cunt if there ever was one. Constantly in and out of the news with his cuntiotic commemts. Even the professional Africunt/Americunt victim community here in the states rips on this cunt for being a cunt.

    Of course he is now being hailed for doing the sound track to the greatest cinematic achievement of all time…the Black Panther…no doubt a musical masterpiece of Bachian proportion.

    Just another melatonin enhanced, cotton picking, minstrel show cunt making the case that the Old Confederacy was right.

    • You think the cunt could manage picking a banjo and singing real words in tune? I don’t. Well, maybe, if the alternative was a necktie party.

  8. General Cuntster, beautifully put, my fine sir. You truly are a wordsmith of Shakespearean proportion. Could not have put it better myself. I salute you, sir. Slightly of topic, why the fuck am I so bored!

  9. UPDATE. At the time of cunting I didn’t know that Lamarr had actually been awarded the Pulitzer Prize (for Music – there isn’t yet one for being a cunt). The only entry to be named after an expletive, ‘Damn’, will no doubt join every winning entry for the last three decades in being instantly forgotten and never played again.

    • Kendrick gets recognized by Libtards for winning the Pukitzer Prize. The category is noise and obscenities .

      He is recognized as a Cunt by the rest of us. Same category.

      🎛. 🎚. 🎙.

      (Notice there are no musical notes.)

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