Jordan Worth (Because you are worth it!)

Please please please give this vile little cunt her day in the Sun as I can’t think of a more worthy disgusting foul cunt than this.

Mrs Worth has become the first woman to be sentenced for domestic abuse in the UK.

I’ve linked it so all can see the nature of this horrible disgusting slag who tortured and humiliated this lad all of his adult life so far and enjoying every moment of power.

Its women like her and my ex who need taking out of society to prevent anymore cases of this happening. No one has the right to do what she did to an animal let alone a person and get away with it. Hope she gets what deserves inside , but probably not because of pussy pass it is going to be the blokes fault somehow .

Nominated by The Sheriff of Cuntingham

Well cunted, Sheriff. Although my previous relationship never got to that stage I have been there myself with Mrs Benny MkII hence MkIII on the way, I can relate to this one.

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Being an ex soldier and a war veteran twice if I had of swung back at her I would have been the one going down, so I pulled the wood out the wall and walked away to a new life (I get to see my mates when I want and have a dog, all unthinkable before)

Nominated by Lord benny

71 thoughts on “Jordan Worth (Because you are worth it!)

  1. I’m probably going to get a total shit storm for saying this but I think there must be a huge percentage of the 60% of blokes who end up belting their slags after years of being pushed,proded,abused,cheated on, and generally given a mountain of shit until one day like me you give her a slap on the arse and tell her to stop being a twat[not kick her fuck teeth in which is what she deserved] and the next thing you know the filth have arrived and your being carried out of your own house,so now I have a criminal record,she plays the fucking victim and its all a steaming pile of horse shit cuz everyone assums it was all down to me and she,s still playing the victim the cunt…

    • The world we live in is twisted. I feel for you. Society favours women and they seem to be able to get away with murder in most cases. You do one minor thing and it’s shit city. Equal rights? Far from it. Being male is a massive disadvantage in terms of the law. Women know they will be let off the hook 9 times out of 10. The law allows for them to make your life a misery and play the “help me I’m a weak fragile woman” card when anything happens to them. What a fucked up world this is. You feel this anger build up inside of you. They can be laying into your face, lefts, rights and upper cuts. You push them away and it’s jail time and a bad reputation. It’s beyond ridiculous. Women are real nasty cunts. Manipulative, controlling and calculating. They can fuck right off. They’re good for a shag and little else to be honest. You won’t cause any shit storms here mate. No snowflakes here. We’re all like-minded and logical. What a nightmare women are.

    • I used to know a woman who managed to work her way through four abusive husbands. It could happen to anyone once I suppose but that looked suspiciously careless. I asked her once out of curiosity what she looked for in a man and she said “I like thick necks”. Now that doesn’t necessarily make the bloke a nasty cunt but I thought it was a peculiar way of judging a suitable partner. Apart from that, I probably would have beaten the thick cunt myself if I had to spend a whole evening with her,miserable fucking sow. I used to get heartily sick of listening to the other dozy bitches at work consoling her after yet another personal disaster. There’s a lot of truth in that old saying about misery loving company. Bag of old cunt.

      • I believe some women unconsciously seek out abusive partners, often being sexually attracted to certain male abuser traits – the ‘bad boy’, the heightened machismo, power and a false sense of security, etc. Low self esteem is probably the key.

  2. Not to overlook the fact she is an unbelievable cunt.. but how? How did it get to that point? I understand the hypnotic effect some good clunge has on a mans mind and that he was young too which magnifies said wonders of snatch, but still.. how? Walk away – no pussy is worth that much. Stand up for yourself.

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head. I fail to understand how a bloke could be controlled to this extent. Clearly he was in love with her and she took advantage of him to the point where it was beyond ridiculous. Sick and twisted bitch. She isn’t human.

      • Its the old smell of cunt (or the old smelly cunt) – My ex (now departed) mother in law was probably the finest and funniest women I ever knew. She was as crude as fuck and would say if I want something from Bobby (her hubby) all it takes is a whiff off cunt juice and he would rob a fucking bank to get me what I wanted. If her daughter (my ex) got a bit gobby she told me to “take her home – get her all wet then jam her head between the mattress and the bedhead face down so she cant move then fuck her up the arse – that will give her something to whine about” – her one liners were classic. She knew how to play her man without a slap and in all honesty she would probably have beaten half the men in out town, never mind her own family.
        Women are abusive cunts in a way men don’t know how to be. You only have to look at the amount of rug munchers with faces like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle to understand how these days men can easily be shafted by the “gentler sex” or snakes with tits as I lovingly refer to them.

          • I can confirm that it does indeed smell like human. But it smells Romanian so not very pleasant. I am also now banned from the lakes for obscene and indecent behaviour.

  3. He should have smacked her one,or chucked her and her goods out of the door. The days of women being the gentler sex are over. They want equality,well here it is.

    • I genuinely don’t understand how any man would sit there and just take it. If someone had chucked boiling water over me, I’d have gone fucking ballistic and to fuck with the consequences.

      • Its a strange one, you have to wonder about his friends and family and how nobody noticed his injuries or lack of contact for years.

      • A lot of these awful tarts were never disciplined as kids, either at home or at school. They believe their own publicity that they are daddy’s special little girl or otherwise spoilt rotten.

        Mrs. Boggs has never tried to chin me, but if she did, I would reserve the right to put her across my knee, take her knickers down and smack her arse.

        Women are too highly mollified everywhere in this country today the Deputy director of the Bank of England has been pilloried for referring to our economy as *menopausal* – all the feminist bitches on the BBC have come out to diss him. They want equality when it suits them on their own terms, fuck them.

        • ‘orrible little Pwincesses…

          Psychotic little bitches, all done up in fluffy pink…

  4. My granddad was a big lump of Oirish, family folklore goes after coming in from work and presented with some burnt offerings excuse of a meal announced he was off down the pub. After the shouting and sound of broken kitchenware had died down the Mrs was duly picked up and hung on a clothes hook while he got a bit of peace and a decent meal. Unthinkable today, plod would have a field day with his so-called ‘crimes’.

  5. I fully intend to outlive my wife and in the meantime be as irritating as fuck.
    Sound cunting.
    Good afternoon .

    • I rather think that is a sentiment that Phil the Greek would share.

      I saw a photo of him driving his Land-Rover the other day…JC did he look well beyond boiling point !

  6. I hate to say this..but… peaceful wimmin know their place in the home. On their back, legs wide akimbo. Mouthy to hubby ? Like fuck, he’d kick the shit out of her, and all goes on without plod or the establishment interfering! It’s called “culturalism”

    • Can also be called domestic slavery and can become honour killing if the woman tries to leave in some vibrant societies.

    • Divorce is conveniently available, too. Slip the imam a fiver for the collection, and say ‘I divorce you,’ three times, and that’s it. You may have to repay the dowry, though.

  7. A woman once put a lit cigarette into my earhole in a nightclub so I punched the bitch right in the face. She was ginger. And my girlfriend at the time. I am one classy cunt.

  8. Domestic abuse on males hits those in the public domain as well.

    This was posted on ABBC sports today:

    I’m a pretty ordinary bloke so haven’t experienced any kind of violence in the home, off my parents or outside (as I’m a “head down” kind of person) but reading the associated story I just can’t see how an able bodied bloke would suffer that kind of abuse.

    I wouldn’t recommend or condone physical retaliation but he could’ve just walked. Obviously I don’t know the circumstances.

    The other thing that rankles is that in this Cresida Dick-less police society if a bloke happens to sneeze on the opposite side of the road to a feminazi and she cries “abuse” (a’la “Hugh Mungus”) you can bet a 40 squad armed with tazers would be there quicker than a dog after broth.

    This bloke reports his abusive bird to the Sweeney and you can almost hear the chuckles.

    O’course had he then said: “Ok then I’ll go back and defend myself you cunts!” – you can guarantee the silver bracelets would have been placed on him then and there!

    For someone to throw boiling water on someone else causing 2nd and 3rd degree burns must make that person a psycho surely? One who needs to be sectioned?

    Alas in the land of the Cresida Dick-less feminazis, women can do no wrong. Let’s face it, if it was the other way round I would imagine the bloke would currently be under observation in Broadmoor prison.

    Ahhh, modern equality at work. Doesn’t it make you feel all warm inside…

  9. Coercive control can’t be viewed through the prism of a rational mind set.

    Partly because the behaviour is in itself totally irrational.

    Coercive control is delivered by means of a drip drip effect that ultimately makes the victim feel worthless and unable to make the right decision/s.

    One of the key components of coercive control is to isolate the victim from their family/friends/support network then set about making them feel worthless over a sustained period of time.

    I would put my mortgage on This bastard cunt sucking the young fella in using the power of pussy, I see they met at 16 so a fair chance it was his first fuck.

    I used to work with a bloke who did some voluntary work for a charity that helped mostly women but some men escape these relationships and I genuinely had my eyes opened to a) how powerful these cunts are b) how utterly worthless the victims become and c) that the only way to understand it was to leave at the door (so to speak) your rational self.

    The worrying thing about this piece of shit is that she’ll never change as it’s a mind set just as ‘The Gays’ or Peado’s will never be cured either.

  10. Well I must say that the Royal Wedding is turning into a right tea party. It’s one banana skin after another. I’d take Megan up the aisle.

    • I trust your evening will be improved by the knowledge that obese cunty-chops James Corden has his invite for the royal wedding, Mr Fiddler? I wonder if there’s a bigger cunt than him attending? A tall order indeed.

      • The Beckhams are going,Mr. Cunt-Engine. Their combined cuntishness probably gets close to that obese wanker’s annoyance value.
        Personally, I’m hoping for an irate Phil the Greek going full-on peaceful in a heavily armoured Rolls-Royce. The thought of the coffin-dodging old bastard going out in a blaze of glory and squashed celebrities makes it all worthwhile.

        • I rather hope that Harry turns up in his Nazi regalia and Phil dresses as a Klansman to entertain all the Markle tribe. Presumably Harry’s Uncle Edward will turn up in one of his wife’s dresses and Prince Andrew will attend with Jeffrey Epstein who proceeds to kiddie-fiddle the fuck out of the Markle family children.

    • You may have to Dick. Things are turning out nice again. Would suggest you smoke a little ‘Markle Sparkle’ beforehand though.

      • I’m hoping Phil the Greek mixes his meds and says something highly inappropriate and politically incorrect to the Markel’s.

        “How was the trip over in the refrigerated lorry from Calais? Got some work for you lot when this cunt fest is over, Buck House is a bloody mess, rewiring, plumbing, leaks”.

  11. STOP PRESS! Some cunt Deputy Chief Constable in charge of world Cup policing says don’t take the George cross flag as it is imperialistic and will cause offence.


    As a proud English Jewish professional homosexual I am truly proud to he English and British.


    • Are you as a proud English Jewish homosexual planning on going to the World Cup,Krav?…Do keep us informed of your progress,a few photos of you waving your banner in Moscow perhaps?..I’d enjoy seeing them.

      🙂 .

      • As the George cross flag has been advised against, perhaps any homosexual gentleman attending the world cup, might be well advised to carry a more colourful flag to demonstrate his loyalties…a “rainbow” flag might be a good idea? The russkies would make him feel very welcome, no doubt.

          • Very fetching, Mr F…ISAC should hang that flag on the front page of the site on nation gaylord day (assuming there is one) to demonstrate our inclusiveness and tolerance.

          • Is there a National Gay Day? I can’t imagine that they need much encouragement to get dressed up in frocks and high-heels while they parade down the main street towards the public toilets, goosing innocent men and lisping “I’m free.”…I bet Elton John wants it on his birthday.

          • Every day is national gay day.
            Just the other day I interrupted a conversation amongst apparently straight gentlemen who were talking about their slapstick haircuts costing thirty, YES THIRTY british pounds.
            What cum gargling cunts.

          • There are, apparently, several gay pride days across various left-leaning cities across the UK. If I may return back to the risskies for a moment, their dislike of the male gays is well-documented…but what of their opinion of clit cannibals? I’d imagine the Russian rug-munchers wouldn’t (couldn’t, surely?!) be uglier, fatter and more misandrist than ours?

          • Most of the Saints are Gay, aren’t they? Failing that there’s always Christmas Day.

          • They can’t have Christmas Day for their bumfoolery. I don’t want some Fruity using the cover of Santa Claus delivering presents to sneak down my chimney and wank off into my Christmas stocking.

          • @ Mr Cunt-Engine…If Pornhub has taught me anything it is that Russian rug-munchers are gorgeous creatures.

          • If The Gizzard goes to any more gay-friendly Middle-Eastern shiteholes, I suggest he has TV emblazoned on his headgear (like the reporters…)

            Of course, I’m not for one minute suggesting that Eddie Dearest is a transvestite. Oh no.
            TV on a fluffy pink beret would ensure a safe passage.
            Whatever that is…
            Maybe no gerbils or carrots.
            What do you reckon, Mr. Fiddler ?

        • Football breeds illiteracy, idol worship and mental slavery.
          Its no coincidence that football appeals more in countries with overall lower IQ levels.
          Fuck that. Fuck it.

  12. Really looking forward to all those stories of us behaving in russia.
    I think cultural misunderstandings may well occur, given that we are used to our skinny four foot coppers doing absolutely nothing at all…

  13. I dated a girl nine years my junior after I split with Mrs Maskinback MKI. The intimate side of the relationship was a real experience, for the first few months. My twig and berries had thought they had joined the Royal Marines. But then the dark miasma of her utterly batshit personality extended its filthy tentacles to try and choke the joy out of life.

    If I was ever so slightly careless with a phrase that was it. There was no redress or explanation, just full-on cuntishness which could last for several days. We first split when I had to stay at a hotel overnight on business and she convinced herself I was accompanied by some other Doris, within whom I would be up to my back wheels in within minutes of wishing her goodnight. It was all in her mind – there was no other Doris, but it was very real as far as she was concerned and there was no reasoning with her. We got back together for a few months after that before finally parting.

    After several days following our parting, I cannot describe the warm feeling of how my old-self had come floating back after all that time. I really had subconsciously (unwittingly) modified my behaviour in an attempt to appease this fucking sex-mad gorgon, whereas older and wiser I know that some people will never be happy despite what you try to do for them.

    My adage is a regularly wet helmet is not worth suffering a life of shit for.

    She was a 24 carat cunt and mad as a box of frogs.

    • Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Unless you go gay, eunuch, or get so old nature finally leaves you alone.

      Nature is the real cunt in all of this!

    • Yours sounds a lot like my old Lady of Cuntingham . Started off fantastic great times together in my lordly chambers ,but something was a miss.

      Few weeks later the paranoia begain with her ladyship, odd questions and assertion s being made about were and who i had been with . She tried to stop me from going out alone even to see family.

      But the day she pulled a butchers knife and threatened me was it , waited for her to go to work and i packed my shit and fucked right off. no note nothing .

      Lifes to short to waste on cunts like this no matter how freaky they are in bed.

  14. This Jordan Worth was definitely not worth it at all. She disguised herself as some fucking do-gooder. Helping animals and sick children. It was all a smoke screen. Behind closed doors she was a cold and twisted bitch. Lucky she was caught. Bring back capital punishment I say. Have her stretched on a rack or impaled on a spike.

    • That’s a bit generous ! She should pay for the ride of her life.
      A ten-minute fry-up should do the job, and empty her handbag first for coins for the meter, and suitable lube for the electrodes.

      • @HBH

        A fry up is exactly what I’m referring to. The Chair…the Hot Seat…Old Sparky…Old Smokey and my personal favorite…(perhaps appropriate in this case)…Yellow Mama. ⚡

        Now the Politically Correct cunt politicians here in the states feel the need to be humane when exacting the ultimate penalty. i.e. Lethal Injection…The Hot Shot. 💉

  15. The moral of the story here cunters is to have a stronger resolve. It is better to cum on the floor than cum in a bucket with a brain.
    Pull yourselves together!
    You wouldn’t order food from a waiter who would then criticize how you ate.
    Fuck people who fuck and then put a spin on it. Cunts.

  16. Going by her looks she would get a bloody good shagging. Best tie her to the bed in case she pulls a weapon. Appears she’s got a new boyfriend now despite her sentencing. Bad move, best to be well shot of her. Mad cow.

  17. I got arrested after i called to police to help me after an argument (not started by me). They took no interest in what i had to say and i was draged to fucking nick despite having done nothing wrong. Apprently they have to arrest one person some fucking feminstapo shit. They assulted me and had the cheek to then charge me with resisting arrest. All after i called them to avoid getting into a even more heated argument with accusations coming my way. They call this possitive action, i call it fuck you dirty pig cunts! I now have a criminal record; not that i care as i hate kids so wont work with them and im self employed so fingers up to the police!

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