Generation snowflake [3]

OK, for a bit of an ‘outside-the-box’ cunting, how about this for a nomination – my own shitcunt of a nephew. 16 years in and this cunt probably boils my piss more than any real person I know.

I’ve mentioned the cunt a few times in passing. This isn’t some ‘playing up to the crowd’ piece of familial self-flagellation here; this boy is a cunt, and in a few years time is set to become a major leaguer with his vocal, effectively extreme liberal views. No, I do not really ‘love’ him (FFS) – he represents absolutely everything I detest in modern life and neatly encapsulates almost any social issue I have ever cunted within these hallowed pages. In fact this cunting covers many topics which not only boil piss, but make the shit hang sideways in sheer anger to the point where my toilet visits resemble some kind of disgusting David Copperfield illusion show.

A bit of background – sister fucking dearest has spent her entire life ‘getting lucky’. Her serious working life summates to the grand total of 5 years after graduating; thereafter becoming the bugaboo-wielding posh-tart mummy wheeling her kids – thrice – around the suburbs and living off the money of her dentist husband.

The oldest of the three, reared on a new-age parenting diet of naughty steps, safe spaces and fucking hemp, has adequately demonstrated the severe and dangerous deficiencies of proper discipline and boundaries. This cunt got his own way from extremely early on, despite my own protestations and to his credit, even my brother-in-law tried to argue the case many times for less liberalism. But no, sister dearest knew fucking best – don’t shout at him, don’t correct him and don’t stifle him – and in dong so, raised a Frankenstein’s millennial monster cunt of unfathomable proportions.

This fucker champions LGTBXYZ, claims to be a feminist and spent the whole of GE ’17 driving everyone insane with Corbyn pro-propaganda. Never off the fucking phone for a moment, this bastard has that utterly infuriating tendency to talk in that upward inflection, interspersed with the word ‘like’ every three fucking verbs and adds that beyond-the-pale habit of a slight Atlantic twang to what should be a proper fucking whitebread Southwest accent. The cunt is so loud and obnoxious it is untrue. He has applied three times to get on QT and so far failed – it’s about the only possible good thing I can say in favour of the BBC.

It’s my own personal nightmare. Like that episode of Black Mirror where that poor fucker is consigned to spend over 1,440,000 years re-living the scene of his crime with ‘I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day’ playing on loop; just as inhuman is my suffering with the future Owen Jones right in my fucking midst. This probably says more about me than him, but in recent years he has had targeted abuse and aggro from some other kids and I actually sympathise with them instead of him, because I know fine well what he is like. One incident saw kids inscribe on his locker “reserved for a shit”; another saw some irreverent soul just print off and post endless photoshopped images of him standing next to Bungle, Zippy and George with no caption. Each time sister mentions these incidents, I have to leave the room and laugh so fucking hard without making a sound.

It might sound cruel but he irrefutably brings all this upon himself. A superiority complex and and a sense of entitlement fostered all his life to date has molded him into one of Britain’s future all-time cunts. He stands out, even at his posh school full of obnoxious wankers, as tosspot zero. So come one, come all and don’t stand on ceremony to cunt my very own nephew. The fucking cunt.

Nominated by.The Empire Cunts Back

58 thoughts on “Generation snowflake [3]

  1. TECB, this all sounds so feckin grim, almost unbelievable. Save for the fact that NOTHING surprises me any more…

    However (thankfully), kids can be truly cruel, so one day you might get a result.

    Is it worth taking out a life insurance policy on the cunt (as per those lovely “afternoon tea” – v ads??!) ?
    Is there a crapper in the kingdom big enough to flush the little degenerate ?

    Here’s hoping he chokes to death on a load of libtard-fuckwit bilge.

    You have my sympathy.

  2. Sorry to say this but it sounds like he’s a cunt, raised improperly by your cunt sister, who in turn was not put straight by her cunt husband who should have been the man of the house.

  3. My sympathy. The cunt down the road from me is the same. 15 years old and thinks he is God. There should be a Snowflake Cunt Olympics for them.

  4. As far as cuntings go this has to be up there with the best of them. Brutal in its honesty, hilarious in the familial assault. I’m a shit kicking civil servant on training and would love to read out word for word the real reason I’ve choked on my coffee 😁.
    He’s going to have serious issues in future. Or really the only ones that’ll have issues in future is honest speaking blokes.

    • Spot on Bob. I too am in the CS and work with several millennials. Long story short, I make full use of flexible working hours on a Monday to avoid their libtard “views” that they got from the Sunday broadsheets.

      Hate those cunts.

  5. A very sad modern tale but, whatever you do, don’t fall out with your sister over the obnoxious little cunt. She’s a mother and will defend him to the last, that’s what mothers do. Fuck me, even Ian Brady’s Mum loved the bones off the perverted little cunt. If Klara Hitler had lived long enough no doubt she would have been praising her boy Adolf for all those nice death camps and gas chambers he established. Best to stay out of it in my opinion.

    • As said don’t fall out with your sister. Take the little cunt down at every opportunity in their absence.

      Your own little snowflake punchbag who you can terrorise without fear of the sack or getting reported to Facebook / twitter types triggering a knock at the door.

      Nice one hearing some cunt subjecting him to some deserving Rainbow literature.

      Make him welcome when he calls at yours by showing him exactly where his “safe space” is and escape route / method should he need to ‘run, hide & tell’.

      Turn your negative into a positive.

  6. I feel your pain, TECB. I too have 8 nieces and nephews and thankfully only one of them is a cunt (thanks to his soppy parents). When the little prick acts up, I do love reprimanding him in front of everyone, especially his parents. What sort of cunts are his parents, letting their brother-in-law (me) talk to their wanker offspring thus?! That’s how spineless they are, the god-squadding idiots. I do wonder how he’d have been if myself and Mrs. Cunt Engine had brought him up. Echelons better is my guess. Eeuuurrgghhh; families/in-laws.

  7. TECB……. damn of I feel sorry for you, this cunt snowflake seems like everything every cunter on here hates…..

  8. A true cunt but one of many. And sooner or later these cunts will usher in the socialist revolution that will put them in poverty for the rest of their pointless lives.

    • Yet we have had years of austerity and pain in an effort to draw down the deficit in order our snowflakes don’t inherit our debt?

      Don’t think the deficit shows the austerity measures have reduced it any, think any savings will have gone to Grenfell saga, DUP and now the windwush genewation will be next in line while Flabbot & Lammy find a way to get all the illegals in the “Compen Q” . Cunts.

  9. These pro Corbyn, know-it-all little snowflake cunts, who claim that the older generation who voted for Brexit have ruined their future, are the same cunts who were up until recently, chasing imaginary Pokemons around the streets.
    The cunts know fuck all, do fuck all, and have lived through fuck all.
    Let’s see what they think of Corbyn, if he gets in (God forbid) when they’re working, and have to evaluate where their taxes are going.
    They may see things in a different light….

    • Oh, it will be worth it just to see all the little cunts start crying when their inheritance from mummy and daddy gets taxed out of existence.

    • Haha, forgot about the polemic cunts, I saw plenty of cunts in late 20’s / early 30’s doing this shit when I was out with dog at night. I laughed and mocked a few cunts to be told they were doing it for a surprise for their kids…yeah right!

      Sadly, it’s our pensions & inheritance the cunts are eyeing up. Anyone of us with a coin won’t get a fucking ounce of social care in our time of need.

      That’s why you can’t let them merge NHS England & social care under one cluster fuck umbrella like Scotland. If there’s a lack of cash for NHS now, can you risk putting elderly care in the same basket with no money? Merge the two together and have more opportunity for hiding & blaming. Scots MP’s will sing this shits praises in parliament to get England in the same predicament in order to copy their fix when it all goes wrong.

      And will this effect these mp cunts with their salaries & pensions?
      Will it fuck, them cunts are alright Jack!

      That old prick Vince doesn’t seem to get that rolling the two together has consequences as dignifying as having to manage severe incontinence with three pairs of pants a day, and that includes when they are on water tablets pissing their life away, though someone in an Aberdeen postcode gets five pairs?

      Its the Postcode Pants Lottery!, someone could be ringing your bell delivering your monthly quota of 93 or 155 pairs of pants depending on your postcode soon!

  10. Have patience.
    Once the little fucker gets out into the real world and the wimpy twat realises life isn’t hanging on every word of that geriatric retard they’ll soon be a hard working, drinking and fucking red-pilled superhero.

    • Eh, I bet the little fucker will be a 35 year old uni student like the rest of its ilk.

      • Them students have accumulated £50k+ in order to save our bleak futures. Give our government & business institutions the best that they can be.

        Is it any wonder they think it fair that the banks give them another £500k for a house or the government get off their arses and build them foe them?

        Entitled cunts.

  11. I sympathise massively with you TECB. If I had been the family Psychiatrist I would have instructed your brother in law to administer severe beatings to the brat from a young age and to chastise your sister to occasionally.

      • i’ve nothing but contempt for the idiots Ruff Tuff, because thats exactly what they are. Theirs a couple of the little shite’s where i work and when i walk in they address me as Bud or Dude. My photo on here is nothing compared to the look i give them. CUNTS !!!

        • That sort of thing really hacks me off, I wouldn’t have dreamed of showing such disrespect to some of the older cunts I used to work with – would rightly have deserved whatever they dished out in response – and no running to the nanny state with nonsense claims in those days.

  12. I have just returned from a re-union at Middle Wallop. This was the place where I trained and got my wings. ( long ago ) it also houses the AAC Museum, visited by old farts like me, and our “future” citizens.
    On this reunion trip, it was our misfortune to share the base with pre-uni-cunt, with attendant staff resembling the beatniks we used to beat up in the old days.
    These feckless obnoxious self entitled little shitpots behaved in the manner of overindulged self importance, and set out to wreck a re-union gathering by their utter contempt at the sacrifices made on their behalf. Needless to say some strong and very offensive language was dished out to the shocked and by now almost weeping nonces. Upshot was , a complaint was made to plod about our behaviour, and, believe it or not, Plod decided we were to blame.
    So. snowflake generation……..You are nothing more than the shit I squeeze from my arse following an egg Madras..useless cunts, and if only we had lost the last war, you may have had the chance of growing up with another ( and perhaps healthier ) attitude and some respect.

    • Its pretty evident that if you spare the rod you will spoil the fuckin Snowflake.I went to a school in Hove called the Knoll School for Boys, our headmaster was ex Borstal and by Fuckery you did not cross him. Of course we all tried our luck, you just didnt get caught. There was none of this cocks in frocks bollocks, or Muzzies trying to get the whip hand. I do remember 2 boys got caught bum shagging in the loo’s , 2 head teachers thrashed them with no mercy in front of the rest of us then expelled them. I do remember a lot of boys had stammers but they were probably sissys.

      • And now they have Cazza ‘make ya’ Pukeass steering the region. It could well be a future powerhouse.

    • @ASA. As you say,it’s the sheer arrogance and ingratitude that is so offensive. I honestly believe that they deserve what is undoubtedly going to befall them,and I will have no sympathy for them when reality dawns,and they realize that it’s too late,the game’s done.

    • My best mate was in 3 Reg AAC between 1986 and 98 and in between NI and Gulf War 1 plus Bosnia.

      I used to spend the odd weekend at Middle Wallop in 1990/91.

      Its a small world!

  13. I fucking loathe when modernparentcunts constantly call their kids ‘Dude’ ‘Bud’ and ‘Mate’… Even when the little fuckers are behaving diabolically…. Parents now show no authority and respect is neither built or earned… Why give a kid a name, and they’re usually shit now: lads being called shite like Kyle, Kayne, Curtis, Morgan… And girls called Kylie, Princess, Miley, and Scarlett (after that celebrislag)… But why give a kid a name (no matter how stupid) and always refer to them as ‘Dude’ and other such ‘down with the kids’ bollocks? The brats won’t see the parents as an authority figure and 99% of them will never get a clout, even when they deserve it… This is how generation snowflake starts, and if you think this country is bad now, it is going to get much worse… Because these cunts will run the fucking place…

    • Hi Norman (my dad’s name by the way), I called my two “dude”; they’re 29 and 32 now and they turned out ok, despite Mr Bliar’s best efforts. I’m probably a cunt though…

  14. Nicely cunted ESB, I enjoyed that one thoroughly.

    Sounds like the kind of cunt that will be at Glasto this year singing Corbyn’s name and thinking that he’s “cool”.
    I used to eat cunts like him for breakfast when I was a teenager. I’m grown up now though and I kind of feel sorry for them.
    Kids are stupid and gullible and get brainwashed by cunt teachers, professors, journalists, politicians, “comedians” (if there still is such a thing these days), hollywood, EVERYONE on telly, EVERYONE in music … in fact all manor of cunts.

    A bloody good hiding. … that’s what’ll sort the cunt out.

    On a separate note, anyone else voting UKIP later this week?
    I like Gerrard Batten so I’m gonna take the plunge … and if leibor make gains it might kick the Tories up the arse.
    Jacob Reese Mogg for PM!!

    • Aye, the Mogg is something from the 1890’s and is considered a better choice than the hunchbacked old crone May tells you something about British politics.

      • Crazy isn’t it.
        The old Etonian, Latin speaking, son of a lord (the real ones) is more in touch with the working class than ALL the other shower of cunts in either chambers.
        Lord Pearson is ok but the rest are bourgeois twats.

        I’m voting UKIP in the council elections but I’ll have to vote Tory in the general in case comrade compo gets in. … urrrggghhhh … The thought sense a shiver down my spine.

        • I’d vote UKIP on Thursday if they were standing, but they’re not. The only other alternative to the usual three is Green, and I’d rather dig my grandmother up and fuck her corpse into next week than vote for those cunts!

          May have to spoil my ballot paper instead, write CUNTS across it. A message needs to be sent.

          Will probably still vote Tory in next General… we live in a Con/Lab marginal, currently Labour thanks to Mrs May’s strong and stable campaign last year, the rancid cunt.

          • No, I am following the erstwhile advice on here and writing ‘Sorry – they are all cunts. Fuck them.’ and placing a big X right next to it.

  15. It’s just a phase. The QT aspiration confirms it. He’ll turn into something like George Osborne eventually. Meanwhile, encourage him in his folly, which will hasten and direct his rebellion against his cruel and uncaring mother. Make a note of that phrase – ‘cruel and uncaring mother’, and use it frequently in his hearing…

  16. …. and we wonder why no one wants to have kids these days.

    If I ever have a kid I’ll tell them; you can be anything you like (maybe even muslim … ok not Muslim, fuck that) but if you turn into a lefty I’ll fucking kill you, you little cunt!

    …Or would that be illegal?

  17. I hate this little bag of shit and I hate his mother more although I thankfully know them not.

    Perhaps the solution is to glue his eyelids open and make him watch the entire YouTube content of Jordan Peterson while slapping him about the head with a lash?

    Having reluctantly had offspring I have managed to cultivate an outlook in them somewhere to the right of Atilla the Hun – will all be undone though if they tromp off to university – especially in the humanities (a waste of 3 years and a life).

  18. There is a recent YouTube video of a bloke who applied for a press licence to a local US college to do an open Q&A about the subject: “There are ONLY 2 genders. Change my mind.”

    The first few flakes challenge him on the legitimacy of him being there and doing a Q&A – who he swats off with documentation – the other parade of snow start immediately from a standpoint of him being completely wrong (in their fruit fly-esque wealth of life experience). Not one sits down and agrees with him.

    This is the difference and the danger of neo-liberal (facist) educators spoon feeding our kids utter bollocks when they should be sticking to the syllabus and teaching that!

    Anyone schooled in the 70’s to early 90’s would probably agree and think it mad anyone could suggest differently but any cunt going through education from 1997 to now is well and truly fucked both from within (schools/educational establishments) and without (anti-social meejah).

    You’re not even allowed to poke holes in their argument because that’s ends up being an “ist” response – of some shape or form – which = triggered, which = end of discussion (because it’s much better to do the “LA! LA! LA! I’M NOT LISTENING!” tantrum than actually debate like the “so called” adults they claim to be)!

    Their argument – to a one – is that this bloke is confusing “sex” with “gender”.

    Oh, so if a farmer has a male horse, is he sure that it doesn’t identify as “mare” in gender?

    Then – as the trap is laid – they say that animals don’t have sentience and therefore the distinction is moot.

    Then – as your reel them in – you indicate that sentience is a mental construct garnered through human being’s evolution in intelligence. They nod.

    Then – the clincher – gender assignment is a mental construct and not a physical fact? You guessed it… TRIGGERED!!!

    The saddest thing about these flake cunts is that we’ll be depending on these fuckers to defend the realm against the internal Shariah mongers and to run the country!

    I’m glad I’ll be long gone by then because by that time the only triggering these gender assignment nut-jobs will be hearing will be the one on an AK47 just before they cull the fuck out of their oh-so precious LGBTQXYZ community.

    Sad thing is those LGBTQXYZ flakes are the first cunts in line to hug a “peaceful” immediately after an atrocity. Thick cunts!

    • Yea louder with Crowder is fuckin awesome.
      He’s done interviews with king Nige and Tommy Robinson and frequently has Jordan Peterson and Gavin McInnes on his channel.

      Worth a subscribe definitely.

      The “change my mind” ones are good but it’s amazing how many cunts trying are just tards.

    • As far as I’m concerned (and as a trained linguist/linguistician), gender is something assigned to nouns and adjectives. NOT people.

      The gender thing kicked off, in part, because a lot of twats got embarrassed uttering the word “sex”. Stupid cunts.
      Sexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsex. There. I’ve said it. Wan’t too difficult. To take my mind of my farmers, I shall roll over and think of Juicy Lucy Lane.

      Also, on news tonight, potential shortage of juniors studying science. Am sure I’ve said it before, but I DO worry about how snowflakes cope with those pesky FACTS.
      Acceleration due to gravity 9.81 m/s/s….”Ooooh, were’s the designated safe space??”

  19. Truly awesome cunting TeCB.

    I know you’ve definitely mentioned the cunt previously as have I with my Bastard cunt nephew. He’s 10 years older than yours but all that’s given him is 10 years more cuntitude.

    A Supersized opinionated self entitled cunt who appears to spend his days retweeting shite about ‘the nasty tories’, ‘Thatcher the Snatcher’ despite not even being alive when she was in power and ‘ohhh Jeremy Corbyn…..’ whilst living all expenses paid in a centrally heated 5 bed detached echo chamber, paid for by the bastard cunts Dad who’s taking a 6 figure salary from the Civil Service.

    I’m absolutely convinced that when Viz did the ‘Modern Parents’ they were modelled on that cunt. Fuck they make my piss superheat.

    • Fuck dude .. you’d think 10 years would be enough to quell the cuntitude.

      I remember at 16, I thought I’d get a summer holiday just like I did at school.
      My mum dropped me off at the high street and said: “call me when you’ve got a job”.

      To be fair there was no lefty in me anyway but if there had been it would’ve been driven out of me on that day and certainally over the next few months of graft.

      More parents should do that.

      • Me to DTS.

        No fucking mobiles in those days. My mum would say ‘ri g 3 times and when the pips go I’ll know it’s you and I’ll get you in 30 minutes’

    • Cant you arrange for him to have an alternative holiday in Londonistan where he is stabbed in the throat by a grateful somali “refugee”…

  20. I hope to feck that we in this beautiful country never have to engage in a war that necessitates a call up for fighting men cos if we do we will be royally fucked, but it could be a good time to invest in company’s that make white flags and candles.

  21. A good punch in the cunts mouth would suffice,
    He’ll still be a cunt, but i’m sure you’d feel better
    give his mother, your sister a slap too, the dozy cunt

  22. Excellent excellent cunting.
    Here’s a little story for you:
    Some bully was busily making life hard for someone. Their mate popped round and rung the doorbell, neatly stepping to one side of the door.
    When the bully popped his head out to investigate who had rung the doorbell, the mate sunk his knuckles neatly into the side of the bully’s jaw, rendering him unconcious on his own doorstep.
    Due to the fact he did not see his attacker, plus the fact he got laid out, the bully developed paranoia and agarophobia. Apparently it has completely changed his personality and has destroyed his life.
    People are certaintly capable of change.

    • Nice one Cuntflap, I just love a happy ending and where great tactics and planning have proved key to success.

  23. I think we may have finally got rid of our 25 year old useless snowflake cunt-child.

    Yesterday was the deadline for it to finally fuck off to pastures new and it’s pit is empty this morning with no lingering stench of weed in the hallway.

    I am actually surprised it’s mother put her foot down and didn’t listen to any further bleating about needing another six months to get it’s shit together.

    In a bizarre twist, it managed to immediately find a job the day before yesterday in a perfect example of snowflake forward planning, having only been given nine months notice of it’s impending eviction.

    I’m so happy. 😁

    • Change the locks, immediately. Or move if it is possible.

      You may be happy now but I don’t want your happiness dashed when ‘it’ comes rolling back next week after being chucked of digs or sacked. Or both.

      Love the term ‘it’ by the way.

    • He may have acquired a job, the big question is will he hold it down?

      Is it a ‘flake tolerant employer?

      I forsee a sad flake running into mummy’s open arms after getting his marching orders.

      As below, change them locks. Get the ones you cant just get keys cut for in town.

      • It has taken up gainful employment with Deliveroo.

        What a five star millenial cunt. 🤣

  24. It is surely the case that the closer one is to the age of twelve the wiser one is which wisdom loses with age; experience is for losers.

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