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Boris Johnson is a cunt. He’s proposing an amnesty for illegal immigrants that have been here for ten years and have a clean record. How you assess their records when you don’t even know anything about them I couldn’t begin to imagine. What I do know is that Boris is an untrustworthy cunt who dilly dailied over remain or leave , a real man of principle ‘ey ? Fuck off Boris, if they’re illegal then fuck them off, you wobble chopped ,bumbling blonde bastard.

Nominated by, Jack The Cunter

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  1. Managed to update my email address.Had to go on a link from my emails.

  2. A complete and utter sly fucking bastard. I imagine this little scheme is looking to garner future immigrant votes when he is PM, which he will be. Obviously the Hunchback won’t be in the driving seat at the next election and he intends to take her place. That’s why he has been daring her to sack him for months now. He wants to be the martyr who comes riding to the rescue in the time of Tory need.
    Just like he intended to be on the losing side in the referendum so he could be the hero of the Tory grassroots and backbenches. Everything he says, everything he does, including the apparent gaffes, are all about promoting Boris. A very clever and calculating cunt whom I wouldn’t trust as far as can gob.

    • Premiership is now a poison chalice – if anyone deserves to be PM when the entire house of cards comes tumbling down, it’s Boris. Or Catweasel, obviously…

  3. Boris Johnson is not the bumbling , English-gentleman type eccentric that he’d have us believe. He is a sly,devious egocentric who would espouse any cause or belief if he thought that it would advance his life’s aim of being Prime Minister.
    I don’t think that he’s ever got over the fact that David Cameron,an old school “chum” beat him to the position. The fact that Cameron was a snivelling,crawling smear of shite PM doesn’t matter,he still bested Boris and the Cunt can’t stand it. He has been caught out as a liar and fantasist and would do nothing for this country except pander to any sleazy bastard who was willing to massage his over-inflated ego.
    Cameron.Osbourne and Johnson….Eton must be so proud of supplying 3 total Cunts. I’d happily demonstrate to them just how tight their Old School Ties will clinch with a motivated puller on the business end.

    Fuck them.

    • An excellent analysis Dick. “Bested” by a “smear of shite” is probably the most appropriate description of the Turdish Gentleman.

    • Good afternoon Mr. Fiddler. I think you are spot on with your analysis of Johnson. He is without doubt a popinjay of mammoth proportions

    • Battles won on the playing fields of Eton…..some cunt
      said. Whoever it was was referring to real heroes, not
      opportunistic twats like these three who are more
      interested in battling for themselves & fuck the country.

    • Point of order – Osborne went to St. Pauls, but caught up rapidly with the prevailing ethos. You can tell, because he is a whisker less arrogant than a real Etonian who has been taught privilege properly.

  4. I agree that this cunt’s a cunt, but I do find it amusing when he insults other nationalities. Boris and Phil the Greek would make a great double act.
    Oddly enough this cunt’s the bloke that I would have made foreign secretary. Riling every nation then having to deal with them is hilarious.

  5. Talking of horrible foreign tosspots, what a shock and surprise that an ugly tuneless fat feminazi beast of a cunt cashing in on that Me Too lynch mob won that Eurovision crap… Who would ever have guessed that. eh?…

    • I saw a picture of it. I have bandaged my eyes in an attempt to staunch the bleeding. Only time will tell…

    • Aye but the delicious irony is that the fanatical racist culture apartheid mob are now accusing her of ‘cultural appropriation’ for wearing a kimono. LOL

  6. My sister in law and husband had a eurovision party for fucks sake, and no, I wasn’t there. Utter dross.

    • You’ve dodged a bullet there. The music is shite to the point where you want to remove your ears with a band saw. These cunt’s main priority seems to be making some sort of statement rather than producing anything that can even be considered music.

      • I last caught sight of it in 1967. Clearly nothing has changed.

        • Those Euro cunts will never give us good points . They hate us as much as we hate them.

    • Fucking Eurovision. Even the cunting aussies go in the fucking nightmare now. After brexit England shouldn’t still be in EURO-vision let alone those fricking sheep shaggers.

  7. Legend has it he’s still stuck on that zip wire. The Boris we see bumbling about on our screens is an imposter.

  8. And Mohamed Salah has been named Premier League Player of the Season… So, that’s the third award he’s bagged… Funny, I remember Ruud Van Nisterlrooy scoring more or less the same amount of goals, and he got fuck all like that (apart from the league title, of course)… And -much as I don’t like it – Manchester Citeh absolutely pissed the Premier League this season, so why hasn’t one of their lot won? Could it be that media darling Mo is of a peaceful persuasion? Nah! Surely not?….

    • Hope he gets the golden boot though ahead of soft arse Kane.Used to think he was a decent player until Delli belly got him into the diving malarkey,then claiming goals he wasn’t entitled to.Watch him crash and burn in Russia as well no doubt.

      • Could not believe it when Woy Hodgson had Kane taking free kicks in Euro 2016, surely Gormless Southgate can’t be any worse.

        • And Kane does appear to be as thick as pigshit on MOTD interviews… He’s just like the footballer from that Monty Python sketch who constantly says ‘Good evening, Brian!’ and ‘I hit it, and it went in the back of the net!’

          • Kane has a constant blocked nose sound when talking… If he wasn’t a Footballer I’d think he’d been ‘Partying’ with Charlie all night.

    • Lay off Kane. He’s a decent striker. Being a Spurs fan I’d want to see him win the GB, especially as he doesn’t look like a terrorist and doesn’t play for a club whose fans are a bunch of murdering cunts.

      Yes, he sounds really thick but he’s no diver. I agree about Dele Alli though. He is a flake and a diver with a nasty streak a mile wide. That bollocks has not been coached out of him so I also lay the blame at the door of that serial loser, Pinocchio. It’s about time he fucked off. Anyone who picks Sissoko for any purpose other than making a cuppa is clinically insane and knows fuck all about footie. Levy’s yes man if ever there was one.

      The good news though is the results are in and the Scouse Murderers finished 4th. Oh dear, what a shame. Looking forward to a career ending tackle on the Scouse terrorist, followed by a double hatrick by Ronaldo in the CL final. Crying Scouse murderer fans always cheer me up. Cunts.

      • Nicely summing up the bin dippers there IY. Offended by everything, ashamed of nothing.

      • Made himself look a right plonker over claiming that Eriksson goal,never even touched the fucker.Greedy twats won it the last two seasons so give some other fucker a turn.As for the dippers finishing 4th. if Chelski had done their job,and Ronny and co do the expected,the fuckers would have been busy Thursday night instead.Now that would have been good news.

        • Re. the Eriksen goal, agreed. That was a pathetic claim. He screwed up a couple of chances today by not passing to a team mate in a better position because he wanted to win the GB. Stupid and too selfish in what turned out to be a crazy game. Still, we scored more than they did so it’s all good.

          • Spurs just don’t seem to be able to find that final jigsaw piece,but they do play some nice football.

    • Is there still some guy with a name like Lewd Rubbers around the game ?

  9. More of the same in Russia this summer I expect. We’ll scrape through the group. Bore 0-0 draw against Tunisia. 1-1 draw against Panama; conceding a last minute penalty. Then beat Belgium thanks to a bit of diving from Kane and co. Then we’ll get Iceland in the knockout again. We all know how that will end up. Need I say anymore?

  10. Boris is as rotten and cuntish as the lost cunted on here Cameron, I can’t stand any of these cunts. They are the kind of cuntsbwho when talking to you and appearing to listen are actually thinking to themselves ‘What a common cunt you are’ and unless your from their background you can fuck off.
    Here’s good old chaps Boris and Cameron in the good old Bullingdon Club days. The cunts.

  11. Caught a bit of the ending of Eurovision… What a pile of cunt. Firstly that is surely enough to make you want to leave the EU and secondly last time I checked Israel wasn’t in Europe so I don’t know what the fuck is going but seeing all those gurning cunts excited over what is a load of shit made me wish a nuke landed on the main stage.
    The cunts.

    • Surprised the stage didn’t give way under the weight of that Israeli bulldozer. It’s the same in football old bollocks. I know for a fact Israel, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are all in Asia. Fuck UEFA.

    • Israel’s new public service broadcaster is in the European Broadcasting Union.

  12. Sorry cunters, but I need your help.

    I can’t sleep eat or even get a hard on thinking about Justin Bieber! Why? Because I am really worried about the lack if architects in the UK. Bad enough that Stephen Lawrence did not become one but that gang banging drill rapping Jamacian scum cunt who got totalled last week was going to be one. THE FUTURE OF BRITIAN IS NOW FUCKED WITHOUT THESE TWO!

    • Its all over Krav, not many people know the deadly US crack epidemic and subsequent gang wars of the 80’s and 90’s between the Bloods and Crips led to a massive shortfall of engineers, doctors and astronauts.

      • Oh no! I feel worse now. Also I would love to know Sadiq Khans fathers occupation. He has never mentioned it.

    • What, you mean some geek hasn’t designed an app for it? They soft headed cunts need to be spoon fed on just about everything else.

    • Then we are fucked Dick. Millenials will herald the end of civilized life, and we will return to a primordial soup kitchen.

    • Have a care – my wife cut her wrists once trying to open a tin of Fray Bentos!

      • Corned beef, I’ll bet,not a tinned pie. I must admit that I’ve lost the odd bit of bark wrestling my way into a tin of corned beef if the little key thing fucks up.

        • You’re right, I tell a lie – corned fucking beef it was. Seem to remember she got a £5 gift voucher in compensation… would be worth almost £5.50 today!

    • Dick – I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, so sorry for being a bit late. Really glad you’re back posting and your choice of picture is beyond hilarious. Every time I read one of your posts, it’s in Vincent Price’s voice in my head which makes it even funnier. Cheers for the laughs.

    • Oddly, when I read the headline elsewhere, I assumed, for some reason, that it was the famous corned beef tin…admittedly unusual, but has never caused me any problems.

      As for the pie tins, I usually find that a standard tin opener used in standard mode does the job perfectly.

      Maybee Sussex Monkey-House should offer degrees (BSc.) in “Tin Opening”
      Although I doubt whether the average snowflake could master this fiendishly complex and hateful task in three years…

    • Sir Limply.
      I don’t have interest in Facefuck usually but this looks worthwhile. Galloway is a truly odious cunt. Sucking up to Saddam like a cringing sycophant. Sucking up to peacefuls. Spewing his odious bile about Jews. A vile creature. And also highly litigious. Time for Tom Bower to write his biography.
      The cunt.

      • I sense the tide is turning a little with regards to Fuckbook and Twatter. You see the odd story here and there about its damage to society and the brainless snowflakes who can’t function without being wired into their ‘social meeja’ platform of choice.

        I could get certain information quicker or have access to material which isn’t available elsewhere, but I point blank refuse to join in with something I absolutely loathe and despise. LinkedIn excepted, all ‘social meeja’ can fuck off. It’s unnecessary.

        • I am on Linked for professional purposes. But with the bullshit and inspirational management speak it is really Facebook for cunts. Like me.

          • How do you get out of Linkedin, btw? I once registered in order to find some cunt (didn’t) and appear to be there for life. Just as well I didn’t give it any details.

          • You are not wrong, CC. Some of the crap people post on there which has absolutely zero to do with business, is beyond pathetic and annoying. Unfortunately, I suspect most are also on Faecesbook and Twatter as well, so see LI and an extension of those narcissistic teenage girl social meeja outlets. Cunts.

          • I actually got a job out of linked in last year, couldn’t fucking believe it when I found a message saying ‘give me a call’. Apparently if you post an update your contacts rightly deduce that you are two years desperately unemployed and will literally go any fucking where and do any fucking thing, both of which came fucking true!

        • It seems impossible to leave but, as I no longer have any use for it I just update my profile with utter bollocks. You can insert some subversive shit about previous employers/contracts without the fuckers noticing.

          • Komodo: Go to your main LI screen, then click on Me, then Settings & Privacy. Scroll all the way to the bottom of that page and click the option Closing Your LinkedIn Account. Follow the prompts from there. Cheers – I.Y.

  13. Immigration is a sore subject with me because of the multitude of hoops I had to jump through to be in the US LEGALLY, plus the fucking expense of it all too. Then cunt politicians turn a blind eye to criminals who have broken the immigration laws which effectively sticks two fingers up at the rest of us who have played by the rules. Utter, utter cunts. A law is a law. You can’t pick and choose which ones you take notice of. So if an illegal immigrant has been ‘well behaved’ for 10 years, then all past sins forgiven then, eh? Why not extend that to murder or sex crimes against children? Do the crime, then be good for 10 years and you’re given a free pass? Just fuck off with that crap!

    • I had a similar experience working overseas. The country was filling up with criminals yet it took me 18 months to get a permanent work permit.

  14. Yes a total cunt.

    Him and Pob were completely horrified when the Brexit vote went their way.

    Basically Brexit – let’s not beat around the bush – was essentially a Cameron Vs BoJo showdown.

    Alas the British people called the cunt’s bluff, and the net result of this is that we end up with May. The most ineffectual Tory leader since Neville Chamberlain!

    Pure cunt and a duplicitous one at that!

    • Today’s shock headline…
      May says “I have a piece of paper in my hand!”
      Bugger me!
      I’m surprised she could find her own arse without assistance, let alone wipe it.

  15. He visited America and trump couldn’t even be arsed to invite him to the shite house to meet him.
    Coz he just another typical, arrogant political class lefty cunt that is so stuck up his own arse that he said trump: “betrays a stupefying ignorance that makes him unfit to be US President’.
    Then surprise, surprise, trump becomes the potus and they’ve all got to go crawling and slithering, pretending that it was all just a “misunderstanding”.

    All because they wanted to virtue signal their outrage at trump not wanting terrorists from known shitholes in his country.
    Countries flagged by their poster boy osama o’bummer…

    Stupid cunts the lot of em…

    Farage should’ve been given a job in American relations coz trump fuckin hates the rest of em and rightly so.

    I’d also introduce a 1 in, 1 out policy.
    If these lefties want to help the gimmegrants and rapeugees so much then fine. You fuck off and we’ll let one in.

  16. I think there should be an amnesty for the illegal immigrants i really do with the promise of a UK passport when they present themselves to the authorities……. and when they do kick them out, they got in by deceit we should be allowed to gather them up same like similar and send em packing

    • I think all illegals should report to a great fucking football stadium somewhere, to collect citizenship, more cash, a free house and as many white girls as you would want to fuck. Once they have attended, lock the stadium doors and terminate the whole fucking lot!

      A bit extreme?….Nah…not really.

      • Logic says that it should be the so-called “London Stadium”. It belongs to the taxpayer and that’s where most of the freeloaders live.
        Then, the West Ham cunts would be homeless like the dirty pikeys they are.
        Win, win all round!

  17. The big issue with the image above is that Theresa May actually looks likes she’s doing something.

    Isn’t that defamation of character?

  18. Tonight’s PC cuntishness on cop shows:

    Faux-aristo arse-bandits in Midsomer
    Scottie dykes in Taggart
    Dykes in Wire in the Blood

    Am wondering when we will be subjected to the investigations (knee up towards the chin, spread your cheeks…) of Father Brownhatter…
    or Sue Perkins as Mizz Marple.

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