Whingeing pensioners

I realise that some fellow cunters around the globe may take offence at this but I feel I must cunt all the old cunts who have reached “old age ” and start moaning about how little “pension ” they have and why doesn’t the gov’mint pay for their retirement.

Yes, there are some who are deserving but there are a bloody lot more who pissed it all up the wall or were taking holidays or buying flat screens etc they couldn’t afford during their earning years.

I hit 65 this past week, have a couple of million dollars ( Australian ) in personal pension/superannuation. Why? Cos I saw long ago that if I didn’t provide for myself then no other fucker would and why should they?

Don’t get me started on the benefits scroungers. Yes we have them in Australia as well as loads of immigrants.

Nominated by Grumpy Old Cunt

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    • Jihadists must be pissing themselves laughing now that our cretinous politicians are helping them to defeat Assad and Russia. This attack will do nothing but provide support and encouragement to the Muzzie head choppers in Syria. The Jihadis must be quite amused at just how so easy it was to manipulate (Leftist) Western media and politicians into acting on their behalf.

      To all intents and purposes we have just sided with groups whose ultimate ideology is not just to get rid of Assad but us also. With groups and people that share the same ideology/religion as the those that have inflicted the horrific terrorist attacks on the West (and beyond) for the last 1400 plus years.

      • She ( May ) has played a blinder…..safer and stronger in Europe. The keys to No 10, Corbyn in power. UK in Customs Union. ECHR and free movement with open borders.

        She will have achieved everything , and it will all be Corbyns doing. Cunt

  1. 2 million Australian dollars equals 1 million GBP… Lend me a nice 10 grand you lovely old cunt.

  2. “as well as loads of immigrants”.
    That’s a bit rich coming from an Australian isn’t it? Unless your an Aborigine.

    • I think Abos were immigrants too. And what the fuck did they achieve in the 100,000 years before whitie got there…? 100 millennia and all they invented was the boomerang. A stick you can’t throw away…

      • If it wasn’t for the Aborigine’s a lot of the white explorers wouldn’t have survived in that dry country. They may not have invented a mobile phone but their knowledge of the land on bushcraft is unparalleled and the wise non ignorant white man knew that. At the end of the day no country is purely full of indigenous people as tribes moved from place to place through time before borders were established. A country like England although formed out of Celts, Germans, Danes, etc a THOUSAND years ago has an identity and a sense of Englishness and I can understand when an English person complains about immigrants but not some country that’s 200 years old who most of its population Great Grandad etc was an immigrant themselves.

        • PS What has an Australian invented in Australia? They took well established knowledge from Britain and applied it to Australia, I bet half the thieving cunts didn’t even want to go there anyway.

          • Deportation was one of our greatest failings, what we really should have done is made them stay here and fucked off over there ourselves, (better weather ect)

        • That abo boy in the film Walkabout took good care of Jenny Agutter. But I’m not sure his intentions were completely honourable.

          • Whooooaa that crotch shot…..oooooooooo

            My intentions ( I assure you ) would have been very dishonorable .

  3. Yeah, I don’t need some fucking foreigner slagging off British people. None of their fucking business. Keep your nose in your own fucking country.

  4. 2 Million Aussie dollars aye ? smug bugger. Thats rubbing salt in the wounds of us old cunters that probably lived life to the full back in the day. I had a mate that never went out , never fucked coz it cost him money and when he reached 66 retirement age he dropped dead. Now he’s the richest cunt in the cemetery . No money is going to stop you pissing and shitting your self , a prostrate larger than a football and cannot remember fuck all. No fuck it i’m enjoying now.

  5. The best and safest pension for me is property, no matter what happens to House prices ther will always be some cunt who needs a place to rent. You can see a house, and touch it, even have a wank in it, you can see where you monies gone as opposed to investing in some scheme that fails when Rupert the Stockbroker messes up and your nest egg is fucked. You then become a bitter cunt.

  6. When I get old I intend to forge a career out of whingeing and beating the yoof with my solid steel walking stick.
    With or without money, it’s gonna be awesome. I’ll stand in the supermarket and neck the booze there if I’m skint.
    And the nursing home staff are gonna be fucking terrified of bringing that drug trolley any where near me.
    I’m preparing now, living clean and staying fit so I get the most out of it.

  7. Coffin dodging old spongers. They clamp their bony,liver-spotted old maulers around every penny as if they can take it with them. I used to do the occasional domestic tree jobs and if it was for a pensioner you could guarantee that the miserable old grabbers would be the worst payers. The times that I had to go around and hammer on their doors to get the money out of them was incredible. Sending bills or calling them never worked,but I found that hammering on their door just as dusk was settling usually produced results I wonder if the dusk time was best because that was when they were just crawling out of the crypt.
    They are also a fucking menace when out and about. They drive diddy little spacca-chariot cars at 20mph,hold up the queue in banks and shops by telling the unfortunate teller about their grandchildren/health, take up valuable bar soace while sitting nursing a half for 2 hours,keep yappy little dogs and finally,and most importantly are a drain on resources. Even if independently wealthy they claim every benefit going…heating allowance,free tv licence,free prescriptions…nothing is beyond their avaricious grasp. The oft-heard cry of the pensioner…”I’m old,gimmee,gimmee” can be heard anywhere where they think that they can get something for nowt.
    These tight old buggers should realise that they have outstayed their welcome and move on. Resources are stretched in this country and the way that these old fuckers are burning through them means that things could be tight when I get to pension age. The selfish wrinklies should think of people like me,and not just their greedy,hoarding selves.

    Fuck them.

    • Well said DF, I’ve noticed the old these old cunts get the more selfish and rude they get. What we need is some pensioner gang warfare, you could have one old people’s home fight another and the winner gets to keep their old people’s home and the losers old people’s home gets turned into flats that the young can afford. We need to open up some manufacturing plants and get the old cunts working till they are 90.

      • And the bread-bothering cunts can’t walk past a loaf in a supermarket without squeezing it.

      • Behind every dog that leaves a Brown October to walk into on your daily is a shit-arse owner.
        Cunts couldn’t get into anyone’s pants and it’s still a wonder to many of them how Kate is having three kids but they’ll quite happily brown the neighborhood.If you pretend you don’t know where it comes from, it might not matter.

  8. I spend every working day trying to make the lives of the elderly better ( i work for a charity ) and i can safely tell you that there are over 100 types of dementia you can get and the percentage chance of getting it is now 30 to 40 %, and the age for suffering with dementia is coming down ( now 50+) You can save all your life for your retirement and end up not remembering how to dress yourself, its tragic.
    Enjoy it all while you can, eat, drink, wind up a teenager or a lefty, have a laugh, cos you never know what the your end game is going to be.

    • Dad died of vascular dementia in a secure old peoples home, died in his sleep they said, found him on the floor next to his bed in the morning, cant remember him sleeping on the floor, but because he was sectioned the NHS paid for his care.
      Mrs Benny’s (future) mother is in a home, but she is sweet and confused so self funding at £900 a week, fucking great isn’t it!

      • Hey, better than my mates old man, he died peacefully in his sleep….

        Sad to say tho, unlike his passengers, who perished all screaming and struggling to escape during the ensuing crash

        I’ll get me coat..

  9. I’m with Grumpy Old Cunt. I am saving up to be elderly, so I can go on S.K.I.ing holidays with Mrs C. Spending the Kids’ Inheritance. Ha ha

    Taking responsibility for your own old age is not a bad idea. It fucking beggars belief that the UK government has to pass copious volumes of complicated and unworkable law to make dumb cunts save up for when they are not earning.

    It’s not hard to work out… Life expectancy is easily 80 years. First 20 (ish) in growing into and adult and getting a formal education. The next 45 to 50 (ish) in work, the last (hopefully) 10, 20 or 30 plus years in retirement.

    Saving can go down or up, just like the old chap!

  10. Did you know that there’s a government website where you can put in your Nat. Ins number and it gives you the exact date when they start paying your state pension.
    If you are under 55 don’t bother. It just says……”you’re having a fucking laugh mate “.

  11. Off topic,
    I see Teresa May has shown some balls and bombed the A sad cunt regime. Whether you agree or not, believe it was a staged chemical attack or not she has shown leadership. Of course Nicola Sturgeon smelling cunt has tweeted that parliament should have had a vote… Fuck off you cunt, no doubt she’ll use this to demand a second independence referendum. Also caught a bit of Vince Cable muttering a load of bollocks he may (I doubt it) spoke some sense but I list interest after 20 seconds.

    • Best destroy as many chemical weapon dumps (and means of production /delivery) as possible before the cunts relocate them to schools and hospitals, assuming there are any schools and hospitals left. Corbyn, Sturgeon & Cable can go fuck themselves.

    • Yeh I saw sturgeons post! What a Cunt!! And bumbling old cunt cable has been muttering shite too, imagine them having a debate then vote in Parliament?
      Some prick would probably say the vote was only advisory! , another cunt would want a 2 nd vote, another would probably say they didn’t understand what they were voting for, another cunt would probably want to make a legal challenge in court!
      Another cunt would blame BREXIT!! And so on and so forth!! 😂

    • This goes far deeper than Syria. Russia is a threat to the world and must be reined in. Murder, invasions, cyber attacks, destabilising satellite states and so on. Assad is a cunt but probably better than the Jihadi cunts who could replace him. I get that. But Russia is out of control and the west must demonstrate that they cant get away with shit indefinitely. I hope this is followed up with financial sanctions which will hurt far more and focus the cunts on their behaviour and the fact that their economy is a piss in a bucket compared to the West’s and China, India, Japan etc.
      Opposition from comrade Corbyn, the Krankies etc only reinforces my opinions.

    • What a load of rubbish !
      Some Yankees, in the US bureaucracy, convinced The Imbecile in Chief, Donald Trump, to bomb Assad. May, Yankees’ lapdog, followed the suit to please leftists cunts in media.

      • I know we always follow the Yanks without fail, what I meant was May showed leadership by not asking all the wankers and wankesses in parliament and got on with it. By the time those cunts came to a decision after much debate and time wasting (with Vince Cable still muttering) WW3 would have been and gone.

    • No matter what the rights or wrongs of bombing Syria, Vince Cable is a treacherous evil cunt and has no right to pontificate about anything on this earth, the cunt.

  12. I was in the Bank a while ago, and this fucking selfish old cunt was taking ages to probably get his balance or some other pointless time wasting shite and he then proceed to start asking the cashier a load of questions about the bank and other meaningless stuff whilst people were queuing, myself and some woman made our annoyance known and the poor cashier couldn’t tell the boring old cunt to fuck off. Don’t get me started on the old cunts in the Post Office, old Mavis “ooh I going home now and I’m going to have a nice cuppa and I might have bangers and mash” whilst 20 people wait patiently. My favourite old cunts are the one’s who usually have some black carer and are wheeled about the high street swearing at everyone and aren’t really with it. That’s the old cunt I want to be.

    • I queued behind a sweet little old lady at B&Q she had a £1.99 punnet of pansies and I had 2 bags of cement ( on my shoulder as it was a quick in and out job) she paid for it in coppers, it took some time 50kg x 7 minutes waiting = total dislike for the old bag and the hope that she fucking died soon!

      Reminds me of something I once said to Mrs Benny MkII, we got stuck behind one particularly annoying coffin dodger and I put the blame squarely on her, when she protested about it, I pointed out that she worked for the NHS and she was helping to prolong their life! (and my misery)

  13. I couldn’t give a flying fuck what one bunch of murderous sand wigs are doing to another bunch of murderous sand wigs. What benefits have we gained in the past by poking our noses into affairs that don’t concern us? All that the Western meddling has done is facilitate the rise of extremists who were previously kept in check by “tyrants”.
    May is just doing this to try and hide her shortcomings and failures. She is willing to sacrifice lives to bolster her weak and deceitful government. About time that Labour wise up and get a moderate,reasonable leader, it’ll be the finish of the party of Cameron,Osbourne and May…and I can’t fucking wait.

    Fucking Cunts,the whole rotten lot of them.

    • Easier said than done, with a Cunt membership and a parliamentary party made up of PC leftard remainiac career politicians.

      I think Hugh Gaitskell was probably the last moderate, reasonable leader of the Labour Party, no?

      Party political politics, like this country, has long been fucked.

      • Harold Wilson was the last good labour leader. The rest were fucking shite.

        • Agree Asim.

          Did you know, Wilson wasn’t a genuine pipe smoker – he used his pipe as a prop to promote a man of the people, father figure image.

          Also, if asked a difficult question, he would often slowly pack it with tobacco and take out his lighter, before puffing leisurely and eventually giving his answer.

          In private he smoked cigars. Not a lot of Labour supporters know that…

          He was my favourite PM. Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be…

  14. Well it will all be irrelevant if the ruskies do anything about it.
    We seem to be geographically positioned smack bang between usa and russia. In other words, we are chilling out in the kill box.
    Like fluffy bunnies in the spotlight.

    • Russia need a good bombing, arrogant square head cunts. What good things have come out of Russia? Vodka is originally Polish.
      Saying that though I once banged an Estonian lady whose parents were Russian she was a good fuck, although the wanted it in the morning without fail when I wanted a cuppa.

  15. People our age (I’ll bet most cunters are late thirties to early fifties) are far too pleasant and patient with these decrepit old fucks. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy being unexpectedly rude to them. The shocked look you get when barking “come on, hurry up, don’t be selfish, you’re holding people up,” when in the supermarket or fuel station queues gives me a warm glow. How will we all be though, when we’re worthless old cunts too?!

    • The old Cunts quickly shed their cuddly,lovable “granny/grandad” image when it suits them. I’ve been called every name under the sun for telling the old fucks to hurry up or to get out of the fucking way. I shouldn’t be held up by people who have no concept of public sacrifice and just continue to suck at the welfare teat long after their pension contributions are exhausted.
      The old spongers should realise that some of us still have a life to live and the mental faculties to cope without inconveniencing everyone else who isn’t a crumbling drain on the national purse.

      • So how do you think you’ll be when you’re a coffin-dodging old spazzer then, Mr F?!

        • I once had a patient who was extremely elderly, frail, incontinent, deaf as a post, toothless and with appalling bad breath.
          The old boy though was as sharp as a knife.

          He had been an air ace in the Great War downing many krauts. He himself had benn shot down by a German Air Ace called Hans Immelman. He survived life with 3 bullets inside that could not be removed, and more fucking piano wire in him than you would find in a Steinway.

          Talk about tough!

    • TTCE, I’m heading for 57, was queueing up in Lidl to pay today, wanted to scream and yell at the fucking stupid cunt who really WAS holding everything up, banging on about his tats.

      Problem was, he was a silly little hipster cunt, and he wasn’t so much in the q in front of me, but “manning” the till.

      Dementia seems to have hit the under 40s quite seriously.


  16. Yeah, I must be quite the cunt for not foreseeing old age and I didn’t realize when I was diddling around in Y2K banking on being a young cunt forever.
    Taking a cunt pass here. Still I could do a lot worse and be a piss poor cunt like that shit-arse Trudeau. If he grew balls he could be another Theresa May.

  17. Yeah, ok, enjoy yourselves, it’s later than you think etc, blah blah woof woof.

    But what happens if it all goes horribly wrong and you’re not lucky enough to catch terminal cancer or dementia or have a bad stroke or fatal heart attack before you reach the age of wretchedness? You could be looking at living the remaining 40 years+ of your miserable flaccid existence in grinding fucking poverty! Not a nice thought, imho.

    But one that punched me hard in the face on reaching thirty.

    So I stopped smoking (25 B&H a day) and decided to put every penny I would have spent on tabs into a safe, high interest savings account. For 35 years. That sum now amounts to approx £73,000.

    Despite being a frugal cunt by nature (no car, credit cards, insurance, smartphones, etc), that Little slush fund could well come in handy one day, you never know… and if I snuff it early I’m sure the wife will be able to come up with plenty of worthless tat to piss it down the shitter on.

    Bet you all hate me now more than ever… but my love for you will grow, and grow and GROW.

    Well maybe, ha!

      • Don’t take it out in the first place would be my advice. Or cancel what you already have. I’ve saved fucking £££thousands!!!

  18. Used to hear horror stories about pensioners who didn’t know whether to spend what little money they had on food or on heating, because they couldn’t afford both. Trying to work out which kind of starvation is the least painful.
    if you’ve any sense you’ll make provision for your future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself in the meantime. Now I’m an old cunt and I’ve stopped working, my standard of living hasn’t gone down at all, I’ve got more money coming in than I spend, and none of it is benefits. Advice to young cunts – own your own home, even if it’s just a small flat. if you’re shelling out on rent every week you never see that money again.

          • I ain’t buyin’ it B&WC, and at over £10 a packet neither should the sponging moochers down the food bank.

            However, you seem an honest sort of chap and all that guff, so if you’d like to post your bank details, pin number & password, it would be more than cuntish of me not to send you a nice big bung.

  19. Always remember that the soft as shite libtard charity lovers will never let you starve.
    Especially if every time they see you, you take three hours to describe your plight.
    Old people know exactly what they’re doing.
    I cannot wait to rip the piss out of all society when I get old, even if I have millions in the bank.
    I look forward to savouring every evil thought and feeling. Cool…..

  20. The old cunts who have no concept that other people still have a purpose to their lives really piss me off. Dithering around, getting in the way, utterly clueless about anyone else around them.

    Whilst I have a decent enough armed forces pension to be OK financially, I just hope that I drop dead before I get to the point where turning food into shit is the limit of my abilities. The danger I suppose is that it creeps up on you and you lose your marbles before you realize it’s time to off yourself.

    • Good Lad. I’m on a pension too, having made the life changing decision to, you know, plan for my future.
      I love watching the snowflakes out sponging off there parents. I was in a pub yesterday, in comes middle aged mum with young Tarquin shaped bell ender Cunt, approx 22. Mum takes orders and goes to bar to order food. Snowflake plays with plastic box 5 inches from nose. Mum comes back and attempts to engage said nonentity in conversation, although not sure why. Tarquin continues to Gurn at plastic box in front of face. Maybe he is autistic, like the people who ( allegedly ) penetrate Pentagon computers. Meal arrives and is eaten by said dependant entitled Cunt. At this point i wanted to stab the cunt in the eye. See, multicularalism does get some stuff right….

  21. I’m 65 too – and I can’t stand old people either. It isn’t about the rings in your tree, it’s about whether or not you are a dozy old cunt or not. You can alleviate ignorance through teaching, but there’s no cure for stupidity and never will be.
    These irritating old cunts are just stupid – that’s it. They were stupid when they were young and they’re even more stupid now as their restricted supply of brain cells goes progressively down the NHS toilet.
    Retirement should be banned. Old concept. If you need money – work. There’s plenty of it out there – even for the old.
    And, while I’m on the radio, here’s another thing: Will doctors please stop prolonging the lives of these cunts. Dribbling in a nursing home, being fed by a well-meaning but stupid nurse, having your nappy changed at 85 years of age is NOT life. We should adopt the same tests for humans that we have for dogs and put them down when they look done. Then bury them in the garden… cunts

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