The House of Lords [2]

In an ideal world, the House of Lords is a body that keeps the more cuntish aspects of the House of Commons in check.

This is not an ideal world.

These rat bastards have inflicted a big defeat on the government over a key Brexit red line – leaving the EU customs unions.

No doubt this band of smug wankers are patting themselves on the back for their continued servitude and arse kissing of the rotting and rotten entity known as the EU.

I wonder…….. just what is the point of the House of Lords in this day and age?

They are unelected and apparently unaccountable to anyone but themselves.

The are the second largest political body in the world, second only to the Chinese Politburo! The goddamn Politburo of a cuntry with over 1.6 billion people! Why the hell do this small island need a political body THAT big?!

It is stuffed full of political has-beens, failures and arrogant out of touch cunts.

How the fuck are there so many Lib Dems in it? They’ve never has that many MPs in the Commons in like 100 years!

Just how much money, taxpayer money is this country bleeding out of its arse to keep these cunts around?

Just how much taxpayer money, our fucking money, does it cost every time legislation keeps getting bounced between the cunts in the commons and these cunts?!

Do they hate this country so much that they would rather see us get shafted continuously by the EU?

A lot of the Lords are all old decrepit cunts who probably don’t know where the fuck they are at half the time, so how are they suitable to dictate how this country is run?

Every time they pull this BS it surely must raise this question:

Why do we need the House of Lords?

Over to you fellow cunters……

Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister

89 thoughts on “The House of Lords [2]

  1. I remember once, while watching the State Opening of Parliament there was a shot of Prescott, Sugar and Kinnock all sitting together, preening themselves in their fancy robes.
    That sums up this shithouse institution for me. Can you imagine 3 bigger, slimier, more untrustworthy money grabbing cunts on one TV screen?

  2. Last time I looked they are costing us approximately £100m a year.

    Completely out of touch with reality and the will of the people, a needless waste of a shedload of money and all totally unaccountable.

    Other than being white haired and stinking of piss the U.K. equivalent of the European Commission,

    Both should be abolished as soon as possible.

    • Probably not far out on the figure there Willie, both houses combined cost the taxpayer about £half a billion a year, fucking parasites. And that’s just the official figures… which I no longer trust of course.

      Agree, House Of Cunts should have been abolished in the 1960s, snouts in the public purse Remoaner scum.

  3. Clear them all out. It’s the 21st Century, not the 13th.

    Antiquated, anachronistic, silver-spooned, self-important dinosaur Cuntocrats.

    • You sound like “progressives”. It’s THE CURRENT YEAR, therefore X must be abolished.

      We need to have an official constitution. Even a Pisslamic country like Iran has a constitution (FFS). I personally don’t object to the concept of an upper chamber or an EXPERT council that scrutinises bills and laws, issued by the House of Commons, and ensures the compatibility of the aforementioned legislation with British Constitution. I support a House of Lords which is patriotic and has the welfare and interests of BRITISH people in view.

      Of course, I agree with you that our current Lords Spiritual and Temporals are unadulterated cunts.

      • Acceptable in times when they owned swathes of the land but the sight of these do-nothing octogenarians having a “say” because they once held a position makes me furious. As PMS said in his accurate cunting, the likes of Kinnock dressed in cat fur ignoring the vomit on his shoes and exercising an unelected “right” is sickening. Some of the same turds who wanted to abolish the house are now warming their hypocritical arses on the red benches and like the fucking EU, no way to be rid of them. One big, back-slapping club unable to be removed.

        Psh. Hang them all.

        • Furthermore, yes Gazza, to a written constitution. We live in a World where our Queen is exempt from prison if she runs her carriage over a pauper and yet we’re punished if we nibble on one of her swans.

          Party like it’s 1699.

      • A “body” of some sort is indeed required to d/w these weak and incontinent old farts. I bet they all have CD (coffin dodger) plates on their Thundersleys…

        My sort of “body” would be very large, and HE. Or maybe even “SHE” (super-…). I guess the latter could be highly toxic, and easily detected by a prolonged, loud whining noise before it goes off.

  4. The House of Lords is the Establishment writ large. In London of course, which is closer to Europe that it is to Birmingham of Manchester or anyfuckingwhere else in the UK. Smug, useless corrupt timeservers collecting their appearance money and laughing at us dull cunts.
    Lets have an elected upper house. Situated somewhere north of Watford or west of Henley. Get rid of these useless, pointless has been wankers.

  5. Not all the Honourable Members are decrepit old cunts drawing an extra pension. Licking the right arses can get you a key to the door. 3 that spring to mind:

    Adonis ( never elected politician and dirty Remoaner traitor )

    Baroness Knightsbridge ( Lady Brady, well known whore and dildo salesperson. Runs a Premier League football club on behalf of the taxpayer)

    Baroness Shami Checkmebargee ( Human Rights campaigner…er….. unless you are Jewish )

    Three well deserving cases I am sure we can all agree.

  6. Give the electorate a referendum on the abolition of the House of Lords
    The House of Lords is a place of patronage where unelected and unaccountable individuals hold a disproportionate amount of influence and power which can be used to frustrate the elected representatives of the people

    The government is bound to sit up and take notice of this petition, just as they have done with the EU referendum.

  7. Tax-payer funded nursing home for failures,crooks,deviants and inbreds. Just put the fucking lot of them in a council -run old peoples’home,that’ll thin their numbers out.

  8. I could never understand why the current government promoted that oily old cunt Clegg to the Lords, as he is one of the biggest troublemakers re the EU. They might have guessed he would help the Remoaners cause. To think of arseholes like Lord Cocksucker (Pansy Pete Mandleson) sitting there in all their fucking pomp and getting £300 for doing it. The thought of Adonis, the Putin lookalike showing off makes you want to close the bloody HoL down and demolish the building with all the withered old cunts still inside.

  9. An unelected quagmire of old boys and cunts. The notion that they exist to ‘keep the commons in check’ is fucking laughable. I resent this bunch of freeloaders, scroungers, brown-nosers and upper cust cunts getting any kind of say ongovernment policy..

    I also didn’t realise that they each get £300 of taxpayer’s contributions per day they are present. That’s a nice fucking jolly trip in and around London, isn’t it? I once met Baronness Smith in the course of my work. What a smug, self-important cunt she was.

    Cunts. Each time I see anything televised from the HoL, the cunts are either ranting away dementedly or fucking fast asleep.

  10. Oh, and QT tonight – Thornberry, Cable, Truss, Nesrine Malik (Graun victim-in-chief) and LBC’s Ian Dale.

    When Ian Dale is the most far right cunt on the panel. you know not to switch on if you value the lining of your bladder. All of them may have voted to remain, too. Good old Al-BBC.

    • your a braver man than me TECB, I cannot torture myself watching that biased bollocks!!
      I used to watch it and go to bed with RAGE!! I like to see both sides of the argument but unfortunately QT doesn’t present that luxury!!
      Fuck QT fuck the BBC too …..

    • And the Al-beeb claim to be impartial……

      Ha ha ha ha……….ha…………cunts.

  11. Throw them all into the Boston Harbor and have done with the whole cunty thieving lot of them. Or the English equivalent of chucking them in the Sea. Would that mean they feed the fish off Cornwall? Or does the taxpayer have to mug up to transport then to Scotland to dip them in the Firth?

  12. The hunchback should have been more proactive and ditched these troublesome unelected Cunts straight after she came to power!!
    The house of wax is dominated by Lib Dem’s ( when the fuck did they ever win an election) and treacherous Tory and labour peers!!
    These fucking quislings should be disbanded and sent on their way!!
    It’s an unbelievable state of affairs that these remote unelected Cunts can hold sway over a democratic vote!!
    Fuck them!!

    • Not half. The number of Lib Dem peers is totally disproportionate – it’s almost anyone who has ever been a LD MP for fuck’s sake!

      Between the lords, Gina Miller and the fucking EU top brass, unelected cuntfucks meddlng in the Brexit process is a common fucking theme in this complete debacle.

      • Seriously l would like someone to explain why that’s the case? ( Lib Dem’s House of Lords representation) I can only think it’s to stagnate and block the right! , those fuckwits were always chirping on about proportional representation!!
        And what we have in the lords is disproportionate representation!! CUNTS……..
        another question that needs addressing is how the fuck did Clegg get knighted? Sir Clegg? Come on!

        • Christ, he got it before fuckin’ Blair, Brown, Pig Fiddler and Gideon, that in itself is a joke and none of those cunts ever deserves to get a Knighthood.


          Leads his party to near oblivion.
          Never achieved anything noteworthy in politics
          Lost his seat as MP to some Labour nobody
          Gets a knighthood after al of the above.

          Seriously, what the actual fuck?!

        • Fuck the official reasons – I’d like to know why Clegg is worthy of any titles at all.

          From what I can see, this duplicitous cunt has u-turned his way through his entire political career. Playing Budd Foxx to Cameron’s Gordon Gekko in the Brokeback Coalition, this cunt lied and schemed his way through his little day im the sun at the top table. He was complicit in all the supposed ‘evil’ Tory policies instigated ‘twixt 2010 – 2015, and even shafted his core voters (students) with a total reversal om party policy with regards fees.

          After the fact, Clegg tried to claim his party helped limit the ‘Tory damage’. Well all I saw was Cameron and Osborne use the Lib Dems as human shields after unpopular annoucnements; Vince Cable especially frequently dancing with absorbed gunfire when they wheeled him out to front out one unpopular business policy after another.

          I will never forget the look on Clegg’s face when he was voted out of his constituency in 2017. Budd Foxx realised he was off to fuckin jail. If I were a shade more deplorable, I could have wanked myself dry watching that moment over amd over again.

          But despite all that, Cunt Clegg is celebrated like no other political failure whence or since. Oh, amd going back to u-turns – how’s this for fucking gargantuan switcheroo?

          • Even by political cuntitude standards Clegg was a masterclass cunt.

            Agrees to Pig Fiddler’s MP boundary reform is Fiddler gives him a vote for Alternate Vote, the Pig Loving One gives Clegg the AV referendum which fails in the most one sided voter annihilation ever. Clegg promptly reneges on the Boundary reform.

            It’s shit like this which is why I had no sympathy over the Limp Dumbs getting uses as human shields by the Tories and then getting all but obliterated in the 2015 election. Duplicitous cunts. Fuck them.

  13. Chris Patten is a cunt, too. Moving from one undeserved job to the next. Seeing his puffy face barely containing his glee at the Brexit confusion made me want to commit vandalism. What a charmed life this useless, irrelevant dinosaur has had, devoid of purpose and bereft of merit.

    • Chris Patten…… rewarded for a lifetime of mediocracy…..

      No wonder he does so well in the Lords.

      Reckon he had a wank in happiness over yesterday?

      • No doubt he’s wanked like the proverbial lubricious monkey every day of his life for the last forty years. Loses his seat in the 90s, so chum John Major hands him a plum job in Hong Kong for five years. Now he’s riding the Lords’ gravy train to eke out further self-importance and pin money. The Old Boys club is alive and well. He must have given more Reach-arounds than any politician in the last half century. Utter bastard.

  14. There seems to be a backlash against Morrissey going on.
    “shut up Morrissey ” is the war cry com from confused snowflakes having a meltdown because a celebrity isn’t doing as he’s been told.
    It must warp their fragile eggshell minds that a gay vegetarian could have such views.
    I’ve never gotten into The Smiths, I like some and some solo stuff so apart from his vegetarianism and support for Israel, Morrissey doesn’t come onto my radar much, but I’m aware that he’s loved by a lot of the left, so his comments on brexit, suckdick, flabbot and halal have cheered me right up.
    These cunts telling him to shut up are again showing themselves for what they really are, FASCISTS!!!!
    Even the BBC are asking if it’s ‘alright to separate art from the artist’
    Biased bunch of cunts…..

    • This really gets my fucking goat. Graun often runs articles on what a cunt Morrissey is (and, well, he is, but not for what they say).

      In fact, either that paper or the legions of commenters have en masse shit-talked anyone and everyone who voted to leave – Michael Caine, Lee Hurst, Julia HB, Ian Botham and Roger Daltrey spring to mind.

      Morrissey changes his mind like the fucking seasons but on immigration he has always been steadfastly against it. And for all the mincing about he did in the eighties with hearing aids and gladioli, I agree with him 100%.

      • Fuck the Graun.

        It says it all about that pathetic rag when they still beg for donations from whatever stupid daft cunts gives money.

        It should have gone under years ago.

      • I like The Smiths music… or at least I did back in the ’80s. Probably still do… sorry.

  15. The amazing thing is think of all the most useless cunts in British politics over the last 30 years and it’s a who’s who for remain!!
    Major , Blair and Cameron etc etc

    • Out of Major, Blair and the Pig Fiddler at least the Fiddler gave us a say about the EU, albeit under severe duress and not expecting nor wanting the vote to go the way it did.

      Major and Blair though….. they are contemptible scum who blithely gave away powers to Brussels without even a parliamentary vote – they just did it. Bastards.

      • Ol’ bacon fucker was so arrogant that he thought he was cock-in-potbelly sure to get his way, using the same hair’em and scare’em strategy that just about worked on the Scots during their vote.

        Unluckily for him though, the electorate didn’t fall for it and collectively shat on his chips, consigning the cunt to oblivion. Ironic really, because the one time he actually put his neck on the line – to inadvertently do the right thing – he ended up being pariah in the view of all his supporters and colleagues. His cowardly, non-committal ‘steady Dave’ politics prior are what kept him safe for so long.

        Cunt off, Camoron. But thanks for the chance to vote.

        • If the ol’ Bacon Basher had any sense he would have stayed neutral during the EU referendum period and then got on with the job after the vote, people would have respected him then.

          But no, he had to be an EU/Obama stooge and try good old Project Fear and try to BS the people over the one issue most if us were not going to be fobbed off over. The he lost and threw his toys out of his pram and flounced out of politics – he got what he deserved.

          That said, he’s conducted himself with a billion times more dignity since then than all the other remainiac cunts combined with there cuntitude ranging from underhanded double-crossing, backstabbing and interfering (fuck you Gideon, Soros, Blair, Miller et al I hope you all get rogered by a herd of rabid peacefools) to the sheer frothing at the mouth psychosis shown by all those other remainer jackasses.

          • Pig fucker probably despised by Remoaners nearly as much as cunters posting here!

  16. It was better with the old aristocracy and hereditary lot they were brought up to the job and i dont think they had to score party brownie points and a big plus they didnt have to suck lots of cock to get put in there, unlike the party place men in there today

    • That, of course, was the idea of Tony “Democracy” Blair….. pack the Lords full of cocksuckers who will be forever grateful and do as they are told.
      Now the cunt is calling in the favours.

      • It’s funny how so many of this country’s current woes all hark back to May 1997 isn’t it?

        Blair – bastards must surely go down as the worst thing to ever happen to this country in the last 50 years, even ahead of Ted Heath.

        • I thought i had managed a day without mention of the Grand miester cunt blair, but no PMS you had to bring him up i was laid back and calm till i read ur txt now im nearing warp factor 10 with me blood pressure. Your a naughty chap PMS.
          Hopefully i will get through tomorrow unscathed.

          • Sorry Civvy but I’m obliged to mention super cunts like Blair.

            To be fair, a lot of cunts mentioned on ISAC are likely to trigger the anti-cunt rage.

          • Very true ,ISAC is not an ideal place for a bloke like me who has such high blood pressure. My doc has told me to avoid ISAC , but feck him its worth the risk of a stroke coming here.

    • Agreed 200%

      William Pitt the Younger, Robert Jenkinson, William Lamb
      Blair, Cameron, Corbyn, May, and a obnoxious African called Abbott

  17. Mark Carney, pretend-governor of the Bank of England and third-rate James Stewart tribute act, has just been talking more bollocks about rate rises and Brexit. Like he has done every few fucking months since the referendum vote.

    A useless fucking stool sample of a man and no mistake. He always strikes me as someone who, through a series of circumstantial flukes and farces, found himself in a senior financial role when in fact he only wanted to play the spoons in Canada. The cunt hasn’t got a scooby doo what he’s doing.

    • How this Gideon lackey is still in a job is beyond me.

      Bring back Mervyn King I say!

      • Yeah, King looks like an economic god compared to Carney-cunt. Was handy at darts, too.

    • Why do we have a cunt from Canada in charge of the BOE anyway?

      Is there no cunt in this green and sceptred isle that can count to 10 and make the odd decision on monetary policy?

  18. I’ve just got the Mrs to tie my hands and feet together before BBC QT comes on. And what a fest of shit the line up is. Only Iain Dale was a Brexit voter. I fuckin hope my Harry Houdini skills aren’t at their fucking best tonight.

    • Emily Thornberry looks like a statue of a pig that’s had a stroke. A statue made out of human shite,

  19. Chesterfield voted leave with 60%. I doubt that will be reflected in the audience.

  20. Thornberry, Cable and some cunt from the guardian on Question Time. Liz Truss and Iain Dale make up the numbers.

  21. Fat cunt Thornberry does my fucking head in the fat smelly cunt
    And Cable is a grade A cunt an’all

  22. Ah the Windrush saga top of the QT pile.

    Or “Windfall” as it should be better known to Remoaner, Lammy, Abbott and all!

    And while all this is going on guess what’s happening with Brexit?

    That’s right, same as always, fuck all!

    Well fuck this! I’m off to watch the latest episode of “The Looming Tower”. It’s a story about some misguided “peacefuls” who accidentally flew 2 aeroplanes into the World Trade Centre and another at The Pentagon.

    If they’d only had the landing lesson I’m sure they would have averted the disaster and would have become America’s next batch of doctors, scientists, businessmen…

  23. I’m guessing Labour anti-semitism won’t feature tonight…

    Plus I’m sticking around for Brillo after this, hoping he’s going to tear pre-pubescent cuntfuck Owen Jones a new one, after the latter’s public call for Brillo to be sacked.

  24. Can’t help but laugh out loud every time the camera goes on that senile old Duffer Cable and i’m reminded what a fellow cunter said about him on ,that he looks like there’s a bad smell under his nose, or some dirty cunt sat next to him has dropped their guts

  25. LOL. Dimblebore cited to Truss “police were 8x more likely to stop and search black men”… you could see her having to stop herself saying “because they’re 8x more likely to be knifers you fucking cunt”.

    And check out this shouty cunt, cunting Liz over cunts. Not even on topic, you fat indignant cunt.

    • Isn’t it the Windrush offspring who are stabbing each other every fucking night of the week, cunts, o’course they’re more likely to be stopped and search you cunts

    • She’s not bloaching now that bald headed cunt sat next to her called her out about licking Corbyns ringpiece, fucking hypocrite

  26. As I predicted, not a fucking word on Labour’s antics. Fuck the BBC for the umpteenth time.

    • Stop paying the licence fee.

      If we all stopped(I have) they’ll soon change their tune as the funding runs out.

      Plus the more that stop paying means it’s practically impossible for them to bring prosecutions.

      Time to start the revolution.

      House of Lords next..

  27. Jesus wept…

    I have just seen a pic of Amber Dudd om the Times website (Cabinet split over Amber Rudd’s handling of immigration bill). I have never seen her without her anti-rug-burn goggles.

    What a guy !! Hadn’t realised the goggles hid quite so much manliness…

    As for the immigration bill, I’m sure management has stuck a shitload more than 10 percent on top…

  28. I must be an ignorant cunt, because I don’t understand why someone who has made a colossal pile, wants for nothing, and generally achieved his otherworldly wealth and status by stabbing the competition in the back with his tongue firmly lodged in the bottoms of his superiors…why this cunt has to be rewarded further with a sinecure for life and decision-making powers over the rest of us, for no better reason that he was a greedy/shameless/entitled cunt.

    Give the cunts a gold star for being cunts, by all means. Real gold, if you must, but make it a small one. A silver star for raising laundered money for a politixal party, perhaps. A red star for being a pro-Labour union leader without too many skeletons in his cupboard, even. But don’t give the cunts anything else. And ffs, if they’re past any possibility of functioning in the real world, don’t send them to the Westminster Twilight Home For Smug Rich Cunts.

    Same deal for notional celebrities and sportspersons etc. They succeeded in their field of choice, fine. They know. They’ve reaped the rewards. And they know fuck-all about politics. They have no place in our parliamentary assemblies, unless they are elected there by a similarly clueless public.

    Second chamber monitoring the idiocies of the first, great. Doesn’t need 800 cunts to do that. Chop it in half at least. Make it elective and make all candidates take a political general knowledge test. Pay by the hour of actual attendance in the chamber, and at rates which reflect the fact that it is still a privilege worth far more than cash to participate. Say, twice the official living wage – which should lead to a sudden increase in that, I think. And let’s declare our interests properly, shall we? We still don’t know how much Mandelson’s Global Counsel pays him, or what it does, or for which dodgy Russians.

    In short, it’s past purge time. Along with much else in this sceptred isle.

  29. These fuckers really need to get the boot now .
    Unelected EU sucking toffs and mainly fucking Libtards ..
    I know what id like to happen to them all , but i cant type it here .

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