The inequality of murder

Where would we start? What did he do to deserve an annual day honouring him, whats the difference between Stephen Lawrence and any other victim of a callous unprovoked knife attack?

Well that’s obvious, Stephen was black after all and the PC snowflake libtard establishment is being right on.

However many many young black men have been stabbed to death since Stephen was callously and totally unnecessarily attacked at a bus stop, so why don’t they get a multi-million pound investigation that’s lasts decades and why no day honoured after them?

Perverse irony takes a role now as the majority of the young black men murdered brutally and savagely on out cities streets are murdered by other young black men, so they are just statistics to the government and something black community leaders would rather not publicise.

So perversely for a black man’s murder to get a platinum class investigation and national news coverage over decades with a day named after him thrown in he has to get killed by some mentalist white cunts.

Otherwise the police, the government and the black community move quietly on, nothing to see here.

The parents of these other young black men grieve less because their child’s murderer was another black man? These parents don’t deserve the same level of support and ongoing police investigation because there child was killed by another black youth?

Seems black lives only matter once again when ended by a white man.

There are indeed rivers of blood on the streets of our cities but it is the blood of black youth running down the streets of black communities and the media only reports statistics.

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I’d like to cunt Stephen Lawrence.

Why? Because I’m sick of hearing about the cunt. We’ve had 25 years of it now. The latest madness is that we’re now going to have an annual Stephen Lawrence day. The cynic in me thinks this is an empty gesture to appease the effniks in the wake of this windrush fiasco.

The cunts that served him up are where they belong. Around the same time They stabbed a not-that-close friend of mine who was white and left him brain damaged. Also, around the same time or not long after a mate of mine (who is black) battered two of them to fuck outside a pub in Greenwich in a completely unrelated incident.

SL’s legacy is that the plod are now so emasculated by the Stephen Lawrence race hustling industry that they won’t dare carry out and stop and search on minorities. And that’s why black kids are running around going crackers stabbing each other to death.

I’ve heard a few things over the years from people in the area that SL was far from an angel himself. Of course that doesn’t mean he deserved to be murdered by let’s fucking dial back on the patron saint of deceased aspiring architects hysteria a bit.

If there is to be a Stephen Lawrence day then there should be a kriss Donald day. And a Keith blakelock day. And a Lee Rigby day. Etc.


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  1. I have no doubt that Stephen Lawrence wasn’t the innocent that his parents make him out to be. However,to the best of my knowledge he was never convicted of any criminal offence. The gang who were eventually charged and the two convicted had prior convictions and have continued even after release to offend.
    I find it difficult to blame Stephen Lawrence for the subsequent over-the-top behaviour of the authorities just because he was unfortunate enough to be stabbed to death by a bunch of racist thugs.

    • Must say,Doreen Lawrence doesn’t make it easy to feel sympathy for her. Too many of these black parents blame everyone but themselves and their own vibrant community for any problems that they may have. Abbott is a fine example of this attitude,along with Lawrence…..however it is the authorities that pander to,and even encourage this “victimhood” that should be rethinking their attitude.

  2. I feel both cuntings are highly commendable and follow a logic that seems to have been lost on this green and pleasant isle, the only question I have is where did we go wrong and why?

    • by the way could M/R substantiate some of the other incidents? just being nosey.

      • Well a couple of them – lee Rigby – murdered and hacked to death by peaceful cunt and is serving a whole life term.

        PC Keith Blakelock had his head almost severed in a riot on the broadwater farm estate in Lammy cunts constituency of Tottenham. Winston Silcott was charged with his murder but freed on appeal. He received damages but couldn’t spend them as the cunt was in jail for murdering someone else. The perp is known to the cops but Omerta within the “community” wont grass him up. Stranger still is that Lammy is on a mission from some jiggerboos whose kin came in a boat and were given visas. They have had decades to present those visas and had them converted to full citizenship but just haven’t because the lazy cunts just knew that some cunt like clammy or the Flaboppotomus would stand up for their yuman rights if their dole got stopped. I haven’t yet heard of anyone from the Whingerush being deported and fuck me have they tried. Special helplines and a team from the HO dealing with just the whining wingerush cunts and of course any of them that can string a sentence together that doesn’t have innit or know what I mean will have a seat in the Lords – right next to Doreen.

        • Benny

          I’m sure the Kris Donald one was a poor 15 year old lad walking down the street when a car full of “peaceful’s ” dragged him in for no reason , perhaps mistaken identity ? then took him to waste ground beat him to fuck and set him alight

          I’m fucking ashamed as a Scot that this did not cause a fucking national outrage but to my shame the Scottish government and Scot libtards seem hell bent on making us the most welcoming wee fucking diddy nation in the world


          • Kris was abducted and horribly murdered because the night before one of the gang of vermin had been ‘dissed’ as he saw it by a white youth outside a night club.. They went out that day to murder a white boy in revenge. Any white boy would do. They came across Kris at random and murdered him after driving around for hours and torturing him in the back of the car before finally leaving him to die on waste ground after setting him on fire. This is the level of vermin we are talking about. The lad was only 15. I would gladly execute those involved if given legal justification and I would sleep soundly at night.

          • @JCG I totally agree with you.if they’re every looking for an official executioner again, I would happily take the job.

            When I was a stupid little kid I shot a bird in the back garden with an air rifle.I’ve felt guilty about it ever since. But hanging people who’ve been convicted of murdering kids, coppers, servicemen and the like? Wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over it!

        • I can’t understand why the windrush people didn’t get the appropriate documentation sorted out years ago for many reasons other than they wouldn’t pay the what was then, a nominal fee.

          Still no signs of affected deportees, however over the last couple of days and again about an hour ago, caller on line to LBC referring to knowledge of a few windrush folk who had gone back where they originated from years ago to “retire” with NO intention of coming back to GB until…..they were struck with I’ll health that there countries hospitals can’t or won’t address for free.

          On advice of hospital they have been trying to get here for treatment / referred for treatment and the red tape has become apparent, prohibiting immediate treatment.

          I don’t quite know how I feel about the ones who have returned home with all their savings to spend in their “home economy” propping up their economy for the last 10/15 years but want to come here for medical treatment now, when they didn’t pay the fees for documentation as we do for our passports to identify who we are when we travel overseas.

          Clearly, some of these people overseas chose to gamble and either hoped they didn’t need to return here, or know that they would be entitled to health care IF they had documentation or just thought they would live happily ever after eventually dying in their sleep and any illness could be addressed locally.

          There is a lot of info being danced around and witheld as the media prompt calls for cabinet resignations, crying about targets and processes to deter illegals, wanting numbers of those affected when the Home Office and even the meedja struggle to find anyone. I bet the Media are over in these countries doing door to door enquiries as I type.

          Meanwhile they scream about “the targets that they knew about” to keep the Home Office on the run as the Windrush part fizzles away. It will be Grenfell and the ones refusing to leave hotels next, bang bang bang, keeping the Tories on the run.

          Labour & snowflake types trying to confuse / erase the difference between the legal windrush citizens and other illegals rights all making noise but the stories going around about these Windrush people being refused health treatment are lots of soundbites but the finer details are being witheld from arguments.

          They aren’t screaming that anyone waiting for treatment has came back here as visitors (method of entry with no certification) with health problems.

          They are not screaming telling you how long they have been out of Britain either. Haven’t heard any accurate reports of anyone trying to return within two years having a problem, though one person tried returning here (after leaving school and then country at 16) to study at university aged 19 and he lost all rights to assistance as a student because he had been out the country for 2/3 weeks over the allowed two year period.

          They are not telling you that people HAVE NOT been refused treatment and that the problem is they are not being treated as lightning quick as they think the hospital investigations & treatment processes should be for them, which I’m sure will have surprised some of you who have needed or have a family member needing treatment.

          I lost my mother in law to the big C and liver problems and know how frustratingly slow treatment can take.

          There is then the potential problem of what can actually be done in terms of treatment to cure or are things so advanced that no wonderful operation can cure things (or unaffordable through NHS) and palliative care is all that’s left which is NOT REFUSING TO TREAT.

          Don’t expect Corbyn and the media to scream out facts like these as they don’t gather the same anger and sympathy you would have for hearing of people being refused treatment due to immigration status. Don’t expect the Tories or any respectable government to stoop as low to scream individual personal circumstances across the dispatch box when the situation of a terminally sick patient is still a sensitive issue and dignity may be all they can be given.

          We get fed snipits and soundbites to provoke reaction one way, never balanced information & facts. It’s called “The Mushroom Syndrome”.

          Keep them in the dark and feed them shit.

  3. No doubt an unpopular view here, but if the cops had taken Lawrence’s murder seriously in the first place, his name would have been long forgotten by now.

    And besides, it’s the white libtard Political Establishment in general, and the Home Office in particular, who are to blame for Plod’s emasculation and the shit we’re now in, not Stephen Lawrence.

    That said, agree – I too am heartily sick of hearing Lawrence’s name dropped by every virtue signalling cunt and his dog!

    • Indeed… the point is that in many cases the Police were not institutionally Racist… they were institutionally slack, overly casual,, and in as much gave an opening to the great howling mob who screamed Racist… and now we have what we have… a neutered, ball-less polis, who cannot investigate, cannot make informed comment, they serve to Record Only, like good representatives and guardians of our brave new world.. What an Utter, Cunt, Gutless way to Go… and we all know this will get worse, not better..

  4. Black Lives Matter but only when in the rare case a white man does the killing.
    I saw something about a black suburb of LA and when asked about the high murder rate the locals blamed the police. I don’t know if the cops were somehow encouraging blacks to kill blacks but that seemed to be the logic. There didn’t seem to be any ownership of the savagery.

  5. I have said it before and I am saying again: There is more to this than we are being told. Yes, it is tragic that Stephen died. However, I firmly believe that there was history between him and those responsible for his death. No, I don’t have any evidence to back this up but logic suggests that the story we have been fed to date doesn’t run smoothly.

    • Well Kravdarth. Hailing from around that way, I can tell you there is much more to this than meets the eye.

      Don’t get me wrong, SL probably did not deserve to be stabbed to death by a bunch of thoroughly nasty chav scum who were out looking for trouble. If it hadn’t been him, it would have been someone else. Black, white, brown or yellow, they would have ended up killing someone eventually because they were / are horrible, violent little bastards.

      The story goes that SL was far from a ‘good boy’ and was involved in mugging school kids for their lunch money and bus fare, using his athletic build to intimidate smaller, whiter kids. This had been going on for some time and the older siblings of the kids decided to make a stand and give the muggers a bit of a hiding. This kicked off low level tit for tat violence on both sides, where racial tensions had been running high for some time. culminating in the stabbing of St. Stephen, who had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Did the scrotes do it? The short answer is yes. Well, one of them did and the rest were complicit.

      It is what comes next that is the real eye opener.

      Duwayne Brooks was the only real witness to what happened, he wouldn’t have seen much because he was running in the opposite direction and was therefore viewed by the police as being unreliable. He also kept changing his story. Not institutional racism, just the sad facts of the matter.

      After SL died, Brooks in his own words ‘went off the rails’ and was arrested for a number of crimes including sexual assault and handling stolen goods. He was at one point caught in a stolen car with stolen cheque books and credit cards in the boot. The police dropped all of these charges because the tension was starting to build locally (stoked in no small part by Doreen bloody Lawrence) and the police didn’t want another Broadwater farm on their hands. Coupled with the fact that their star witness was starting to look less and less credible by the day.

      Seeing that Doreen bloody Lawrence wasn’t going to STFU anytime soon and kept on playing the racism card, the police had to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the scrotes got their comeuppance. This included bugging their house and buying the house next door to maintain 24 hour surveillance on them. Over £1m was spent in trying to build a case against the nasty little fuckers. Quite a sum of money for the time.

      What the surveillance revealed was a bunch of angry, violent thugs who were pissed off with the way the country was being over run by uppity immigrants. No confessions of the actual murder, just louts mouthing off in what they thought was the privacy of their own home.

      Since they had been acquitted in the first trial, they were getting quite cocky, knowing they couldn’t be tried again for the same crime. Until of course the police and handwringing polititians were browbeaten by Doreen bloody Lawrence into getting ‘Justice for muh Stephen’.

      So there you have it. We change a perfectly sensible centuries old law to suit a mouthy immigrant mother of a low level street thug in order to lock up a bunch of other thugs.

      In this case, absolutely nobody wins. St. Stephen is still dead, the police are still incompetent, Doreen bloody Lawrence now has her paws on the levers of power and the nasty cunts who were responsible for the death of SL will at some point soon be back on the streets.

      Meanwhile, the British taxpayer gets to pick up the tab for the whole sorry mess.

      What a clusterfuck.

        • An unemployed nurse in an age where they cant get enough of them? Her wiki page doesn’t seem to mention anything other than after her education she became a bank worker. Later references to writer, parliamentarian and of course founder of chariteeeee on memory of her son along with gifted awards & doctorates.

          Seems to have rubbed shoulders with many disgusting cunts of society.

          Anyway, that makes her by her admission unemployed / housewife but not a nurse anymore. Wonder why she no longer employed as well?

          I served my time in a trade years ago then left it and have held a few different jobs till my industrial injury, does that mean I consider myself an unemployed member of my trade from decades ago or my last role instead of just unemployed pending recovery.

      • Figured something like this to be the case.

        I know / knew six cunts from my area around my age who have been terminated, three of which were through stabbings however my local streets are much safer for their departure as the cunts were famed for carrying knives themselves.

        Sad to say, but I’m glad some cunt got them before they had done other innocent cunts, i myself had been on the end of one pair of the cunts (one i knew from school) in a takeaway shop in town after a night out with friends about 25 years ago where the cunts had the hand inside the jacket threatening to pull their knives on me and a mate. Just as we thought we were in the shit, two workers sprung over the counter behind them and disarmed the cunts in what seemed a flash as a third worker appeared from a side door with a huge knife too and blocked their exit. Next thing a police car pulled up and they were taken away. Seems the cunts were in & out pestering people for money for about an hour and was all on CCTV. Never heard anything else about that night and didn’t even get asked for statements.

        Quite bizarre night as I was a young quiet easy living cunt that went out prepared to enjoy myself and not look for trouble.

  6. I do wonder just how much is genetics and how much environment. There’s a black family who live in my (honky middle-class) road who are nice as pie, always say hello to a cunter. Compare them to the inner-city effnick black. They’re like 2 different species. The inner-city Um Bongo is a low IQ savage animal who can no further think through the consequences of its violent actions than Jimmy Savile could have left a mentally-retarded child’s botty intact in Stoke Mandeville hospital in 1978.

    • Have always believed, it’s not colour or race that’s the problem, it’s culture.

      • Have to agree there RTC, look at almost any given inner city/culturally enriched area of a big western city from Paris to Brussels or North America and the problems are the same. You cannot use institutional racism from the police or society as a whole as some kind of excuse.

        Look at areas of cities in almost exclusively black countries in the slums of Nigeria or Kenya, the violence, gangs and disregard for life still exist.

        • Spot on, killing is just a way of life for them and life is cheap, bring the people out of these countries over to Britain and the way of life is the same for some unless they are on the losing side of the skirmish.

          When a black teenager kills another teenager over in some of the African regions do you think that the parents go down to the government offices and demand justice? I bet they don’t, it’s just a way of life that it may happen.

          Obviously I’m referring to the blacks killing other blacks but in the case of many of the gangs of White guys, they know the mentality of many of the blacks and know what many of them would be prepared to do in an argument so they end up carrying knives too.

          I get the feeling much of the detail of the Stephen Lawrence story didn’t make it out from the media as from what I remember there was a situation that could flare up at the least wrong word said and it was reported heavily as a racial attack and nobody was gonna tell black people (particularly of their area) it was a violent attack that wasn’t racially aggravated in any way.

          If I get mugged by two black man tomorrow is it a racial attack? If it goes wrong and one of them kills me, is it then a racially aggravated murder?

          No chance, just a mugging that went wrong / too far.

          They stab each other, we search for knives. We search them, they claim victimisation. We stop searching them, they stab each other again.

          So now we search them once again, I await the screams once again of racist targeting and calls to stop the stop and search or that police must stop and search an equal number of White people just to make them happy again.

      • And the cunts that are controlling, changing and now erasing our culture.

        The police did handle it poorly but once the cow started getting milked, it never stopped. You can’t just say sorry once in this country and and offer of compensation is never enough but an acceptance that you will drop cash every time the tree gets a shake.

  7. It seems strange that we should all be required in our brave new world to embrace stephen lawrence day… but no call to observe, for instance, Ross Parker… murdered in Peterborough by peaceful youth, and the context is clearly of a hateful racist attack on kaffir by islamist filth… I dont think I will observe “Stephen Lawrence
    Day.” I think I may yawn and not give a flying fuck….

    • Note the day that a royal child was born, will be headline news every year now before the mention of the royal sprog birthday. Watch this space…and don’t forget Grenfell where Lardy Lammy lost a potential Picaso chum due to our nasty racist government that treats them so bad.

  8. Those 5 killed more black kids than just SL that night. By creating a hole in the police force, sorry police service, that eliminated stop and search hundreds of mostly black kids have been stabbed to death in London since 1993. London now has a higher murder rate than gun toting NYC. I’m not sure If they are laughing or crying in Eltham.

    • You herald Stephen Lawrence Day.. and you wonder why your “capital city”, Londonistan, is a war zone… because the libtard Cunts made it so. And what are the polizei doing… You dont have a Police any more, Get It Now, it was destroyed sometime in the last 25 years… As someone once said.. “Rejoice! “

  9. I notice the “black lives matter” Cunts are not to be heard, I wonder why?? Maybe because black on black violence is considered acceptable ( when it leads to attrition I must say I agree.. somali v jamaican is entertaining ).. Strange that when a polis shoots a druggy IC3 filth there are calls for murder charges amongst the gurning chattering classes.. one might think it would be entertaining if said vibrant scum were rob, rape and murder the nearest and dearest of the libtard swill thatlove to invent pseudo excuses for said filth… Oh how we all laughed….

      • I had the entire 3 hours Trump hate-athon going on in the background this morning, it didn’t let up for a second, first sign of anyone saying anything positive about Trump… well you know the score. In case you hadn’t already guessed, I am a masochist.

        • He will be going on again this morning due to reports of Trumps brokering of peace in Korean peninsula….surprised if he let’s it go though might jump on Rudd drawing more false parallels with illegal immigration procedure and the legal Windrush citizens. He actually believes the shite he talks.

          Hes the new Pyongyang Sally blasting out shite to his friends in Brussels.

          • Have to disappoint you there Bob:

            O’Shithead doesn’t broadcast at the weekend.

            Thank God for small (or in this case rather large) mercies!

          • Great news, I’m not a daily listener of LBC and it’s normally later or through the night if I can’t sleep.

            I only came across this cunt the other week myself but oh boy could you heat a full housing complex off your boiling piss when you hear this cunt start whining.

            Would love to see this cunt buried alive in a roughcast lined casket. The lack of contact with the outside world and that nobody could hear his voice would kill him off before the oxygen ran out.

  10. O’Shithead is easily pleased, exactly what you expect from this bedwetter, gone from 10 to 11 on the cuntometer.

  11. Fuck, I wish I hadn’t opened that. What a disgusting, smug fucking cunt. The wanker thinks he is so fucking funny. I would love to wipe that nasty little grin off his self satisfied face.
    CUNT. ⚰️⚰️⚰️👹

    • They should never be allowed to erase these events from history and in light of the SL day, I would think a day to commemorate Kriss, Lee Rigby, PC Blakelock, in fact every one of them Westminster Bridge, Borough Market etc should be remembered.

      The Millwall lion should receive recognition from the crown for his bravery, as should everyone who stands up to terrorism. Both home & away.

  12. While we’re banging on about institutionalised racist murders of black folk by nasty white supremacists, perhaps we should spare a thought for a mate of mine who fled Rhodesia when Mugabe disbanded the white farms and handed them over to the local blacks. His family got the fuck out as the black mob came up the driveway armed with machetes to hack them to death.

    Or another pal of mine who got the fuck out of New Orleans after Katrina as the blacks came up the hill to loot his house in its nice middle class white neighbourhood.

    Both of them lost everything to black racist mobs. I’m not saying there’s not fault on both sides but you only get one side reported on the news and it isn’t the white side

    • “While we’re banging on about institutionalised racist murders of black folk by nasty white supremacists, perhaps we should spare a thought for a mate of mine who fled Rhodesia when Mugabe disbanded the white farms and handed them over to the local blacks. His family got the fuck out as the black mob came up the driveway armed with machetes to hack them to death.”

      I’d have thought that the reason that we’re” banging on” about blacks being murdered by whites is because both noms are basically about Stephen Lawrence,a black folk murdered by ”
      nasty white supremisists”

      I’m sure that if you do a nom. of murderous black folk in Rhodesia, New Orleans,in fact anywhere,we’ll be only to keen to” bang on” about racist black mobs murdering innocent whites.

      Just a thought,eh?
      🙂 .

  13. Maybe “we’re” should have read ” people are” because we seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

    If Lawrence was white we wouldn’t have a memorial day for him. As someone above pointed out, when is Blakelock Day or Rigby Day? All a tad one sided isn’t it?

    • True enough. Completely one-sided. I’m just saying that blaming one black lad for the tsunami of shite which his murder released is a bit unfair….blame his parents,blame the police,blame the politicians etc.,but to blame the lad for the hysterical over-reaction because he got murdered is a bit off….Just my opinion.

  14. is that an actual fact that SL was a mugger who robbed white kids of their dinner money? or just a rumour spread by racists?

    • Zero evidence that I am aware of. But there will always be rumours, as there will always be racists…innit.

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