Social Justice Warriors [2]

SJW Spewing Cunts: Twitter Twats, Tumblr and Trigger Twatacocktuses

What fucking bunghole did these annoying little pieces of feces crawl out of!?
How can we either flush them or make them crawl back-up one another’s asspipes?
Particularly, the putrid puss-in-the-brain feminists and their male members of tyrannical Social Justice Wussbags.

“I agree with you snookums. Women are better than men.”

Fuck you, and advance two wussy spaces to collect your official feminist pussy hat! You dickless mindless little automaton.

SJW syndrome is a mental disorder which effects all ages, races and genders.

White straight male: Hi


White straight male: All I said was-


White straight male: What are you talking abou-


The whole whiny whinority lot of SJW’s are nothing more than extremely narcissistic, naive, sheltered infants who never check any facts before making themselves look stupid, and then get so emotional they throw tirades and cry. It’s pathetic. Society is doomed with this generation. Imagine what their children will be like!

And the older ones are just as bad if not worse especially, all of the professor pieces of shit and faculty fucks that encourage, support and create these little cunts. They should be the ones who have the shit kicked out of em, and then beat-to-shit again for making a mess.

Nominated by BluntCunt

62 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors [2]

  1. Imagine what their children will be like!

    Gender neutral until they are 16 when they can decide if the cock & bollocks between their legs makes them a man or not, and race agnostic such that they can identify as being of Southeast Asian origin even though their birthplace and ancestry of Glasgow has rendered them with snow white skin – completely devoid of melanin apart from the odd freckle, blue eyes and ginger hair.

    Because – as you know – just by stating something these days makes it a reality.

    So here it goes, I close my eyes and say…


    …aaaaaaand open them.

    Amazingly enough I am still in the same house with barely a brick paid for and the same shit Nissan on the driveway with 115k on the clock. Funny that eh!


    SJW’s are just cunts. There’s a “want” about all of these fuckers who feel the need to “join in” and feel like they’re part of something – anything – to make their sad non-entity existence more tolerable as they crave a sense of belonging (along with the rest of the digital sheep).

    SJW’s did not exist prior to (anti)social meejah, or if they did their existence was thankfully unknown to the masses. However as (anti)social meejah now tells everyone, everything about people’s sad little lives, as soon as one cunt jumps onto an SJW cause, it’s only a matter of “tweets” before there are thousands of the cunts jumping on the bandwagon!

    As an experiment, if you were to create a fake account on one of these cunt platforms and simply state: “Damned shame about Joe Bloggs…” – or any made up but believable name, especially a “peaceful” sounding one – “…there’s no way he should have been treated like that! #welovejoe”

    Without even knowing who Joe Bloggs is, nor what his treatment has been, you can guarantee that without even knowing you’d have countless messages of support all promoting the #welovejoe tag. In fact I am fairly sure that this has been done in the past just to prove how shallow, fickle and vacuous these cunts truly are.

    Another thing about SJW’s is that they will do anything for anyone (and boast about it endlessly online) – just so long as they don’t have to leave their settee/chair to do it, i.e., just so long as they don’t actually have to do anything.

    If you call an SJW’s bluff and argue knowledge, fact or logic to them, their usual response is to implode and come out with the first “…IST!” that hits their lips – whether that “…ist” is contextually relevant or not.

    Finally most SJW’s are as dim as Aladdin’s lamp. You have the blue-haired, faces like pin-cushions, feminazi munters combined with the LGBTQXYZ mob all clamouring for us to import even more 40yr old Africunt “peaceful” children (who’ve never seen any conflict other than those of their own making), and to “hug a peaceful” after each atrocity hits, when said “peaceful” cunts would like nothing more than to stone them or throw them from a tall building (respectively). It’s like the group-think version of the Darwin Awards!

    So when you seen the term “SJW” it’s not unreasonable to automatically think “CUNT!”

    • Ever tried to get two albino friends to mate? It makes for better entertainment when they are SJW’s. They can’t decide whether to get outta bed, argue or fuck.

  2. Well, after “our” latest ill-advised jaunt in the middle east, hopefully some of these pathetic, young leftie cunts will be subjected to the draft and used as cannon fodder by our idiotic leaders.

  3. This evening, just after dusk, I am going to light a small candle in my back garden with some flowers and weeds placed around it, almost as though I’d dropped them, and pray to my non-existent god* for BluntCunt’s soul*. He, or she, or ze, it, whatever, needs our help. #someothercunt

    * God, the real one, has a capital. The non-existant one does not. I am not religious but one has to respect other peoples views.
    *soul is of course a nonsense whatever your belief. Like phlogiston, it never existed, and it never will.

      • £20.00 for a shite 12 song soul funk compliation album? what kind of fool would buy such shit oh wait nevermind ruff tuff…

        Souls do exist tho whether its a morality based, non religious or religion based its too much to go into for such a complicated matter with all you big brain atheists around here

        • I paid 12/6 you cunt, the equivalent today of 65p – put that in your electro-pipe and smoke it!

        • “Morality” based soul ? WTF!!!
          I suppose you believe in morality based Satan and demons too.

          We are nice and civilised cunts. We don’t get triggered or offended here. No safe space.

          • @GaryWhite Well you definitely don’t have a big brain Haha btw who’s the triggered one? it isn’t me boyo I’m doing just fine

            Ruff Tuff Creampuff@ just kidding ruff tuff i meant nothing by it. Favorited musical styles be damned didn’t realise you bought it ages ago You a northern soul fan by an chance then?–k_QsBszo

            Also I don’t have a electro pipe,,, I do on the otherhand have a metal pipe, glass pipe and a handcrafted wood pipe but no electro pipes m8

          • @TitSlapper – knew you were only kidding, #me too, bought that record when I was 14 (very trendy at school) but was more into rock psychedelia – Hendrix / Cream / Mothers, etc at the time. Then Krautrock… Chrome /Throbbing Gristle in late ’70s… better stop there, after all this site ain’t ‘Is A Record Collector’. Groovy link!

        • Don’t be a childish cunt. I don’t give a flying fuck about religious people and their cuntish fantasies. I just pointed out the utter cuntitude of your “morality-based-soul” phrase.

          Grow a ball and be a polite cunt.

      • Northern Soul is god’s own music.

        Jazz, however is the devil’s own music, musical masturbation.

  4. Young people are idiots for the most part. I was when I was young and so were mosy of the people I knew. Not horrible, just naive, self-righteous and ignorant.

    The problem is young people have been idealised by hippies, degenerates and anti-establishment twats, and they have been given mass power by social media.

    The champagne socialists now have these millions of ignorant young people fighting their cause over our communications systems en masse, and very loud. Our pathetic and short-sighted media lap it up because it’s popular with spoon-fed twats who just believe what they hear and don’t think for themselves.

    This is the social justice warrior. A jumped up child, spouting a childish and over-simplified morality. The problem is they have been given power in the form of social media and undue respect. They think they are right because they have been told they are right by people with vested interests who don’t want their sophisticated middle class lifestyles to end.

    The root cause is wealth and wilful ignorance of the long term consequences of ignoring traditional morality which, for all of it’s faults, if the foundation of our civilization.

    In short, as a people we sold out, a long time ago. There is always an excuse to flaunt the rules for short term gain, but it is and was always an excuse.

    Social justice? The best excuse in history to be selfish by pretending that morality is about resources and not behaviour.

    In a sense the SJW is what we deserve. I and all of us on here hate them, and rightly so. But they are a direct result of the 60s hippies, the new money middle classes, and the self indulgent and irresponsible liberal elites of the last 2 centuries.

    Greed and selfishness was and always will be a part of human nature. But so is self deception, and we have now produced the perfect human, who can call for revenge against anyone richer than they are, while simultaneously being richer than the vast majority of the world and thinking they are morally superior. This is the SJW, greedy, ignorant, and self-righteous. These are our children, this is the product of our civilization.

    Forget artificial intelligence, this is the singularity. The ultimate self-deception leading to destruction. Western civilization is doomed.

    Do you know who God is? God is the voice of millions of your cultural ancestors, and you can hear their voice in the stories and fables of religious texts. We don’t want to hear them because it is inconvenient, but by not listening to them, by bending the rules for convenience, so you can be a little more selfish, and a little richer, we slowly destroy and deceive ourselves. We mistake discipline for opression and call ourselves good for doing so. So in a way we are all responsible, including me. But obviously some more than others.

    Thank god there are people of like mind on here who understand these things. That we can express our exasperation for some relief. The we can encourage each other not to be selfish and childish.

    So fuck all of the cunts, and fuck the SJW, but more than that, fuck the lefist media and facebook, google and twitter. I’m a cunt, but at least I know it and try to do something about it. The problem with these others is that they think they are righteous because they wanted to believe it when they were told. They are wrong. They are SJWs, and the are cunts.

    Here endeth the rant.

    • Excellent summary CRW.

      Echoed by world famous Jordan Petersen, Canadian Professor of Psychology, who has written (my summary) “SJW has replaced religion. Religion, not as a belief system, but religion in the coming together of different people, personalities, backgrounds and views, all within a moral compass.”

    • Another excellent rant! Quite. The cunts of today are empowered. We let em. In my days ( 60,s ) we were as you say just as arsey…..but we were never empowered…largely ignored in fact.

    • Just read that twice CRW to make sure it was as fucking bang on as the first time I read it.

      For me at least you’ve really nailed it.

      I recall a few months ago a fellow cunter making the point that once upon a time expressing opinions similar to the daily pile of cunt SJW’s do would have earned you a proper beating, like the one you’d give a ginger Step child and those cunts would learn to keep their fucking mouths shut.

      Sadly Social Meeedja has emboldened these shit stain bastard cunts and the Geenie is now firmly out of the lamp and it ain’t never going back.

      Fortunately though no one owns the internet and opinion is a 2 way street.

      Thank fuck for ISAC. We can’t shut these cunts down but we can let them know their opinions are a pile of cunt and society doesn’t just consist of belligerent, naive, immature, idealist 20 odd year old ‘Uni students’ or professionally offended protesters.

  5. New Zealand is a can of SJW’s. Make good pies and chips though. And the Prime Minister who we appropriately call Chompers is off to rub titties with Merkel,skip eyes to the camera with Macs and press the flesh outside of Buckers with the best.
    It’s called,” A Cunt on a Junket”.

  6. I had the pleasure of explaining to one of the cunts that a “safe space” is an artificial construct that only exists in their head, the realisation spreading across his face was a delight

    • Sounds like you red pilled the cunt good and proper, a lot of the problem is they have been told by parents, teachers/professors they are special, everyone is a winner and rarely, if ever told NO.

  7. It’s no suprise most of these SJW types act the way they do. It all starts towards the end of them leaving high school where the first con is to trick them into believing they are intelligent, they are effectively handed some GCSE’s on a plate (middle and lower set stuff) with which they can shuffle off to ‘college’. Once there, in the middle of a health and social care AS level, they do a few loaded essays and some coursework which gives them just enough to able to slip onto the social sciences ‘degree’ down at the local ex poly. Why is this a problem you ask? Well, thats just the cause, the effect is they have been sheilded from the real world from 16 to 21. If the cunt had gone straight into work post 16 it would have soon realised that all this cheap immo labour ain’t really a good thing, the cunt would have also seen one too many ‘lightened’ payslips and unjustifiable council tax bills and thought ‘what the fuck am I paying for’. The cunt might have even tried to get its own digs and realised that it was too white and Englishy to be able to get some benefit out of all that tax that keeps disappearing from its salary. But the big fucker is, that by this time (somewhere between 18 and 21), the cunt gets a vote. And it votes not based on real world experience (ie truth), it votes (often twice) based on what it’s been fed from all the trots and socialists that run the courses it ‘qualified’ in. The newly ‘elightened’ SJW may then even try to find gainful employment in some charity / quango / public sector shithole, it may even go onto a lovely common purpose course where it learns about the ‘useful idiot’ without ever realising the irony that IT is the only useful idiot in town and has been since the day it was tricked into believing it earned that C in maths. By then though, it has usually realised just what is going on in society but it has joined a gold plated pension scheme and will do absolutely anything to keep it – absolutely anything. It will toe the line, any line, until the day it retires (at 55) on a final salary.

    • Yeah it’s those cunts. They were a product of the Tony B.Liar 2nd Dark Age of “Student fees!?! What student fees!?!” and within a year we had student fees.

      O’course today’s flakes herald “The Cunt to End All Cunts!” as a former saviour of the UK. Amazing how the Devil can fool the weak minded isn’t it.

      Don’t get me wrong I have no problem in shit-canning degrees of nonsense like Art, English, Latin, any “..ology” which isn’t biology, and “Studies” like meejah, social and latterly Beyoncé.

      But for fuck’s sake! There had to be room for sciences (and not shite like “social sciences” which again is utter bollocks), medicine, mathematics and engineering – you know – the shit that pays the bills not the shit that leaves deluded fuckwits in a state of thinly veiled contempt of their predecessors who actually got proper degrees (and FREEEEEEEE!!!! – thanks Maggie)!

      We keep on crying about lack of doctors and us having to poach the very “worst and dimmest” from far a flung lands still using runes to provide medical analysis and yet we say goodbye to our indigenous daktari population year on year after their 2yrs residence to America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Scandinavia.

      Fucking madness. Give the cunts free medical training but that locks the cunts into 10yrs service at the NHS. Break that contract and pay the difference back to HM Govt’s coffers.

      Fucking simple eh!

      You’d think so wouldn’t you.

      If we invested the waste of money that is HS2 into training our own medical staff, scientists and engineers (whilst blocking the entry of useless cunts into the UK) we could become self-sufficient in a couple of generations.

      But no, we force the university path on our own “dumb and dumbest” and even make up subjects in order to make the cunts feel like they’re intelligent.

      Sorry, you just blew £40k on “David Beckham Studies at Staffordshire University” (which is my own alma mater I am ashamed to say, although it was a Poly back then, and I left with a “pays the bills” science degree) and you’re crying that McDonald’s refused you an interview and so you’re at KFC instead!?!

      Go fuck yourself flake cunt! Oh and when KFC falls through don’t try flogging me a big issue because I get mine delivered! CUNT!

      • Absolutely. We’ve never produced a world class painter or composer (and don’t give me fucking Britten and Elgar, either). We’re no fucking good at the arts, (other than writing, and that owes a lot to sheer mavericks who were unsubsidised, didn’t do Creative Writing with Paintball Studies and did it as a job). We’re good – given an appropriate education – at science and engineering. And we’ve thrown that away.

        • For at least 600 years we were the bees knees when it came to writing & literature. Not sure about these days, haven’t read many recent publications.

          Much looking forward to Dick Fiddler’s book though, with working title:

          ‘The Cunting Postman Had Fucking Well Better Not Ring Twice If He Bloody Well Knows What’s Good For Him, Bastardising Wanker’

          A runaway Xmas bestseller if ever there was one…

  8. This may not be a popular thing to say but I feel kinda sorry for the SJW’s.
    They’ve been conned and used to push a decisive, marxist agenda by older people that should know better, and society should have dealt with those cunts a long time ago.
    Instead they were given professors jobs and allowed to work in education and polute the minds of weak and vulnerable children.
    These children will now grow up husbandless, childless and miserable with nothing to offer society except anger and bitterness.
    We need a cull of ALL leftist marxist teachers and professors and a massive re-education of the young minds that have been warped by these cunts.
    Don’t get me wrong, the kids do need to take some of the responsibility, when I was young I would’ve gladly told these old commies that they were cunts but at the end of the day kids are dumb cunts and are only as good as the cunts raising and teaching them.

    I do agree with this fine cunting, they are cunts.
    But I think they’re victims too.

    • Some years ago a friend of mine’s eldest son went off to Oxford to do a Law degree. I was impressed at this. When I asked the lad what his prospects will be, seeing as Law is a very broad subject. He replied “wait a few years then become a lecturer”.

      End of our discussion.

      A bit like a stand-in A level biology teacher we had for 4 or 5 weeks, who was 23. Only 5 or 6 years older than us 6th Formers!

      The cycle ought to be, degree, work fucking hard for 30 years, really learn something, then pass on your hard-won real education to a younger generation.

      So snowflakery increases year on year, probably starting from the early BLair years.

      • Yea I think that’s the problem. As a society I think it’s nuts to let cunts that have no concept of the real world and never done a proper job to teach the kids.
        You’re right, should be minimum of 30 years on the job job before you can teach it.

    • My generation, shamefully, got the ball rolling. Bliar was born just two days after me. I always considered it bollocks, but failed to recognise the full danger. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the country would descend to become such a psychotic basket case.

      • And just look what a mash-up Corbyn is making on the International stage. Some cunts come back in some sort of political re-incarnation jest.

        • Corbyn on the international stage? Yikes!!

          Must have missed that somewhere along the line.

          • Yeah, Boris Johnson kicked him up the dung-hole.And then turned right around and invited Russia into the court.
            Some cunts shouldn’t be given keys to a house, let alone be given a voice on the world stage.

          • International stage ??
            Jesu Christe, is it panto time already ?

            “He’s behind you !!”

    • To cull Diane Abbott you would need a harpoon gun.

      Am sat in greggs lisrenting to some fat twat in a mobility scootercomplaining about his new motability car.

      Here’s an idea: loose some fucking weight….

  9. Ever wonder where these self-obsessed, needy and over entitled Cunts are headed.. maybe there is a clue in H G Wells novel The Time Machine (1895). He pictures a future in which the state is populated by two groups, the Eloi, a peaceful and defenceless race, obsessed with personal pleasure and luxury but weak and unwilling to work together or even defend themselves,and a second group, The Morlocks, a hard voracious grouping from an alien and brutal culture who ruthless exploit and ( literally ) devour the Eloi… Sound familiar to anything happening today?? Enjoy your future as a tasty snack you Sad Weak Snowflake Cunts ..

    • I’ve got a first edition I picked up two decades ago. I was pretty fresh back then. It’s sitting on my son’s bookshelf and the little cunt hasn’t even opened it. If he doesn’t take the dust-jacket off by the time he turns sixteen, I’ll feed him to the Morlocks.

      • First edition with dust-jacket eh?

        If you’re lucky he’ll sell it and buy a flat. And you’ll only have to see him once a month when he brings back his washing!

        One can but dream…

        • Cunt’ll have me washing his shorts until he’s twenty five but won’t wash his poxy acne ridden face in two decades, methinks.

    • Why did they want to make him look like a (relatively) handsome Hollywood film star?

      • It’s a publicity shot from that little known interwar RomCom “Adolph- the Munich Years”….

        • Prequel to the one he allegedly directed in S. America (acc. to the Daily Sport…)
          “Honey, I shrunk the ids”.

  10. They’re whiny, self righteous authoritarians who, like a dangerous cult, have zero tolerance for the opinions of others whilst oxymoronically claiming to be the most tolerant people on the planet. Excellent cunting.

  11. I’m afraid virtue signalling is the only way these pathetic specimens can attempt to portray the illusion of intelligence. I’m afraid my own view is rather extreme. I think these people deserve to die. Now that would truly be social justice.

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