The NME are cunts…

The last printed issue of this pile of shite is now dead and gone, and good fucking riddance….

It has always been crap and a breeding ground for knobheads and utter cunts… Julie Burchill, Tony Parsons, Danny Kelly, Bob Geldof, Paul Morley (colossal cunt), David Quantick, Stuart Maconie, Andrew Collins, Danny Baker, Sam Wolfson, Hamish McBain are just a few in their cunts roll of honour…. Also the publications’ unhealthy long term obsession with Morrissey gives them a cunt red alert…

Their worst crime (apart from sucking up to Morrissey)? In 1988, Mark Sinker (a rare non-cunt at NME) said U2’s ‘Rattle and Hum; album was crap and gave it 4 out of 10… NME wanted a U2 cover story and interview, so they changed Sinker’s review without telling him, and Stuart Baille gave the album an arselcking 8 out of 10 instead….

They got their U2 exclusive. licked Bonio’s jacksy, and Sinker resigned in fury…. Conclusive proof that the so-called New Musical Express was by cunts and for cunts….

Nominated by Norman

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  1. I lived for OZ, IT, Sounds, Melody Maker & NME back in the early ’70s.

    Pile of steaming cuntage by the 1980s.

  2. In the 70’s I used to by ‘Sounds’.

    The cunts who read the NME were the pasty faced veggies with bumfluff curly beards who’s girlfriends wore thick woollen tights all your round, I bet their muffs were hairier than Iman’s chin. I wouldn’t even use the NME as a wank mop.

  3. In my day there was only MM and NME. Relied on the ads in the back to find auditions on the frequent occasions when the bands i played in split up. About once a month 😁

    Back in the sixties we didn’t have the internet shite we have today.
    Having said that, at least today we can sell music without getting robbed blind by record companies.

    Sadly what passes for music these days largely passes me by too.

    • I can do no more than completely agree with your last sentence. Utter whiny, feeble-voiced, warbling bollocks.

  4. Off topic…

    As predicted, Remoaners are using Home Office ‘Windrush’ debacle to prove granting EU citizens currently living in UK leave to stay will be unworkable following Brexit… what a surprise… James O’Shithead is, as I type, having kittens!

    Oh well, just have to keep Freedom of Movement too, along with Customs Union, ECJ & Single Market… B.R.I.N.O. Brexit In Name Only. You know it makes sense.

    • The traitors Nugee and Cable on Question Time tonight. You can bet they will milk this for all it’s worth, crying over the poor Windrush victims herded on to trains by whip wielding SS thugs.

      • It’s the thin end of the wedge Freddie.
        Who will they come for next? Muzzie terrorists, rapists, murderers, East European nannies, fruitpickers and cunts who shout at each other in the street?
        Best we nip it in the bud now and cancel Brexit.

  5. NME… I know naffink abaaaaaht it, never really got onto music magazines. I was reading Max Power…what a pile of cunt that shite was/is.

  6. Off topic, I’m off today and I’m watching Costa del Dole… On 5 Star. What a load of cunts, whining about being on the dole. Some to be fair are saying they want to work etc but Im suspicious if they’re being genuine. Unfortunately I think some people from working class backgrounds (I’m from a working class background) are destined to always be poor and struggle. Some might say the rich have Mummy and Daddy to help them but some of these poor cunts are s thick that if you gave them 5 grand they’d go out and buy a 90 inch TV, go to Benidorm wiv the family and come skint again. Fuck the (thick) poor.

    • It is entirely possible I could head off to Benidorm for the weekend and buy a Rolling Stone mag and put it under the cat litter-box when I come back.
      All those cunting lame publications have lost their glow.

    • I have no idea what class I am but I have been financially wiped out twice, last time I spent 2 months living in an abandoned caravan on a farm yard with no heating, water, toilet, shitting in the woods at night and cooking my food at work, I got over it.
      Mummy has all of Daddys money, Mummy would have probably helped out but at a price. A price I am not willing to pay so its the being thick bit that is the problem, been poor, been not so poor, done alright though,

      • Exactly Lord Benny, I feel for people who are genuinely going through hard times, it’s the thick cunts who don’t know how to prioritise their money and waste it then complain that piss me off.

  7. I was a Melody Maker / Sounds boy In the 70’’s . The NME has always been a pretentious rag promoting talentless cunts. If I remember their was a big poster in the middle of Sounds. I remember one poster of Keith Emerson holding his organ up. Hammond organ that is.

  8. Smash Hits was a good read, featuring all kinds of bands and genres and sometimes funny as fuck… But then the aussie soap and SAW infestation ruined it… Kylie and fucking Jason every bastard issue… Then it went on with New Kids Should Be On The Chopping Block, and ‘stars’ (ie: cunts) in dross like Home and Away and Beverly Hills 902 S.H.I.T….

  9. To my knowledge only two non-cunts ever worked for NME… Mark Sinker and Stephen Wells… And Charles Shaar Murray is a cunt and all…

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