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The Daily Mash – fucking SJW BBC funded cunt gunge. Political satire? Is it fuck, political satire aims at any worthwhile target no matter what political creed. This is just an attack on conservative right leaning voters and anyone who voted to leave the E cunting U.

It’s a free country and I don’t have to watch this unfunny Corbynista cunt fest, so why am I nominating it for a cunting? Because I have to under penalty of law pay for these cunts to sit there and cunt me off for my beliefs.

Insidious cunts package propaganda up as satire and force it on the masses.

I know the BBC is nominated often, it should be. We are forced to pay for this cancerous arse boil on society to cunt us off and laugh in our faces.

The BBC needs to self fund and see how many socialist wankers will pay for the shit it pumps out if it’s made a choice.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

43 thoughts on “The Daily Mash

  1. Oo-er. Proper Cunt is the Grim Reaper and I claim my £5.

    I didn’t expect the good Prof Hawking to throw a seven.

  2. Ra, Ra Vlady P,
    Russia’s favourite love machine.
    That was a dwarf that really was vain.
    Ra, Ra Vlady P,
    Hated by the Hunchback T.
    He put some poison into a spy (allegedly).

    If any of Vladimir Putin’s KGB goons are reading this, it wasn’t me. Some big boys made me do it. It was Norman. It was Dioclese. It was Kravdarth, Rebel, Empire and Quick Draw.

    This crap ‘showdown’ between May and Putin is utter shite. I remember when we had a proper psycho in the White House who wanted to build lasers in space and true-believing Commies in the Kremlin who were appointed by Stalin. I recall being scared shitless by that BBC docu-drama ‘Threads.’ Older cunters probably remember when that lunatic Kennedy nearly started World War Three over a crap Caribbean island. This ‘confrontation’ between the Hunchback of Downing Street and Vlad-the-Definitely-NOT-Gay is strictly Sunday morning pub league.

    Oh, and doesn’t Theresa May remind you of one of those snide, tell-tale, prefect types everyone at school hated?

  3. On the Daily Mash crap, for something like 30 years now Radio 4 has been alternating two shows on Friday evening and Saturday fucking lunch time called News Quiz, as dull & predictable as it sounds with The Now Show a group of clever clever cunts who probably met at uni 40 years ago and still piss themselves when they remember the events of the 1970s and how hip they were then. Both shows have just two themes: anti-Brexit and anti-Trump. Given these two fuckwit shows are never off the air I wonder how much beer money we have squandered on arseholes like Andy Hamilton, Dykie Toksvig and the wimmin *alternative* comedians?

  4. And of course the cunt on The Daily Mash is one of our box ticking ‘ethnic’ (and, I dare say, peaceful) friends… Only the BBPC would employ this unfunny, smug parking stanley cunt…

    For real satire, Spitting Image was best… Spitting Image had a go at everyone and everything, but this Daily Mash (like that Yankee Saturday Shite Live dog turd) only has one target: Big Don… And those Mash cunts also love to bash Brexit… Twats…

    • Loved Spitting Image. ‘I’ve never met a nice Siff Ifrican’. John Major and his peas. Tebbit as a skinhead. Quality stuff.

  5. I no longer watch the daily indoctrination machine. I no longer vote in elections. I no longer post on the DM ( ok, so they banned me! ) and I am no longer polite to any cunt who disagrees with me..

    My up to date awareness of all issues, is gained from the contributors of this marvelous site.

    ( My vocabulary has significantly improved.)

    And do I give a fuck about the views of politicians, the press et al ? Nah…not a fuck.!

    • I’ve been banned from the Daily Mail a few times. Not for been rude vulgar or racist. But for telling the truth. Particularly for saying Corbyn is a dangerous Marxist twat and the darling of the premier league Pep Guardiola is a drug cheat.

      • Then I’m in good company M’Lord…..I did go a bit too far I must admit…I,m barred permanently.

  6. And just watch the oodles of A to Z List celebricunts griefjacking the demise of Davros Hawking… Celebrity Twittermongs going on about how ‘great’ Hawking was, and pretending they knew what he was talking about…

    • Or Fat Cunt Corden or Adele tweeting about how ‘great’ Davros was and how he ‘changed the world’…. Total cunts, of course….

  7. A ‘satirical’ BBC show?


    Big Don
    White working class
    Anyone who is proud to be British

    Not OK:

    Grooming gangs
    Barack Obama
    Kilary Clinton
    Corbyn and his travelling freakshow
    Me Too Celebrislags
    Fat Fuhrer Merkel
    LGBT …. Poofs and Lezzas
    Saints Jo and Brendan of the Blessed Cox
    The McCanns
    Thin skinned celebricunts

    What a load of bollocks…

    • I think that sums it up perfectly Norman. The perpetual indoctrination rolls on and on and on…..Cunts.

    • And of course the stuttering incompetent EU Cunts over in Brussels , it’s not like there’s a fuckin lack of high quality cock ups that are begging for some BBC fun time satire! It’s an absolute goldmine! Funny that?

      • Problem is with these libtard twatter-and-faceache-mongs is, despite them drooling over Brussels, they have probably never been there…

        Bugger me, if a shitehole and a corrupt organisation truly deserve each other…

  8. I’ve never heard of it and, judging by the comment here, I’ve not missed anything.

  9. Whining, entitled far-right snowflake cunts. If you don’t like the Daily Mash’s pathetic excuse for humour – and even for a lefty it’s pretty damn sad – put your own site up. Stop snivelling and be funny, damn you.

    • A show based on ISAC would be a ratings smash Mr Komodo. We could get that bleached-blonde poof who all the Guardianistas hate to present it.

    • @Komodo The Daily Mash used to be a website and pre June 2016 it was pretty funny at times. It had wide ranging targets and I particularly liked the way it used to parody the journalistic style of the tabloid press.

      However it has now morphed into a right on BBC “comedy” show hosted by a smart arsed vapid little parking stanley cunt which is about as funny as watching a neo natal unit go up in flames. The delivery is self satisfied and smug, the “live” audience has drunk the kool aid and the agenda is a post modernist cultural marxist’s wet dream, a bit like the guardian with shit jokes. I was unlucky enough to catch it while I was back in UK recently and it was non stop anti Brexit, anti Trump, anti British, anti working class, pro “diversity” circle jerk of “aren’t we all so frightfully clever” cunts preaching to the converted. 99% of their “jokes” could be holed bellow the waterline with a few well aimed facts and the remaining 1% was getting big laughs for using the word “vagina”. “Oh, aren’t we so daring!?”

      By way of “balance” they did say Comrade Corbyn was a bit boring. Proof that the BBC is honest and fair after all.

      • My bad. Missed the morphing, was assuming it was still a mediocre website (as it is: the BBC2 effort is apparently called the Mash Report, and is yet another reason for my not buying a TV and being an ignorant cunt as far as that’s concerned). Sounds as if it’s general-issue BBC crap then: their R4 comedy output having gone relentlessly downhill for a year or two as well. To the point where the News is a welcome relief.

        • Watched Mash report for 10 minutes. Cunted it actually but didn’t make the cut.
          Trump – guffaw
          Brexit – Guffaw
          Lazy, right-on leftie shite.

  10. Unsurprisingly Big Vlad and his mates are still pissing themselves laughing and haven’t even bothered to answer Treeza’s ultimatum with a polite “fuck off”.
    This could be it boys. We could be teetering on the edge. Good job we’ve got our EU pals to back us up not to mention all those Muzzies the army has been recruiting. Just hope it doesn’t kick off on a Friday.

    • I’m not buying it for a fucking second. If Ivan wanted to off some back stabbing cunt of a traitor he is more likely to go round his house personally and bray the cunts head in with a lump hammer than use some homo gayboy nerve agent bollocks. Are we going to have LGBT+P now? No we are not!

      Putin may be a cunt but he is not a poofter and he doesn’t take any shit from any snackbars which makes him infinitely preferable to May who can’t wait to stick her tongue right up any passing camel jockey’s ring piece.

      • I still have enough faith in my country to strongly believe that, regardless of anyone’s sexual preferences, we don’t do things that way. It wasn’t us, and we have no reason to make Russian-UK relations any worse than they are. Who was it?
        Means – yes
        Motive – anyone’s guess, but pour encourager les autres is plausible at least.
        Opportunity – must have existed for whoever it was.

        I’m not saying it isn’t the Russian State’s prerogative to off its traitors ( though ideally after due and fair process, but that has never been a given in Russia. Ever – under the Tsars, the Soviets or recently). And ideally again, a lump hammer would be cheap, efficient and cause the minimum fuss. But not here. This is sovereign territory, and said traitors are, like it or not, under our protection.

        Putin was asked to indicate whether nerve agent had escaped the mandatory controls in some way, and got into the hands of, say, one of his criminal cronies. No response, bar an extremely cheeky request for consular access to Yulia (implying that Sergei is past saving and they know it)

        We’ve seen all this fucking about before. Crimea, Donetsk, Syria (Putin’s announced a pull-out twice before, but the Russian presence stays the same.) Litvinenko dies of something thatcan only be made in a nuclear reactor immediately after meeting a well-known Russian hood, and demonstrably having been fed the poison at that meeting…nothing but denials and obfuscation, and the hood is now a Russian MP.

        Let’s just start with one simple premiss: Putin does not always tell the truth. Take it from there.

      • This Russian fiascos taken brexit off the frontline for a few days, Mays surfing the brown wave of bull shit for all it’s worth….
        What the fuck is she gonna do??
        Very little is my bet …..
        lots of window dressing platitudes and empty threats…..

          • No doubt 23 GB diplos will be on a flight out of Sheremetovo, Thiefrow-bound.

            Tit for tat has started.

            Treeza manages to combine them both in one amoeba.

  11. Shame Stephen Hawking will not get to finish his follow up to black hole theories as he was in the middle of the EU’s audit. Malta’s contribution just about covered Junkers 9.30 pick-me-ups, lunch time wine list and collective smelling salts post-Brexit.

    Ah well, any discrepancies can be explained away with a Roma pickpocketing awareness workshop and funding for a Bulgarian transbender pole dancing initiative. Some faceless bureaucrat is probably signing this off as I type.

  12. I understood Hawking resigned because he couldn’t get anything out of the EU’s financial black hole on payday.

  13. Most weekends I work at a remote location and the only station I xan pick up is radio 4.

    It is clear that the BBC is an ultra left EU loving, UK/Israel hating SJW vehicle hell bent on appeasing immigrants and Muslims. Mind you, on a Saturday, as I travel back I hit the LBC reception area just in time to
    pick up Beverley Turner… Even worse!

  14. I am sitting round a pool in Egypt mulling over this Russian situation. Why don’t we just cut all ties with these miserable thugs ? I mean what has Russia ever given the world except misery and the constant threat of violence? No fuck all else. BUT sitting round this pool there are the hottest Russian birds wearing G strings and barely fuck all else. Mrs Fistula is keeping a close watch on me ☹️

    • I’m no commie or apologist, but Russians win hands-down over slimes.

      Lermontov (of Scottie origin), Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Chekov (Greta Scacchi was bloody good in an Uncle Vanya in the West End back in the late 80s, early nineties, though obv not as the Uncle: much better than Judi Stench – anyone got her in the Dead Pool ?), Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Ballets Russes (never been into that personally, but ok music)

      Oh, also Vodka, and various types of Russian Dolls.

      Slimes – Nil !!

  15. The most obnoxious bbc Savile loving anti British bullshit propaganda,simply unwatchable at any level,same as Live at the Appollo with Diarrhea O Braindead,all my comedy is on dvd or ripped off the net from previous decades,I simply loathe whats defined as comedy these days.

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