Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves (Human Ken Doll)

Absolute fuckwit of a cunt, gets massive gutter press coverage by having parts of its body removed and deformed so that it can scare children and attract half witted paparazzi. Never done a day’s work in its life as it inherited a large legacy.

Waste of space: Cunt, Cunt and thrice Cunt.

Nominated by Sir Cuntalot

19 thoughts on “Rodrigo Alves

  1. What in the name of fuck has happened to society where people have to idolise and indulge no talent fucktards like this one ?

  2. Despite supposedly being Barbie’s man, this one looks like a dung trumpeteer.

    I bet he spends most of the day vigorously working a lubricated Barbie doll in and out of his starfish du chocolat.

  3. I assume his parents are either locked up somewhere for producing that or they are no longer.

  4. I’ve seen this disgusting plastic fairy on the telly. People used to queue up at the travelling fair to stare at these fucking freaks. Then we got “civilised” and put a stop to it.
    Now, as in so many other ways, we are going backwards, parading these degenerates all over the telly and trying to pretend they are perfectly normal at the same time.
    “Care in the Community”…….it was never gonna work.

  5. This is what happens when freaks are allowed to indulge their fantasies. Apparently it has already spent over £500 k on surgical procedures,including having ribs removed !! Unfortunately the thing is independently wealthy from a legacy,so it is free to pursue it’s bizarre fantasies. It plans to have a sex change when it reaches 50 years old…hope it doesn’t make it to that age. A nice flesh-eating bug would sort out all of it’s problems.

    What sets my piss boiling is the way that it is treated as some kind of hero,instead of the mentally ill weirdo that it undoubtedly is. Television shows,magazine deals etc. all to try and push the idea that it doesn’t matter how fucking ridiculous and dangerous, people must be celebrated for being deviants.

    Is electric shock treatment still used for the mentally ill? I’d be delighted to wire this circus sideshow up to the National Grid and flick the switch. I think it was The Green Mile where they showed an hilarious electric-chair execution, I wonder if Rodrigo fancies helping life imitate art? Sign me up for “wet” sponge duties.

    Fuck them.

    • Spot on fiddler cunts like this don’t deserve to breathe, just a sick fuck with vanity issues. All that inherted money and he uses it to look like a cunt why whats the fucking point?!

      He’ll wake up one day an realise what a stupid plastic cunt he is and probably have some shotgun mouthwash for breakfast good riddance

    • I wouldn’t bother with a “wet sponge”, DF…

      Just shove a dry turd under the copper helmet.

  6. Although undoubtedly a first degree Cunt he’s obviously suffering extreme body dysmorphia! , instead of poncing around on TV the deluded mentally ill twat should go and see a psychiatrist!
    Although to the best of my knowledge they can’t treat you for being a Cunt maybe they can help him with his illness , Baring that he should join a circus!!

    • Join a circus ??

      That would be gross cruelty and mental torture to decent, clean-living elephants and lions !

      Re the left-hand picture, has he been to Verminhofstadt’s dentist ?

  7. I can’t stand this grinning plastic freak. Obviously mental, yet surgeons happily take his cash to make him look alien. Human Ken doll? Action man looked more human. Like a modern day, guilt free freak show, the media love the plastic surgery addicts, with articles about them having a new coat, or going to a posh club, when basically they really saying LOOK AT THIS FUCKERS HEAD!
    I occasionally pick this freak for the dead pool, as he must be so fucked up to ugly himself up at great cost, physically and financially. All these stupid cat eyed, bumper lipped, huge tit and arse mongs, just like the body art coated twats will be fucked when the fashion for this crap is no longer popular, as fashion is fickle and fleeting, and the shit they have done is permanent, leaving them as cautionary tales in cunt bibles such as Take a Break magazine.

  8. I think this is what happened when parents cannot afford the children they have and donate them for scientific experimentation.


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