Owen Smith

Owen Smith is a odious cunt in a party of cunts in a Parliament of cunts.

While spending his spare time grabbing the coin from Pfizer for lobbying, the cunt then demands that Labour policy is changed to reverse Brexit, stay in the singe market and turn their back on democracy. This even seems depraved to Comrade Cuntbin who has sacked the welsh prick although I surely remember that Labour have just changed their policy to stay in the single market….

This is the cunt who spoke out in favour in 2006 that the removal of dictators (Saddam) was a noble left wing tradition and then later argued he was always against it. Cunt.

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20 thoughts on “Owen Smith

  1. This complete waste of DNA is like a stick of rock made out of solidified shite with the word CUNT written all the way through it.

    • โ€œ like a rock made out of solidified shIteโ€ fucking brilliant!
      Actually Made me spit my tea out!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Like all politicians, at any and every level, this slimy cunt aligns himself with whichever way the political wind is blowing that hour!

    He’ll say the sky is green and grass is red just to self promote his own career.

    You ask the cunt any question on Brexit, immigration, funding, policing and he’ll blither away throwing out a few yaki dah meaningless soundbites while completely avoiding the question – which is as expected from duplicitous cunts like this.

    Today the ABBC covered that we’re going to fast track through 3,000 more midwives. The immediate response was “not enough” by some Corbynista midwife shill.

    Funnily enough the number of midwives grew quite naturally as the population grew naturally.

    But if course – and just as a cunt like Owen fucking Smith would say – this has absolutely *NOTHING* to do with a net increase in population of 1 million people every 3 years.

    And to think any different makes you a racist boyo!

    Utter fucking cunt! But that said they all are.

    We desperately need a Common Sense Party made up of ordinary non “college to parliament” plebs that we have now, that haven’t formerly been members of right-wing fringe groups (EDF, BNP) because – rightly or wrongly – they’re immediately dismissed as neo-Nazis and therefore disregarded.

    The country is shit and it’s being facilitated by cunts whose impact of their actions are never felt by them themselves. Cunts!

  3. ” Owen Smith is a odious cunt in a party of cunts in a Parliament of cunts.”

    Spot fucking on. I wonder if there has ever before been a Parliament so stuffed with weak,self-interested gob-shites. There’s hardly a one of them that wouldn’t sell out their principles and country in pursuit of their own benefit.
    “Public Service”….my arse. The Cunts couldn’t give a shit what the public and country wants or needs. It’s what’ll benefit them personally that matters.
    Owen Smith is no more of a venal snake oil salesman than the rest of his colleagues in the Palace of Westminster..Labour,Tory,SNP etc….all exactly the same under the skin. I plan at the next election to go along and write “Cunt” next to the name of every candidate. A wasted vote? Quite possibly,but I can’t bring myself to vote for any of the dishonest charlatans.
    Fuck them all,every last one of them. (and add that Great Disappearing Act,Nigel Farage to the list too)

    • I have decided to scrawl CUNTS! in large block capitals across my ballot paper.

      Will also be taking a thick black permanent marker along, the shitty pencils they provide will not do my feelings justice.

    • One year I was so frustrated with cunt politicians I really didn’t want to vote. But to be honest I’ve voted in every election I was eligible to vote in for for the last “x” number of years and I couldn’t bear the thought of not voting either.

      My quandary boiled down to:

      I would never vote for any Democunt.
      I could not vote for any of the Republicunts as they were all RINOs.
      The Libertarian Party was a joke.
      The Green Party….pfffffbbbbbbttttt!

      So I went to the polling place in a bummed out mood not really sure why I was there or what I was going to do. I got my ballot…went into the booth and then a smile crossed my face and I wrote in the following names:

      Mickey Mouse.
      Donald Duck.
      Peter Pan

      And in a burst of Divine Inspiration I wrote in Tinkerbell in place of a local politician I had particular disdain for.

      Interesting!y enough when they announced the results they never mentioned my write in candidates.


  4. More proof that drastic action is needed.
    Either some sensible billionaire self funds a campaign to get everyone to abstain from voting or some enterprising nutter makes good use of social media to organize a french revolution style lynching.
    Either way, these are the only options at this late hour.

  5. There once was a moron named Owen
    Ignorant to what his constituents were knowin’.
    Riddled with Hypocrisy
    Despises democracy
    Now Labour’s neither comin’ nor goin’.

  6. I just love the state the Labour party is in. Apart from perhaps comrade Corbyn they are by and large pro the EU set up. Monolithic bureaucracy, central control, little accountability – what’s not to like? Add in gravy train non-jobs such as the Pillock family’s and it’s win win.
    Unfortunately their traditional support is mostly anti EU. This presents them with a dilemma. Some have decided to go the ‘we know best ‘ route. Which has it’s hazards. Others try to keep their heads down. All in all they are tying themselves up in knots. Thinking that the right-on constituencies of London etc will pull them through aint gonna work. So it’s muddle, obfuscation and whatever trendy LBGT causes they can espouse.
    My hope is that the fuckers will be seen as irrelevant. But who knows?

    • Indeed, their members are quite anti EU. Unfortunately most of the members do not see any problem with the union top brass hob nobbing with politicians. Fish in a barrel.

    • Man of principle Catweasel is pro whatever he thinks will see him and his idiot cronies into No.10

      “Judge me not on what I have said or done in the past, judge me on what I want you to think today.” (Anonymous British politician 2018)

  7. Blame the media for giving this non-entity cunt, and those like him, a platform to spout their ever changing views. I hurriedly switched off Andrew Marr’s tv programme this morning, because in the first minute he was bragging he had Tom Watson (obese Labour twat) AND Caroline Lucas (Green twat) on his programme. There’s balance for you. Marr is a cunt too but you all knew that anyway.

    • Balance even worse – Marr also had Guardianista Remoaner cunt Carole Cadwalladr ‘reviewing’ the papers, though actually there to self promote her pathetic conspiracy theory that Leave vote was rigged and won by Cambridge Analytica, etc etc.

      Fuck me they’re getting desperate, and there’s still another year of this shit to go! We’ve been sold out already, someone should inform the cunt over a knuckle sandwich washed down by Draino.

  8. How does this smug cunt make it through the day without getting smacked in his weasel looking face?!

  9. I’m appalled at the amount of abuse that politicians are expected to suffer these days. Does anyone think it’s easy being a self-serving mealy-mouthed duplicitous twat? We all have to make a living. It’s about time we showed them more respect.

    • The only thing i’d like to show the cunts is the front of my old steel toe capped pit boots in their fucking teeth, the bastards

  10. When someone is too much of a cunt for even Comrade Corbyn you know that they are an utter shitstain of humanity.

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