James O’Brien (6)

I’d like to add my nomination to James ‘bog’ O’Brien as cunt of the year/decade/epoch.

I caught a whiff of his sanctimonious odour about a decade ago and like an idiot returning to a motorway toilet I caught the same smell when I tuned in recently. Brexit-hating is the turd he likes to roll about in and off he goes for three hours every bloody weekday morning, vilifying those who phone into his pathetic show if they happen to disagree with his blinkered Chiswick-based middle-class view of the world.

I would like to take him onto a parade ground and drill the bastard for three hours and knock some sense into his stupid hairy head. Whoever agreed to give him a contract at LBC needs their head looking at. Who is he supposed to appeal to? Stay-at-home mums, the elderly, angry jihadi-students and people whose lives don’t meet in the middle. At least he doesn’t have a prime-time slot and for that at least we should be grateful.

Nominated by Ben Philips.

51 thoughts on “James O’Brien (6)

  1. Hand on heart I can say I have never ever listened to the cunt.

    Understand from those on IACS that he does not respect Brexiteers, is not logical, plus he does not fucking engage in rational debate so cannot see the point of getting would up for such a pathetic cunt.

    • I tell you what Cuntsable You really don’t want to listen to the peaceful eu loving Cuckold James O’Brian. I have high blood pressure and the cunt makes me reach for my meds. I don’t think there is any sanctimonious self righteous cunt that gets me more wound up than O’Brian. I think if I met him in public it would turn very ugly. I would enjoy beating him to a pulp.

    • A complete cunt of the tenth magnitude. Steer well clear of the cunt on a weekday morning and if you are forced to listen to the cunt cunt cunt by accident make sure there are no sharp/heavy and loose objects nearby. Also best to avoid boiling water and hydrochloric acid. Small passing men may be a fair target.

    • I wager in less than a minute you would be reaching for the sick bucket Willie. The cunt was adopted – surprise surprise – even the womb that dropped him nor the cock that spawned him has come forward. My advice to Mater and Pater would have been they would have saved the world some angst had he been swallowed or tied in a johnny bag, knotted and flushed down the lavatory. I have the same tolerance level to O’shithead as I do Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe or the whole of the Liebour party.

  2. Listened to him once, it was a couple of weeks ago. He is a cunt of cunts, listened for about ten minutes, which was more than enough, won’t be listening again, irritating twat.

  3. Some fucking newspaper called him out a few weeks back as a sanctimonious condescending prick or words to that effect. There really aren’t enough expletives to describe this cunt. I’ve had to stop getting angry when he rears his fucking annoying head and instead remind myself he is in despair at brexit and trump so that cheers me up no end

    • I believe it was the Sun… while I read the Sun as much as I listen to O’shit head, I believe it went a little like this: Radio bore

      IF you’ve never heard of James O’Brien, you’re not missing anything.

      The radio host is the epitome of a smug, sanctimonious, condescending, obsessively politically-correct, champagne-socialist public schoolboy Remoaner. He imagines himself on a higher moral plane than anyone voting Tory or backing Leave, yet wilfully spreads lies on social media if they fit his worldview.

      He is all of this, and none of this in equal measure. The cunt used to edit the Daily Express gossip column but realised the was extra champagne to be had backing the fluffier causes. And that’s all it boils down to – by voraciously backing the champagne socialists it ensures he continues to receive a steady supply of dom perignon. The tories would never let him in the fold (bloods too common) and theres no money to be made sitting on the fence. The reason he likely went balls deep for the losing side is simple. He’s never met, lived next door to, attended school with or worked with any of the ‘downtrodden’ he is constantly trying to put on a pedastal and foist upon the rest of us. And that’s a common theme with a lot of then.

      • Well said BK

        Why people like him identify with cunts who have fuck all in common with them boils down to their own psychological issues….pity because it seems to coencide with a uni degree and media/ education/ government career which has now infested this country with their ideology

  4. He is obviously running low on some anal pain relief cream for his near on 2 years of butt hurt whinging.

  5. Drill the bastard for three hours? Ha! The cunt wouldn’t last three fucking minutes.

  6. Have never heard the cunt and don’t understand why anyone on this site would. There are enough remoaning cunts on mainstream media without seeking them out on something aimed at chattering London cunts.

    • Totally agree Cuntstable.

      My next door neighbour tunes into LBC just to hear what the cunt has to say. He is often left seething listening to the bollocks spouted, and his blood pressure increases to a level I feel one day will do him harm.

      Many times I have asked him why he does so, but as yet to no avail.

  7. Stalin had a list of everyone he wanted shot.
    If I had a list O’Brian would be at the top of it. I would promise a few Peacefuls some Rotherham Virgins to lob the cunt from the top of the LBC building. Mind you those rag tops would soon come looking for me when they realise I can’t deliver.

  8. I hate this scruffy faced bellend I heard him a few days ago talk bout the italian elections and of course the stupid cunt didn’t even have a argument, not a proper one anyway.

    Unless by argument you meant him bleeting on about “populist parties bad, right wing bad, EU good they never do bad they always do good! open borders for italy btw” That was basically the gist of it really…

  9. I’ve never tuned into his show but I have seen him on youtube where he just acts like a total cunt to anyone who disagrees with him. In fairness to LBC, they do have a range of presenters including Ian Dale, Nick Ferrari and Nigel Farage but each of those do actually let people speak and listen carefully to what they have to say, agree or otherwise. O’Brien does the opposite, he puts words in peoples mouths, does not listen, constantly talks over his callers before finally making some snide remark or downright lie, cutting the caller off and calling it a win.

    Didn’t the BBC give him the Newsnight gig? Tells you everything you need to know about the BBC.

  10. Only one thing I can say to this bog trotting cunt, don’t like that the UK is leaving the EU, fuck off back to Ireland you wanker.

  11. Hes Irish ?
    For fucks sake !
    Bead rattling , tattie munchin , priest loving CUNT !!!!

  12. Never listened to him either but have to say, from just the above picture, that he possesses a highly “punchable” kind of face.
    Does that count as hate speech?

  13. Like most EU remainer Gob Shites. he has been offered the chance to go fuck off to live in Euroland, or fuck of back to the bogs. He will do neither because he is just another gobshite.

  14. He’s not Irish, that’s an insult to the Paddies. His Dad might have been Irish but he wasn’t his real Dad anyway. Probably, besides Blair, the world’s biggest cunt.
    I hate this fucker with a passion. There is nothing bad that the cunt can’t blame on Brexit. There are no immigrants or Muzzies who aren’t hard working tax paying saints. Sir Nigel and Tangoman are Satan and Satan’s little helper.
    If you haven’t heard the cunt I would avoid it if I were you. Ten minutes and the radio will be smashed against the wall and nearby cats, dogs and pieces of furniture will be in serious danger. Anybody with high blood pressure should avoid this bastard like the plague .
    He really is a cunt for the ages, there are no depths of neoliberal cuntishness that this obnoxious dogturd won’t stoop to. Mega fucking CUNT!

  15. Well Salisbury appears to be a “Litvinenko” take out of a former spy.

    Say what you like about the Ruski’s, they know how to deal with traitorous cunts.

    I wonder if they do outsourcing? Got a couple of traitors names handy like B.Liar, Cuntosaurus Clarke, Ovaltine, Sour-berries and Miller.

    Do Ruski’s still do Polonium shakes?

    • This cunt may be Irish…and the Irish may be (predominately) Catholic…but this cunt is the poster child for legal abortions.

  16. O’Brien went to Ampleforth College (fees £34,392 per annum). From their website….”A Way of Life. Ampleforth is a living, breathing community of monks and lay people who embody the fifteen-hundred year-old Benedictine precept: that we should live prayerfully, compassionately and humbly in the service of God and our fellow men.”

    Ampleforth is at the centre of several inquiries alleging sexual and physical abuse by monks at the school. No wonder O’Brien is a Cunt if he was raised and taught by those hypocritical deviants. ALL religious schools,not just muslim and jewish should be closed down. Send the religious cranks to the Hell that they use so effectively to threaten the young,weak and gullible.

    Fuck them.

  17. Another bellendrical lefty media mong I have engaged with on Twatter before being banned by the arsehat moderators, he truly is a cunt of the highest magnitude.

    • I’m wondering if there might even be a degree opportunity in Bellendrics; it would go well with Meejah Studies and Gender Studies.

  18. The hapless cunt insists he wasn’t sacked from Newsnight on Al BBC 2 – he resigned rather than keep quiet about his anti Brexit / President Trump stance. He also insists that Al BBC are NOT biased. A lying cunt on all counts then eh O’shithead. Quite how he can get away with calling the US POTUS a “sex offender” is not only bad manners at a minimum but isn’t that libellous or deformation of character? I would love to see O’shithead reduced to living on the streets – unlike his much lauded Grenfell grotto dwellers who are living in poverty – 5* all inclusive in a Kensington hotel not too far from the “close knit community” (the one where they couldn’t remember who their neighbours were). I hear the fridge owner moved up to Leicester and nothing has been heard of him since – oh, wait.

    • I heard him call him a ‘self proclaimed rapist’ the other day,I couldn’t believe my ears!

  19. How comes this is only the fourth cunting? Maybe the moderators left a 4 off and it’s really 44. The most auditory cunt of the airwaves. A condescending leftie brexit is wrong I’m always right and will talk over you if I don’t like what you say absolute bastard. LBC have a complaint form and most days I submit a complaint about him even if I haven’t listened. As I use fairly colourful language I never receive a reply.

  20. Just look at that face in the photo. I could punch that face until my knuckles were raw and wear out my boots kicking it.
    Then I would piss and shit on the cunt.

    • Maybe the shit stain was fiddled with at posh school and being a galactic fuckwit is his way at expunging his tortured soul. That or he’s just a horrible cunt of a human being.

  21. I don’t know why so many of you lads listen to this bloke as he appears to send you into paroxysms of rage.

    Probably for the same reason I can’t stay away from the Guardian opinion page.

    Fuck them (Copyright: Mr D. Fiddler).

    • It only takes 30 seconds of the cunt to super heat your piss. Most I’ve managed was at best 10 tortuous minutes. It can’t be doing LBC any good, he’s not even controversial. He’s just an out and out cunt.

  22. Ethnic or immigrant phones in it’s yer mate your bang on, it’s racism that you can’t get on. Indigenous white bloke phones in and complains about housing shortages, NHS waiting times, school placements for kids or areas becoming foreign, he uses his private school education to tear them strip. Total upper class champagne socialism. Bet his kids don’t go to the local comprehensive with Abdul and his private health care screens his family from waiting lists.

  23. Anyone who listens to LBC will have this guy as their no 1 cunt. He literally describes opposing views as “hatred” and is the most pious man you have ever heard. If there is anyone better who can demonstrate the vile self-deceiving nature of humanity, I am ot aware of them. He is barely self-conscious.

    Probably, there is no bigger cunt. Amazed he has only 4 cuntings.

  24. Only ever heard of him on ISAC thank fuck
    He’s an O’Brien so he’s a cunt

  25. it will be interesting to hear his views in 5 years time. according to him Brexit is going to be an unmitigated disaster, we are all going to be a lot worse off blah blah blah. i’m sure if he’s proved hopelessly wrong he’ll be man enough to admit it.

  26. Should try & take the piss out of Northern Ireland’s Arlene Foster.
    She’d have the cunt for breakfast.

  27. After seeing that fat cunt, Luke Shaw tonight, I’m not sure KFC’s chicken shortage was entirely down to logistical problems…

  28. We abjectly apologise and have duly corrected the unfortunate oversight in our counting 😕😠😤😥😰😢 with a nice new header. 6 it is.

  29. Munroe Bergdorf has stepped down from his\her position as Labour spokesman (spokesperson). She\He has suffered criticism from the right wing press and online abuse.

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