“I am Jazz”

I would like to nominate the yank TV show “I am Jazz” for a cunting.

Yesterday (up ‘ere in the Nights Watch defending the Great Wall) twas a bit snowy and the younglings were advised that school would be shut.

Venturing downstairs for a cup of rocket fuel I saw the pair of them engrossed in some shit yank TV programme of the Kardashikunt mold.

My daughter (the elder) pointed out that one of the (rough looking) teenage girls. Well I had to do a double take because despite the long hair and tits it had a voice deeper than a blue whale and hair on its chest!!??!!

Apparently “I am Jazz” follows the life story of these deluded teens in their quest to have their sausage lopped off!

I mean it’s bad enough for one-off documentaries covering such mental illness (which is what it is) without making an ‘n’ series TV show about it! And I certainly don’t want it over here – you cunts!

I wouldn’t care is the main protagonist “Jazz” even a likable teen? No, he/she/it is a whiney “me me me” cunt (without one, but soon to be a double cunt just like Bruce Jenner).

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt!

50 thoughts on ““I am Jazz”

  1. Why these abnormal fuckers are on the telly is beyond me.
    Meanwhile, back in the real world, the French police officer who took the place of the woman hostage in the latest snackbar terror attack has died from his injuries. If this brave bloke has left family behind I hope they’re well looked after.

  2. 👏

    This vomit inducing fake, reality TV program shows the depths to which MTV and indeed American television has sunk. Actually, I think the original title for this cluster fuck was:

    I am Jazz…a self absorbed, intellectually limited, emotionally troubled, mentally unbalanced, socially maladjusted, psychologically disturbed, living argument for abortion.


    Usually, I am loathe to interfere with how a parent raises his child…especially such a responsible, well respected cunter like you. But please…for the sake of humanity’s future…don’t let you children watch American television!

    • Amen to that, GC. The only American TV that is enjoyable watching is Friday night’s Lethal Weapon series. A hark back to older times when PC behaviour was unheard of.

      But with regard to the maladjuated troope of mutants on I am Jizz, each of them counting the days until they are sans sausage, all teenagers should be kept at arms length from people being indulged for their own neuroses.

      Cunts all.

    • Amen to that General. Mrs Yank and I only watch about 10 different shows across maybe 8 or so channels. Due to the cuntishness of DirecTV, we have to pay for almost their top package to get all the channels we’d like to have. Consequently we have close to 300 channels and I can confirm that 99% of their output is utter drivel.

      Yank telly is weird. When it’s good, it’s very very good. When it’s not, it is utter rubbish.

      I’ve never watched this Jazz bollocks, but what bothers me about it is how it seeks to shine a light on this delusion and make it appear mainstream and part and parcel of everyday life. It’s not. It’s an exception and should be treated as such. That said, it is in keeping with the general Yank psyche. The need for attention, to have an edge, to be different enough so other people take notice. Not everyone of course, but I do live in Minnesota and let me tell you, this place is overflowing with industrial strength cunt fucks. Still, I’m moving soon and can’t wait to get out.

    • My 12 year old son watches Big Bang. The earlier series were very well written and I can see why he enjoys it.

      The later series are rubbish.

      Apart from that he sticks to British and the occasional Australian programmes.

      To be honest we consider tv a waste of his time and encourage more beneficial pastimes.

      • I’m sure your 12 year old son will soon discover more beneficial pastimes, especially those of a solitary nature, if my 13th year was anything to go by…

  3. Bollocks. Maladjusted and troupe. Why the fuck does the spellchecker on this iPhone autocorrect my words so they begin correctly and end up mis-spelt.

    Cunting piece of technology.

    • Hey Paul,

      I have the same problem. I have decided that spell check is a tool of the devil and auto correct is programmed by the New World Order

      I don’t know which is worse. But if I had to pick a side…I’d be inclined to side with the devil

      👿 😱

      • The iPhone 11 will have grammatical inference AI built into it. It’s going well because:

        “Bloody rapugees! Most of them are grabby cunts from Africa or ‘peaceful’ fuckers!”

        Is transformed into:

        “The future of society. Most are doctors, scientists and businessmen or preach tolerance of all.”


        “Donald Trump was elected for appealing to the core of American society.”

        Is transformed into:

        “The evil, racist, dictator was elected by a bunch of uneducated trailer trash that didn’t know what they were voting for!”

        Ahhh, modern technology eh!

  4. I’ve never heard of this fucking bilge RWaC, but your quality cunting appraisal leaves me under no illusion that ‘I Am Jazz’ should surely be ‘I Am Cunt.’ And like you, I find myself exposed to the most dreadful fucking tv, music and film thanks to other family members.

    Prime offenders in my circle include my absolute cunt of a nephew and sister dearest. The nephew is a fucking liberal and would no doubt love this sort of gender bending bollocks. One of those bastards who joins online groups supporting the gender queers and also claims ‘to be a feminist’. What a cunt.

    You have my sympathy RWaC, because ‘I Am Jazz’ appears to be taking reality TV attention-seeking down to yet another low water-mark, by adding the trans-freak zeitgeist into the already excremental mix. Worse still is how teens now have been reared on the notion that these genital swtiching abominations are the norm, reality TV is everything and getting attention/likes/validation is the main reason for existence. When I see programmes like this, I contemplate whether my fist could go clean through the LCD TV screen and emerge unscathed on the other side.

    I must echo General Cuntster’s constructive concerns… for your family’s own wellbeing, please ensure a blanket ban on any and all MTV, TLC or TMZ produtions. There is shite television everywhere but this triumvirate of human shit is the worst of the cancer. It’s for their own good.

    • Hello admin – what keyword triggered the moderation of the above for future knowledge, please?

      • Possibly ‘queer’ but sometimes it just seems random. Almost as if it was written by Microsoft it seems to have bugs which is why we need to keep an eye on the moderation queue.
        Shortage of volunteers currently means that things can get delayed for a while on occasions.

        Any offers anyone?

        (Definitely ‘queer’ as I just moderated myself 😡)

        • Hey Admin,

          Is this an international cunting operation? I assume you have my e-mail feel free to contract me and we can chat about it.

  5. Itv Be and E4 are home to the reality shite over here, full of whiny sing song voiced Yanks, awesome this awesome that ,tears and feelings every 2 mins, super wowing everything. “Atlanta plastic” is a litany of rich wannabes and mental defectives.
    It beggars belief that the “stars” of these shitfest shows are feted and worshipped as role models by the youth fucking makes me irrational, hardly a brain cell twixt the lot of them, cock licking twats.

  6. My first reaction to this is don’t watch it. If you tune to these shite channels what do you expect? However I realise that kids will watch anything if the X factor and the Kardo whatevers are anything to go by. This then becomes much more sinister as an attempt to normalise mental issues and perversions, which is very worrying. I don’t believe in censorship of this shite but am willing to bet a that a programme that countered this perverted agenda would never be made. And that is our current society. Abnormal is normal. No arguments.

    • “This then becomes much more sinister as an attempt to normalise mental issues and perversions, which is very worrying.”

      Are you paying attention to your friendly, local Cuntstable boys and girls? You should be. He just nailed it!

      👮 🔨

  7. Order … ORDER! … Gentlemen, please. You can`t cunt the TV companies for making this excrement. They`re simply exploiting the festering mass of hysterical fuckwits out there – just like Faecesbook®©™ & Twatter®©™ currently do – but with the added bonus of selling them shite in the commercial breaks. They should be applauded – might even encourage more of the retards to cut their own cocks off.

    • Ahhh, the avatar of the lovely Mrs Cameron. Very attractive, very sensible and always turned out lovely.

      Pity she married a cunt, eh!

  8. This is more than just cunty. This is an outright betrayal of the species.
    Teenagers will watch any old garbage, even the garbage that has none of this gender binary crap in it. Therefore, there truly is no need of it. Not from a ratings point of view, not from an advertising revenue point of view, not from a shareholder point of view.
    Therefore, it is insidious social engineering. A crime in my book.
    Wankers and cunts.
    And yes, you’ve guessed it, a preventable crime. Preventable by public birching.
    Personally, we don’t let the kids watch tv. They can enjoy a movie on a regular basis, but tv in general switches off their brains to the point where you can star jump repeatedly in front of them whilst calling their name and get no response at all. So, no tv.
    When they leave home they can buy one and sozzle their brains along with whatever passes for booze at that point. Until then, it’s get outside and do physical activity.
    Its my job as a parent to prevent this idiocy from retarding the development of my offsprings’ brains.
    Fucking gender bollocks.
    Be intetesting to see the ten years after version. I imagine their fate will be similar to that of jennifer connolly sharing a dildo with another chick for heroin at the end of “requiem for a dream”. Fucking class.
    And I would laugh and laugh and laugh.

  9. Should be called ‘I am Jizz’
    The human race, evolved over millennia, struggled out of the Rift Valley, became the dominant species on the planet, put a man on the moon,
    And then produces this utter shite.
    As a species I think we are truly fucked.

    • I fear the worst is yet to come. Munroe Bergdorf on the front bench of a future Labour Government anyone?

      • If that ever happens I’m defecting.
        Ruskies, peacefuls, Argies, … anything would be better than that.

  10. TV production companies must be laughing their heads off! The cost of producing shite like this show, Geordie shore , BB, EX on the beach and TOWIE to name a few is low! , the stars? ( extremely lose use of the word) get paid virtually fuck all and are more than happy to humiliate themselves for their 15 mins of fame, obviously hoping it will lead to bigger things, in some cases it does, and if your nothing but a load mouthed self publicist with little self respect or moral compass why not? by far the biggest Cunts are the hoardes of viewers who devour this never ending feast of shit!, TV production companies will continue to find the lowest common denominator in their quest for ratings…..
    How long before we get STEPHEN? A show where the main protagonist was a woman who then became a man but has recently realised he actually wants to become a rabbit??

  11. I have nothing much in common with our Peaceful friends apart from a desire to see these freaks attempting the Icarus challenge off a high roof. The attention-seeking deviants would,no doubt,gather a large,appreciative audience as they plummeted through the air with all the grace and splatability of a bag of baby skitter. (note to self….stand well back for fear of splashing…or better still,direct operations from top of high building). I wonder if their new fannies will make a siren sound like the Stuka divebombers as they reach terminal velocity? I look forward to finding out.

    Fuck them.

    • I’ve heard fannies make a wide range of sounds over the years as I’m sure you have Dick. But I’ve never heard one make a sound like a Jericho Trumpet. Just imagine a couple of dozen hurtling to earth at the same time, it would sound like Adolf’s European anarchy tour all over again.

  12. The lefties have learnt well from the n@zis.
    Brainwash children and you’ll get control.
    They want to turn future generations into pussies, make them all mentally feeble and insecure and open the door for immediate capitulation against even the weakest of enemies. The far left (In cahoots with the religion of peace) can then take over unchallenged.

    They’re dumb cunts though.

    The religion of peace will eat the cunts for breakfast first chance they get and the suicide rates among teenagers will go through the roof as soon as these kids grow up and realise that there are only TWO genders and you CAN’T just decide to be anything you like.
    When they realise that they’ve been lied to and fucked over just to push a political agenda, they’re gonna be pissed. They won’t be able to do anything about it though coz they’ll all be sensitive little pussies.
    Western civilization is FUCKED.

    I blame the suffrogettes. … fucking on the blob cunts.

    • Quite…Corbyn & Co are cuddling up to it and encouraging it – anything to disrupt social cohesion and weaken traditional (conservative) values – sow gender confusion amongst primary school children, encourage racism, ignore or rewrite history.

      An infantilised, poorly educated electorate is easy meat for the libtard PC Thought Police to divide and rule, control and manipulate…

    • Like you, DTS, I fail to understand why some people will go out of their way to welcome medievalists, especially when the end result will be the NCP challenge, or nitric acid baths. I guess it’s just because these people are swimming along in the sea of political bilge, their gobs wide open like whales, thus swallowing up endless tons of hopeless dogma, which eventually they just choke on – because it is all so conflicting, save for the fact it all comes under the banner of libtard, hand-holding, candle-lighting, snowflakey, PC…

      I have some unusual interests, but as Carol Vorderman once said, “Everybody’s got something at the back of the wardrobe”

      Also, I don’t take the bus very often, so it’s really not a big issue…

  13. Off point….
    The Cunts over at the guardian have hit new heights in their tsunami of anti brexit shite!!
    Today they have a headline about brexidus? And have the stories of 4 couples that have left the U.K. with nundreds predicted to follow!!

    Cunt A….
    a foreign academic who has moved his family to Berlin…
    “ Britain has been broken for decades, the housing and railways are a joke” ….. nothing to do with free movement??
    Also why have you been living here for years then??

    Cunt b….
    young couple from Poole
    “ after the referendum we felt like a minority as people here voted 58.2% to 51.9% to leave”
    Maths not your strongest subject?

    Cunt 3
    Posh English London Cunts…..
    “ we’re off to live in Spain, I simply can’t believe the result of the referendum!, I’ve always thought of myself as European first and foremost ”

    And best of all
    Cunt 4…..
    retired English couple
    “ we lost £50,000 overnight after the referendum as we were due to complete on our house sale the next day” ?
    So these Cunts by their own admission were already leaving the U.K. before the referendum result!
    Unbelievable bollocks from the guardian……

    • It’s very sad to see what the Guardian has become. Whatever you thought of its politics, it was once a good broadsheet. Now it’s just a wet pile of op-ed sludge for Blairites. I’d be inclined to nominate it for Dead Pool within the year, failing the unlikely appointment of a real editor.

      • They’ll get Whining Owen Jones or Polly Filler to do the job…

        “Real Editor” and Grauniad, I fear, are mutually exclusive terms these days. It has gone over the edge, it is now just a case of when it hits the final level…

  14. Just look at Sweden, totally diluted gender,emasculated and feminised males from a very young age together with a head in the sand attitude to immigration and the prohibition of free thought and speech.

  15. I long ago reassigned as a large poisonous reptile, so can’t claim the moral high ground here….but cui bono, cunters? Cui bono? Who benefits most from a culture in which everyone is encouraged to pursue their daftest whim? (Clue: follow the money)

    • Afterthought: There is perhaps a case for preventing, oooh, 50% of our citizens from breeding, and increasing the remaining gene pool’s intelligence thereby. But this would be more sensibly conducted with, eg, two bricks and no media exposure.

  16. Fucking appalling. It could only be worse by “Jazz” being a massive fat cunt. Speaking of which, check out a massive fat cunt ‘transitioning’. Never before have I watched something so heart attack-worthy.
    Imagjne being hetero yet having a disgusting fat fetish and pulling this creature?!

    • And I laughed, and laughed some more, then laughed, laughed again, and again, and again……

    • It wont need an operation,the rolls of blubber will have hidden it’s dick for years,in fact it’s probably shriveled up and fallen off due to lack of air. The moist,sticky fat crevasses will make a fine,if slightly loose,substitute fanny.

      Does “morbidly obese tranny” auto-fill on your search bar after you key in the first couple of letters, Mr.Cunt-Engine? I know that it can be a problem on Pornhub.
      🙂 .

      • Those rolls of fat can be very convincing, i’ve been told. Especially if you keep drinking to closing time and grab a fatty as an afterthought on the way out of the door.

      • Evening Mr Fiddler; I had meant to respond earkier but wemt out on the lash without my phone…am now hime abd far too piised to have any meaningful banter. Down with peacefuls snd UmBongos

    • You cruel cunt!

      I tweeted my support to him/her/it and told him/her/it to keep his/her/their chins up!

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