Home schooling

What a fucking waste of time homeschooling is, turning out antisocial fuckwits on society who can barely do their ABC’s

My friend’s retarded, welfare sucking daughter, who’s as dim as a Toc H lamp, is allowed to home school her two simian kids.(Of course the father plays the lead role in “The Fugitive”)

The kids, who are terminally fucking stupid and can’t count past two, have been taught every trick in the book… how to get free food from the foodbank, how to suck churches into giving them free holidays, how to get medical marijuana, how to maximize your welfare handout, where to get Christmas handouts. I could make a list as long as anyone wants it to be as long as they don’t want the ability to read,write, add or look after personal hygiene to be among the items.

As soon as they leave school they’ll be rejects because they don’t know how to interact with other humans, having spent most of their lives in a trailer watching fucking rugmuncher “Ellen” or Dr Fucking Eggshell Blond Phil.

I don’t know how it is in other parts of the world but we spend a shitload of money here in Vancouver on this sewage disposal of a program…. and it turns out social morons like a conveyor belt

Send them to “soft school” like they did when I was a kid, or force the fucking idiot parents to be educated themselves

Nominated by Paul Ya Plonker

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  1. “As dim as a Toc H lamp”.
    Fuck me, I haven’t heard that expression for donkeys years.
    You must be a hundred years old or thereabouts.

  2. Not sure I can go along with this cunting…even though we are North American neighbors. And…I’m not sure if your neighbor and her kids are the exception or the rule.

    Here in the states I think most people choose to home school out of religious conviction. That shouldn’t be confused with fundamentalist principles although to be sure some of them are fundamentalists. I think rather it means, many don’t want their children’s heads filled with the moral relativism of the New World Order by getting a state run education.

    Put simply, they don’t want their kids taught the propaganda or the revisionism of the progressives. For example; White people are all evil. Islam is a peaceful religion. Tranny’s are normal people who simply don’t identify with their assigned gender. It’s wrong to stand for the National Anthem…etc.

    In addition, Home Schooling is opposed by the Democrats, the Teachers Union (here in the states) and other liberal/leftist groups who want to brainwash our children. Along those lines, and in support of my argument, I feel compelled to point out that in Der Faderland…under der Fuhrerette…the 4th Reich has banned home schooling.

    I do think children should interact with other children as part of their learning. But is public school* part of the answer? Part of the problem with the Millennial Generation is they’re like the fucking Borg in Star Trek.

    Disconnect them from technology and it’s constant torrent of virtue signalling, politically correct, propaganda telling them what to think and what to do…and they start foaming at the mouth and have a complete fucking breakdown. They can’t make a decision or interact with another human being unless they have the latest electronic device. How many of them went to public schools? How many of them learned to interact by not committing micro-agressions and going to their safe spaces when someone offended them? Did it really do them any good?

    And consider this…how many of them were told to report back to their teachers if their parents voted for Donald Trump or Brexit? And what are they being told about you?

    Go back to reading, writing and arithmetic…instead of diversity, global warming and multiculturalism…and I will feel differently. But right now…no matter how uneducated a parent may be…there is nothing wrong wanting to teach your child the things you value

    So if you value…entitlement, mooching, political correctness, virtue signalling, social justice and living off the taxpayer…what better place to send them than to a public school.

    *Be advised our “public school” meaning is (I think) different than yours.

    • What he said, homeschooling at least allows ones kids to actually have a chance of being educated, not just leave school with a raft of bog paper certificates.

      I do go on FB (what a cunt I am) and the level of spelling and grammar is appalling. I am no Einstein but even I can spot the glaring errors, some comments are as if they are newly learning English.

      Oh Yes, the maths quizzes that go around too, I had to explain BODMAS to a friends daughter that got the answer wrong to a very very simple ‘spot the equation’ maths test, guess what she had a ‘A’ level in maths compared to my ancient ‘O’ level grade C, how the fuck did she get that qualification, for showing up I guess.

      Nowt wrong with homeschooling if both you and your kids are up for it.

      • While I was at polly there was this one chick on the course, not bad looking either but no tits to speak of but a cracking arse, like 2 hard boiled eggs wrapped in a hanky. We were doing some evolutionary biology and about 15 minutes into the lecture she rose from her seat, proclaimed to the world the lecture was “blasphemy” and stormed out. Never saw her again. Hard to imagine how she got onto a 1st year science degree course without ever encountering Darwin, perhaps she had been home schooled.

        I don’t care what religion it is, religious nutters are nutters fist and foremost, the religious element is just an aggravating factor.

    • Yes General
      you make a few good points.
      I wasn’t thinking of the crap they get at the State schools… how could I have forgotten when they fucked my own kids up so badly, one a rabid feminist and the other a febid raminist?
      I just got carried away by seeing how utterly fucking useless my friend’s kids are, just human flotsam.Because of you I now see the error of my ways!
      I am of the opinion that we shouldn’t bother even trying to educate some of the dumb fucks I’ve had to deal with throughout my unillustrious career ( is that a word?) .
      Sort ’em out like they used to at 11 years old.
      The really fucking stupid ones should just be educated long enough to teach them how to read and write and then be earmarked for jobs like servants, janitors or car production lines and cunt jobs in general.Let the business world pay for the ones who they think are worth the effort
      Think of the money we’d save in teaching expenses.
      ( I could use a couple of servants in my house, as Mother is getting a little bit frail and can’t do the laundry like she used to. Either that or I’ll have to buy her a washing machine!)
      By contrast though , friends who’ve sent their kids to private school over here usually see them graduate as successful , lovable, sociopathic capitalists.. god bless ’em!

      • Hey Paul…I do agree with you broader point. The world needs janitors…fruit pickers…parking lot attendants…etc. By the way…I mean no disrespect. Honest work is honorable work.

        Great to have another North American here. These “stiff assed Brits” think that since the sun sat on their Empire it now shines out their collective arses! 😝

        🇨🇦 🇺🇸

        • That’s why I left … Sir! General, Sir!
          I couldn’t stand the fucking aristocracy and the class system
          I was lucky and got in before they closed the door, luckier still because I was the scruffy beneficiary of the Grammar School system ( although they had to beat it into me wiv a stick)
          Many of the teachers I had would be serving time today for the batterings they gave us . But, truth be told, I would only produce my best stuff out of fear of a good hiding, so what can I say?
          That grammar school system was so good that at 16 years old, you were a couple of years ahead of anybody who had graduated at 18 in North America

  3. First off, it’s great to see a cunter from Canada. It’s always nice to hear from the colonies. How about a few posting from convict cunts in Australia?

    We don’t have home schooling in UK, at least I don’t think we do. If we did all the snackbars would home school, especially the girls. Which come to think of it might not be such a bad thing, after all why do they need school at all when everything they need to know is in their arse wipe koran? And it would certainly free up school places for proper British kids.

    As an aside, I thought of making a youtube video asking celebrities to say whether they would be willing to wipe their arse on the koran. Either they would say they would wipe their arse on the koran or if they refused to answer it could be implied they would not wipe their arse on the koran. It would go something like this;

    Ewan McGregor would not wipe his arse on the koran.
    Garry Linneker would not wipe his arse on the koran.
    Jeremy Corbyn would not wipe his arse on the koran.
    Etc. etc. etc.

    On a slight tangent to home schooling is this video I found from fellow Canadian cunt Jordan Peterson;


    It seems that the US military will not accept any applicant with an IQ of less than 83 as they cannot be trained to do anything without it actually becoming counter productive. They are in a very real sense not fit to shovel shit from one place to another. Shockingly this accounts for 10% of the population!! So 1 in 10 are so fucking thick there is no point sending the fuckers to school in the first place. So if we can home school snackbars and exclude 10% of the general population for being too thick we could cut school places by about 20% and sack 20% of the whiney lefty teachers. Considering education budget is £80 billion that is a saving of £16 billion!! That could be spent on FREE BEER!!!

    Also interesting to note that most sub Saharan africunt shit holes have and average IQ of 70 and in some places less than 65. Assuming a normal distribution and a standard deviation of 15, which I looked up and is correct, almost 81% of africunts would be considered too thick by the US military, and believe me the US military sets a pretty fucking low bar. I have lived and worked in Africa extensively and this conclusion fits my observations perfectly. And these are the cunts who are flooding into Europe by the boatload enabled by cunts like Gorge fucking Soros. These are the cunts our esteemed leaders are pinning their hopes on to save the UK from an “ageing population”. Cunts!!!

    • You have a point about snackbars sending their kids to school, why do they bother? The girls will just be married off at whatever age and pump out kids and claim of the benny and the boys can stay at home and learn chemistry skills, how to milk the system, sell drugs and grooming white girls.

      Doesn’t seem much point in sending them to school.

      Homeschooling is alive and well in the UK albeit a small minority (must be an oppressed group by modern standards), their is no legal requirement to send a child to a state run school, the obligation of a parent is to provide a ‘suitable’ (rather nebulous word) education.

      • @DB

        Damn…you’re kind of making my point

        By the way…ditto welcome to the Canadians.

      • Sorry to ask but I’ve only been here a short while…..what are snackbars? I’ve managed to work out a number of others, including names, through context but this one has me baffled.

          • @Komodo below

            AH, I think I have it, you mean snackbars as in burger/kebab etc bars, I was thinking along the lines of chocolate snack bars and couldn’t work it out!

        • I gather it comes from what high spirited gentlemen appear to shout before adding to the cultural diversity of this once great nation by committing atrocities, sounds like they are shouting ‘hello snackbar’.for some reason only known to them.

        • No worries Moggie, you could always change your name on here to ‘Mr 10%’ then we know to explain everything slowly and clearly…..

          (Only kidding).

        • Surprised you haven’t asked about ‘parking stanleys’. Took me a while to work it out.

      • ‘Never knew you were an Ozzy, Mr. Q. But are you in Ozz or UK? If it’s the latter, welcome home.

    • Well, there’s a problem with the Aussies. Most of them can’t get jobs because it stipulates “apply in own handwriting!” No really I love Aussies!

  4. There is plenty of home schooling in the UK. Sometimes good but often bad – but unregistered schools are the problem. mostly religious fundamentalists of various hues but mainly the peaceful variety although Heredi Jews also like to enshrine ignorance and stupidity.
    I see the problem that the minority agenda of LBGT etc is taking root but surely it is up to parents to hold schools to account where this becomes propaganda for the shrill minorities.
    Standing up to the wave of bullshit is better than taking kids out of school.

    • Once again the excellent Jordan Peterson commenting on bill 89 in Canada. He advocates for parents standing up to the state bullying tactics and while its for sure you will take some flack for doing so the consequences of inaction would be far worse. And if one person stands up to be countered they will be followed by many more.


  5. Great cunting! A perfect example of how stupidity can be passed along.
    That said, I would love to home school my kids. Simply because I now know most of the shit I was taught was wrong. I was also not taught about a great many important things, such as romans and world war 2.
    However, I just can’t afford it. So instead I have made myself known to the headmaster, teachers and the PTA. I help out, volunteer and muck in wherever I can (I also work fifty hours a week). When I don’t like something, I can see it straight away and intelligently approach the school. This approach has worked very well so far.
    Lazy people will fuck their kids up homeschooling them.
    Lazy people will fuck their kids up ignoring their state education.

  6. In the UK you only have to aend your kids to school if you register them with the local education authority.

    Home schooling used to be the preserve of religious nutters. Now it is for those who child has:
    ADHD (needs a slap)
    austistic (needs a good slap)
    ODD (needs catlle prodding)
    severe allergies (neurotic parents)
    is bullied (needs judo lessons)

    Don’t get me wrong: I know that severe autism , etc exists. However, 40 years ago there were no classroom support staff or other myseli crunchers in the classroom: just one teacher.

    Our education system is a direct product of our ultra left white is wrong, black is better LGBTQBFJFGGBGVCJXVJGXK F+++++++ drag queen story telling labour loving vegan non binary gender is a social construct can’t say this, can’t say that PC obsessed wank fest that has destroyed our education system.

    It is time to put a stop to this wishy washee nonsence.

    I propose the following:

    bring back the 11+
    School uniform for all stusents
    Headmasters allowed to expel disruptive students
    Strict discipline/ harsh punishment
    No mobiles in schools
    Desks facing forward
    no lefty shite on the curriculum
    English to be spoken at all times by everyone.

    • Agree with every single word.

      As posted before we had tremendous problems getting our son into his local high school, the best one around. It has relatively traditional methods of teaching which is one of the reasons (other than being on catchment and our closest school).

      We told the appeals panel that we would home school our son If he were not given a place (many peacefuls and Eastern Europeans have recently moved into to the area and are taking school places away from local families who have lived in the area for many years), and would refuse to send him to the failing school the local authorities wanted him to go to (the information from this school came through in 8 different languages and has been rated inadequate by Ofsted).

      Main reason I voted Brexit, immigrants who have just arrived who cannot speak the language (needing interpreters) and who have not paid a penny into the system or who have not waited in line for a school place being allowed to go straight to the front of the queue.

    • Absolutely. But how do you propose to detach the little cunts from their phones? Surgery?

      Harsh (corporal) punishment: pain is Nature’s was of telling you you’ve fucked up. Simple, direct, easily understood, and likely to make you think twice about hurting someone else. Essential. Can’t say I liked it, but shudder to think what I’d be now if I’d been given protected status.

  7. I was home schooled by different members of my family and I wouldn’t recommend it.
    Biology and sex education was covered by my Grandad.
    Nobody wants to be to told how to use a condom by their own Grandfather, especially as it took him twenty minutes to get an erection….

    • Shes not even far right hell lauren southern is more alt lite then anything, Maggie may and Rudd the spud are banning alt lite figures like southern and robinson but meanwhile open arms for jihadists and rehabilitated members of isis fucking hell what lunacy….

      Could you imagine the shitshow if anglin or someone more far right showed up lol

      • Lauren Southern isn’t the half of it. Some Austrian bloke and his Canadian girlfriend were arrested upon entry to the UK, held for 3 days and then deported to Austria. All because they wanted to interview Tommy Robinson. And remember a couple of years ago, Robert Spencer, a man who used to train the FBI in the motivations of islamic terrorists was also refused entry to UK along with Pamela Geller on the grounds of it not being conducive to the public good. I wonder which public they are talking about? Could it be that snackbars might get all upset?

        And all the while 400 known jihadis have been allowed to return from fighting in Syria with ISIS and have been given council houses and put on full benefits. This shit really is getting way beyond a joke now with the pro-peaceful anti British agenda of leaders, of all parties becoming obscenely apparent.

        Paul Joseph Watson breaks it down here;


  8. how is home schooling a cunt? when the schools nowadays have gone pc mad and completely barmy! I don’t have kids cunters (yet) but if i did they would be homeschooled indefinitely, in this world gone mad. touching snow is dangerous but befriending muslims is safe fucking explain that to me?!

    • Wish i had been home schooled by the big breasted divorcee up road from me, i wouldnt have been on to the old bill crying about abuse.
      Feckin hated school from moment i signed on till i left. Didnt help that me old mother would of sent me to school if i had Bubonic plague rotten old minge. Lived opposite the place as well, no escape ever vile places. Best years of your life you get told, funnily always by some twat that had left school, wankers.

      • I dont understand boys today, when i was a youngster and my mates also getting shagged by an older woman or some of female teachers would have been a fantasy fulfilled, you could have bet your life we would have kept quiet about it to prolong the job. Nowadays they would be emotionally damaged and playing the victim, fuck me are they all tossers now. I remember following some old tabby who had on a mini-skirt and had tucked the back of it into her draws showing off her arse, i must have walked miles that day in the wrong direction, with my cesspit of a mind in overdrive.

      • Best time of my life mucker and your mam was correct which is why i am up at the crack of dawn every morning earning a schilling but the worst thing was seeing a lad at school knowing i had shagged his drunken mother on the weekend
        And as said above if you do not mix you are a social cripple

  9. A cunt on the schoolboy tossers who kiss and tell
    everytime i see these little cunts telling their parents i have been taking extra lessons
    and shagging the guts out of a stunner i will never know
    In my time a fat baggy arsed and saggy titted with a piece of chalk and blackboard rubber
    or the odd wank fantasy and that is a shortcut from art pamphlets found on building sites but these birds are stunners and the poonannys tell mum CUNTS
    and i bet their fannies taste like fresh spring water with a hint of srtawberry

    • I recall visiting relatives in Croyden aged 14ish and the oldens were chatting about this “loose woman ” bout 5 doors down who supposedly had a thing for young chaps, i spent whole weekend patroling past her gaff hoping to be dragged in and taught the arts of the bedroom, “loose woman” i couldnt have cared less if she had a snatch like a cart horse collar.

  10. Home schooling is just for weird kids. Lauren Harries was home schooled and is a fair and typical representation of the type.


    It has now had a sex change and is pretending to be a female.

    Fucking degenerate,

    • Well Dick you are half right.

      James is a fucking degenerate…but by no means typical.

      Were you home schooled? 😛

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