A to Z of Coin-purse Cunts

I’m provisionally heading this ‘Cunts and Coins’

As you may have heard, the Royal MInt has just announced that there’s to be yet another change to the coinage. A new 10p piece. Well, to be exact, 26 new 10p pieces. One design for each letter of the alphabet, – I shall return to this baffling requirement – and each expressing a ‘quintessentially British’ thing.


Apparently designed by the artist who did the South Bank Centre, for the benefit of Primary 1’s class piggybank, they are presumably some kind of vanity project, as the question ‘Why?’ remains unanswered, and the question ‘How much did they cost’ remains unasked, except by bitter cunts like me. Though, if it illustrates the insanity of the UK as currently governed, it at least asserts its individuality, until the French come up with 365 variants on the Euro cent, at least, so perhaps a nuclear cunting would be overkill.

That said, obviously the new coinage demands a themed ABC to go with it:

A is for Aliens Arriving in boats
B is for Brussels, which ignores our votes
C is for Cunt, of Course – doesn’t want borders –
D’s for the Dole, and all its Defrauders.
E’s for the EU we’re not going to leave,
or so all the Fuckwit remoaners believe,
G’s for Great Britain, whose Greatness has Gone;
H is for House prices – financial con.
I’s for Illegals, whom no-one has numbered,
J’s for our Jails, with gangstas encumbered,
K’s for the Knighthoods we give party donors
(and L’s ‘Lord’ Adonis, queen of remoaners)
M’s for the Media, evading the blame
for Numerous Nonentities’ five-minute fame.
O..MG! – acronyms, overemployed
by Pissboiling Pundits we can’t avoid.
Q is for Queerness on public display
R is for Rappers, and all that they say,
S is for Snowflake and Selfie and Snood
T is for Trackie and Twats who say ‘dude’
U is for Urine -craft beers – in the bar
V’s Virtue signalling, Vegan, VR,
W? Wankers whose Whining’s PC
X for Xpatriate, happy and free.
Y is for You, you cunt, and so, goodbye
I need some Z’s now, so fuck off and die.

Nominated by Komodo.

70 thoughts on “A to Z of Coin-purse Cunts

  1. Excellent cunting. Pity the site is semi-fucked at present.
    This could be a rap. Call yourself Cuntzy , forget any musical aptitude you may have and puff up your ego.

  2. Have you ever wondered why the Royal Mint, the DVLA and probably a few other government departments are located in wales?

    Someone suggested to me that the UK government did this to give the Welsh some thing to do as Wales was a third world nation, plus what else is there to do in Wales other than shag sheep?

  3. So beautifully structured “Robert Browning??!! I wouldn’t give him house-room”
    (Hancock’s Half Hour – Lord Byron Lived Here)

  4. The old bag Romanian and her minder,who I insult on my visits to town,take coins off gullible fools by selling the Big Issue. They then add this money to their fiddled benefits and monies made by hawking their young female relatives’ pearlies.
    Suprisingly enough, I give the Pikey scum nothing but the rough edge of my tongue. People should follow my example,doing anything less is letting down the genuine needy. (Not that I’d give anything to them,either).

    Fuck them.

    • We’ve got one of those in my town, fat cunt camped up outside Wilko’s. She clearly never was close to starving, that’s for sure.

      Not been in town recently but Wilko shut up shop so I hope she’s gone to another town to break the law that is “the vagrancy act”.

      An old law that is still active, are the police using it to sort out the begging scum near you though?

    • We’ve got one of those Fuckers outside my local Tesco!!
      Motherfucking scamming CUNT!!
      I would rather drop my change in the drain than give it to those bastards!! 😡

      • Apparently, a guy approached my local rommy fatso and whipped out his cock in front of her, he pulled back his foreskin releasing a stack of five pence coins over the pavement at her feet.

        She was all over them like flies on shit, was put online but didn’t stay up long.

        • I can’t bide the Cunts. She’s a little,fat greasy old bag,her minder stands smoking and spitting. They actually know me and start pointing and muttering “Racist” when I approach to ask why,if they’re still homeless,they don’t fuck off home.
          Repulsive pair of inbred leeches.

          • Put them up in your byre.
            All them outbuildings you have, you could take in loads.
            Do your bit Dick Fiddler…… you might even get to “fuck em”

          • I suspect the beast would move out in disgust if those filthy Cunts moved in. Probably discover they were sexually assaulting the horse too.

  5. Anyone else here having problems with the site being really slow?

    I’ve tried resetting all my stuff and no difference.
    Hard to post as my device times out before connection is made and I lose what I typed.

    • Same here, and I think it’s been recognised by others.

      I first noticed it around yesterday afternoon.

    • Yes Basement its been slow as fuck for the last couple of days. I thought it was my internet speed but now you mention it. I think their is skull duggery afoot here. Some Cunts are slowing it down.

    • Seems to be fixed now.

      Well done whoever sorted it …
      Silky smooth now.

      • Yep, I’m moving a bit quicker and can at least post now. Feel free to delete if required.

    • For a few days… All other computer activities fine…

      Hope we aren’t being hacked by illegal government agents / cunts.

      If MI5 / MI6 are reading this, I HATE you. Just do one, FO&D !!

    • I had trouble accessing the site earlier today. But yes, it was a bit slow yesterday. I thought it was my ancient laptop.

      • What the fuck is he wearing? I know Germans still wear pastel coloured track suits and have mullet hair cuts but Tusk is just taking the piss with that jacket. Cunt.

    • Yes but those Polak birds in the audience could play on my beef bugle . Zajebiste !!!!

    • He’s a pathetic whining cunt, sounds just like most of his speeches. Bet he regrets that one though…cunt.

    • I noticed that “Comments are disabled for this video”

      I wonder why ??

      Apart from the obvious fact that Wanker Tusk is a total spaccer.

  6. Bravo.

    Well done komodo, like it.
    I’m one of those twats that says dude. … I always like to be included in things even if I get cunted. 🙂

  7. I don’t know about new 10p coins but changing the pound coin last year was a cunts trick. Now I’m left with a jar full of the cunts, along with some redundant fivers and all. There must be North of £70 in that jar, all now worthless.

    • I’m sure you can still get rid at the bank just now, don’t know how long for though.

    • @ Skidmark

      We also have a few old notes.

      Fairly sure that if your local bank won’t accept the fivers you can send them to the Bank Of England, at they will either replace with new ones or they will credit your account.

      Check on line for the process you need to follow.

      • You can pay the old loot in to an account but they wont change it into new coin or folding

  8. F is for “Fuck off cunt!” to any flake, libtard or group-think cunt!

    — Just thought I’d add it for completeness.

  9. How much will it cost to buy A-Z for the grandkids then?

    I make it about £2.60?

  10. I’m waiting for the Weinstein dollar collection. Each one has pictured, a different actress being impaled by Fatboy.

    Their face while getting it doggy on one side and their tail prior to doggy entry on the other.

    He should have released them yesterday to mark women’s day.

    • International Wimmins Day was celebrated here in Spain by putting chick flicks on the telly all day.
      Utter pish, but what got me was that Thelma and Louise was on. Anyone familiar with this tat will be aware that this filum is about two downtrodden wummin fleeing their mundane lives and leaving their bastard husbands behind to go on a road trip of discovery and then discover that all there is left to do with their lives is to drive off the edge of a cliff.
      Right on sisters. If that’s feminism, then I wholeheartedly support their cause.

      • I follow the alicante rag Informacíon on nosebook and had great pleasure in adding the HAHA like to all the feminist shite they were posting.
        Not much but I will do my bit

  11. I was walking past a homeless man on my way to work this morning and the cunt grabbed my leg, he said “Please give me money for breakfast”…”Fuck off” I said.

    He said “Please, even just a wiff of breakfast will do”…”Ok” I said as I pissed all over him “Smell that then, it’s fuckin Sugar Puffs

  12. Loved the “ what no boot in the Cunt” comment !!!!
    Then again Dick prob doesn’t do foreplay !!!!!

  13. Cunting for snowflake festival cunts, it seems artists don’t want financial involvement from BAE systems because they manufacture arms that keep our country safe.


    I wonder who will pay the artists instead as the government contribution won’t be enough. Maybe the snowflakes can up their contributions and the snowflake artists can waive their fees?

    • They should be grateful.

      If it wasn’t for BAE’s weapons, Isis or the taliban would be destroying all their tat .. sorry .. “art”

  14. Must just say that ‘coin purse cunt’, kindly supplied by the Cunter-in Chief was an improvement on my title, and the image of a millenial carefully shuffling his change around in the lid of one of those items of pocket debris before delicately offering it coin by coin in exchange for a skinny latte macciato with soya cream and a quinoa croissant (or whatever – I’m guessing -) sprang instantly to mind.
    I notice my writer’s block has reduced. Thanks, ISAC.

  15. You got 25 out of 26 right. T is wrong. It’s Tottenham, and especially Harry Kane are cuntopoly total.

  16. fuck the cunts the next election is bewteen wurzel gumidge and aunt polly CUNTS

  17. One of the Sundays’ are to release excerpts from the diary of Elisabeth Fritzl…

    Stayed home, got fucked by dad.

    Stayed home, got fucked up the arse by dad.

    Stayed home, spent the day sucking dads cock…

    Stayed home, gave dad a rusty trombone…

    Stayed home, dad fisted my arse all day…

    Flew to London to watch Tottenham Hotspur.
    Should’ve stayed at home…

  18. Off point…..
    after months of shouting NO CHERRY PICKING and NO CAKE AND EAT IT in EU negotiations the wankers over in Brussels have said they want access to Britain’s fishing waters??
    Secondly….. AS the hunchback quite rightly pointed out to these self appointed German shills every trade deal ever done was based to some degree on CHERRY PICKING!!
    What kind of negotiators ask for things they don’t actually want??
    Everything is a trade off!!
    FU EU !! Utter Cunts………..

    • Fuck that! Cue cod, herring, skate, saithe, prawn, haddock, pilchard and clam wars! Fishing’s non-negotiable! A lobster up the arse of the first wavering politician!

      • We will give them the pair of haggis ball sacks of Sturgeon and Salmond tho.

  19. Those Russians that were poisened at Zizzis Italian restaurant. I bet if it was Weatherspoons it would never have got a mention.

    • This site is taking ages to load, and has been for me for the last couple of days. Other sites load fine, but this one, and the Biased BBC website are really slow, or fail to load, be it on WiFi at home, or on 4g on the mobile. Strange….

  20. I would like to cunt paperwork, but after filing in multiple forms for fuck all reason for years and years I cannot ( understandably) be fucking arsed.

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