TEAM GB – Winter Olympics [6]

Elise Chirstie – Stop crying – Its skating not sliding you cunt. A tip, if you keep getting knocked over, move.

The Snowboarding Bint complaining it was too windy and cold – What part of Winter Olympics on a Ski Mountain would not confirm that may be the case? The US had no problems getting the medals on the same day.

All of the Curling Teams – What the fuck is this you (mostly) ginger cunts?

And Claire Balding, you and the olympians recycled from 40 years ago to string this out more than it needs to be – Get off my TV you horse.

Nominated by King Cunt

I would like to nominate Team GB Winter Olympics Short Track Speed Skating for a cunting.

Every 4yrs we get one “star” for the AL-BB-CERA to fawn over, and they fall over.

4yrs ago and this year Elie Christie was the big gold favourite and yet again she spends most of her time on her arse.

The preceeding race Charlotte Gilmartin…ends up on her arse.

20yrs ago the nation was gushing over Wilf O’Reilly (who also ticked a box or two), huge favourite for gold going into each of the Olympics he attended…ends up on his arse!

Now colour me simple, colour me stupid but I would have thought lesson #1 day #1 of learning any skating discipline would be the ability to stay on your fucking feet!?!

Maybe Team GB should invest in some of those skates that have 3 blades on them that 4yr olds use to help stop them from falling over? Just a suggestion.

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt

47 thoughts on “TEAM GB – Winter Olympics [6]

  1. As much as I love sport cannot disagree with the nominations for the reasons given.

    Elise can be absolutely fucking brilliant on her day however has spent a lot of time her back this and last time. Cannot all be attributed to bad luck. Also, nobody likes a cry baby, particularly when losing (other than John Terry obviously).

    Claire Balding- what a useless ugly chin she is. Knows absolutely fuck all about Winter sports (other than Alpine rug munching), very much like the posh bird with the make up Chemmy Alcott (in the clip of her when best demonstrating her skiing prowess she finishes 11th).

    There was a clip earlier today on BBC with 4 women presenters (including the Chin and Alcott). Not a male in sight. Where is the fucking balance BBC?

      • “character laundering”

        That is linguistic platinum, Slipper.

        As should be used in the phrase:

        “The majority of out-of-control virtue-signalling semaphores are merely character laundering”

        It’s better in ISAC than the OED offices !!

  2. Off topic but I’ve just watched a brilliant movie ‘6 day’s’ about the Iranian embassy siege 1980. Really recommend it. It’s pseudo documentary.

  3. I’d like to be the BBC commentator reporting on the skiing during the winter Olympics, so I could say ‘the slopes in Korea’ an unacceptable amount of times….

    • We could all “slope” off to the bar, which is over the slope on the downhill side before the next ( slope )

    • When they say it’s chilly you could always say “ there’s a nip in the air” I know it’s really nippon for Japanese but it’s still funny to easily pleased Cunts like myself…….. 😂

      • My mum used to take it one stage further, saying “there’s a nasty nip in the air tonight”.

  4. What a disgraceful pathetic low life cowardly scum bag. With fake tears.

    Why anyone would want to stand by such a piece of useless disrespectful unfaithful shit is staggering.

    Caring (or pretending to care) more about his wife following her death rather than when she was alive.

    People can now perhaps see him for the cunt he really is.

      • Shame his wife wasn’t around to witness his extreme cuntitude. She’d probably have held the victim down.
        Oh well, the dogs bark, and the caravan-load of virtue-semaphores moves on…

  5. Are there no winter Paralympics? How very uninclusive. I’d pay good money to see Tanni Grey-thompson compete in the downhill slalom skiing or Elly Simmonds whizzing down the ski-jump ramp.
    I’m very surprised that there isn’t a Twitter campaign demanding equality for the differently-abled in winter Olympic sports. I shall start one immediately….@ #spaccasonice.
    Fuck them.

    • Love your all inclusiveness DF. Top post 😉
      How come ALBBC have a chocco as anchor man? A box ticked in the ALBBC inclusive box but they could have picked one that didn’t look like a fucking tranny on CBBC.

    • Absolutely everyone off the LARGE 90m hill ski jump would do it for me.

      Likewise would pay good money to see that. Especially Baroness Grey-Thompson.

      • Even the commentary team look bored with this frozen fiasco!! A few raspberries would definitely lighten the mood……… The brittle bone syndrome downhill is the ticket for me……. forget the time just count up the pieces….. 😂
        A gentle push start and their off……

      • Perhaps Clair Balding could be made to do the Skeleton.

        Her huge fucking chin scraping on the ice floor.

      • Especially Samantha Nicholson at 4:32 – that involuntary tongue is fucking hilarious.

      • Top stuff,Mr. Cunt-Engine. I’ve never seen this before,but I can see it becoming a firm favourite when I need a bit of a giggle.Samantha at 13.30 is (again) pure class. There really should be more exposure for this kind of thing.

      • Anyone noticed the post invasion Saddam Hussein at about 23:20? They need to remake this shit now… diversity, inclusivity and equality demands it lol.

      • Brilliant. Can’t believe we looked like that in the eighties tho. What ever happened to kids in calipers? Would have been better if sir Jimmy kiddy fiddler had been presenting, even he might have got a semi on looking at the presenter in those little red shorts

    • What I don’t understand is that for everything else this country is referred to as the U.K. but for sport it is G.B. (except when it is England). Does North Ireland then enter its own team? – and how are they doing seeing there is not much snow over there, presumably not very well.

      How about some synchronised skating – I’d like to see that.

      Can’t really believe women are interested in sport but snow looks pretty.

      • Northern Ireland competes as part of Team GB. This is illogical as the UK is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland so it should really be Team UK.

        Then again Eire is part of the British Isles.


  6. I do believe the good Princess Kate deserves a de-cunting.

    She has shown up to the BAFTAs wearing a dark green dress. This little ”fuck you” to the #MeToo fascists pleases this cunter for one.


  7. The very same women who had meltdowns over the Presidents Club are now rallying around to hug and support Brendan Cox? Yeah, them cunts….

    • Really don’t understand what the fuck is going on at the moment Norman.

      No logic in any of it.

    • The Duchess of Cuntbridge wore a green dress with a BLACK sash.

      Look closely. 👓 🔍

  8. Whine whine whine..will someone tell that scots wahay cunt that it’s skating not whining or wining in her case. If she took the false eyelashes off she might just see where she’s going.
    She’s a mouthy little cunt who just about knows her arse from her elbow (only because she lands on the former more than the latter) Give up love, no one gives a shit about your ankle or any other excuse you fuck on about.
    In the words of your particular vernacular sweetie ……………’re just shite!

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