The press watchdog

The press watchdog is a cunt.

Lynn Barber took in a refugee (after feeling sorry for refugees, having seen the boating images); she soon found out that the man was a TOTAL cunt, with typical medievalist views. Expected her to do everything for him, including driving him to the local hospital (not the GP) for the slightest ills…

Apparently, the watchdog sided with Mohammed Ahmed, seemingly because his privacy was breached. However, I remember Barber’s original article: she said that, despite the bad experience with this particular piece of shite, she would still do it again, “wasn’t going to tar all rapeugees with the same brush &c.”…
And on those grounds, I’d cunt Barber as well, for taking the dirty slime cunt into her home in the first place.

Sorry but I cannot furnish more details, as I am not paying The ST for a sub !!

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36 thoughts on “The press watchdog

  1. Just like the deluded cunt who let in a homeless and few months later was repaid by being stabbed to death by them!

    These libtards are Darwin’s theory in reverse: instead of striving for life, increasing existence longevity and evolving these cunts court death, decrease their longevity and regress back Mo and his 6yr old Ho!

    It beggars belief!

    And to say she’d do it all over again means she’ll be removed from the gene pool sooner rather than later through her “good deeds”.

    I bet her neighbours were less than impressed by her gregariousness (especially if they had young daughters)!

    • Fucking right Rebel. The only person who should be taking in refugees is a serial-killing cannibal with Prader-Willie Syndrome and a taste for dark meat.

    • Well Rebel there’s your first shoe in particpant for ‘Who Cut my Head off’ and ‘Who raped my Daughter’………..😂😂

  2. Completely off topic, but I’d just like to announce that my current job is a cunt, my boss is a mega cunt, almost everyone I work with is a ‘company wo/man’ Kool-Aid drinking, lacking in objectivity & perspective cunt and I can’t fucking wait to leave. Friday’s my last day. Hope I can get through the next few days without stabbing one of the fuckers. Wish me luck.

    • Let me guess. You’ve got Management? Rat poison has been known to work. We have a structure in which Management forms little empires which don’t have procedures in common, or even talk to each other, so if you have to do something involving action outside your own empire structure, you, the poor bloody infantry, have to shuttle between empires telling each what the other needs to do. After your Management has had a meeting to decide whether or not you’re allowed to do anything at all, that is.

      Management: gets useless boots off the ground and puts them in nice offices at three times the pay. Cunts.

    • Hope it all goes well IY. Think possibly cunters in their latter years probably all gone through something similiar

    • Cheers guys. What a horrid day at work. Isn’t it amazing when someone’s getting ready to leave a company, you suddenly get comments from others about the exact same problems which prompted you to leave in the first place. People aren’t oblivious. They’re just too shit scared to speak up.

      I have enjoyed those moments when I’m asked if I have something else lined up. “Nope”, I say, “I just don’t want to work here anymore”. The looks on their faces. Priceless.

  3. Good cunting HBH, and very pertinent at this time!
    This particular story illustrates how gullible, socially inept, and downright reckless these feeble liberal spunk wastes are!
    These useless cunts need to lactate before offering the tit for all the fucking retarded dross that drifts towards these shores from the cesspit that was once Europe. As for the outcome in this particular issue. We are stiffed by our own kind. We are fucked, and we are to be offered as a collateral sacrifice to Liberalism.

    Fuck Soros, fuck liberals,fuck Theresa May and in fact, fuck every one who does NOT cunt in this esteemed club!

  4. Good cunting. I read about this at the time. Barber has been whoring/writing for decades. She can be ascerbic of some egotistic cunts but remains a mega cunt herself. It beggars belief that she should say she would do it again. This is right-on bullshit and I’ll show my arse on the town hall steps if she does.

  5. Yes, at least Cumbercunt, Yvette Cooper, Sturgeon, Thompson, Rowling etc had the good sense to renege on fulfilling their blatant self promoting virtue signalling promises. Cunts one and all.

  6. Like fuck she’ll take another goat shagger in. That’s just snowflake bullshit for her snowflake bullshitting friends. Much easier to let the mug taxpayer carry the burden….. let them live among those awful Brexit pleb persons. They’ll be much happier there don’t you know. Ya.

  7. My son and I had to go to the town centre to buy a pair of gloves for him.

    The vast majority of people there appear to be groups of Eastern Europeans (all fucking shouting at each other and nearly always smoking), loads of peacefuls with loads of peaceful kids, dodgy looking white blokes in need of a decent meal wearing hoodies, many overweight guys who have had too many meals, fat teenage girls showing their stomachs eating whilst walking, several heavily tattooed drug users barely alive by the looks of things, some pensioners and a few disabled riding in mobility scooters.

    Have not included the Big Issue sellers, or the street “musicians”.

    How fucking depressing, realised why I do not go to town unless I really have to these days.

      • That’s a high St shopping experience you ungrateful fucker.
        I would also look more closely at the disabled on scooters. Many are just fat lazy cunts.

        • And the homeless, not the ‘real’ homeless like the ex SAS trooper who needed a national story on his plight and a petition of thousands to shame the local council into getting him a flat. No, the euro trash Roma who pull eight hour shifts at a bus stop or outside a train station before swapping with some inbred relative from the ‘old country’.

        • We recently moved out of a city council estate into a quiet country village and are never going back, ever, if I have anything to do with it.
          Rather enjoying living in a small part of “Little England” even if it does sometimes feel like we are on the set of Misdsomer Murders.
          I wonder how long it will last…

          • I’d fight a pack of chavs before I fought with villagers.
            I grew up in Dunbartonshire and visiting any wee village like Luss was a fuckin horrible experience.
            Snooty cunts who survive on the tourist trade but fuckin hate tourists.
            Nice beach in Luss tho…. But only three girls lived there and only one was rootable.
            My mate got her while I groped Sloth……

      • Didn’t even get the fucking gloves!!!

        Forgot to mention our council tax is going up like everyone else’s, plus the extra to cover the additional police funding.

        Interestingly the council are ripping up some perfectly good paving in the town centre laid only about 10 years ago and “redeveloping” the area at a cost of £3.6m.

        Small beer in the overall scheme of things but you would have thought that in these austere time there are better ways for yhe money to be spent?

          • A point posted several time recently, most recently on the NHS nomination.

            Definitely got the feeling today that had anything happened to me whilst in town that my wallet and phone would have been lifted before I hit the ground.

            Fuck me, how the place has deteriorated since first moving here nearly 25 years ago.

            Would be interesting to know the percentage of people living in the town that were not born here. I would not be surprised if it was above 25%

          • You ought to try Luton mate!

            That shithole is so “peaceful” you can only go one way on the roads there and that’s facing East!

        • Its not small beer when you add up all the other town centres. Mine has just paid some australian a cool million to do just that.
          Cunts, cunts, and fucking cunts.

    • A mullet, by any chance ??

      I love Basel. Great tapas bar there, really good.

      If I can wake up and remember name/address, shall post for delight and delectation.

      Also a tavern called the “Gifthuttli” – because in the dark ages, the local cuntcil decreed that anyone that brewed beer without their express permission were …poisoners.

      That cuntcil has gone, the tavern remains !!


        Schnabelgasse 2, on corner with am Spalenberg, Basel

        And if you’re a model railway fan, there might still be a b. good shop just up the hill, on the left ! Nice LGB stuff.

  8. These kind of cunts remind me of the types that go climb up mountains.
    Half of them get wiped out, they almost die and the stupid cunt says “it won’t stop me, as soon as I’m better I’ll try again”.
    But don’t ask any cunt to come rescue you.

    Just like this cunt.
    You want to start a day care centre for medieval minded rapists that’s fine.
    Just next time one of em tries to rape or beat you DON’T call the police coz you’re a cunt and you deserve it.

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