Helen Evens & Oxfam

Being an old barstard I remember the Vietnamese boat people, a multitude of disasters, famines and civil wars and Oxfam wading in to right the wrongs, fair play to them someone has to do it.
However as with most of these “Charitable” organisations things have gone badly wrong,

The initial “Scandal” that aid workers used prostitute’s in Haiti, didn’t bother me at all, I myself whilst employed in the defence of the realm used your tax payers money (my wages) to indulge in many a foreign flesh pot, so the fact that they are splashing their wages on much the same thing doesn’t bother me.

The following things do bother me though, in my lifetime alone there have been many repeat disaster on the same theme in the same places, Places where Oxfam has pledged to eliminate hunger, dirty water. Ect.

Yet it continues, as with most things there is no money in a fixed problem, so if they had have established and maintained the water supply they would be without a source of income, no requirements for new appeals.

Now we come to this the latest “revelation” aid for favours, it has been suggested that aid staff exploited their positions offering aid for “favours” and an appeal has been made to “Victims” to come forward.

I can see this going very wrong very fast, lawyers all over the world mobilising to find a suitable victim and massive legal suites against Oxfam to follow ( you will recall the Iraq prisoner abuse fraud) and then a financial crash of the charity on HSBC proportions.

Well just a quick note to you all, Fucked if I am going to stick my hand in my pocket to help them out they can go and ask Bono or some of his libtard friends for a hand out should they wish to continue with this failing roller coaster fuelled by extorted money.

Nominated by lord benny

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  1. Just heard some good news on the radio. Oxfam have just lost 7000 direct debit donors in a week. Cunts.

    • *News update* from ITV’s very own luscious Mary T. La Gin Hinge…

      A miracle takes place during a parliamentary committee hearing. For the first time ever, an uppity woman, Yvonne Banana, apologises in public. It’s a shame The Flabbott couldn’t be induced to do likewise.
      The tragic MuhFuggin’Chiggun crisis continues…
      A Romanian lorry driver with a load of chicken and olive oil is interviewed (surely chicken and olive oil has fuck all to do with MFC ??). Young employees were very concerned when interviewed. They were likely worried that they would be battered and deep-fried, if the shortage of slimy grey solids continues.
      If, like many people, you have cancelled your DDs to Cocksfam, you might wish to give to the Cats’ Protection League instead. If the “chiggun” crisis continues, our feline friends will need to take care.

      Mary says “Please don’t send me any (more) furry sex-toys; they could be a feline meat by-product”

  2. Aid is an industry with many on the gravy train. It does no lasting good. If it did Africa wouldn’t be the shithole it is, after decades of aid and charity amounting to countless billions. The workers, especially the directors have a vested interest in disasters.
    The fact that these organisations are rotten should come as no surprise. The qualifications for running a charity are mostly from Establishment ‘connections’. The same clueless cunts over and over. A word put in here. No requirement to be half way competent as a manager or accountant. Why should you? The thick fuckers keep sending money to pay your £200k+ salary and expenses for you to swan around London and occasionally visit a ‘zone’. Staying in the best hotels with a chauffeur driven Land Cruiser, natch.
    Good cunting which I would extend to all the fucking begging bowl cunts.

    • Quite agree CC. The Charity Sector is an enterprise with a vested and financial interest propagated by disaster. All charities with the exception perhaps of a few, are self serving and feeding from a lucrative source.
      The whole fucking bunch are a shitfest of cretinous turgid cunts!

  3. While we’re talking about charities and not giving them a fucking cent you’ll be interested to learn that the President of the United Way “Charity” earns over a million bucks a year. He should be doing it for nothing.
    In those misty days when I actually had to WORK for a living, those cunts sent collectors throughout the corporate world to shake everybody down for “suggested” levels of donation.It was hard to resist but I’m proud to say I was up to the challenge.
    Then they all sit around in the new office in the World Trade Centre and figure out how to dole out the BILLIONS of dollars still stuck in the Haiti Relief Fund.
    They know that 90% of what they give is stolen by the local thieves in charge and placed in a bank account right next to the donor’s, so they’re reluctant to give it away .
    All of the big charities are the same, the only one that’s any real good in my mind is The Sally Anne and I don’t give them fuck all either

    • The Sally Army is the only donation I ever make these days. They look after homeless drunks so I figure I might need them some day.
      I look on it as a sort of insurance policy.

      • Did you know that the head of the Sally Army draws a salary of £13000 pa. That’s 13 thousand. I saw that in a comparison of what these other cunts are paid.
        And agree about the Sally Army. They may be bible bashers but they put the cold and the hungry first.

  4. The cunting mentions the Vietnamese boat people. I remember them. They had no reason to like America for what it did to their country, but consider this – many 100s of 1000s settled in the USA and other countries. They got on with things. None ever attacked their host country or expressed hatred for it.
    Makes you think, eh?

    • I’m 100% with you Chief Cuntstable.
      You never see a Vietnamese beggar on the streets in Vancouver, almost without exception you can rely on them to work hard, and you never , ever, hear them complain about this country.
      There’s a very successful Vietnamese businessman here who got himself in trouble for saying things like
      “I won’t hire fat people , I fire people who are lazy and don’t make an effort to contribute to the success of our company, no drunks and no druggies ”
      But he fights back against the do-gooders and doesn’t give a shit if they haul him in front of star chamber commissions
      If they fine me they fine me, so what?
      He came over here as a boat person refugee with nothing! ,,,, was taken in by a white family and has never missed a public opportunity to thank them and to thank Canada.
      Now he’s very rich and yet he’s still in the office , answering the phone and mucking in when he has to.
      Never a mention of religion, never a mention of revenge for what the U.S. did, just give me a chance and I’ll give it all I’ve got.

    • Very good gardeners too, if they managed to stay one jump ahead of th e Fuzz!

  5. And St Brendan of sux Cox worked for Save the Children and his faux charities set up almost hours after his poor wife died. That tells you all anyone needs to know about big charities. A bit like big Pharma could do so much to help some problems but as Lord Benny says no money in a solved problem or cured disease.
    Grade A platinum coated Cunts

  6. I’d like to see other charities get sucked into this quagmire, especially those affiliated with religion.
    Let’s get a good look at the underbelly!
    You thieving sucklings of satan! Cunts!

  7. Instead of giving money to do gooder bullshit organisations, why don’t the middle classes pay for their own parents care so that the council tax doesn’t keep going up.

    These big scumbag charities (that actually get old people to put them in their wills – should be a criminal offence) are just a part of the huge, give with one hand take with another, merry go round that exists to make nobody responsible for anything and institutionalise everyone.

    Get rid of charitable status and the parisitic third sector and maybe giving money to something will be meaningful again and ultimately worthwhile. In the mean time, fuck all of these big charities and the mindless do-gooding assholes that bankroll them (including the government).

  8. I hope that this is the beginning of the end for all of these begging “charities”.There’s nothing very charitable about most of them,they are run like any other business. Most exist to feather the nests of their management level staff who couldn’t give a shit if the money that is donated is embezzled or squandered just as long as they get their captain of industry size salary and benefits.
    Charities can pretty much fuck off for me,particularly the ones that operate overseas. I really couldn’t give a shit about home-grown spongers,never mind foreign ones. A small donation on Poppy Day and a couple of the smaller animal charities is enough for me.
    Can’t really see what Helen Evans has done wrong? I thought that she had tried her best to expose the “wrongdoings” as per her job description Head of Safeguarding. Is there some other reason that I didn’t see on my ,admittedly cursory, read through?

    • The RSPCA are total and utter Cunts. The leadership should be immediately removed and investigated. They really are an appalling bunch of politically motivated shysters who put their own personal agenda above the aims of their original mandate

      • I heard that some variety of sex-crime is 36 percent up on last year…
        Is this an RoP issue, and are the RSPCA now caring for traumatised goats and camels ?

        I hope I am mistaken…

  9. If you can go look at the Unicef wages. Go look at what Milliband (1) us copping plus exes while he grinds his Ritzlachild axe awaiting his return directive. But, I will always say Mr Brown is the biggest cunt I have ever seen. Everyv political nominated cunt on this site shivers in his shadow.of selfish incompetence.

  10. I only donate my folding to Poppy Appeal, every other bugger that has a celeb (CUNT) appearing on the box with that pleading look, always minus the make up and the emotional voice can take a flying fuck ,sanctimonious smug experts on everything. Why “PLAYING” a doc or cop or any other profession makes them so clever i dont know. Celebs make me rage like a rabid Tasmanian Devil twats are only entertaining each other most time.

    • That’s racist!

      Make sure you get a white – or preferably rainbow – poppy next time!


      I’ve got my water donations building up nicely for water aid. Some 2.5ltr bottles filled with yellow gold!

      M’Tembe will be past himself when he has a choice between bison piss and “Rebel’s Finest”!

      And any he doesn’t want can go straight to Cape Town with my blessing.

      • Why the lazy sods dont put a fence around their water source to keep the livestock from defecating in it is always a mystery to me, they cant even help themselves by clearing all the rubbish away from homes and streets could make them feel better give em some impetus to better themselves.

        • I remember in the News back in the 80’s. A load of pallets with food clothing and medicine was dropped over Ethiopia, when the UN finally got in there weeks or months later they were completely gob smacked. The Pallets were all intact and unopened . The locals were all sitting next to them but didn’t have the where with all about opening them. My point is leave them to what they have been doing for thousands of years, do gooding wont make a scrap of difference EVER…

  11. The Palestonian Soludarity Campaign.

    Scum cunt charity of very questonable ethics and money trails…..Can I hear Tehran calling?

    • Very likely. The next time Israel bombs the shit out of its captive audience in Gaza, you’d be better advised to donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians. British, does what it says on the tin. Hell. I may even give something on your behalf…

      • You can fuck right off with that one. Medical Aid for Palestine? Would rather watch lesbian porn. Dodgy as fuck. Gazan’s got what they wanted they just forgot the old addage: be careful for what you wish for as it may just come true.

        • I KNEW that would get a response eventually.

          What the Gazans actually want is the same unrestricted access to clean water, adequate medical facilities, electricity, fuel and relative peace that you mostly get.

          BTW, has it occurred to you that the Palestinians’ opinion of mass immigration by Eastern Europeans is probably not too dissimilar to your own?

  12. Had to give all my fellow cunters a vote. All worthwhile cunts mentioned. Being an ex matelot of course the legion get some Wonga and the Sally army. The only other charity I would ever donate to is my local hospice. Run by some of the kindest, caring, utterly selfless bunch of people any cunt could come across. Nursed a few of my relatives over the bar and I know for a fact that every farthing they cop for goes straight into the pot and goes to the folks who get a dignified and pain free end. They are also some of the best jokers I ever met and trust me, the Navy introduced me to many who could spin a funny but nowhere near as raucous as the angels of St John’s Hospice. No doubt, barring being mugged, stabbed or shot by some old adversary looking to square a circle I am pretty sure my name is on a place there to breathe my last.
    As for the rest of them the problem with Africunts will never be solved. In 40 years its alleged the arsehole of the World has hoovered up $40 trillion dollars all told including charities, disaster relief and of course stupid cunts like HM governments down the decades. If Umdumweki is too fucking stupid to move nearer that piss filled maggot ridden puddle so he doesn’t have to walk ten miles there and back to his mud hut then water aid (in their fortieth year) have been yanking someone’s chain. We had a village supplied with clean water after drilling a bore hole, installing a simple pump and sufficient plastic piping to reach a stand pipe in 48 hours. Which tells me one thing. Charity is not benevolence to help out our fellow man. Its a business, a fucking big business and the cunts who make the most out of it never want that water or food to be clean and plentiful. After a depressing few minutes spent googling charities, how many there are, the QUANGO’s associated with them and the amount of money involved no fucking wonder cock sucker Brendan and St Jo of Cox made it a full time family affair. And no wonder some unhinged cunt in Yorkshire took exception to St Jo’s adage of every other Nation first.

        • “Charity is not benevolence to help out our fellow man. Its a business, a fucking big business and the cunts who make the most out of it never want that water or food to be clean and plentiful.” That rings true, Cunto. And how the hell can you justify running an outfit, whose sole purpose is to lose money, as a business?

          Like everything else these days, the problem is to be found in layers of greedy, empire-building, unproductive upper management which have no practical connection with the territory they p[ay themselves to occupy

          It was once impossible to become a senior officer in the police unless you had climbed the promotion ladder from plod on the beat; wouldn’t that be a better structure for charities? And almost anything else, come to that…

    • The cunts would have sold the drilling equipment and pipes the day it arrived before a hole was drilled.

  13. Can I just say Sergio Agueuro is a cunt for squaring up to some punk Wigan supporter. 💰220k per week V 💰60 per week. What a dim cunt.

    • And will Aguero get a major witch hunt, a lynching in the press and a nine month ban like a certain Frenchman did for decking a Palace gobshite? Will he fuck… The fascist regime towlhead sugar daddies will make sure he doesn’t…

  14. On the subject of charity, great to see great ormand and evelina deciding they do want the president club whore money after all.
    Lets see the news and papers chew the cud on that one for as ling as they can keep it uncomfortable for all concerned.
    Dirty, capitulating, ungrateful, can’t-please-everyone, tainted evil cunts!
    Lol, made my day! Fuck off cunts!

    • I think it was just a scam to make the Presidents Club collapse.

      The snowflakes and media put the pressure on GOSH until they refused the money.

      The snowflake & media pressure switched to the dirty old Presidents Club so it wound up thinking nobody would want their donations any more.

      Once that was done, the flakes tell GOSH they would be stupid to give it back and should keep it.

      GOSH now having snowflakes & media support to keep the money, announce they are keeping it.

      Only casualty…Presidents Club?

  15. In trouble for snapping at a female colleague at work today.I regret nothing except not calling her a fucking sanctimonious passive aggressive two faced cuntbag.

    • I always find that “stupid twat ” works a treat. It really seems to stun em. As for the trouble. I just tell people I have Tourettes.

    • She will be too busy sucking upper management, H.R and trade union (if you have union) scrotum. Getting protection lined up and probably doing some dirty work for them.

      I’ve came across a cunt like that. Be careful of that one, she will be the one with the wooden spoon stirring it.

      • Fucking trade unions should be up there with these charities ,sold there sole to the capitalist cuck suckers years ago the likes of the Tolpuddle Martyers most have turned so many times in their graves

  16. Got accused of bringing personal problems to work despite having absolutely none at present.

    • Levelling unproven accusations at you is irrelevant.
      You can either:
      Back down unreservedly,
      Exercise your right for an appointed witness to right down everything thats said. Then risk your job fighting it.

      • To be honest I don’t care about being fired. I think unlikely that will happen though.Short staffed as it is and said cuntbag is only bank.

          • I once called an Interpreter a rag head. I was transferred that afternoon and terminated . I was likely terminated for the earlier misdemeanor of the prophet bog roll, which caused offence to the peacefuls.
            Fuck em.

    • Shaun

      Without being in the slightest bit disrespectful have you ever explored the possibility of changing job or company?

      It seems you have to deal with some extremely difficult individuals and clearly do not seem very happy there.

      I realise that it is easier said than done sometimes, and that there may be good reasons why you stay.

      Just saying.

        • Worked in London for close on 30 years. In the square mile. High pressure but really enjoyed it.

          Up until that is I was allocated a Scottish bitch with attitude who I disliked immediately, especially after I found out in order to get on at her old job she slept with one of her managers (breaking up his marriage). When got the job as my assistant ditched the boyfriend and immediately slept with my manager (who put her forward for the job), and when eventually left she left slept with another manager in the office (whom she eventually married). She liked to drink with the boys but always tears whenever the going got tough or when things were against her. Always first to stick the knife in though.

          Another cunter called women “snakes with tits”. A very good description.

          Came very close to decking a manager one time. Italian piss head. Wanted a meeting in his office at 3.30pm. A very busy time for underwriters, and usually with a queue of brokers. Asked the brokers to wait and four of us reluctantly went to his office at 3.30 and waited. And waited. He turned up at just after 4pm, pissed. Usual for him. He started to write something, the three of us realised he was holding the pen upside down. when he did start talking he was highly critical of our department, I took the opportunity to tell him exactly what I thought of him and his managerial failings. I was so angry with the cunt at this time a red mist descended and I came within a gnats whisker of yanking his tie down so hard that his chin would smash onto his desk. To this day God only knows how I controlled myself.

          He was transferred soon after to another branch, and replaced by an equally useless cunt.

          I left not long after that.

        • Shaun

          Just thinking

          Why don’t you include some of the nasty people you work with in your next Dead Pool listing?

          Problem solved.

  17. Aside from doing the right thing (to the best of my understanding), Helen Evans appears to be a top bit of totty.

    She is certainly none too shabby in her pic at the top of this page. Pity the Mods didn’t find time to make one of their high quality doctored pictures…

      • Looks like a game kind of girl who doesn’t mind a splash or two of hot man fluid her way.


    • She looks a bit like Rachel Riley with dark hair?

      Anyway, another snake with tits, they are all the same when it comes to getting something they want or getting their own way whether good looking or not.

      Turn on the charm or turn on the tears as required.

      I wonder how she got up the ladder to that job out of curiosity?

      • “I wonder how she got up the ladder to that job out of curiosity?”

        ..by learning to breathe out of her ears!

  18. Like the EU experiment, the “Fixing of Africa with Charity” experiment is also clearly failing.

    The thing is the more aid they get the less effort they put into fixing/resolving their own lot.

    What people choose to piss their money away on is their business but the way in which government enforced aid is administered (on our behalf) needs to be changed (the majority of which is also wasted on lost causes and despot dictators in Africa).

    I’m not saying stop the 0.7% of GDP but I would suggest this: retain the money until it is needed for a natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions or forest fires – which cannot be helped – as opposed to attempting to put an elastoplast on the hemorrhaging artery that is over-population (which the Africunts themselves obviously don’t/won’t give a fuck about while some soft-touch western countries keep endlessly giving).

    Another stipulation I would make is that we give them direct aid and assistance. No more handouts. We supply and administer the aid (whether food, medicine or infrastructure) and any tin-pot dictator who doesn’t like this (again mainly Africunt leaders) – well then they can just fuck off! If that makes the lives of their people unbearable then hopefully the tin-pot dictator won’t be in power long is they overthrow the cunt. And repeat. Eventually they might get a leader who actually cares more about them than having a garage full of Silver Ghost Rolls Royces and an armful of Rolexes!

    Most countries – like Nepal who suffered a terrible earthquake a few years ago – would be overjoyed with the prospect of direct aid and assistance. That’s because Nepal, although poor, is a noble nation (as opposed to the grabby selfish nature of Africunts).

    If you need aid for natural reasons (i.e. acts of God, etc.), not social reasons (overpopulation), then we’ll happily help out – but – on our terms.

    If that doesn’t suit then you can fuck off and we’ll save the money for a rainy day for some other more deserving cause/emergency for folk who will be grateful for that aid rather than expecting it as a right!

    • A post positively drowning in common sense!

      Which is why the ideas contained within do not stand a cat’s chance in hell of becoming Government policy.

    • Spot on there, I think we should be able to opt out if “we decide” its being misused.

      We should not be forced into it. Anyone know how much we pay as a percentage in our tax towards the foreign aid?

      • 0.7% of all GDP is equal to approximately £14.23 Billion.
        The money is taken from the tax take , and any sortfalls are “borrowed” at huge and extortionate rates. As the UK economy operates at a deficit ( and has done for years ) Then all the money we give away, is money we don’t have. We borrow it!

        If you were to run your household like that. You would by definition be a stupid cunt.

        Politicians are……Stupid Cunts .

        • Stupid cunts who borrow money using taxpayer’s credit card to piss other people’s money down whatever virtue signalling shithole they think makes them look clever whilst pretending they know better than cunts who live and work in the real world.

    • A bit like our broken benefits system cunts getting paid to have kids, to sit in front of the idiot box while drinking scrumpy Jack, all the time you get something for nothing it’s hard to turn it away. But it has to be down to the ones handing it out to pay down the guidelines because the greedy and feckless will never vote for less.

  19. Charities are just more organisations for perverts, paedophiles, fabians, common purpose fuckwits and socialisticunts to undertake their fuckwittery while shoving their snouts in publicly funded troughs, wankers the lot of them.

  20. A very deserved cunting.
    Only give to the British Legion & the RNLI although I once adopted a deaf blind snow leopard with cancer when I was pissed.

  21. It’s the fucking of children which bothers me and that’s the real scandal they are playing down.

    • All the Savile type cunts flock to these disaster zones and have their dirty way causing more trauma and get paid for it while seeing the world.

  22. Another thing about people who work for charities, not the ones at the top being paid excessive salaries, but the sort you come into contact with. I used to think that these people had the aims of the organization as their priority and the wage came second. I was naïve. I’ve done voluntary work for two charities and I can tell you it isn’t so. They are just as likely to think nothing of stabbing someone in the back in order to climb the ladder as any cunt working for a private company. I found that the aims of the organization meant nothing to them. And what amazed me was, half the volunteers were cunts too. I thought they’d all be like me, giving their time to make a contribution just because it made them feel good to do so. But I found that they had an agenda, they were doing it because they wanted to feel they had control over others. Little Hittlers they were. Pathetic.
    These experiences put me off and I don’t do it any more. And the only charity I give to is the PDSA.

  23. Whenever chugged, I always tell them I already gave twice

    1. My taxes pay the 0.7% levy
    2. My taxes go to the EU who also have an aid fund

    Never give to Oxfam. About 11p in the £1 gets through and most of that goes in corruption at the other end.

    Plus ask the chugger how much of your DD goes to pay his commission for signing you up. Several months is the answer.

    • See it’s being championed by the same cunt who thought it would cost £3.50 a year extra for 10,000 extra Bobby’s on the beat.

      Mind you ‘math’ is racist – it’s official…

  24. From the top down, aid charity work seems largely useless. Considering the amount of cash ploughed in to the place over the decades, the continent should not be in rag order like it is. There just doesn’t seem to be the will.

    At the bottom rungs, the ones going out to dig wells and build schools (allegedly) are virtue signalling, middle class, former private school girls on a gap yah (paid for by Mummeh and Daddeh) who I’m convinced are really out there to get some Jungle cock on the side.

  25. I didn’t know who this Helen Evens was but I came across something today and realised its Helen Evans.

    A quick google confirms she is in my opinion deserving of the cunting with a twitter “about me” quite shameful.

    Councillor and associate of Oxfam and Jo Cox malarkey among her bragging rights, I’m sure a little more digging would have unveiled information to give her a full on cunting which has been missed….this time.

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